When it comes to rivalry in the smartphone Universe, the dispute does not come any more intense than it is between Apple’s iPhone line and Samsung’s Galaxy S line.

Samsung and Apple are the two absolute leaders in the smartphone market, account for 50% of the smartphones sold each month (Apple sells an iPhone for any two smartphones sold by Samsung) and 90% of all profits made during the first quarter by all smartphone manufacturers, not to mention that the two giants and are involved in numerous legal battles across the globe.

For all intents and purposes, I find it fairly safe to claim that Apple is Samsung’s nemesis and vice versa, which is kind of a strange thing considering that the South Korean giant has manufactured a lot of the components that you can find in the new Apple iPad and the iPhone 4S. Apple is now rumored to diversify its supply chain sources, although reason dictates that this will surely draw a moderate hole in the Cupertino based profit margins, for reasons I’ve talked about in the previous article here.

Now that Apple has finally unveiled the most hyped smartphone in the history of mankind (it’s funny how I used to say the exact same thing about the Samsung Galaxy S3 when I was comparing it against the HTC One X a few months back), it is time for a thorough analysis of the differences between the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. But first, time for a bit of a context!

The Context

Samsung Apple Patent Battle

Those of you that have followed our blog during the past couple months or so know that a jury led by U.S. Judge Lucy Koch has recently decided that the first two models of the Samsung Galaxy S line copied Apple’s iPhone in such a manner that infringes upon the law in the US. The original Samsung Galaxy S was designed to compete against the iPhone 3GS, while the Galaxy S2 was designed to compete against the Apple iPhone 4. As it turned out, the jury has decided that Samsung copied a bit too much from Apple, hence the imminent ban in the U.S. for the various models of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S2.

Conspiracy Theory Note #1: As Samsung was found to be not guilty of infringing iPhone design patents in other parts of the world, some argue that it is not a coincidence that the only country where Samsung has lost its legal battle against Apple is the U,S,, Apple’s home country. This rumor is fueled by the fact that a successful launch of the new Apple iPhone 5 is expected to significantly boost the U.S. GDP.

However, when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S3, there is little reason for Apple to claim that Samsung’s latest flagship is also copying Apple’s iPhone line. In fact, some people actually claim the design for the Samsung Galaxy S3 looks to be influenced a bit too much by Samsung lawyers. Add the several modifications made to the S3’s software, and I personally find rumors of a possible Galaxy S3 ban in the U.S. a bit too exaggerated. On the other hand, if Apple is to be successful in banning the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the U.S., it will surely pave the way for the Apple iPhone 5 launch to be the most successful smartphone launch in history.

Since we’ve mentioned sale numbers, let’s also take a quick minute to review this aspect as well, shall we? Samsung has recently announced that it has sold more than 20 million Galaxy S3 units in just a bit more than three months. Impressive as that may sound like, the Apple iPhone 4S has sold more than 30 million units in the first three months since its launch, making it the best selling smartphone to ever go into production. For more on Apple’s and Samsung’s sales number in the U.S., check out this previous article.

All experts expect the Apple iPhone 5 to best the record set by its predecessor (I’m sure that the Galaxy S4 will also break the S3’s sales record in the Android Universe). It’s not the fact that Apple and Samsung smartphones get better with each generation (which they obviously do) what dictates these record breaking sales, but instead the fact that more and more people turn to smartphones nowadays.

Ok, so let’s get it on: will the Apple iPhone 5 dethrone the international version of the Galaxy S3 as the best smartphone in the world? Time to find out!

Display & Design

As all Android fans well know, the Samsung Galaxy S3 uses a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display, one that runs at a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and features a 302 PPI (Pixel Per Inch) density. Unfortunately, at the time when Samsung oficially announced the Galaxy S3, many have been disappointed by the fact that the display on the third incarnation of the Samsung Galaxy S line featured a PenTile display, and not one based on a true RGB matrix (as is the case with the display on the other Samsung flagship, the Galaxy Note 2).

On the other hand, some argue that at this density the differences between a PenTile display and one based on a complete RGB matrix are barely noticeable when using the display at a “regular” viewing distance.

Overall, the Galaxy S3 features one of the best 720p (16:9 aspect ratio) displays around, with vibrant colors, high contrast, albeit some feel that the color reproduction on Super AMOLED displays is a little bit off when compared against regular LCD displays.

The biggest change that the Apple iPhone 5 brings to the most successful smartphone line ever is a longer display. While all 5 previous iPhone models (the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S in the order of their release) featured a 3.5-inch display, the iPhone 5 comes with a 4-inch display. Unfortunately, since the display is actually exactly as wide as it was with the iPhone 4S, running at a 1136 x 640 resolution (thus obtaining a 326 PPI ratio, just barely under the 330 PPI density showcased by the iPhone 4S).

As the iPhone 5 could not stray away from compatibility with existing apps, apps that are not designed with the iPhone 5 in mind will be letterboxed (meaning you’ll get 86 black pixels at the top as well as at the bottom). The visual elements you are already used to on the iPhone do not grow bigger with the iPhone 5, although the canvas just got taller, meaning there is space for more elements on it. Running 720p videos on a display that is just a little under that resolution requires extra operations from the processor, although this task is definitely an easy one for the iPhone 5 internals.

But how do the extra 0.8 inches across the diagonal of the display translate into differences for the actual footprint? The Samsung Galaxy S3 measures 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm and weighs 133 grams. In the Apple corner, the iPhone 5 measures 123.8 x 58.5 x 7.6 mm and weighs 112 grams.

Given the 0.8 inch difference in the display size between the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5, it was obviously expected for the iPhone 5 to have a smaller footprint when compared against its Samsung rival. But one thing that has surprised many is the fact that the iPhone 5 is considerably slimmer than the Galaxy S3 (7.6 mm vs 8.6 mm). Apple claims that the iPhone 5 is the “slimmest smartphone in the world”, so I can’t help noticing the reality distortion field working again on Apple’s behalf! While I can almost understand that the Oppo Finder – 6.65 mm thick, the “actual” slimmest smartphone in the world – flew under Apple’s radar, the Motorola Droid RAZR (released back in November 2011) is also thinner than the iPhone 5, measuring just 7.1 mm in thickness.

Verdict:If you want a big (4.8-inch) 720p screen with some of the most vivid colors ever reproduced by a display, get the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you want a more compact (slim and pocketable) design and are willing to sacrifice a bit of screen real estate, go for the iPhone 5.

Internal Hardware


The international version Samsung Galaxy S3 features the Exynos 4412 Quad SoC from Samsung, one that packs together a 1.4 quad-core A9 processor and a Mali 400MP GPU. The U.S. version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (an LTE capable version) is based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 SoC, one that packs together a 1.5GHz dual-core Krait CPU and an Adreno 220 GPU. Benchmark results clearly denote that the quad-core international version of the S3 is considerably faster than its S4 counterpart.

On the other hand, the newly announced iPhone 5 uses the new Apple A6 SoC. Although the processor is not quad-core as many might have expected, Apple claims that the dual-core CPU inside the A6 is twice as powerful as the dual-core processor used in the iPhone 4S. The GPU inside the Apple iPhone 5 is also touted to be twice as fast the GPU used by the iPhone 4S. We’ll have to wait until we get our hands on an iPhone 5 benchmark results before we buy into it, but there is a big chance that all these claims are true, as the A6 is probably even faster than the A5X chip that you can find inside the new iPad. And that is saying a lot.

Although I’m as big of an Android fan as they get, the reality is that the Apple iPhone 5 will deliver graphics performance well beyond the top of the Android crop, and CPU performance that’s at least on par with the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (the fastest Android smartphone there is). The U.S., Qualcomm S4 version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 badly loses its spec war against the Apple iPhone 5.


As devout Samsung fans well know, the South Korean giant has decided to slightly dumb down – not referring to search here – its U.S. version of the Galaxy S3 in order to accommodate LTE compatibility. While the S4 SoC inside the U.S. version is exactly the same thing that you can find inside the HTC One X, the Motorola Droid RAZR HD and many other LTE-enabled smartphones in the U.S. (meaning it’s quite fast actually,) the reality is that the Exynos 4412 SoC is what makes the international version of the Galaxy S3.

On the other hand, Apple has managed to come up with global LTE compatibility for their new iPhone, meaning there are no performance compromises to make for choosing the LTE enabled version of the new iPhone 5. A single version of the iPhone will be able to browse LTE connections in various parts of the world (Verizon, AT&T and Sprint were all confirmed as carriers for the iPhone 5).

Storage Space & Cameras

While both the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 come in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB versions, only the Android flagship can extend its internal storage via an SD card. Transfer rates are not as big on the SD card as they are on the flash memory, but having the option to buy an extra 64 GB of extra storage space for just a bit over $50 looks like a good choice to be able to make.

On to the cameras, there’s nothing impressive to see here, as both cameras should be enough for your basic point and shoot needs, and nothing more. The S3 uses an 8MP primary camera and a 2MP secondary camera, while the iPhone 5 uses a 8-megapixel sensor with a 5-element lens and f/2.4 aperture as the primary camera and a 720p secondary camera.

Verdict: The iPhone 5 is currently the best smartphone in the world when it comes to raw processing power, and also the best LTE capable smartphone ever

Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently officially using Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI on top. Although Samsung’s take on the visual interface for Google’s mobile OS isn’t something that Android purists enjoy, Samsung at least seem to be on the right track, since the UI on the S3 is less cluttered and complicated than what we’ve seen on previous Galaxy S models.

In addition, the Smart Actions (that we’ve talked more about in this previous article) are a unique and most welcomed tweak, although nothing that will blow your mind. According to the latest information, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at some point in October.

In the other corner, Apple has decided to roll out their iOS 6 with the Apple iPhone 5. While iOS 6 represents an incremental step forward, the new iPhone operating system is still a locked garden. While iPhone 5 users will have access to a butt-load of properly optimized apps, there is little you can do as far as customization goes.

Verdict: I may be subjective, but I find Android to be better than any other mobile OS out there. I don’t like the chains attached to the locked down iOS.

Price & Release Date

The international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched back in May 2012 and is priced starting at $600 for the 16 GB model. The U.S. version of the Galaxy S3 was launched in June 2012 and is available unlocked starting at roughly the same price as its international brother.

On the other hand, the Apple iPhone 5 will be released on September 21 in the U.S. and eight other countries, with up to 100 markets to get it in December. The 16 GB version of the iPhone 5 is priced at $199, while the 32 GB and 64 GB are priced at $299, and $399 respectively – these are all on-contract prices.

The Conclusion

So what do all the chapters above add up to? Which one is better: the Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5? Well, I know most of you were hoping for a definitive answer, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s really all about personal preference!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has the advantage of a bigger display and an array of customizations that can be made thanks to its Android operating system.

The Apple iPhone 5 has the advantage of a better optimized ecosystem, no LTE compromises, as well as slightly better internal specs.

So what do you guys think? Which one is better and why? Drop us a line in the comment section below and share your takes, will you?

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Mike Andrici
Growing up in my father's PC store, I was surrounded by and developed a passion for technology ever since I was in kindergarten. However, advancements made in the technology world continue to amaze me on a daily basis! I've been writing about the Android OS since back in October 2008, when Google and HTC launched the first Android smartphone ever, the T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream. Although I'm no company's fanboy, Android is the mobile OS I devoutly support.
  • Biru Biru

    The iPhone 5 wasn’t benchmarked it and you people are already saying that it is faster than the Galaxy SIII? I can’t believe it.

    • Ryan MORGAN

      The S3 (International version) is a quad-core powerhouse, I highly doubt the dual-core A6 will beat it.

      • Alex13809

        According to wikipedia (the only source available until the iphone 5 is actually released) the A6 will have a dual core A15 CPU. The A15 is far superior to the A9 found in Samsung’s quad core and even more so compared to the S4. The simple fact is that Android (and its apps) are generally not designed to take advantage of all 4 cpus. So core vs core, and even possibly cpu vs cpu, the A6 would theoretically, and probably will be, faster than the Exynos in the GS3.

        • Jace

          And of course everyone knows, everything on wikipedia can be taken as the absolute truth because everyone can put the facts in it.

        • TK

          not a chance in hell :D iphone sucks… just get used to it… :D

          • Lawrence

            What a solid found answer. A 386sx running DOS1.0 outperforms an i7 running Windows Vista! So here I have proven that the 386sx is the faster processor! Happy now?

        • gk

          Alex you obviously dont know anything about CPU’s…. please enlighten me how and when a dual core will be or can be better than a quad?.

          • Kwame ‘oga’ Yeboah

            @gk it’s not a matter of dual or quad core;it’s a matter of performance and efficiency,so pls rethink your question

          • Hum0nX

            cores don’t matter your right, but the iphone still sucks for many reasons.

          • Hum0nX

            my computer is not quad core, it has 100 times the RAW processing power of any iphone or android, the reason being i have tons of RAM and GHZ, the iphone has nither so it can’t process crap. if you put android on an iphone it wouldn’t even be able to run in on the sole reason that its processor couldn’t handle it. the only reason the iphone works is because ios just dosn’t allow hard core processing or real multitasking.

          • alex13809

            A dual core can be as strong as a quad core, assuming same architecture on both processors, if the extra cores in the Quad core aren’t used by the OS. But even simpler, AMB 8-core cpus are weaker than Intel’s quad-core CPU. It’s not always about shear numbers.

          • Mikel Syn

            when the dual core runs on a 28nm processor while the quad core runs on a 45nm processor? such as comparing the Tegra 3 to the snapdragon S4? take a look at anandtech’s analysis of the MDP with the snapdragon S4. it beats any processors out there 2 times core for core. the tegra 3 matches it only because it’s quad core, but not all applications use all 4 cores. please read up before you start commenting on people’s knowledge of a subject.

            an easier example to understand is the sandy bridge core i5 dual core, with core 2 quad. your core 2 quad is still a joke compared to the i5.

          • beachguy757

            enlighten me on what virtual cores and multithreading are dumbass

          • beachguy757

            oh so and amd phenom x4 outperforms and core i5 dual core youre fucking stupid bro

        • You do realize that the S4 is also a dual core A15 CPU and gets trounced by the quad core Xenos. The apple will probably seem quicker just because the IoS is so limited and structured that the CPU can be optimized to do those limited things very quickly. Sorry but Galaxy S3 and especially Galaxy Note 2 are far superior to Iphone 5 tech wise

          • alex1809

            If we’re looking at the International market then the Exynos comes into play, but for the time being its missing in the Americas (AKA, Apple’s homefield). According to Qualquam their S4 is similar to A15. Also the Note 2 is not exactly Samsung’s flagship, while I personally an waiting to buy one, It doesn’t appeal to everyone (mostly due to size). The S3 is a better overall phone to compare to the iphone. Apple’s biggest market atm is the US, and most American will buy their phone from a carrier, and none of them carry the quad core 3G version. As for iOS being optimized this is true, and it’s one of the reasons Apple can still get away with arguably lower specs than most android OEM. On another note, google should really continue on with Project Butter (and similar improvements) and actually optimize Android some more; rather than create a neet little hack to get around the problem.

