Apple iPhone owner loyalty declining, according to new survey

by: Andrew GrushNovember 5, 2012

Apple iPhone

When it comes to product loyalty, Apple is known for having fans that stick by the company’s side no matter what. In fact, a 2011 survey conducted by Strategy Analytics suggested that 93 percent of Apple smartphone owners planned to buy a new iPhone down the road. Fast forwarding to 2012, how do things look? Actually the percent of happy iPhone owners has managed to drop down by 5 percent in the United States.

Going down to 88 percent might not seem like that big of deal, but it does paint a picture that many Apple users just aren’t happy with what the Cupertino-based company is producing these days. It is also worth noting that the study says only 75 percent of iPhone users in Western Europe plan on buying another Apple iPhone, which is down from 88 percent in 2011.

So what is causing this change in Apple loyalty? Strategy Analytics says that that it is due to negative press and a perceived lack of innovation from Apple in recent products. The recent lawsuit wars have also likely helped add to the notion that Apple sues first and innovates second.

The bottom-line is that some Apple users have removed their rose-tinted glasses and realize there are alternative products that work in a similar matter to the iPhone, or even better, but at a generally lower price point. This includes devices such as the LG Nexus 4, which might not score as high as the iPhone 5 when it comes to benchmarks but does manage to be very competitively priced. Many of us just don’t fit into Apple’s one-size-fits-all approach. This isn’t necessarily knocking Apple or calling the iPhone 5 bad, the Apple economy and locked down approach just doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Are you a former iPhone user? If so, what made you switch from Apple to Android?

  • And cue the iTroll comments..

    • droidmike

      i am excited to see what they all say

      • Just sold my iphone 5 and got a note 2 and I love it, had every gen iphone since 1st gen but theres no going back for me now this phone is a beast

  • MrMLK

    I’m in the process of switching from an iPhone 4s to a Galaxy Note 2.

    I was never bothered by the Apple economy or the locked down approach, I’m doing it for the giant display.

    • BrotherPolo

      Yes. Giant display!!! Totally agree in addition to the fact that Android allows me to be the true geek I am. Apple locks geeks out.

    • Once you have a taste of the power that is the Galaxy Note 2, there is no turning back. You have been warned. The S3 is nice, but Android 4.1 Jellybean out of the box, and that epic 5.5 inch non pentile display (nice bright whites) make it the best Android phone out there, for now. Cue Galaxy Nexus 4. If only they had a Galaxy Nexus 5. iPhone and the iOS ecosystem are polished, but Android is just too compelling and awesome to say no to at this point in the game. Expect to see millions drop their iPhones for Android goodness and more reports of this nature in the near future.

      • Jared Persinger

        Iphones are meh on the other hand I thing the droid razr maxx hd is preatty sweet but to eaches own

      • FlaGirl72

        I was a very loyal Apple customer for years until the iPhone 5. I went to the AT&T store to upgrade to the 5, to only be disappointed in the look and lack of additional features. There were a few people looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and decided to check it out.I was drooling by the time the salesperson finished the demonstration. I didn’t immediately buy it because I was torned about leaving Apple – I have had every iPhone since the beginning. So, I went home, but could not stop thinking about the Note 2. So the next day, I did it. I bought the Note 2 and have not been able to put it down. I have not felt this way about my iPhone since the iPhone 4 was released a couple of years ago, but upgraded to the 4s anyway last year. The Note 2 is awesome! I almost have to give a mini demo everywhere I go because people always stop me to inquire about it. I have no regrets switching – this phone has too many features to name. I love the S-pen for note taking and clipping and sending info from the web. I thought I would never say this, but it does so much more than my iPhone 4s. I now have coworkers with iPhones looking to make the switch. I do still have an iPad but haven’t used it since getting the Note 2.

  • Yep. I switched to a Galaxy S3 instead of an iPhone 5. Disappointment with iOS 6 and Apple’s high price/low innovation ratio made me want to see what Android was really like. And I’m very impressed.

