Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

by: Mike AndriciSeptember 13, 2012

As we look back over the past few years, one might certainly get the impression that Apple and Samsung are the best example of a love-hate relationship.

On one hand, Apple is Samsung’s biggest client when it comes to display panels, memory chips and CPUs – components that made their way into several popular Apple products such as the iPhone 4S and the new Apple iPad (third generation).

On the other, the two tech giants are absolute competitors in the smartphone market and are involved in various legal disputes all over the globe. As all love-hate relationships eventually turn out, the love is all gone, and all we now have left is the intense competition between the two.

Now that Apple has finally announced the intensely hyped iPhone 5, tech fans all over the world started analyzing how well does the Apple iPhone 5 stack up against the two current Samsung flagships: the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2. We’ve compared the Apple iPhone 5 with the Samsung Galaxy S3 in this article here, but seeing as the Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched back in May this year (that’s before the trial,) it is much more interesting to compare the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 against the Apple iPhone 5, as these are the first smartphones announced by Apple and Samsung after that controversial decision that everyone is talking about.

The post-trial products

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, let me bring you up to date: Apple and Samsung have been suing each other in various parts of the world for quite a while now, but up to a couple of months ago the two companies never actually went to trial in the USA. That changed back in July when lawyers from both Apple and Samsung were making their opening statements in the biggest tech trial ever. Following a very controversial decision, all U.S. models of the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 were deemed to infringe on various iPhone patents. Samsung was given a billion dollar fine and is facing an imminent U.S. ban for eight of the smartphones that were found to infringe on Apple’s patents.

After the trial was over (I can’t help noticing the huge publicity that both Samsung and Apple got out of the entire trial), both giants were bound to make a move. And so they did, as in an interval of only a couple of weeks Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note 2 and Apple has officially announced the iPhone 5.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or the Apple iPhone 5: which is better and why?” This is the question on everyone’s lips! So let’s head out and find out the answer to that question, shall we?

Display & Footprint

iphone 5 front

The Apple iPhone 5 brings the most important change ever made to the iPhone line: a bigger display. While all previous 5 models of the Apple iPhone (original, 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S) used a 3.5-inch display, the new Apple iPhone 5 uses a 4-inch display. The width of the phone is the same, but the screen is now longer just enough to accommodate an extra row of icons on the homescreen.

The width of the resolution is the same on the iPhone 5 as it is on the iPhone 4/4S: 640 pixels, but the height resolution has been increased to 1136 pixels. That gives the iPhone 5 display a PPI (Pixel Per Inch) density of 326. Apple also claims that the LCD retina display used on the iPhone 5 offers color saturation that’s 44 percent greater than on the iPhone 4S.

Apps that have not been optimized for the iPhone 5 will be letterboxed, meaning there will be 88 black pixels at the top and 88 at the bottom. The actual size of non-optimized iPhone 5 apps will remain consistent with the iPhone 4S: 960 x 640 pixels.

In the Samsung corner, the Galaxy Note 2 uses a gargantuan 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display, one that natively runs a 720p resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) at a 267 PPI density. Samsung has opted to throw away the often criticized PenTile pixel arrangement and has used an RGB matrix, although it is arranged slightly different than what we’re used to. Hands-on reports claim that the Galaxy Note 2 display is probably the best display there is, perfect for viewing HD video or browsing the web.

But since the Super AMOLED display on the Galaxy Note 2 is 1.5-inches bigger than the Retina display used on the iPhone 5, this obviously translates into a larger footprint. The Galaxy Note 2 measures 151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4 mm and weighs in at a hefty 180 grams. The Apple iPhone 5 measures 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm and weighs 112 grams (the iPhone 5 is the lightest of all flagship smartphones at the time being).

As a very interesting side note, Apple claim that the iPhone 5 is the slimmest smartphone in the world, although the Oppo Finder is the actual bearer of the title, with a thickness of just 6.6mm. The Motorola Droid RAZR is also thinner than the iPhone 5, so I wonder where does Apple get its title belts from.

Using the Galaxy Note 2 display with just one hand can prove to be difficult for those of you with smaller hands. As expected, Apple claims that the iPhone 5 is designed to be used perfectly with just one hand.

Verdict: If consuming video content and browsing the web are your top priorities, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is obviously the right way to go. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a compact smartphone with a crisp display, the Apple iPhone 5 is a decent alternative.