          • beachguy757

            4S is a dual core a9 not a15

      • AndroidBrian

        Not probably. A6 is better, not even debatable

        • goonie

          Spoken like a true fanboy. You do not even have to see your cinnamon dipped honey crusted turd you already know its delicious. Bravo!

          I just cant wait to laugh at you as you take your first bite :))

          • Hum0nX

            his first bite will taste bad but he won’t know it, because he hasn’t ever devoured something as good as ice cream sandwich or jelly bean.

        • Hum0nX

          HAHAHAHAHAAHA wow. Apple is not a good sofware, or hardware creator, BUT they are the best marketers in the world, their best product isn’t software, their best product brainwashed people like you who follow apple blindly without even caring to look at the facts or numbers of whats actually their. I have never seen such a professional marketer do such a good job at making someone believe a subject is “not even debatable” before they know the facts about the side they are debating. As goonie said you don’t even need to know about your shiny sugar coated, hollow piece of crap before you already want it bad enough to defend it blindly.

          • beachguy757

            you are without a doubt arguing blindly, having a superior product is not brainwashing, what funny is his name is androidbrian telling you the apple SoC is faster

        • KD_11

          A6 is manufactured by Samsung and designed only by Apple.

          Without Samsung, A6 is just only a piece of paper.


          • AndroidBrian

            Ummmm, everyone knowx Samsung manufactured the A6. What does that have to do with anything? Does that make the iPhone 5 any less impressive.

            Damn, sad to say this but Android users are becoming just as dumb as Apple users now. Soon there will be a YouTube video “shit android users say” and this idiotic comment will be one of them.

          • KD_11

            You are the idiot! saying that A6 a dual core is better than a quad core.the reason behind why the iPhone5 is faster than an Android quad core phone is that the iOS utilize the dual core CPU more efficient.Just wait for the JellyBean to be on a quad core phone.

          • AndroidBrian

            Dude I’m a fan of android hence my username. I’m using Galaxy nexus now and my next phone will be LG nexus 4. Don’t just talk shit cuz its iPhone because its a apple product. ap Its the bestp

          • AndroidBrian

            LOL! Dude Im a Android fan hence my username. I’m currently using Galaxy Nexus and my next phone is LG Nexus. Im going to be nice to you (cuz ur defending Android) and not going to dig into you to badly. Quad-cores are overated because very few applications utilize quad cores. iPhone 5 is a good phone. Arguably the best phone on the market. If a phone comes out with better PPI & a better processor )better than the GS3) don’t say it sucks just cuz. I dislike Apple just as much as the next Android guy (our app drawer is there complete OS), doesnt mean you have to be blindly ignorant. iPhone is a good phone. Good display, camera & processor.

            Dont worry the quad-core galaxy Nexus will be better than the iphone 5.

            But you called me a “idiot” for saying A6 dual is better than quadcore on android… SMH. DO you have access to something called world web web? Why dont you use it before trying to debate something on a topic you clearly know nothing about.

            To all Android users: We dont blindly follow Android, we prefer them because there clearly the best! If apple makes a good phone (wich they will every 2 years) dont talk crap on it for no apparent reason. Acknowledged its a good phone, while knowing Android will make a better phone in three months or less, & have a far superior OS.

          • KD_11

            Too many words but all are trash…by the way ??what is world web web? is that a new power of Spider Man !! Go world web web!! haha..

          • AndroidBrian

            Lol! Yeah disregard what I said because of a obvious typo…. “world web web” wonder what that could mean? FYI, If a processor wins a benchmark, it has nothing to do with a OS…. Nothing wrong with being ignorant about a subject. But there is something wrong with trying to debate about something u know nothing about. I’m not sure why your arguing with me.

          • KD_11

            Personally i don’t trust benchmark.Even benchmark creator can be paid by certain company to promote their products…money talks.why don’t you try it yourself ? I try it in two PC’s with all the same specs and software but different CPU’s one dual core and quad core. The quad core pc wins it. Maybe the real issue here..which phone is a real multi tasking smartphone?

          • AndroidBrian

            You can run benchmarks yourself with several different softwares. And all of them will have the same results (similar). Its a fact not commentary. And any high end phone (that came out recently) is a great multi tasking phone

          • beachguy757

            thesetouch phones are graphics based OS and the iphone has more efficient and better GPUs allowing the CPU to focus on other tasks and not dedicate its power to graphics, and also the RAM in the iphone is much faster than the s3 and allows transfer of data at higher rates from the memory to the cpu. You have no idea how hardware works but you want to argue you like you do. Brian knows exactly what he is talking about. And Brian thank you for being that guy that knows that just because you dont like the company doesnt make their phone better. I know some android phones are well put together but a lot of the time i read these comments and i have the need to bash people

          • beachguy757

            yeah because there are no other semiconductor manufacturers in the world…

      • Jamie Cottrell

        its also about os, that has a big impact on CPU performance and as much as i love android, iOS is definitely the more efficient OS

        • Are you high? The android operating system is blindingly faster than iOS now. The fact android is free and open source means better programmers provide better improvements rather than half hash money grabbers.

      • Cordova Bay

        But, real world benchmarks prove it.

      • beachguy757
    • AndroidBrian


  • Roger

    ” – these are all on-contract prices”
    Really?? Every US carrier offered the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III on a 2 year contract for $199. Not $600. If you didn’t buy it on contract it may have been $600. And it can now be purchased less than 4 months after release on a new contract for $99.
    Regarding storage. Both come in 16, 32, and 64 GB flavors. So the commment about read speed is irrelevant. The S II however is capable via SD card of expanding an ADDITIONAL 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage (which the iPhone is not). (read speed comment now relevant).

    Please set your bias aside.

    • N.

      Faster than S3? Not possible

      • iLeon

        And why is it not possible!?! You need to clarify!

  • You show the Samsung device with jelly beans in the background, but state it is ice cream sandwich?
    I can’t help but detect some bias towards the iPhone….A device no one outside of Apple has had a chance to test.

  • beratrakovica

    iPhone 5 is down best of smartphone is Galaxy S3

  • iphone 5 is a joke brings nothing new to the table

    • Bruver

      Listen to this idiot …go talk somewhere ,where you acculy know what’s going on …:) maybe go post on a cooking blog or something!

    • Lawrence

      I understand it disappoints. However, if iPhone is a joke, then what to tell about that OS that copied it or the company who was found guilty of patent infringements not only in the US but also in some European countries? Both phones have their strengths. The iPhone however set the bar which the others hopelessly copied. Samsung succeeded best in it but they didn’t do it alone. While Apple both offered the hardware and software revolutionary design – it was revolutionary those days – Google copied the OS and Samsung the hardware design. As I said before, throwing in a few herbs of your own does not make a new recipe. The entire idea of a mobile platform with a developer kit and an app store did not exist until Apple created it. The entire idea of a touch-screen only phone didn’t exist until apple invented it.

      It is sure faster to copy something than to completely design it yourself. I have little respect for what Google and Samsung did. Still I respect the buyers from an S3. Freedom of choice.

      • Luis Leon


      • Manjit Singh

        The good thing is the Android developer GOOGLE doesn’t believes in sueing people

        • PadreTomasito

          They bought Motorola for all dirty work. Motorola just sued Apple. “Don’t be evil” is just a marketing.

        • beachguy757

          google sits at apple board meetings….

      • Speed

        do you honestly believe that Apple never copied a darn thing from anyone? For your information, Apple & Microsoft have the bad habit of copying everything from someone else who is small but with potential, then polishing it and then completely destroying him so that he cant even go to the court. And then morons like you start licking Apple’s behind without even giving it a single thought.

      • Ben

        Who cares man. They’ve had their days. It’s clearly close to ‘not cool’

      • Andy

        Actually Samsung was only really found guilty in the US, which by the way was held basically in Apples backyard and is likely not going to be upheld. In every other country Samsung has won or they were both found guitly of infringing eachother. Oh and even Steve Wozniak (cofounder of apple, which ownes an S3 himself) said that he does not agree with the verdict. He believes any company should be able to use eachothers technologies to build better phones.

        Your other points are funny to me. Apple did not invent mobile platforms, developer kits or app stores. So you are basically giving credit to Apple for copying other ideas and putting them together, which they weren’t the first to do anyway. Oh and as for Apple inventing touch-screen only phones umm sorry, but the IBM Simon was the first followed by Palm. Did Apple invent the phone too? People seem to forget the first Iphone was introduced in 2007 and most of the technology has been out since the late 90’s so no they didn’t invent the first smart phone.

        Yes, Apple did make a lot of these technologies popular, better and more useful, but didn’t invent them. So you wanting Apple to monopolize on a market that they are really just getting into? That makes no sense.
        I believe Apple does make a good product but they are not for me. As someone that has had both Apple and Android phones I prefer Android because it does give me much more freedom and personally feel that the IOS is boring.

        • mename

          correct!Apple is the greatest photocopying machine ever lol

        • beachguy757

          its not the fact its a “touch screen” its how their touchscreen works, they didnt make the first touch screen, they utilized the first one that worked properly and accurately,

        • beachguy757

          look at this reply you dont even correctly argue back on his point that the market for these types of smartphones didnt exist until the iphone was put together and combined these features. he did not claim they invented the 3 separate features why you so carefully pulled apart from the idea, you have no bearing on this conversation

      • Tom

        dont forget the judge that purposely blocked out evidence for apple to get an advantage(very important evidence too)

      • nikola tesla

        similarity doesnt mean copying.. its like a bike.. we allways use round wheels..

      • Man, you do need to read more before you make all those statements. Apple invented the concept of a mobile platform with developer kit and app store?? you must be out of your mind. You need to completely format your brain and start re-learning from the start. That should. hopefully, help!!

        • mename

          lol yeah right people!

          • miloy

            Really wow!!!!

        • Ray

          haha ..correct

        • beachguy757

          you need to read what he actually wrote instead of what you wanted it say so you could try to make a smartass remark. bottom line apple launched the iphone and gave android a market so suck it

      • ladymichin

        I’m agree with you except for one thing., the touch-screen idea is not from apple., don’t forget that the first mobile phone who release touch screen is nokia., don’t treat apple like a god of all smartphones.,

      • Vijay Praveen

        Apple didn’t invent the touch-screen only phone.

        I had Motorola’s A768 which was the world’s first handset combining a Linux Operating System (OS) and Java Technology, with full multimedia PDA functionality and a built-in camera. way back in 2005…


        SPECS: TFT resistive touchscreen, 65K colors,
        240 x 320 pixels,
        Handwriting and speech recognition (Chi & Eng)
        Internal Memory: 96 MB
        Camera: CIF, 352 x 288 pixels (including video capture)
        OS: Linux
        CPU: 200MHz
        Browser: WAP/HTML
        One touch call recording, etc…..

        • Waqas Haider

          Then what is amazing on this phone?? vijay bro

          • miloy

            oooppss…I smell rotten apple….vjjay is not talking on how amazing pda was…he is sharing that Motorola first manufacture touch screen..non sense comment

        • beachguy757

          we know they didnt invent because if they did iphone would be the only touch screen phone ever on the market

      • The hardware inside the apple devices are that of the British firm ARM. They claim both manufacturing and design, while all the actual development was done by ARM. Android also use ARM processors, and they use, in general, better ones.
        The NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor outperforms the A6 (cough cough, out of date) chip in almost all situations.
        Oh. And most of the hardware design from apple was also done by british firms, and then sold to apple. Might want to actually research your arguments before you spout bullshit :)

        • Cordova Bay

          What world do you live on?

          Apple designs their products in California.

          The A6 is the fastest ARM processor on the planet. It’s dual CPU is fast than the quad processors from other companies.

          The A6 was DESIGNED by Apple in California. It uses the ARM instruction set under license. Yes, ARM is a UK company but it remains a UK company regardless of what manufacturer makes the CPU. Keep in mind, while other companies build ARM processor that are designed by ARM and some augment the CPU in special ways, Apple has designed the A6 to meet their requirements and theirs specifically. For all we know, they could have added new instructions or they could have removed some instructions, but the design uses the ARM instruction set.

          What research have you done?

          • Osman

            I loled when you said the A6 is the fastest ARM processor. Have you ever heard of Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro? Also, the architecture in the A6 is based off of ARM cortex A9. Apple customised it and with the help of, Qualcomm made it work with 4G so thechnical its not an Cortex A9 but its based off of it. The key word here is A9. Processors like the Exynos 5 chip based off of the A15 architecture rip the A9 to shreds. Yes, you are right about one thing though, it was Apple who designed the A6 chip and it was designed in California. Now I ask you, what research have you done?

          • KD_11

            dual core is faster than quad core..holy shit!! where did you get it ?? are you from earth or what ??..it looks faster because the iOS can only manage up to 2 cores CPU only..so thats why?

          • beachguy757

            Of course we have morons like this that dont understand pipelines and multithreading, haha your quad core cpu gets lower benchmarks than the a6 dual core and you think because the hertz are higher that the chip is faster. man i bet you think a 3.0 GHz Core 2 quad is better than a 2.5 GHz core i5

          • beachguy757

            there can be 2 physical cores but then those cores can be divided into virtual cores so your cpu has 4 cores and runs 4 threads but the a6 can have 2 cores but run 8 threads of information

      • mename

        like duh do you know the history of mobile devices or even the history of Apple?Try search wiki and you will know that Apple and even Steve J. are best in copying other peoples work go and do your homework tsk tsk tsk

      • get a lyfe

        thank you finally somenody who know what they are talkin about.

      • bifrinia

        For the record look it up Google market been around since the 90
        Mapping out what they where going to do so Google had the first smart phone that was just for the record

      • Mikel Syn

        oh yea.. especially when google copied the whole notifications screen thing. or the VIP inbox (priority inbox), or the reject call with a message feature. or OTA updates for that matter. oh wait.

        on that note, i laugh at apple’s reality distortion field. really? High Speed Wifi? that technology has been out for the past 1 and a half years, and has been available on practically all android phones that came out last year. proprietary connection that is “fully digital” huh. the micro-usb port on android phones since the htc sensation have been capable of full 1080p with audio output. also fully digital.

        I’ll quote steve jobs here. “we’ve always been shameless about copying great ideas.” but others can’t?

        • beachguy757

          yeah and the s3 commerical where they touch phones to transfer playlists…bump hasnt been in the app store for years…….

      • Jawad Rasheed

        Dude, I don’t get it. Why should we, the consumers, worry about who copied whom? We should concentrate on quality when purchasing something. When Apple gave the best technology, like 5years ago (or even more), it was good. But now, HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 are definitely better than Apple’s iphone 5. So, quit whining and get on with your life!