    • RyanT

      Did the exact same thing. Waited for the iPhone 5 event and it was very meh. For the first time ever I wanted something different, A week later me and my wife had S3’s and we love them.

    • Greg

      Yes, me too. Just getting used to the different ways, but liking it a lot–apart from over sensitive android keyboard. I don’t do swype or predictive, so downloaded iphone keyboard from apps, now best of both worlds for me.

    • Same here! I switched time GS3 and I love it!

  • David

    I had a iPhone 3G and a 3gs, then got a Sammy s2 and now s3 I haven’t looked back.

  • I switched from a 4S to the S2 (this was before the S3 came out), and I haven’t really looked back. Android has features that Apple is either really late an adding (ex: notification shade) or just doesn’t have at all.

  • 3gs > 4s > now galaxy s3 and note II
    reasons : bigger screen , i was shocked with the iphone 5 “taller” screen
    i respected ios 5 earlier with all the new features such as iMessage,iCloud,Siri, Find my friends , notification center , etc .. it was really different from iOS 4 with alot of improvements and new features
    But iOS 6 is a total FAIL , they were defiantly joking to push this update :S
    so i switched to android , and HELL YEAH life is much more fun around here , felt like i was living in JAIL with apple’s limitations!!
    the customization here is much more better and the system UI really knows how to use the phone’s hardware, ” sick of the flat boring ios” with all the widgets, animations ,etc
    not mentioning how the sharing system works here , the file transfer and a bunch of other useful features you will never experience with Apple
    satisfied with samsung’s hardware , and google’s Android ..
    i guess so many iphone users will consider the switch ..

    • BrotherPolo

      Taller isn’t bigger. Agreed.

  • shabnm

    Switching to Note II from iphone 4 and making sure my wife moves to SG3 from her iphone 5.. enough with all the negativity and lack of innovation.. steve i loved your passion and thats lacking.. they should get money from their innovation not from filing cases against competition.

  • Sold my 4S AND my iPad 2, bought the Galaxy Note instead and I couldn’t have been happier. And that comes from a former Apple addict. Samsung & Android are everything Apple isn’t and faaaar beyond.

  • deltaraven97

    I’m using a nexus 7 to get used to androids ecosystem, much better than apple and iOS. There aren’t limitations and android 4.1 blows away iOS 6 by a long shot. Wondering if I should get the galaxy note 2 or to wait for the galaxy s4. Either way I will end up with a high end device.

    • MrBaun

      nexus 4 is out in 8 days, 350$ unlocked without contract

      • BrotherPolo

        I’d personally go with the Galaxy Note II. But I’ve already had a 4.7″ device, and wanted more!

        • Lolo

          Wait for the note 3 is the best option

  • BrotherPolo

    I switched to Android when the Original HTC Magic came to Canada on Rogers. It was 4-5 years ago after I had gotten the first iPhone. I saw the potential of Android, but the devices weren’t up to par quite yet, so I continued to iPhone 4. Starting with the HTC Amaze 4G, I switched for good. Moved on to the HTC One X and a Nexus 7 to replace my iPad. Now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note II alongside my Nexus 7 and Xoom. Android FTW!

  • Mithon

    Yessir, going from an iPhone 4 to Nexus 4 here!

  • I see a lot of people moved to Note 2 include myself, it is just one year ago I thought it is crazy to use a phone with this size.

    I have iphone 3g, 4 ,4s, 5. Also have galaxy s2, htc one x, note 2. I start to use android more and more, and iOS only for gaming.

  • Operating systems are like countries. Using an Apple phone is like living in a communist country where Apple is the communist dictator who controls everything. Android is a capitalist system with competition, innovation, and product variety.

  • Anthony

    I’m just about to leave Apple behind. Price gouging, the new connector and lacklustre OS development means I’m leaving my slowly dying 3 year old 3GS for the Nexus 4. I can’t wait. It also helps that all our business is with google now.