      • Trey Glenn

        IS this why appLe is trying to patent facial recognition, a feature that’s been cooked in to Android forever now almost? Way to ruin the word innovate apple.

      • Josh Abreght

        Lol check your info there, Apple wasn’t the first to think of the idea of a touch-screen only phone. The idea has been around for years. They even have a touch-screen only phone.

      • Oluwafemi Akinwa

        I understand that you’re an iSheep but blindly giving credit to Apple on things they copied is BS. Do your homework before talking iCrap!!

        • beachguy757

          your whole platform is an image of iOS so you copied the copier, youre the kid sitting in the fourth row of class during a spelling test and the smart kid is in the front

    • Trey Glenn

      Just like their S models. Can’t believe they’re trying to go against a phone that’s been on the market longer than theirs but yet they are sayingthe S3 copied the i5 bs . Shoot your selves apple.

    • beachguy757

      i like how the people in this post arent arguing on iphone biased sites

    • beachguy757

      tell that to the phone sales reno, it only took android 200 models of phones to take market share over 4 iphone models

  • Aziz Farhi

    Apple products are known of being faster then Android devices even with less powerful hardware.. it sux but its true and i’m saying that basing on a long period of having both Apple and Android based devices.. iPhone 5 will be faster for sure.

    • chrisjcks

      Wrong, this all changed with Jelly Bean – its been proven to run faster and smoother than iOS6.

      • Mike S

        Jelly Bean huh? So how many Android devices are carrying this? Samsung Galaxy S3 sure doesn’t. You just hit Androids biggest issue on the head. They keep throwing out these new OS’s but most Android phones never see them. Yeah, you can say that Samsung/Verizon said the Galaxy S3 will be getting it very soon. How many times have you heard that. I own the S3 and really like it, but I bought it mainly for the potential that is JB. Unfortunately I now have limited hope it will ever come to this phone.
        As for the many other arguments between the i5 and other Android phones, I can see your points and could also argue both sides easily. The S3 is very nice, but for smoothness it still loses out to the iPhones. I know JB will change this but that gets me back to my point about having to buy a new Android phone to get the new OS. That Camera argument that someone posted is just wrong. The S3 does not beat the 4S and will probably be even further behind the 5. Sad but true. The “my screen is larger” argument is just to personal to be counted. Not everyone wants a huge screen. I would have like to have seen 4.25 vs 4 but oh well.

        Google maps vs Apple maps….will be interesting, but to be honest, the one thing I miss on my S3 is my Garmin and Tom Tom apps. They don’t make one for Android and I had them with my 4S. Google maps is fine, but is probably the one that led me to the most open fields.

        Battery life is a no brainer. The S3 rocks this and the i5 has no shot at being better IMHO.

        Plus, hate all you want, but the coolest accessories tend to come out for the iPhones.

        Apps – Android has a ton as does Apple. I still say the apps on the iPhone have a much sharper appearance. They just tend to look a lot better.

        Design – The dumbest thing I read is apple did nothing but stretch out the 4S. Although true…I say so what. If a design works, why change it? The iphone design is nice IMHO. I like the slimness of the S3, but it tends to slip out of my hand easily if laying down and reading something. Not that this is a phones fault, but more of a personal thing.

        Oh yeah…customization. No doubt you can do a lot on Android that you cannot do with stock iPhone. That being said, I really only jb my iphone for one thing and that has been taken care of. my S3 is rooted, but that is only for wifi tethering. Widgets are cute, but are really not missed when gone.

        S3 = best phone out there right now IMHO.

        i5 = A very nice competitor

        End of the day it is personal preference. If you want an iPhone get one. If you want an Android phone get one. If you want a Windows phone get one. If you want a Blackberry God help you lol

        • Marvin Nakajima

          Jelly Bean for S3 is expected October and for the S2 in November. Hey when you think about it the S2 has had to wait a longer time to get to Jelly Bean. Be happy the S3 is getting an OS upgrade so soon (relatively speaking). :D

          • Mikes

            Expected and actual tend to be far apart and many times it is just never. Time will tell, but I am not holding my breath

        • my galaxy S3 has been running jelly bean for 3 weeks, if you know how to root your phone you can install the leaked version, and I’m very sure is faster than the iphone 4s

    • jack

      well i agree in some aspect as i use both too but did you ever think why ?
      cause they dont allow you to load more then it can bare thats why its faster n on the other hand samsung allows you to use it like a pc run as harder things u want n thats where its becomes slower but in real it isnt and i forgot to mention when u jailbreak you iphone then u see how slow it is as compaired to samsung.. ( i my self owe iphone 4s n galaxy tab 6800 )

      • n900mixalot

        An excellent point!

      • Marvin Nakajima

        I thought Android required more resources since it necessarily needs to run a Virtual Machine to be able to work on such a wide range of hardware. iOS on the other hand only really supports a handful (to be fair) hardware platforms, all of them VERY similar in design. Thus it is much more impressive that Android OSes can approach iOSes speed with almost equivalent processors.

    • Smoother is not equivalent to faster. iPhones have been underclocked at 800mhz forever, there’s no way they’re “known to be faster” when they’re running at literally half the clock speed. iOS is just really optimized, that’s all. But now with Jelly Bean, that’s all changed, and Android is incredibly smooth, quick, and beautiful. The iPhone 5 isn’t going to be faster than anything other than your toaster.

      • Exactly, Smoother is not equivalent to faster. Project Butter AND Jelly Bean is to make Android Smoother, not faster, it all about animations. Your point contradicted with itself. Developers code not going to be faster because of JB.

  • And the samsung sIII is allowing adobe flash display…i love it :)

    • ex-FlashDeveloper

      adobe flash for mobile has already abandon ship. There will not be any more development for flash for mobile. It will just make ur phone hotter and eat up your battery. Nothing will be done to improve the problem. Eat it

  • jack

    being an iphone user for a long time and owing iphone 4s, i am really dis appointed. In my view Apple will loose big time this time as samsung came across with lots of variety.

    I know samsung have some issues about updating but still samsung is doing better and my next phone will be samsung s3/4 for sure. Even if they are almost the same if we assume the price n look wise and screen wise samsung wins.

  • wlferreira

    I guess all the waiting for a little bigger screen… that is what all the icrap boy were waiting for? Whatever other improvements are not worth it to mention. Poor improvement for all the choices in the marquet

  • Observer

    Iphone 5 is a whole millimeter thin, not centimeter as mentioned in the article.

    • 70.6mm vs 58.5mm, so the iPhone is 12.1mm thinner (1.21cm)

      • IncCo

        8.6 mm vs. 7.6 mm = 1 mm = 0.1 cm

      • lotrgsnAA

        this is 1.21 cm narrower not thinner!

      • 1.21 cm thinner would be like having a credit card

  • i myself personally love the android…bt i reeli liked da finger print sensor in its centre button…quite fascinating there!!

    • What fingerprint sensor???

      • wlferreira

        Maybe will be the next ithing they come up with… poor improvement to think in something like that

  • William Hickman

    “the fact that the iPhone 5 is a whole centimeter slimmer is a bit of a welcomed surprise” I’m pretty sure that is supposed to be millimeter, right?

    • 1.2cm thinner than the S3, actually.

      • learntothink

        So you are saying the width, or the length, of the s3 is 7.8mm? No. it goes LengthXWidthxDepth

      • Marvin Nakajima

        Why is that a welcome surprise when the 4/4S were just as wide?

      • I’m guessing you’re not from a country that uses the metric system? mm = millimeters, which is 1/10 of a centimeter (cm). Since a centimeter is .39 of an inch, for a phone to be 8.6cm thick (which is what you and the author are saying the measurement of the S3 is for a cm difference) it would make it about 3.3 inches, and the iPhone 5 would be about 2.9 inches thick. Ergo, the measurement is in millimeters, so the difference is 1 millimeter, not 1 centimeter. If we were to make this a centimeter measurement, then it would be written as 0.76cm compared to 0.86cm.

        Also, if one is measured at 7.6 and the other is 8.6, then the difference is 1, not 1.2, no matter which measurement system you’re using. That’s basic math.

        In looking at a lower post though, I now realise your’e reading the wrong measurement . You’re referring to the WIDTH of the phone, not the DEPTH of the phone, which is what EVERYONE else is talking about. The slimmer comment is referring to the depth of the phone, not it’s width.

      • William Hickman

        considering the fact that the s3 isn’t even 1cm in thickness, I’m sure you’re wrong.

  • Vijay

    I like Samsung S3 and I don’t feel comparison is correct. As Roger said ”
    Please set your bias aside. “

  • iPhone 5: no microSD, no microUSB, no removable battery, no Flash, no NFC, no wireless charging, no HD screen, no SMS delivery reports, no LED notification, no direct USB file transfer… shall I continue, or do we have a winner already? :-)

    • xWerd98x

      It has LED notification, sms delivery reports, flash, you can change the battery if you have the right kind of screw driver, shall I continue?

      • smartass

        It’s Crappe… ‘nough said

      • James

        You’re right. Plus as a business man, iOS can keep all my devices in perfect harmony. Android cannot sync my tablet with my phone with my computer and with that of the secretary. On top, when I want to make a phone call, the icons that I need are instantly there. I do not have to browse through 4 pages of bull shit, each of them having a “config” or “settings” icon before I finally get where I need to be. An iPhone fits in most pockets. When you have it in your back pocket and take a seat, it will hurt but not bend. Do that with the S3 and you’ll surely have some plastic made in China up your ass. The S3 still is a very nice phone. And Android is well on its way of getting mature. However, who the hell needs a floppy drive on his phone these days?? Yes. A Floppy. The predecessor of an SD card. Apple got it. There is fast wireless transfer over WiFi. Why the hell on earth would you revert to 10 year old technology to transfer your data? Flash is the worst software on earth these days and it is simply dead. As a leading web development company in my country, we haven’t got a flash site request since the last 3 years! Because people know it does not run on iPad. And it drains batteries. Again, you can stand still and keep living in the past or you can move on and leave the middle-ages for what they are.

        About battery replacement. I am using cell phones since 1994. I have never ever replaced one battery in my life. The only reason Samsung and others still offer it is because they don’t know how to properly design a phone with a unibody that nicely shields you from such. The design of the iPhone deserves credits here although the 5 disappoints. I am tired of that same look and feel.

        Who is the winner? There is no winner. These are a dude and his clone. The latter enjoying DNA enhancements to fight the cloning DNA deterioration. And every new clone is given a little bit of own materials because a judge decided it that way. Suddenly the clone’s father sees there is in fact a market for customizable phones just as there is a market for easy-to-use as-simple-as-it-gets phones. You are not a bad person nor a jerk if you choose which ever phone. Thank god there is choice. We wouldn’t want to share the same wife either now would we?

        (all you perverts who would, please don’t tell me!! ;-) )

        • phila

          You are clearly an idiot, or have never used an Android phone
          “On top, when I want to make a phone call, the icons that I need are instantly there. I do not have to browse through 4 pages of bull shit, each of them having a “config” or “settings” icon before I finally get where I need to be.”
          EVERY home page on Android has 5+ links in the bottom, and you can put folders there – to make a phone call I unlock and touch ONE BUTTON, but apparently you like hiding the phone button in settings pages
          anyone who thinks that you have to browse 4 pages to get to make a phone call is obviously a complete and utter idiot, especially on a PHONE!

          “Do that with the S3 and you’ll surely have some plastic made in China up your ass.”
          You do realise that the iPhone is made in China, RIGHT?

          “However, who the hell needs a floppy drive on his phone these days?? Yes. A Floppy. The predecessor of an SD card.”
          The floppy is also the predecessor of the hard drive, which is the predecessor of the flash drive, so therefore the iPhone has a floppy in it by your INSANE “logic” – the point of the SD card is that YOU CAN CHANGE IT IF YOU WANT!!!

          “Flash is the worst software on earth these days and it is simply dead.”
          which is why Adobe (the people who make it) have dropped Flash For Mobile, or haven’t you kept up with the latest (6 month old) news

          “As a leading web development company in my country, we haven’t got a flash site request since the last 3 years! Because people know it does not run on iPad.”
          What country is that? because you sound SOOO informed that it must be somewhere like Outer Mongolia :-P

          “About battery replacement. I am using cell phones since 1994. I have never ever replaced one battery in my life.”
          Maybe you’ve only had 1 phone then, because the last time I changed the battery in mine was when I was travelling and was nowhere near a charge-point for ages, for the majority of the journey, and my phone battery died, because you can’t walk into a client and say “sorry, but can I plug my phone in” during a presentation without looking like a mooch, but then again, you’re probably house-bound, so never travel

          “The only reason Samsung and others still offer it is because they don’t know how to properly design a phone with a unibody that nicely shields you from such. ”
          more like Samsung don’t want to rip off their customers by charging them $100+ to replace the battery, which Apple does!

          Sorry, but you sound like you have your head FIRMLY planted up Apple’s behind, and will believe any BS they throw at you, and happily pay for the honour of doing it!

          • Luis Leon

            Oh please shut up!

          • phila

            oh yes, because some random person on the Internet has told me to “shut up”, I will never express my opinion again, especially towards someone who clearly has their head rammed up Apple’s behind… then again, I won’t, because someone needs to TRY to remove their head from Apple’s behind, even if it’s in vain…

          • tom

            OMG!! …at last someone with a brain!

          • Luis Leon

            Oh yeah, nice one just cause i said shut up, all this has to do with my head rammed up Apples behind, as clearly u like saying often! Maybe you should try it!

          • phila

            maybe you should learn to read too – I didn’t say that YOU had your head rammed up Apple’s butt, unless of course you do, but I like the option to breath and choose how to use my phone, not being stuck in Apple’s “walled garden” of doing very little with a very expensive phone :-P

          • asd


          • goonie

            I know the truth hurts.

          • HellG

            ROFL you made my day, nice owning bud :)

          • Ben

            Baddddddd lol

          • Joe

            Hay man what else can i say……..u rock. And did i mention earlier i am iphone user since day one but i am sick and tired of jealbreaking this piece of shit to make it useful tool. I don’t have to be hostage to apple any more. I now support android and s3 for sake of freedom.

          • ComputerJin

            @phila: Two thumbs up for you. Solid and valid arguments.

          • Tae

            Oh Phila! U completely striped the dude. Please spare him some dignity next time.

        • Joe

          Why every one is opposed to u, doesnt that tell u something how genious u r. I have used iphone since 2g to 4s. Tired of apple crap now. Thank God there is S3 now, a superior choice.

        • goonie

          Im sure I would not want to share your wife. Judging by how you blindly run after Apple products you probably married the first lady that put out, and if you were on a dry spell Id hate to see what you were desperate enough to accept.