  • IPhone 4 to Galaxy Nexus.. Now sticking on Android world.. Waiting for Nexus 4 in Brasil..

  • Cosinav

    The Android platform has worked very hard and have come a long way! Before Jelly Bean, I never really thought that Android would work for me. After disappointment with the iPhone 5, I left that behind and now a happy Galaxy Note 2 LTE user.

  • From an iphone 4 to galaxy note 2… Never looked back!

    • I used iPhone since 2008, ( and years of Palm OS, WinCE 1997-2005) but after the recent lackluster iPhone5 launch, and the complete change to the Lightning I/O port – rendering my $800 worth of IOS Audio / Video adapters that use the old 30 pin interface useless, I ordered an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and hope it ships this week. My first Android was Staples Fathers day special $125 Archos 80 G9 Tablet with Android ICS – and after using that for a week, I discovered I had a device nearly as capable as my iPad2 – but 1/8th the cost and Android is far more open with its direct File access by the user and USB OTG adapter support for USB thumb drives, and USB HID devices – even support for USB Class compliant Audio interfaces . Also I made the switch to Android mostly due to being very upset using iTunes – which has changed its interface many times over the years . Apple still ranks their IOS devices as content players – despite having the most dominant mobile music creation platform for producers. But the gatekeeper “iTunes” is very “user hostile” and whats the point of having a mobile production rig (using iPhone and iRig Guitar interface) if iTunes makes it impossible to locate your original content data created on the device (from Beatmaker, N-Track Studio, etc) . iPhone sends my data generated on the device to a one way trip to IOS “hidden file” obscurity,

      Looking forward to using the Galaxy Note 2 – and being productive again.

  • Jared Persinger

    It’s to each is own, if you like Samsung or HTC it dosen’t really matter. Most of us have brand loyalties and mine is personally Motorola

    • Tralio

      Have to agree, especially since google took over. Much better timelines on updates and overall better products over the original moto. Have an Atrix HD now and loving it.

      • Jared Persinger

        Yeah I have the razr maxx hd and it is much better than my last one so I am happy with the new Motorola too

  • Alex Aldrin Gamboa

    I just got my Galaxy S3 3 days ago…and Yehey! iOS is boring I’ve been looking at the same UI for the last 4 years and as boring as it is…They even made it worst by taking out Youtube and Google maps. iPhone 5 claiming a bigger screen… come on! I’m so so so happy with my S3.

  • Heard about Android, tried it, threw away the iPhone.
    True story.

  • Anirudh Singh

    An outdated software and a tiny screen is what made me switch to android a year ago and there is no goin back.

  • I don¨t have an Android or iOS phone but I have iPod touch and I have to say that the only good thing about the touch is the Jailbrake. But I had to choose I would choose Android because of the flexibility.

  • Arun

    I have been a devout apple fan. However apple charges a premium on their devices that to me is not a good fit. For most of what I do with a phone I figured android would be just fine. There was no point spending 500 quid every 2 years on a mobile phone. It’s much easier to spend less than 60% of that cost and upgrade every 1.5 years. And guess what Android phones are very good. I got the Galaxy Nexus and the pure google experience is awesome. Granted it is not as refined as iOS but the possibilities are unlimited with Android.

  • Me too. Just went to a Galaxy Note II from Samsung. It’s a fantastic phone with a huge readable screen and fast processor. It’s nice to have choices!

  • Steve

    Agreed with the article. Lack of innovation, and sue first, listen to fans later has tainted my appreciation(not loyalty) for apple. Will be switching to Android as soon as i find the phone that i feel is worth the upgrade and has all the features i need. Not sorry apple. Too lottle, too late. (Iphone 4 user for over 2 years).

  • jose

    Pobre Apple cada vez se esta acercando mas el “BLACK HOLES Android” y se lo tragara y no quedara nada, como ya viene sucediendo con los smartphones