          Now saying all my devices are not synced is absurd. The moment I type an event on my PCs calander it shows on my phone. When I had a tab it showed there also. All my files are accessible, and I can remote into and control any device on my network on or off the network. I can also use web cams as security cams and do many other things like replace a battery when one dies after 14+ hours of battery life out of my International GS3. Transfering data over wifi has noting to do with an SD card.

          SD is for adding internal storage options. Duh! So what I can transfer it fast. What good is being locked to only 16gb. Especially for early adopters when they only have 16gb versions available. At minimum I have 48gbs of storage. You are stuck with what ever you are stuck with. And flash might be dead to those with lego blocks in their browser, but I have the apk available for install at any time for the websites I like to visit.

      • hoggleboggle

        if apple have followed the same attitude towards replaceable parts that they have with all their latest gadgets then the battery will most likely be glued in, making it impossible to replace. we won’t know until someone does a teardown.

      • Please continue! But note that i DO NOT want to unscrew my phone just for my battery! Like WTF?!

      • kavi

        then void the warranty….
        U mean camera flash, u moron? Apple can do only catching up right now… Get on with it…

    • wompwompwomp

      Agreed! Mike what a waste of my time! Thanks.

    • you said it best

    • Richy

      Apple = BMW = Bang & Olufsen = Rip Off

    • @facebook-100003548748181:disqus Looks like you didn’t read the specs properly. Do you actually use NFC? How many people actually use contactless cards now anyway? or even SD cards in the days of cloud storage? SMS delivery reports – had them from iOS5!

      • People who watch movies or recorded tv use SD cards, costs nothing since you aren’t streaming, and even if you had no signal at all…they’d be right there still available to use. Power and signals do go out. That’s why having physical storage should always be an option. Unless you have an iPhone you understand the concept.

      • hoggleboggle

        people who use SD cards:
        1.don’t want to wait for the file to be downloaded/uploaded
        2. don’t have an unlimited data package making it very expensive to access your files
        3. are in areas/buildings where there is little or no decent data connection or free wifi
        4. are roaming outside of their contract region, such as travellers all around Europe, where data connections are prohibitively expensive and wifi is sporadic at best
        5. carrying large single files such as movies
        6. prefer to make a single one-off payment to own the storage than a continuous rental payment in the cloud
        as for nfc – have a look at this article which shows it is a lot more than just making payments: http://blog.freestyleinteractive.co.uk/2012/02/12-practical-uses-for-nfc/ Samsung use it in their S-beam on the S3 for example

        • Yh! We get ur point, iPhone sucks bad!

          • hoggleboggle

            mine wasn’t a criticism of the iphone (although the points apply to it too) but of all phones that leave out SD card support. The iphone at least comes with a suitably large onboard storage option of 64GB (even if you pay through the nose for it). The otherwise fantastic HTC One X only goes up to 32GB as does the lumia 920, a major negative in my book, and one reason why i am reticent to switch to the otherwise fantastic windows phone environment. My current Galaxy S2 has 16GB on board and a 64GB microSD card and I am currently running out of space (I use the phone as portable storage for work files as well as music, photos and a couple of movies alongside a few large games such as GTA3 and NOVA 3), but at least I have the option to switch cards to add more capacity.

          • Someone

            U SUCK BAD

        • ???

          you’re damn wrong! The reason why SD cards exist in this world is to expand the existing memory!

      • Someone

        You are right Apple IS BETTER THAN STUPIDDD Samsung all of the phones i ever saw that are samsung WERE TRASH even Nokia is better that it exept for that samsung galaxy phones BUT THEY ARE NOT BETTER THAT Apple phones .

        • animeman

          At least Samsung cant speak in proper English..

      • goonie

        Have you ever tried to download something from the cloud? Unless I am using Sprint(which sucks) and a Pogo Plug (which does not suck) running from my own network I do not have time to download crap from the cloud. Heck I cant even wait to upload crap to the cloud. Maybe an apk at most , but not movies or videos maybe a song here and there, but that is stupid when I have an sd card. TooooooooooSloooooooow 4Me

        Plus with SD cards you can skimp on the price get the lowest model and use your 32 gb from your last phone for a quick 48 or so gigs.

        Now go make out with siri.

    • Couldn’t agree more! well said :D

    • Someone

      You are wrong !

    • Secret

      Damn true!

  • yourcredibilityislost

    1 centimeter thicker? someone needs to learn some math. 8.6mm-7.6mm= 1mm=1/10th of a centimeter.

    • MasterMuffin

      I wad thinking the same, there wouldn’t be a phone if it was 1 cm thinner! :D

    • Nsd

      A centimeter “smaller”, not thinner. Guys … read and understand rather than just commenting!!

  • Enku Wendwosen

    iPhone 5 is the best smart phone ever. Apple has put a lot of consideration into it. The 4 inch is just brilliant fits perfectly in your hands unlike the galaxy s3 which 10 mm wider. Seriously who has hands that big. Completely inaccesable especially tapping the top right corner. The fact that the iPhone 5 is made of anodized aluminium and ceramic glass which is by the way the 2nd hardest transparent material next to diamond, meaning unpresidented build quality. So samsung is going to have to do alot more than plastic back and corning gorrila glass 2. And the fact that iPhone is significantly thinner and lighter makes galaxy s3 look alot bulkier and a wopping 1 cm thicker. And iOS 6 is the most advanced operating system ever. And the walled garden phrase used to undermine it is just unfair. Almost any one that has used an iPhone is familiar with jailbreaking. Which makes the iOS the most custumizable OS with tens of thousands of themes and even more tweaks. So iPhone is the best smartphone out there


    • Phillip

      :) The SGS3 fits perfectly in my hand. I can reach the corners just fine. Personal preference there. Wait for the drop tests to come out before you boast of its “unprecedented” build quality. Most people use cases anyway.
      Neither is “better”, neither will hold the crown as “best” for more than a few months. If you love Apple, you’ll love the IPhone 5. I don’t so its just a phone.

    • Faiz

      It’s 1 mm, not cm.

    • I’m not going to deny that Apple sticking with the smaller screen size for the purpose of people being able to reach all over the screen with ease was a smart idea, but I for one don’t have a single problem reaching the entire screen on my phone and could not see myself going back to an iPhone’s puny screen after being on my Android this year (I switched from a 4S to an S2).

      Also, it’s sad that you have to jailbreak a phone to get any sort of customizability. You can do nearly everything on stock android that you could with a jailbroken iPhone, and that’s without even mentioning rooting of your phone.

      I don’t know if you have paid attention to any of Apple’s iPhone events, but the past few years, literally all they have been doing is catching up with the competition. You can’t really be that blind or deep under a rock to have missed it, could you? 4 inch screens, 8 MP cameras, notification bar, 4G LTE.. I mean come on, the evidence is all right in front of you and you’re still going to call it the most advanced and “best” phone ever? If that doesn’t scream ignorant, I don’t know what does.

      • Enku Wendwosen

        Well I have been well aware of what has been going around. Yes samsung was 1st to introduce 4G LTE but they had to greatly compromize performance for it but apple did it without any compromize. Yes samsung came up wiz 8MP cam but apple did it diffrently by changing the apecture of the camera. And yes apple copied the idea of a notification center but its not like samsung or google haven’t copied. Where did S voice or google now come from. I’ll tell you where… Siri. Infact samsung has been copying so much that it has been ruled to pay apple over a billion dollars for the damages. Am just getting started man. The whole idea of post pc world has been cooked up by apple. They introduced the 1st smart phone with a full multi touch screen not to mension a whole new catagory of devices… tablets. If it wasn’t for apple google would still be a stupid search engine and samsung would be making home appliences. You see you are the one in the cave locked up from the world.

        • full_cross

          From the looks of it! you are the stupid guy who sells your own fan fave product. Get your damn facts straight and ironed out! Samsung has been making mobile phones before apple does! where the hell have you been? dinosaur era?

          • Enku Wendwosen

            well you have come to my point phones that were really crappy before android copied iOS making it good news for samsung and other crappy phone makers.

    • Marvin Nakajima

      If you are not aware that though diamonds are one of the hardest substances it is also one of the most brittle. I would think a material that is both scratch resistant and relatively flexible would be preferable to avoid breakage from accidental drops.

  • spacerequin

    The Galaxy S3 is much better!!!

  • Androidway

    Apple iPhone 5 is a fail…

  • NZ Tim

    I used to have an apple and now I have a s3. Apple does not need to make its iPhone the best or introduce huge new changes. Minor improvements get the ifans flocking. So it can make its iPhone cheaper than the competition and make huge profits. Ifans are willing to pay more for less, ignore the child labour somehow still feel smug. Thank god apple doesn’t make food or medication otherwise half the population would be very sick (yet still very smug)

    • They might soon own the patent for food pretty soon. They’re suing small grocery stores in Poland right now.

    • Marvin Nakajima

      I would say that it’s harder now than ever for a new iPhone to get the less ‘excited’ fans to upgrade when faced with an ever increasing number of other phones to choose from.

    • phila

      be happier that they don’t make cars, because it wouldn’t have disk brakes, ABS, air bags or even crumple zones, and the iPhans would flock to buy it – then again, maybe they should, and it’d thin out the number of iDiots on the planet who buy anything that is made by Apple, no matter how under-specced

      • ryan

        iphone 4 not made well.center button broke.mates did to.bought s2 much better.sold s2 got s3 even better .iphine 5 will not be bought is

        • ryan

          best messenger whatts app frer on android it costs 69penve on apple to much greed

          • beachguy757

            everything can be free on iphone…

    • Lawrence

      Dude this is truly an infantile reaction. First of all Apple have ALWAYS investigated every rumor about child labor in its factories and always pushed for better working conditions. They ALWAYS distanced from such. And if you blame Apple, blame Sony, blame Samsung, blame 80% of the companies that mean something because Foxcom are assembling all their crap too!

      Secondly, they are using environment-friendly materials for production. If you truly had an iPhone and now have an S3 you’ll sure confirm the S3 is more flexible and also a hell more difficult and cumbersome to use. But maybe you’ll like it better that way. Sometimes new toys make happy, for a while. As long as you’re happy it’s fine. But stop insulting people as brainless cows just following the mud without there being any reason for it.

      It was Apple who put the competition to shame when they released the first iPhone and since then, every manufacturer started copying the concept. Google copied the OS, Samsung the hardware. It took two giants of companies 3 years to get where they are now.

      Without Apple there would not even be an Android nor an S3. Instead you’d have the FB3 as in Frakkin’ BRICK which would still use too small keyboards to type on and you could forget about auto-rotation of the image. All apple patents which have been infringed. So today, the S stands for Stolen!

      The S3 is in fact sort of an iPhone spin off which, if any originality at all, has to thank judge Lucy Koh for it. Without the law suits the S3 would sure still look like a 4S allbeit with another brand name and colors and cheap plastic rather than solid aluminum. Also, guess where the Gorilla glass came from. It was in fact Steve Jobs who via via discovered the company who made it. That company existed years already before though no cell phone manufacturer ever approached them. Guess what. Suddenly Samsung takes pride in American made Gorilla Glass! Hooraaaa! Copy copy copy, paste paste paste.

      The S3 is still a very very cool phone which even tempted me for a while. I know for a fact that it would never have been the phone it is today hadn’t it been for Apple choosing certain materials and design elements. If you can’t even admit that you shouldn’t truly be arguing about it.

      • Pretty sure the iphone had nothing to do with the S3 or Android nor was it stolen. Android was around years before the iphone. Google just took it and turned it in to what it is now, better than iOS. COMPLETELY different OS’s so how did they copy it? If you’re going to sling dumb posts at least get your info somewhat correct.

      • john

        how can you comment if you don’t know the rel history of every OS! iOS and android are completely different and it was released before any iphone could ste out of the market!

    • beachguy757

      Theres a saying…if aint broke dont fix it. so if the androids are stillchanging something must be broke

    • Ya boiii

      “Apple does not need to make its iPhone the best”

      You mean, besides the fact that the A6 was the fastest chip on the market, or the hardware is arguably the best designed?

      You act like Apple is the only company in the world in it to make a profit.

      Samsung makes no money on their phones, right? They don’t cut corners on their phones, especially not with plastic housing, right?

      Oh wait, you’re just a moron.

  • stranger

    and this is why steve is a great loss

  • getamazed

    And i have bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. Thanks apple. As Samsung says it well, (so does apple also) the S3 is the best IPhone yet. Sir Steve you are already being missed!!

  • bob

    Yes, the iPhone 5 will be a big flop, the S3 will be even better with the jellybean upgrade, the S3 is still on top.

  • mr. Nick

    Droid Razr HD Baby! That w/ jellybean will be superior

  • Chris

    Waiting on Iphone 5S…

    • will be the same design with iOS 7, maybe 3D maps for 2 new countries and 2 new languages for siri, and more expensive XD

  • Just my opinion on the whole thing – the iPhone 5 WILL sell like hot cakes, because so many people are idiots (especially among the base of Apple users) who just follow the flock of what is “cool”. Does it make the phone better? Not at all. Majority of the things people bang on about come down to opinion and personal preference. The ONE main advantage Apple has over anybody else is that they have their own OS which they can make run perfectly with the hardware that they use. Ever tried to run iOS4 and up on an old 3 or 3G handset? Runs terribly and makes you wonder why you bother with this company – because the hardware specs aren’t there for it. Samsung however uses Android, which has been made to support multiple hardware setups and things, so there’s compromises then in how it does things – such as how it utilizes the CPU in a phone. Apps cop it even worse – Android app developers want their product on as many devises as possible, so can’t utilize the benefits of the Samsung quad-core processor, as so many phones won’t be able to run the app then. This isn’t as much of a problem for iPhone app developers. Basically it’s the same as the difference between buying an Apple PC running their OS, vs buying any other PC in the world which runs Windows. One has software specifically designed for a limited hardware set – the other is designed to support as much variability as possible.

    Is this a revolutionary device? Hell no – nothing from Apple ever has been. Anyone who does some research will quickly realise EVERYTHING Apple has ever made or released was an idea developed by somebody else and done well before they did it. Even their design elements are copied from a 1960’s radio brand. That’s how “revolutionary” this company is. But they have excellent marketing, good lawyers and will have their time at the top of the food chain – just as Microsoft did in the PC world – until someone else comes along.

    It’s a disappointing phone to those who believe that Apple are “revolutionary” in what they do. If you bought into their own marketing hype – then it’s your own fault for being disappointed. Apple fanboys will ignore any faults the phone has and it’s limitations, just the same as a guy ignores how annoying a chick is because she has a nice pair of….. well you get the picture. When the Galaxy S4 comes out (expect a lawsuit because of the S4 moniker too I reckon being so close to the 4S of the iPhone) it will crush the specs of the iPhone 5 and then vice-versa when the iPhone 6 comes out (of course there’ll be an iPhone 5s or an iPhone 5.5 before then) and it will go on and on, then Nokia or LG or some other company will surprise everyone with something awesome and then they’ll get their time in the limelight too.

    At the end of the day Samsung will continue to make and sell millions of phones, as will Apple. Both will make lots and lots of money. People will sit on the internet and blog about why they hate one and love the other, people will call the other idiots for various reasons and it will never end.

    Welcome to the ongoing adventures of life.

    • MikeS

      So an idiot is someone who is happy with their phone and doesn’t give a rats ass about your opinion? Todays phones are personal and if someone likes the iPhone 5 who cares. I wish I was one that just enjoyed the gadget I got with no worries about the jack asses calling me an idiot on some other site because I bought an iPhone 5. Seems to me we are the idiots for worrying what some other person likes and wasting our time writing about it. No? I could call many Android users idiots as well depending on the phone they bought compared to the one I like, but that just seems stupid to me.

      • Hum0nX

        I can understand if you only buy a phone to call text and play games maybe some music, and you just dont want to fool with setting anything up, or if your not tech savy. Then the iphone can be perfect for you. it’s just when people start saying “OMG iphone is best phone ever i want to pay any amount of money to get it and say that all those stupid android phones are knock offs of the “real deal” ” thats where the argument comes from, because no it no way is the iphone more powerful or capable than the top android devices, BUT that doesn’t mean that the iphone isn’t better for some people.

        • beachguy757

          because you have an android phone you are tech savy? one of the dumbest arguments i hear in this debate is iphones arent customizeable, which is odd because Apple still warranties your iphone even if it is jailbroken which has tons and tons of features and you would know how capable the phone really was if you were “tech savy” i can hack your wireless network with an iphone.

          • Yo can hack a wireless network with your iPhone? Wow, that’s pretty impressive man! I guess only with an iphone right? Hahaha you silly ass. That’s nothing dude.

          • beachguy757

            Awesome so no problem for you to explain how to do it on your phone right? Since iphone uses unix and android uses linux its the same…so why dont you explain it to me….oh wait i forgot that there like 6000 android devices and you need somone to program a driver for your wifi card to inject packets

    • AndroidBrian

      First iPhone was revolutionary.

      No thy enemy. So many android android fans are blindly hateful towards apple. I love android and dislike apple for my own reasons but I still won’t say iPhones suck. Because they don’t.

      • Hum0nX

        i am sorry for the blind followers; weather android or iphone, but i know that almost all iphone followers follow blindly while many android followers do not. I like android for many reasons, but for one key reason; open source. without open source (or open-ness of the OS) android is nothing)

        • beachguy757

          i bet your on a windows pc

          • hum0nX

            Oh come on lol XD you shoulda guessed this lol, I’m on an Android! Galaxy S II running resurrection remix ROM v.3.8.0 jellybean 4.1.1, at 1.6GHz , but even if I was on my PC it would still be on Ubuntu, it dual boots with windows 7 and sometimes I might be using Chrome OS. I’m not a huge fan on windows, and I don’t have to much of a problem with macs either its only the IOS and ipods that I really hate the way they are structured. Have you used apples new maps lately? Its really impressive… so impressive I still have a hard time believing there a gas stations on top of buildings in New York.

          • beachguy757

            i dont live in new york so its not a problem but im checking right now i dont see what youre talking about. so you hate that they are structured in a way that babys can use them and seniors can use them with ease? you know how much thought goes into this? just like the size of the screen, people like having a 4.8” display but i like my phone fitting in my pocket and i like using it with one hand because its a phone. the blind follower comment you made is funny especially after i read every comment on this page, 98% of the android fans have fact-less blind faith comments. i dont hate android i appreciate it for what it is but all of the stuff i read on threads like this just seems like android users seem to believe what theyre told and dont actually research anything, and looking it up on google wont necessarily make it true when google is the competitor of apple in smartphone OSs. even this article is biased although presented well. A lot of features on these phones that each side claims they had first is most of the time a third party app that was made for both platforms and incorporated into the system. I use all OSs I have a degree in computer networking systems and find that the hardware argument is never true just as in Xbox vs PS3 nobody understand how it actually works but claim theirs is better. im not a fanboy but i do own an iPhone 4S soon to upgrade and I can tell when something is better engineered and functions cleaner. and apple may not be the actual company that develops the hardware but they have the ideas and use for it such as the new lcd retina with the touch element embedded making the lcd thinner and lightening the phone

      • kdsmanu

        Samsung is the only one that is coming up with accessories like galaxy s3 flip case, all caste dongle and so on. Apple has not released something like that in quite a long time.

        • ari gutenmacher

          is that a joke. apple came out with the flip case first on the ipad 2 i remember seeing it for the first time. im not even a fanboy, i own a galaxy note 2. i have to agree with beachguy575 that a lot of android users have selective hearing and only accept what they want to accept. on an article about which screen is better and was tested by experts the iphone 5 won and all the android fans claimed it was a biased review because it wasnt pro samsung even though it was written by an android authority writer and was tested by an unbiased group of experts. im not saying iphone fans are all aware of how good their device is compared to others, but at least those fans dont just blabber on about how apple sucks and comment on every thing “fuck apple” or “icrap” or even “iphone is ishit”. honestly, ive seen 2 year olds make better insults. i love samsung and google and think that they right now are both ahead of apple right now in the phone market, but the iphone is not crap. if any of u has actually used it you would know that. you cant call apple shit or crap when its the worlds largest company. and dont say they brainwashed everyone just because they put ads on tv and they have keynotes complementing their stuff. do you expect them to insult their own devices? samsung constantly bashes apple for its work and nobody calls them brainwashers. and also dont say apple never innovated, because without the first iphone, lets all be fair here and say android wouldnt exist considering it was made built on the idea of ios. i think android is better now, but when you look at the first android software and ios you could tell. im not a fanboy, im just thankful for what they have contributed to the world and because of that i could have an amazing galaxy note 2 with android jellybean.

          • Ya boiii


            iPhone hate is pretty old. But it’s the cool thing to do because people are morons and have nothing better to talk about in their boring lives.

            Google and Apple offer amazing products. Google makes an extremely capable OS for power users, while Apple makes their products really easy to use “for the rest of us”.

          • Jaden Rosencrans

            Apparently, your Galaxy Note II’s auto-correct is broken.

    • Droidikas

      you don’t know what you are talking about motherfucker! you just being emotional!

      who do you think you are? calling people idiots!

      fuck off

      • MasterMuffin


      • jbk

        Your a fukin idiot apple will be the fist to tell you they copy everyone. Not one thing in there phone is apples idea. Now fuck off you stupid brain dead door noob

        • beachguy757

          and where do you think google gets their shit you fuckin idiot? google chrome- firefox extreme android-linux based linux-unix based apple=unix

        • ari gutenmacher

          see i love it when apple fans produce an argument they use facts and good vocabulary, unlike you who says “your a fukin idiot”. wow, and people tell me iphone users are simple and android fans like advanced phones. well these android fans dont sound very advanced do they.

    • Demon

      If you dont think that Apple does not introduce revolutionary product, then you must first go through the history of silicon industry before commenting this bull shit. The very operating system you are comparing with ios has its whole base coming from ios.

      The Google play that allows you all to download apps is directly copied from app store, the full touch screen phone without key pad is also copied from iphone. These are just few.

      I am not against google but just that the innovation is in apple and the others copy. Thats why the others are cheaper.

      • Jace

        That’s it! why didn’t I learn of this before! Linux/Unix copied from iOS! Of course, thank you, oh great one who went through the history of silicon industry!

        • Cordova Bay

          iOS is Unix. Not sure if you understand that. Android is based on Linux. Linux is open source. Unix isn’t – either flavour (BSD or ATT).

          Apple has lots of open source like WebKit. Google’s Chrome is based on open source Apple code. Interesting, eh?

          • Ya boiii

            OS X is NOT UNIX.

            It is a UNIX compatible OS, yes, but doesn’t contain any code from AT&T’s UNIX.

            Linux and OS X are both UNIX-like OS’s.

        • Ya boiii

          Linux =/= Unix

          OS X is based on Unix, just like Linux is.

          You need to educate yourself, son.

      • LOL Wow. So then Apple copied from Palm and the Diamond if you’re going that route. Apple hardly invented the first smartphone or touchscreen, an App store to get apps is something pretty much given on any system, as stated below iOS is derived from Linux. Apple copied for YEARS to get where it is today it’s a well known fact. I laughed really hard over your “history” lesson, thanks Professor Demon. They must have smacked the hell out you with Tim Cook’s weiner or something.

      • hoggleboggle

        Apple didn’t invent the App store, Handango beat them to it by about 5 years, so both Google and Apple copied the idea from them, but lets not let a thing like facts get in the way of rewriting history in the name of Apple.

      • goonie

        “The very operating system you are comparing with ios has its whole base coming from ios.”

        Android has its roots in IOS? I would have sworn that Android was a
        Linux flavor. IOS is a Unix Flavor based on OSX with the X in OSx not
        only standing for 10, but the X to give a nod at Unix like HP-UX and AIX.

        Now if you want to say that Linux is a copy of Unix and since IOS is a derivitive of osx which is a copy of Unix and Android is a derivative of Linux then I have no choice, but to say you sir are a bafoon who is reaching for some leeway entirely to hard mr silicon searcher. Maybe you were talking about breast implants when you made that comment. Obviously you know noting about the 2 Oss that you claim.

        “The Google play that allows you all to download apps is directly copied
        from app store, ”

        Do you even realize what occurred with regard to the market or app store?

        Most versions of Linux come with an app section called a repository. In these Repos you can go and download software and add new functionality that developers have created for your system entirely free. Apple just locked out the Repo and put a price tag on software. So you want me to thank them for what exactly? Making a dime off of something that should be baked in to the OS for free??? Cydia is a good example of what a repo is in case you need a better reference.

        At least Android keeps with this Open Source tradition fairly well. Not perfectly, but if it was not for Android you would still be 2.99 for angry birds. Remember we got it free long before you guys could even if you can today. Instead of just giving it to us free we get it add supported, but hey to me free is free.

        Note: I do pay developers when I think that the app deserves it and I donate when an app helps me and I click lots of adds. However the nature of Linux is free and Open Software for those who need/cant afford it. Not hey lets block the repo and charge for the software, but I guess that keeps up with the Unix tradition on IOS being greedy needing a dime for every thing. My how history repeats itself from ATT Bell Labs vs BSD to Apple vs Android by proxy.

        Thank god for Linus Torvalds. Better software comes out of linux any way just look at Android :) even if it does resemble Unix.

        “the full touch screen phone without key pad is also
        copied from iphone. These are just few.”

        My PPC 6700 http://www.mobiletechreview.com/Sprint-PPC-6700.htm Oct, 2007 came out 2 years before the Iphone with a full touch screen, but it had a slide out keyboard that many people still desire today to text. So that is a mute point, and it could download apps for free. No need for an appstore http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ being just one of the places.

        So thanks apple for charging me for what 2 years prior to the iphone I used to get for free without adds. And thanks for encouraging other manufactures not to make good phones with keyboards for texting. Now bite me.

        • Hum0nX

          thank you for such history! you know what your talking about, I have Ubuntu as a dual boot and i love it other then the poor compatibility with my model computer. I also want to thank for understanding and supporting the open-source community. I try to donate as much as I can as well, and i really hope (and believe) all the communist closed source places will be forced to stop

        • beachguy757

          the linux OSs that matter in this world and are solid platforms arent free RHEL for instance and haha better software comes out of linux, linux isnt known for its GUIs its known for its ability to run lighter OSs for servers and routers, its a more compatible OS for non gui devices. I do use linux for security purposes but if it was so much better microsoft and apple wouldnt dominate the pc world

      • kavi

        U like a kid who got mugged, or u are the inventor of the millenium! Realky u think apple invented touchscreen phones? Or app store like structures? Get a life and check the facts zombie, brainless.

      • meluto

        Amazingly wrong. iOS did anything for Linux

    • Hum0nX

      wonderful post I completely agree and I feel bad for the people who have been so helplessly brainwashed and trapped getting their money taken. Apple is a marketing company, not an electronics company.

      • beachguy757

        i feel bad for those people who didnt know android was actually beta testing until recently. the phones cost the same price…

        • Jaden Rosencrans

          I really hope that was a joke, you are going to use Microsoft’s “beta” commercial as a credible piece of information on a page about Apple and Google? Oh, and no they don’t cost the same. The reason Android was successful was because of people who hated AT&T and people who didn’t want to pay $200 for a device that did the same amount of processes as the $50 LG Android. Plus, there’s prepaid, that’s Android too. Apple products are more like decorations then they will ever be as technology.

          • beachguy757

            First of all, no matter who you buy your phone from you pay full price throughout your contract price. And yes people hate Apple because they can’t afford it which is not a legitimate reason. And why the hell would I use Microsofts mobile commerical as the basis. No thats not where my information came from and lucky for you I cannot remember where Id found it before. Look smartass I have a degree in computer technology and I run a repair business as well and for you to thik you have some “technical opinion” on apple not being technology youre clearly misinformed and dont know sh*t about technology. Are Bentleys decoration? Are ferraris decoration? No they are purpose built and works of art. Just keep being a hater at how apples applies aesthetics to their products. And have you ever tried to repair an android phone? they are fucking garbage. something that takes about 45 minutes to replace on an iphone takes 2-3 hours on android phones. Dont even try to run your mouth about that because I actually work on this sh*t every day. When I said the phones cost the same, I guess when you read that you forgot that the title of the article was iphone 5 vs GS3. Get your head out of your ass.

    • Pomodoro

      Saying Apple hasn’t done anything ‘Revolutionary” is idiotic, to say the least.

      It’s like saying Henry Ford plagiarised the caveman who invented the wheel. It’s a stupid thought that inhabits android-zombies.

      Apple didn’t invent the touchscreen, they didn’t invent the app-store or Bluetooth, or the music player or phone for that matter, in fact, Samsung was in this game ions before Apple but why didn’t they flourish? Why didn’t they produce a product with all these things and offer it to the consumers ?


      Because they have no back-bone, they catered to the carriers and still do, they didn’t foresee the future of mobile technogy, Apple did, and that, my ignoramus-friend, is a precursor to innovation, apple was the first to offer a complete mobile device to the end user and Samsung with the help of Google copied their recipe, verbatim. You can’t expect a pig to understand poetry and you can’t expect a Samsung Zombie to understand what intellectual-theft means.

      Samsung is a lackluster company, I wish their design would resemble anything of value (Dieter Rhm’s Braun or Giugiaro even Colani) instead I get cheap plastic and an explosive battery, although their designs did improve in function and ergonomics since they started looking at the iPhone. If only I could copy&paste with one of those useless gestures.

      But the big display is nice.……… and dim.

      • beachguy757

        I love this point!! Man Android sure had a great market before the iphone came out haha

      • ari gutenmacher

        probably my favorite comment ever coming from an owner of a galaxy note 2.

    • Ya boiii

      “TL;DR: I like to justify my purchase because I’m a lowlife and have nothing better to do than compare my phone to someone elses.”

      Also, “Is this a revolutionary device? Hell no – nothing from Apple ever has been.”

      What about the fact that Apple allowed the cell phone manufacturer industry to break away from having to sell apps in the provider’s app stores?

      Or how about multi-touch on a phone?

      You’re so stupid and full of hate it blinds you.

      You act like Steve Jobs pee’d in your cereal for the last 20 years.

      Get a life bro.

    • Jason Rogers

      Why wait for S4. S3 already crush the specs out of iPhone 5!

  • Kassim

    Personally, I just wish that the photos showed the two phones to scale against each other – screen real estate is a huge draw for Android and these not-to-scale comparisons doesn’t do it justice…

  • Face it, the iPhone is the Mazda Miata of smart phones. Looks nice, handles well, but in the end, it just looks like a chick’s car. Every time I see a man with the very feminine looking iPhone up to his ear I just laugh a little.

    Plus, a 4 inch screen? I’m sorry but that is too damned small to surf the web.

  • iPhones are for people who have no technical knowledge and just want a shiny little magic box that does cool things. Fortunately for Apple, there are many people who will give up a decent sized screen for simplicity.

    I’m sorry but I’m still laughing. A 4 inch screen? Who are the kidding?

  • Just watch the keynotes. Impressed? No. It is like everyone pretending this is revolutionary. The only thing impressed me is Real-Racing 3 demo.

  • vievielz

    well said.. i agreed that this is really all about personal preference. i`m using the galaxy note.. frankly said i like iphone too.. but i prefer to buy android since it is able to be customized. i hope apple can make other much better phone than iphone5 which i believe they can and so samsung can do that too. no lose no win.. it is all back to competition… iphone have their class and always be like that… :-)

  • MikeS

    Seams to me Android users (I am one as well with the S3) show some lack of education when they continually compare Android to the iPhone. You all do realize one is an OS and the other is a phone that rans a different OS? You can say well Apple only has one phone which is true, but look at is from the other side. Android has a ton of phones. I can bring up 40 Android based phones that totally suck and most of you wouldn’t be seen with one. If you want to compare operating systems that is fine, but go Android ICS etc to iOS6. Unfortunately it is not that easy since each manufacturer puts their own twist on the OS.

    As for bringing something new to the table. What did my S3 bring that was so absolutely ground breaking? I love the phone, but cannot find anything that just made me go holy shit that is amazing. The fact is, the high end phones are darn close and it is just the preference of the user. Human nature has everyone believing their choice is the only correct choice and todays technology allows them to share that with the world lmao.

    Really…someone tell me the GROUND BREAKING things the new phones have? Sometimes it is not the groundbreaking “new” items that matter, but what a company does to make the current items better. We shall see how things run on the new iPhone.

    – More megapixels does not mean a better camera
    – I have had several devices that have panaroma option, but most did not do it to well. So just because a phone had it, does not mean it worked.
    – Not everyone wants a 5″ screen
    – HD vs retina vs whatever. All nice screens so who gives a shit.
    – Thinner is not better to many but to some it is the most important feature. Who cares about mm vs cm etc.
    – No the iPhone 5 will not fail. For someone to post that shows their ignorance. It will be the #1 selling smartphone this year. Doesnt mean its the best, but it will sell the most
    – No wireless charging. I could care less and most probably feel the same. I for one could ask 30 smart phone users at work if they have wireless charging and they would probably not have a clue about it. Yes, they are mostly Android users lol

    Again…most stuff listed here is a personal preference. I mean mico USB, SMS delivery reports….lmao

    S3 owner here just sick of the lame posts (like my own) that come with new releases.

    P.S. Remember…I want REVOLUTIONARY (it must actually work well also) since many of you expect it from all new phones.

    • MasterMuffin

      Nokia lumia 920 is pretty cool and different from the rest of the competitors! And in my opinion, it has better screen than iphone 5 or sgs3 or any phone at this moment, ppi 332 and brightness 25 times better (or so they say) and the really responsive and fast updating screen!

    • bma13

      i think your missing the point this battle will always exist, iphone v android, ive owned both phones and the galaxy s3 is so amazing and ive had every phones you can think off, eten 600 £330 from america, m600, m5000, n96,spv,
      you name it ive had it even the earlier nokia’s when it was ruling the waves, we use to go mad over infer red lol. A part from n81 which i did like, all the others where really crap, i think the s3 is the best phone in the world and i luv , s4 cant wait.

    • kavi

      Do we really have to believe that u own s3? It just shows onbur comment. Pls go and do ur homework.

  • bjp001

    IPhone 5 … waste of money, stick with s3 !!!
    Plus speeds of A6 processor is not needed for ios, but only if your going to game every time you use your phone .

  • wompwompwomp

    I’m sorry Mike, but you made quite a few assumption based on here say and not actual experience. This article was a FAIL!

  • AndroidBrian

    iPhone 5 is clearly the best phone out right now (well soon to be out). Its worldwide LTE and best processor and higher PPI is unbeatable. You can argue the no sd and blah blah but thats not as important as the ladder. But it will be short lived. Lucky for us the new android phones are always around the corner. I’m hoping the new Nexus phones can beat these specs or match them. Next year when the iPhone 5s arrives it won’t even match a Android device that is already available.

  • vin

    Definatley S3 , with more options to customize, better net surfing due to bigger display,FM radio,SD Card slot, jelly bean coming,micro usb, allshare feature, notificatios etc

  • The S3 or the Note 2 are the best! :)

  • Connor

    I’ve had an iPhone 4 for 2 years, and I just switched to a Samsung Galaxy S3 last weekend. IT. IS. WAY. BETTER. I can do 1000x the stuff I could do on an iPhone. The only thing you can change on your iPhone is your lock and home screen wallpapers, unless of course it’s jailbroken. The iOS is so strict it’s not even funny.

    My idea of an iPhone:

    Listen to music, browse internet, download apps and use the apps.

    It’s pretty simple.

    So if you wanna go buy an iPhone 5, just for the sake of buying an iPhone 5, and to fit in, be my guest. It may have good specs, it may be made of metal, it may to you “look cooler”, but it can not, in any way, ever, out-perform and beat a Samsung Galaxy S3 at anything.

  • Droidikas

    funny enough no one mentions the fact that the One X is better than the S3! The specs prove that beyond any doubt!

    I own an iPhone 4s and an S3
    while the fake colours of the S3 may entice a lot of motherfuckers out there! the iPhone 4s has more natural colours!

    before the iPhone 5 everyone was going on and on about the S2 & later the S3 being lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4S!

    now that the iPhone 5 has outdone these two, it’s now too thin! and too light! some idiot has the audacity to say that it’s going to be difficult to hold when taking photos! WTF! Nobody ever said that when the S2 was the thinest!

    I believe when you buy a phone, you know exactly what you want to do with the phone! if you like a big screen because you want to play games or you prefer to browse on a big screen! it’s all good!

    but don’t fool yourself into thinking that someone using a small iPhone 4s screen is suffering or some shit like that! they know exactly what they are doing!

    what can you do with an S3, that will make you or your life better than someone with an iPhone 4S?

    your quad core may be able to browse the internet a few micro seconds faster than a dual core, but does it really make that much of a difference! can you really say that your S3 can change a life or dead situation because it has a quad core processor

    everyone is entitled to their opinion, no one is superior enough to call someone an idiot because they prefer an iPhone to an S3!

    if you think choosing to use an S3 makes you some kind of genius, it’s your business! keep it to yourself! what you think is best for you may not make a difference in someone’s life.

    • Luis Leon

      And three android fanboys disliked your post!

  • Mike

    I am not an expert, but enjoy the banter. Its like Cubs fans and Sox fans in Chicago. One always has to be better but it is the arguments that make it fun. If you switch from the IPhone4 to Galaxy S4, what are you gaining/losing in apps? Isn’t that the real difference as both phones ring when called and have pretty decent screens and speeds? If I make the switch away from Apple, I have to start all over with the apps, right? It just seems very tiring to do. I like the thought of removable battery and especially SD cards, but I haven’t found a reason to use something like that.

  • Well since the iphone doesn’t actually list it’s actual cpu speeds and it hasn’t been benchmarked it’s a little asinine to assume it will be much faster. Especially than the international. Also, even at spec for spec the iphone has never been as fast as an equal android phone because they are way more locked down. Besides, no matter how good this performs, it will either A: Become the victim of a sales ban, or B: Get smacked down eternally by the new Nexus models that are bound to hit within a few months

  • alwawap

    You cant properly judge an iPhone until you try it jailbroken….

    • sammy richard

      You can never imagine an Android phone after rooted… LoL…

  • i phone came to the market after GS3… so it has to be better than s3 .. bt for me S3 is the best… i phone willl go down soon. bc they are loosing the markt.. the phone is getting cheaper… :P haha

  • Keith

    I would pick any comparable Android phone over its iPhone counterpart every time. Its not because i feel the Android is the better of the two, or the iPhone is just for hipsters and smug idiots. I prefer my customization and the ability to change things with my phone. I spent good money on the product and I want to do whatever the hell i want with with. Where here comes the iPhone. Such limited customization that you might as well not even mention it in the same sentence as iPhone, but it does work great with what it has. It is designed to work amazingly with the hardware that Apple spends tons of time and money on perfecting. Yes the internals are locked away and a step behind whatever is current on the marketplace, but you can’t argue with the results of their R&D. The internals an OS work in such harmony that it is a fluid and very user friendly system. Now that said, I can’t stand people that hate on Android phones because they had one and couldn’t do what they wanted, or it was too hard for them to get to stuff and do things. Don’t hate on the OS and phone setup just because you are to STUPID to figure it out or too smug to ask for help from a fellow techno-geek. I have chastised many a friends for comments like that. “Oh i hate this stupid android!! I can never get to my apps and it always freezes and locks up!!” Download an app killer, make folders for similar apps, problem mostly solved. But people don’t want to put in that much effort. They want it to just work and they don’t want to have to do anything else but tap the screen, and for people like that i always recommend the current iPhone. It is idiot proof and has a smooth flow to the OS and hardware. If they don’t care about personalizing the phone beyond the douchie, hipster, flashy, or girly cases that hundreds of companies make for the iPhone then let them have their iPhone, let them have their moment, and just hope that they shut the hell up about Android phones and accept that fact that they are too dumb to work a high tech piece of hardware.

  • Tahir Usman

    Samsung #1!Nuff said!!!

  • sammy richard

    All sites are comparing iphone 5 with S3…
    But I personally feel One X is better than S3 and much much far better than iphone 5… ;)

  • I love Apple. I love their design choices. I don’t perticularly love the Iphone.This phone looks interesting, but when it comes down to it it’s an overpriced piece of tech. It shouldn’t be compared to the Galaxy S3. It’s specs are more similar to the Galaxy Nexus. Twice the cpu power means dual core 1.6Ghz. I think it has an interesting finish, and the phone is much more durable than the 4S which had a bad habbit of shattering. The battery on the Iphone 5 can’t be more than 1500Mah, which is pretty bad compared to 2000+ on the galaxy series and 2500-3200+ on the Motorola new flagship. The IOS is a good operating system, but lacks any smart capability. It’s so basic that even a chimp can use it. The best thing about it is that it will make the other manufacturers sell their phones cheaper. I think the S3 will lose about 100$ off contract price when the Iphone gets released, because of the love Apple customers have for the phones. We now know the product Apple is going to sell for the next 2 years. The 5S will be a quad core without a doubt, but for now if you want the most hightech phone on the market you choose an Android phone.

  • Van Ian Patrick Jimenez

    iPhone 5: no microSD, no microUSB, no removable battery, no Flash, no
    NFC, no wireless charging, no HD screen, no SMS delivery reports, no LED
    notification, no direct USB file transfer… shall I continue, or do we
    have a winner already? :-)

  • In my opinion, the iPhone 5 is just another ploy devised by Apple to help them raise profits and for them to be able to pay their legal bills, without the Apple management having to fear them loosing their bonus.
    As far as outer appearance, the iP5 does not bring anything new to the table, it is simply more of a “good thing” as far as Apple enthousiasts are concerned. Sure, specs are upgraded, but I mean, come on, Apple. Even Porsche has made cosmetic changes to the Porsche 911, making it more modern. The iP5’s design is from 2007 or something (give or take a year) and basically still what Mr. Jobs had in mind. As if they are afraid he will get up from his grave and go zombie on their brains.
    One great change to the iP5 is… their changing the connector… No accessory from the older iPnones will work anymore. Right. You can get an optional adapter to connect your old accessoiries, but how will that look when you try to put your stylish new iP5 on your spiffy audio-system, designed for iPhones. No sleek fitting phone anymore, but a fragile adapter connected to your iP5. Fail.
    COmbine that with the consitent negligence of Apple to incorporate the possibility to stick in a microSD card, we have nothing but a winner here, as the majority of dumb-ass “smartphone” users will want to go for the restrictive uniform that is any Apple product.
    My conclusion? I will go for an Android phone anytime. Galaxy S3 or OneV, or whichever, as long as I don’t get stuck with an Apple.

  • bik

    and we are talking and voting for the S3 and the Iphone 5 in an Android website, who care about comments with all the “suck” and “best” as we already know the answer ^_^

  • Jace

    You need to get your facts right if you want to write such reports. There are 3 different versions of iPhone 5. Depends on which version you have, you can have LTE access in different parts of the world. IIRC, the dumb-ed down version of the US S3 can use LTE all over the world. Give an take, 3 iPhones 5 to do what 1 dumb s3 can.. hmmmmmmmmmm

  • how about the add-on accessories? sd card expansion, external usb flash
    drives, card reader, external hard disk drive, usb/or bluetooth mouse
    and keyboard connectivity, tv-out/hdmi, game console controller that
    works flawlwssly? samsung s3 can do all that at the same time. iphone5 is just a smart phone, samsung s3 is a super compact computer

  • ik

    s3 is the best

    fuck iphone

    IM A SLUT !!!!!!

    KILL MEE !!!!!!

    STAB ME !!!!! :@:@:@ HRGAAAA


  • phila

    Let’s look at the things that this misses:
    S3 is the first camera with eye detection which means the screen doesn’t turn off while you’re looking at it – iPhone will just turn off on you
    S3 has “burst mode” in the camera, meaning you can take 20 photos over 2 seconds, you choose the ones you want to keep – iPhone has a slightly better sensor, but is useless for “action” shots as you will generally miss the “action”
    S3 has Gorilla Glass 2, meaning it can take bumps, while Apple LOVES the fact that if you bump the iPhone screen, you have to pay them TONS to get it fixed
    S3 has HD screen, meaning you can watch HD films/TV shows without “compression”

    iPhone has moved to 16×9 3 years after everyone else
    iPhone has introduced panorama built-in about a year after Android with ICS
    iPhone still hasn’t gone to MicroUSB like everyone else, even though they agreed to

    Apple have their head firmly implanted up their own behind, thinking that a slightly stretched design is “their most beautiful product ever”, even though it looks remarkably similar to the iPhone 4/4S…

  • Hasan Malik

    To be honest, there is nothing revolutionary about the new phone5. its just an upgrade of 4S I already own. I believe apple is no longer run by a visionary, but by the accounting department.

  • the iPhone 5 won’t be able to use LTE as much as this article suggests since in Germany only one LTE frequency will be supported by iPhone 5 though 3 different frequencies are used.
    Also since there are no comparable GPU benchmarks it is a guess at best if the iphone 5 will deliver more GPU Power as an S3.

    Having said that my Galaxy Note 1 has a better resolution than both even if it is not through an higher density ;-)

  • Apple

    I can tell that you are pro-Apple from the way you wrote it, unfortunately, you can’t see what Apple is missing! Apple is just greedy and they will make sure to take every cent out of everyone with the lowest innovation possible! they ran out of creativity or new products!

  • gil

    After reading so many reports͵ only conclusion is that google and samsung are copycats. And also͵ it seens to me that the lifespan of android devices are quite short.. like perhaps 1-2yrs while iphone generally lasts 2-4yrs. and i cant take screenshots or permanently kill apps for until i open them again. somehow͵ the apps keep opening by themselves and burns so much battery. also͵ the battery spoils really easily while for iphone it can last till the day you get tired of having the same iphone. im having an android phone now but i really miss my iphone (which spoilt after 3years of constant drops). Also͵ about customization͵ there is always jailbreaking.. just my opinion..

  • Manjit Singh

    I love Android and I use it but it doesn’t means that I fuckin hate Apple

  • Prathyu

    Obviously SIII

  • Derek Edwards

    One Big one that you didn’t touch on, though you mention it as a sub-title: RAM. The Galaxy S3 has 2GB of RAM with the S4, compared to half that with the Quadcore A9 and the new iPhone5. This will keep it available to upgrade for at LEAST a couple years. I don’t think I will be stuck saying “I need a new phone if I want Android 6.1 (Peppermint, calling it!)”, I will be able to upgrade my S3 for years!

  • raph

    Iphone 5, same old, I’ve had all the iPhone’s to date and have grown bored of them and being tied to iTunes, my new s3 is a much welcomed change and gets better each day I use it, from simple customization to the simple back button to the quad more processor and awesome screen. Basically sorry apple but uv not done enough to to keep this customer.

  • I’ve got my s2 and I’m happy. Neither the IP5 or S3 want to make me change. The IP5 is a step sideways… No feature worth note when compared to the S3. Changing the dock is going to ruin allot of peoples kit. my car had an Ipod dock,,, I think the biggest problem is you’re hooked into an ecosystem. If you’ve got £100 worth of apps tied to an OS, are you going to bin them off? the IOS is locked down tight, which makes the system idiot proof, but rock stable. I like to tinker and mod. Android is a no brainer. Once you’re hooked into which ever system, you’re going to take it’s side. I’m due an upgrade in 8 months, around s4 release date. I’ll compare the IP5, s3, s4 and note2 (being 6ft,2 with big hands, the note 2 is actually a good size in my hand) I’d like to think I’d be impartial enough to take a fair look at ios…but Swype, taking an additional sd card full of movies on my hols, spare batteries so a weekend without power is frquent are things I’d find hard pushed to want to give up. Apple would have to do something spectacular for me to *want* to give up those and my bought apps.

  • bma13

    the only thing iphone 5 as brought to the table is 4g and .5 screen size wow i really want one (not) and for people moaning about jellybean update give it a rest, because samsung are getting ready for 4g which is part of the jellybean update, so we are all going to be running 4g at the end of the year/2013 How ever HTC own the rights for LTE so samsung and htc are gonna sue the hell out off apple.lol i am a totally android and i do have battle with mates from apple fans at work but i really do think apple have gone 2 steps back, because there are 2 phones coming out soon, which should really competing with ip5 which is lg and the new sony the spec on these 2 android phones are gonna be out this world

  • iphone4sands3owner

    Hey writer let me get this straight you are saying iphone 5 processor is better because apple said it will be they also said
    its the slimest smartphone in the world

  • kimhoy

    why i should waste my money wth the same features,i pick up samsung the best!

  • Chan

    There is no best or worst. It’s simply like watching same film on tv with 32inc or 42inch screen with simplified or multiple option. It’s depends on personal preference.

  • “The iPhone 5 is currently the best smartphone in the world when it comes to raw processing power” …what? u mad?

  • Still confused, is it iPhone 5 or iCrap 5?! Cause i get very confused. And who can compare Android to iOS. Android FTW! Anyways, Apple fans, sorry! But if the S3 murdered ur dear iPhone 5, imagine what Note II will do to it? K.O!

  • Now, Apple fan boys watch this video and see that the only reason you buy apple is because there is an apple Logo on it.


  • Iphone 5 FAN !

    FUCK Samsung Galaxy S3 IPhone 5 HAS THE BETTER QUALITY, HAS SIRI, the only thing that SG3 is better at is a bigger screen …

    • Fred

      WOW your so smart. Did you go to public school?

  • iPhone 5 FAN !


    iPhone 4s and 5 FOREVER !!!

  • Anoymous


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  • StarLine

    I prefer Android.
    I can use a mp3 file as a ring tone or alarm tone, without having to convert.
    I can watch different media files, without having to convert to mp4.
    I can go to any website using flash, without any problem.

    Flash, microSD, and removable battery are plus points too.

  • ablenjorus

    that’s why we have a freewill so that we can pick the best one for us… mine is iphone and samsung… =D

  • Samsung and Android gives us FREEDOM, iPhone sends us to JAIL that’s why we had to break it, had an IPAD 2 and iPHONE 4, but those 2 combined are garbages that you have to buy when you can get the best phone for the price of one.

  • dicecard

    got ’em both. as of now I use my s3 more coz I can switch to WCDMA only unlike iPhone I need to jailbreak it so it wont go back to EDGE. And i have two batteries for s3 that i use when I go to my hiking trips. both are good phones

  • emrson

    american hate chinese products remember apple made in china headset,earphone,charger……………………..

  • goonie

    Patent 201-4b the color white, Patent 201-4a the color black, Patent 106 a button on the side of the device that allows users to increase and decrease the volume, Patent 302 the ability to place a logo on the back of the device, Patent 7011 the ability for the phone to power on by holding the power button down for 3 seconds Patent 801 a phone with Glass on the front to enable touch input, Patent 666 the ability to dial hell to request satan grant these BS patent request

    • phreezerburn

      Hilarious and sadly all too true of Apple’s own patent trolling. Crazy how America is the only country granting many of these aesthetics patents but in the land of House Wives of Skank County, the Kargashians and endless Disney copyright extensions, it’s not at all surprising.

  • Hum0nX

    The iphone 5 does/will NOT have more RAW processing power in any way shape or form, the galaxy s 2 has ALMOST TWICE the processing power of the iphone 4S and if the iphone actually does have twice the 4S its still only matching the old galaxy S II skyrocket and I promise you the iphone will not have 1.7 GHz of power.

    If you want to look at RAM iphone has finally caught up to some of the oldest androids with 1GB of RAM, The galaxy SIII has 2GB, double the amount.

    AMOLED is better than LCD, its not hard just go get a super amoled plus HD and compare it to and LCD it doesn’t take a genius to see that its not even a competition.

    ICS vs IOS is just your opinion, and 4.8 vs 4 inch screen is also opinion.

    Gorilla glass is much stronger than the iphone glass, this is obvious because every other ipod/iphone screen is broken, unless you have a bulky case, and then if you do have a case you cant say your iphone is thinner, or sleeker.

    Excuse me but the SIII, with-contract, price starts at 200$ from at&t, t-mobile, sprint, and Verizon. The iphone starts at 200, then 300$, and 400$ are all with contract as well, meaning the iphone is much more or equal to the SIII. If you want to compare the international price of the iphone to the 600$ international SIII, Im sure the iphone will cost the same or more. Don’t compare the no contract 600 SII to the with contract 200,300, and 400 Iphone.

    There are people where the iphone is def. better for them, but for people who want a more powerful device there is no debate that the SIII is the choice.

  • vijay

    poor apple. by jobs’ own admission, they copied the hell out of Braun’s designs and now are stuck in a locked-in system thanks to an egotistical direction – a victim of their past! Time to shake free from stereotypes and move on!

  • iiPokePhones

    Seriously, why not everyone just compromise and not hate on each other over and over and over again.

    If someone is an Apple (or iPhone in this case) fan, then let them be! Let them have their iPhone because THEY have THEIR reasons to like it, you have to admit, apple has some stuff android/samsung doesn’t have. (In terms of hardware and software)

    If someone is an Android fan/ anti-apple, then let them be! THEY have THEIR reasons to not like apple, such as lack of customizability, etc. It’s all about opinion, and personal preference.

    I have both an iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3. Frankly speaking, I prefer my iPhone more. Although it’s not so customizable/smaller screen/whatever blah blah blah, I like its simplicity. :) But I still respect all my friends who use S3 because more things in the S3 entice them. And they don’t insult the iPhone too, because there’s MUTUAL RESPECT between us. So why not we just stick to our opinion and NOT say others are idiots just because they LIKE something in the iPhone/S3 more than the other. :)

  • armin

    iphone 5 is true just visit apple site

  • armin

    for me apple always wins samsung is a impostor copied the files of iphones

  • KB26

    This is one crazy battlefield.

  • galaxy is the best

  • Aaron Serrano

    honestly, when it comes to specs i would go for Android.. lets just look into reality, having an Open Source OS like Android means thousands to millions of minds helping each other, sharing ideas,. But Apple has to much security, can a 100 geniuses beat thousands of minds? we are sure that other android developers which prefer on editing codes to improve performance aren’t really genius but they aren’t idiots too.
    It is like the old Blackberry which was only being bought by celebrities to show they are “rich”, then the Apple generation shows and grabs the place. it would really be the best in the market because it has its “brand”, “name” and “reputation” which they got from rich people who started to make it more “expensive” but the question is, does Apple got the “worth”?

    PS: Sorry for my bad english.

  • Aaron Serrano

    honestly, when it comes to specs i would go for Android.. lets just look into reality, having an Open Source OS like Android means thousands to millions of minds helping each other, sharing ideas,. But Apple has to much security, can a 100 geniuses beat thousands of minds? we are sure that other android developers which prefer on editing codes to improve performance aren’t really genius but they aren’t idiots too.
    It is like the old Blackberry which was only being bought by celebrities to show they are “rich”, then the Apple generation shows and grabs the place. it would really be the best in the market because it has its “brand”, “name” and “reputation” which they got from rich people who started to make it more “expensive” but the question is, does Apple got the “worth”?

    PS: Sorry for my bad english.

  • yrudtan

    i think when it comes to practicality i would choose android.. the smartphones of android are way far much better. high customization unlike apple. and dude ill pay for the performance of the phone not for the name… and i think that phones are used for business, contacting relatives and leisure. not for showing off.. like “hey i got the new iphone 5”.. whats new with it? “it has a larger screen… LOL! i can wait how iphone 10 would look like!!! hahah!

  • yrud

    i think we should let the people decide.. SAMSUNG=PRACTICALITY APPLE=STATUS SYMBOL..

  • ablinjin

    The android counterparts don’t stack up against the new iphones gpu? The S4 may not, but the S4 Pro with adreno 320 does. It comes out in a week.

  • Apple announced “nothing”

  • Meistler

    Iphone 5 sucks! It’s better to buy older iphone than this. Only stupid person will buy it.

  • Alefh

    Just buy what you think is the best for you!!!

  • zAlbee

    “On the other hand, Apple has managed to come up with global LTE compatibility for their new iPhone,”

    This would be impresive if true, but it is actually wrong. There are 3 versions of the iPhone (2 GSM, 1 CDMA) for the different LTE bands out there. See here: http://arstechnica.com/apple/2012/09/want-global-lte-roaming-on-iphone-5-dont-buy-it-from-att/

  • Sam

    In the end, It doesn’t matter whose phone is better. It’s all about who makes more money. While you guys argue over which phone is better, you’re still giving your money away.

  • ptptpt

    Owning an iPhone 3gs (absolute fossil) and a nexus 7 (latest gen Tegra 3 quad core etc) I cant help but feel that iphone wins simply on OS terms. Put tech specs aside and all – what do i find performs better in browsing apps and usability? – iPhone. I use my iphone and android tab daily and i gotta say, android apps are so fragmented and the development of apps is so scattered that simple things life facebook and skype just drive me nuts when i use it on the nexus 7. Constant crashes/video errors/signouts/drop outs. Facebook is just a joke. Chrome runs absurdly slow, yes dolphin offers a bit more speed but then again that app doesnt come native. Every time a new update for an app comes through i cringe that it might be an update that renders the app useless. Then comes the array of google play comment spam rejoicing that the bugs are finally fixed on one device and visa versa all the hate flying around about it breaking the app on other devices.

    Its a never ending cycle. Developers are spread so thin focusing on making an app usable on one device and not another that theres just simply no way to make it work universally. Apple app dev teams have it easy. Really all they have to do is design for 2-3 devices.

    Dont get me wrong I love the nexus 7 for its perks. Its very customizable, but only when it works. For example the other day the clock widget crashed out and left the tablet UNUSUABLE for 5/6 minutes it wouldnt even wake up, there was 30-40s lag between each touch response. eventually i was able to force stop the clock app but seriously.. why is a tablet which is designed by google struggling with the fundamental processes.

    well enough with the ranting.. but still. Im frustrated at the fact that on paper the nexus 7 is a killer device, but in reality its just so buggy.

  • Law

    LOL, multiple 3rd party sites has done benchmark tests, and no, this is not, Iphone5 vs samsung gs3, it’s ALL MAJOR PHONES TABLETS AND MINI TABLETS. AND GUESS what apple haters! Iphone5 scored the highest! http://www.redmondpie.com/first-iphone-5-benchmark-test-reveals-dual-core-1.02ghz-a6-cpu-faster-than-galaxy-s-iii-ipad-3-nexus-7/ you guys can pretty mush suck it. This is for the guy who said, “it wasn’t benchmarked” Apparently there are a few of them that did the tests. All concluded with Iphone 5 coming on top. This is one site.

  • Mark

    It all comes down to people… Being a help desk person for a software / hardware company, I find that some people should get iphones and some Android. Let’s face facts, some people WANT to be lead around and told exactly what they can and can’t do. They are comfortable there, they don’t want anything else. Others want more freedom and take the time to learn what is out there and the different possibilities. These people tend to go for Android. Having supported both types of people, I really feel that both iPhones and Android (and Microsoft 8 when it arrives) are needed. Supporting someone who doesn’t know dick about phone OSs (or technology for that matter) they should have a system that is regimented. Apple knows this very well. They did the same thing with iMacs. When they were introduced, I thought what a step backwards in computer design. How can you upgrade it? What happens if the tube goes? We’ve moved away from the all-in-one computer model. It’ll never fly! But I was wrong. The majority of people do not want open systems. The majority of people want simplicity and to be told what they want. And that works just fine for the masses. For the computer geeks and sundry others that want more control, they don’t buy that shit. It’s that whole debate over Macs and PCs. A Mac user will say hey look, my power button light fades on and off and a PC user will say, SO… does it do anything? The answer is no, but it sure looks cool… AND Mac users are willing to pay the big bucks for it, too! I’ve always found that Apple is mostly smoke and mirrors. Their designs are pretty cool, but the functionality is nothing new or better.
    iPhones are a great phones for many people, Android is great for the others.

  • why apple user always claiming apple is the 1st innovate, invent everything and didn’t copy other product?.. gggsshhh

  • shujaat janjua

    nice apple 5 i like iphones mobiles all

  • Well i would like to put 1 comparision here ..which infact nobody is thinking ..
    Apple started the production of Iphone 5 atleast 8 months ago ..that time the idea they use was from Samsung galaxy SII ..
    If you correctly see the features of new Iphone 5 …it matches ..or seemed the Iphone 5 is inspired by the Samsung Galaxy SII ..
    & i don’t see any sense in comapring the Iphone 5 with Samsung galaxy SIII..which is by far the best phone made ever…

  • S3

    Im using Ipad3, Macbook Air 2012 and Iphone 3GS which i jailbreak it and unlock it in order to install apps. The ecosystem of apple sometime pissed me off like purcharsed apple apps designed to specific ID, what kind of bullshit is that. Who give the fuck, i’ll torrent apps anyway. I recently got the S3 and to be honest iOS is kinda borinng for me right now, one thing with iOS is something i feel safe when use online banking and stuff. Im not sure it is even safe or not, but the feeling that i had. On the other hands, android seems not quite convince me with secure apps.

    And to the chosing between iphone 5 and samsung galaxy s3, i, myself prefered the S3.

    • Oli S3

      Yes, But if you buy Locked S3 or Locked iPhone 5 then the better way is to get iPhone 5. I bought an iPhone 5 locked to AT&T USA andI got it unlocked just for 24.99 using http://www.unlockboot.com/.

  • Cory R

    I use Google for my business & everything else. I had an Iphone but it was a pain in the ass to keep google contacts synced. I bought the new Samsung Galaxy S III & I LOVE it!!! Works Awesome w google. Ill never go back to an Apple phond.

  • agent 69

    iphone are commonly used by many young executive…do samsung user actually maximize the full features.?! Basically, smartphone is designed for mobile used…honestly, you don’t used your phone surfing an internel or playing games all day !!!..very inconvinient & impractical…tsk tsk..Most cellphone technician (i know) concluded that apple is more durable and demand a higher valued/resale price than a samsung phone… asked a reliable technician and not a cheap salesmen….

  • Danco

    I agree with Andrew Twisties Darrington, People are like sheep and will flock to
    the new iphone 5. Apple are to Mobile phones as D&G are to fashion.

  • ok ppl buy an iPhone 5, wait for iOs 6 untethered jailbreak, download and jailbreak ur phone then you can do any crap you want with our phone
    i dont mean to insult samsung lovers
    i personally feel android is boring
    i like iphone 4S,5 and The New iPad for siri an voice command phone controller
    you say something and it does it for you though itll take time for it to get ..used to your voice so you might have problems with it in the first week but when it understands everything you say
    it rocks your iPhone
    i Like the S3 (and S3 only) for the sleek design, the feature of not turning screen black when you are looking at it(it is useful for reading)
    though the app store of android(i forgot the name ok)dosent have all the apps i want i checked i couldnt find Galaxy On Fire 2 in Android app Store
    it is an amazing game i found and played in the iOS
    so my decision is…Buy what you want i dont give dirt

  • Brneo Marinho

    I phone grow in “alert situations” that means in drop situations or “hit situations” it get’s better bcuz everyone saids: iphone 4/4s break easy. Some times you need forget hardwere and see structure. maybe the best new stuff is hits resistance.

  • arna

    i like i phone

  • DentArthurDent

    How about instead of arguing like school children you just use whatever phone works for you and realize the guy next to you using a different phone may be just as happy with his because it does what he needs.

  • Rochelle

    Im a simple person but have been using an I phone for many years now and have loved the style, the apps and the up beat technology it offers. This year how ever I think I will have to choose samsung due to it not only being up to the times with its tech but because its also quite a stylish phone. In my opinion that new i phone 5 Is plain and simple “UGLY” Im so disappointed! I really couldn’t wait to update! But then I seen it!!!!

  • PeterBlood

    Read it and weep Androider fellers and then go back into your usual denial:

    iPhone 5 Review: Apple Has The Closest Thing To A Perfect Phone, Ever

  • MAO

    Вся начинка iPhone 5 чужих производителей !!!! в сша iPhone 5 наверно только в коробки из мешков расфасовывают !!!!! телефон венегрет ещё и с браком !!!!!!!! заводы в сша закрывают и открывают новые в китае !!! скоро в сша не останется вобще не каких производств ! ВСЕ ЗАВОДЫ БУДУТ В КИТАЕ !!! КИТАЙСКИЕ КОМУНИСТЫ ПОБЕДЯТ ГОЛОДНУЮ АМЕРИКУ !!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    I think I will vote for iphone 5, even
    I like galaxy s3 for its bigger screen, and all the extra features, but the
    contrast, brightness and colors of iphone 5 is still far better than the S3,
    put both phones in front of you and open a website and see the difference in
    colors. Apple is far better quality. I hope Samsung can work over their
    contrast and brightness as they work on their features, then I think they will
    be the best.

  • Experience

    If Apple did not invented the iPhone, Samsung would no have S3 at this moment. If Apple did no invented iOS, google would no have Android. By the way, Andorid is no made by google, they bought it for third-person. Botton Line: Samsung is a COPYCAT of Apple. Do not dude that.

    • Experience

      After Apple re-invented the APPT Store, google, Android, Samsung and Amazon redeign their web site to sell apps and games under the same structured name: App Store. Definitely, all of them are a COPYCAT. Or, now are going to denied the real story?

    • phreezerburn

      Apple’s OS in mobile and desktop flavours came from Darwin which was the child of Next (Jobs take on `nix) along with generous portions of FreeBSD and NetBSD which were “open source”. Ah the naive old days of cooperation and sharing for a better world. Steve sure showed them eh?

  • IrelandJnr

    Ok, you may think I’m joking, but I just used a European S III alongside an iPhone 4 and found the 4 way snappier. Sure, that’s probably mostly down to software, perhaps, but the consumer doesn’t care the reason, they only care the result.

    You’ll probably think I am lying, but I am not. I gave the S III a fair shake. 100% true.

  • ehhhmmnn

    i thought, motorolla is the father of all the phones, since the apollo 11 launch.
    and apple was einstein’s part of the gravitational equation which is E=mcsquare and fell to the ground.
    and samsung was the maker of an awesome galaxies which we are looking everynight…:-)

  • apple iphone 5 has a unique style and properties..

  • Lawanika

    I want a galaxy s lll it’s everything I want in a phone

  • the iphone 5 is repetitive, along with all the other iphones its got more or less marginally the same features. The s3 on the other hand is customizable, in the long run cheaper, and, of course not apple. I hate apple with a passion now for them trying to start a monopoly in the courtrooms and eventually raise prices through the roof for all phones. ridiculous….

  • theandroidmaniac

    There shouldn’t even be so much debate . It should be like , oh iPhone 5 , that metal brick ? And oh SGSIII , that amazing piece of work that let’s you do everything. Also , LG might join in the race too with its nexus device . Check out this wish list would you http://wp.me/p2LNq7-7U

  • random inocent bistander

    hahahaha i used to be an apple fan and ill admit just cause of its bling and since ive never tried samsungs. but two days ago i switched my 4s for s3 (dissapointment in iphone 5) and i can tell you anyone anyone anyone with any iphone device go switch right now. even stop eating and save up the F**king money. the s3 has opened my eyes to see apple is only being held up by its fanboys that hate android because they put dessert names on versions. by the way tim cook looks retarted when he looks sideways.

  • Raj

    i Prefer Samsung S3, as we can transfer music files, video files & other files directly but in Iphone we have to use Itunes.>>>1
    2>>> We can go for animated screen display……nothing much.

  • Xela

    Isn’t it a bit unfair to compare the unlocked price of the SIII to the on-contract price of the iPhone 5?

  • neil

    did you know apple pays nokia 300 million dollers a year so it can use nokia patent mobile phone technologies in there i phones

  • sherief
  • я за гелекси 3

  • aman1251

    widgets dont make android better than IOS
    android is laggy..
    google executive says himself.. its because ios and windows 8 have a better and smoother framework than android..
    tap the google search on your android and search “why is android laggy”
    you will get only one answer— poor framework!!
    only good cpu such as in s3 can minimize the lagging

  • Uros

    Imo, two years ago, iPhone used to own all Android based smartphones. But since Samsung Galaxy II, Android software shown he is much more than a insufficient rival to iOS. Nowadays, Jelly Bean and Ice Scream Sandwich are way better than any iOS. My Samsung Galaxy Nexus runs 4.1 androod which is fast, fluid operating system. Today Android>iPhone and iOS

  • #TeamAndroid!!

  • Applelemming

    Iphone 5 biggest let down yet.

  • lokoM
  • Ghazal

    How Mach galexy s3?

  • BiGGK

    Well android did copy the interface back in the day lol but just taking things onto another lvl and other lvls of thinking, and inovation.

  • Vladabeast

    Im not bias. i am fair with my decision that the s3 is better that the iPhone 5. the first iPhone to the iPhone 5 is basically the same thing same boring OS same design on the phone(minor changes). Yes the iPhone has a better build quality and a slightly better camera. Everything “Revolutionary” about the iPhone has already been on android. Yes Samsung copied apple with the os but also made it their own with minor similarities that apple took up the ass.but that would be like saying Chevrolet or Ferrari copied ford cause it was the first car. its stupid. the real challenge is who can make it better and clearly android wins in this department. android copied in the beginning but who doesn’t? with anything? apple is now behind android and tells the consumers its “revolutionary” new features that they happily hear and applaud without knowing that its been on android for months even years(Drag down Notification, Camera access from home screen, panorama, lte, zero shutter lag, ETC). Now About benchmarks and such, they don’t get such high or low number based only on the cpu and gpu they use. a lot of it has to do with os. if you put a apple A6 in a galaxy s3 it will lag and numbers will be significantly lower. because android is a more rich and full OS while IOS is simple and not demanding. Same goes for Computers Amd chips and Intel Chips work better with certain OS. Intel I7 in a Windows computer runs great but runs much better and smoother in a mac. Why? because of the OS. So saying one is better than the other is naive. The day both chips are put in the same Platform then compare and judge. Plus Samsung makes many of the components in iphones. apple does very little work with iphones other than os and the shell. Sony makes their Camera Sensor. Samsung makes most of their silicon. and Sharp makes their display. While samsung makes most of their own parts silicon, display, body, ETC. the only thing they dont make is their sensor which is also made by sony. and people criticizing wikipedia shouldnt bcause yes anyone can add facts and such but theyre all cited. if anyone has every scrolled down to the bottom of the page all of the cites are there and are backed up by proper databases and websites.

  • pross

    It’s a matter of preference. I was ready to buy an iPhone5. It’s just so smooth and cool and, I took myself to bestbuy and put them next to each other and played with them….I own a Samsung S3… and I love it. Apple just didn’t impress me enough for all the nickel and dimming it does. Samsung S3 is really very cool and is so much fun!!!

  • I can’t help noticing the reality distortion field working again on Apple’s behalf!

  • dss

    Personly I’m prefering the S3, I use to prefer iphone but know since i’ve seen the stats the S3 Kicks butts.

  • David Williamson

    In my humble opinion I love Android for the open system, Apple has way too many restrictions for the power user. As stated by a few post’s here, grand pa, mom & and a baby can use it. That goes into the fact of the restrictions of it’s OS. If a baby can use it, wouldn’t it be considered a toy? I think the iPhone and iPad are brilliant creations, and they belong in an art museum. But the Android is an open system allowing the user to fully utilize the phone to their benefit. Mike Andrici, shows the Samsung S3 unlocked price at $600 then he shows the Apple at contract prices. The basic Apple is only $50 more unlocked, not a lot more, but it comes out more. Are arguments based upon advertising of the parent companies contract with Apple, I don’t know but this article is a little biased.

    Another factor that keeps me away from Apple now, will be their constant suing of Samsung for items they stole in the first place. Apple sued Samsung for rubberized edges for better grip. I remember this feature on timers sold at Radio Shack back in the 80’s. As far as I can tell Apple didn’t invent the touchscreen, this was done by a company that created a computer chess game. The thinning of the phone is just the evolution of electronics. What person in this world thinks that over time our electronic devices don’t shrink. The first electronic chess game was a monster, yet today they are as small as you want, or a app on your phone. Did Apple take all this and put together an innovative device? Sure did, but that doesn’t give them ownership of any of these technologies. If so, he stole the idea of putting batteries in portable devices.

    I really think Apple and Steve Jobs created a masterpiece that has changed the future of portable devices. But saying one phone is better than the other isn’t possible. Both phones are very good and appeal to certain users. Apple is known for high restrictions and ease of use, whereas Android has an open system for the power users. If you like your Apple and it fulfills your needs, then it is the best phone you can get, same goes for Android. But I’m an Android fan and I used to sell cell phones. I knew a lot of people in the business, and what what was said about Apple user’s make me wonder. I have been told by Apple employee’s that Apple users will upgrade to the newer iPhone and pay the cancellation fee. Or, like some people I know, they keep the phones avtive and just add a line to their account. This bloats the real number of active iPhones in the real world.

    At the store I worked at, our biggest complaint was the poor reception the iPhone user’s were having, yet we didn;t sell it. Remember the antenna case? Well these problems still persists. Read Consumer Reports, I think it was the Oct issue on cell phones. The biggest complaint about the iPhone was poor reception. These complaints were not from any electronic reception tests or their driving around for a week or two using it. These results were reported by iPhone users themselves. I was always asked how could we help them get better reception? I could only respond to get a new phone. This has improved somewhat since they moved to better carrier’s. But reception is still a mess. iPhone user’s buy their phone mostly for the “cool factor.” This is where the term Fan BoyThis give the iPhone user’s a kind of snobbish attitude towards Android user’s. Thus you have the start and continuation of the smartphone users war. I for one will argue points of this battle, but I think if you like your phone, hey it’s your money not mine.

  • Ali sheikh

    Samsung is best

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