Internal Hardware


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the bearer of the most impressive specs we’ve seen on an Android smartphone this far. Samsung took the Exynos 4412 quad SoC that it has used with the Galaxy S3 and slightly overclocked the processor. This way, you get a 1.6GHz quad-core A9 processor and a Mali 400 MP GPU alongside 2GB of RAM.

The Apple iPhone 5 uses the new Apple A6 SoC. Apple claims that the A6 CPU sports double the processing power of the A5 CPU, while the GPU is twice as fast as it was on the A5 SoC. Most experts are assuming that this numbers are when compared against the A5 SoC that you can find inside the iPhone 4S, and not against the A5X SoC that you can find inside the third generation iPad.

If Apple did not lie about these numbers (as it did when it claimed that the iPhone 5 is the slimmest smartphone in the world), the A6 SoC might prove to be faster than the Samsung Exynos 4412 chip inside the Note 2. However, we’ll have to wait for benchmark results to start rolling in before we give the “fastest smartphone in the world” crown over to the iPhone 5.

Note: If the Apple A6 SoC proves to be equally as fast (both CPU and GPU wise) as the Apple A5X, this would give the iPhone 5 a small advantage over the Galaxy Note 2 when it comes to CPU speed, and a major advantage over every single other smartphone out there when it comes to graphical performance. At the Apple conference where the iPhone 5 was unveiled, officials mentioned that the iPhone 5 will feature graphics performance that is almost on par with current gaming consoles such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 or the Sony Playstation 3.

3G & LTE

Another major change that was brought to the iPhone line starting with the iPhone 5 is LTE connectivity. The iPhone 5 will arrive in three versions, and you should choose one depending on your carrier:

  • The North American GSM A1428 model for use on AT&T in the US and Bell/Virgin, Rogers/Fido and Telus/Koodo in Canada
  • The CDMA model A1429 supports Sprint and Verizon’s CDMA network in the U.S. and KDDI in Japan.
  • The Europe/Asia bound GSM A1429 model for use in Germany (on Deustche Telecom), UK (Everything Everywhere), Australia (Optus/Virgin and Telstra), Japan (Softbank), Singapore (SingTel), Hong Kong (SmarTone) and South Korea (SK Telecom and KT)

Back to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, an LTE-enabled version of the smartphone has been promised to arrive soon, although no official statement was made regarding a release time frame or LTE band compatibility. We’ll update this article with Galaxy Note 2 LTE info as it becomes official.

Internal Storage, Cameras & More

As it was expected, the iPhone 5 comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants, with no SD expansion slot available. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with the same three internal storage options and also adds an SD card slot that can work with SD cards up to 64GB in size.

On to the cameras, Apple claims that the iPhone 5 will use an improved version of the 8MP iSight camera that was featured by the iPhone 4S, although we’ll have to wait for uncontrolled test photos to show up before we can make any comment on the actual quality improvements. The 8MP camera on the Galaxy Note 2 is the same camera used by Samsung on the Galaxy S3. Steve Wozniak, one of the people who helped build Apple in the ’70s has mentioned in a recent interview with Bloomberg, that he finds the camera on the Galaxy S3 to be better than that of the iPhone 4S, so it’s interesting to see how much better the camera on the iPhone 5 is (if at all).

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the iPhone 5 might be able to capture pictures of higher quality than the Galaxy Note 2, although even one of the most basic point and shoot dedicated cameras are preferable to both sensors in question here.

On to the “more” segment, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has NFC and a standard microUSB port for charging and data, while the iPhone 5 does not come with an NFC chip (I’ve seen plenty argue that NFC is still a developing technology, one that is currently not needed by most people) and a proprietary port for data and charging (why Apple, why?).

Verdict: We’ll have to wait for benchmark results to check Apple’s claims on the A6 SoC (we’ll update this section when we have some numbers), but leaving that aside, LTE compatibility with networks all over the world could mean that iPhone 5 haters will only have to grab on to the lack of a microSD slot and no NFC chip.

OS & Ecosystem

iOS vs Android

If you’re an Android fan, you surely know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was the first flagship smartphone to launch with the latest version of Android available, namely Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (as usual, Samsung has slapped its proprietary user interface – TouchWiz – on top). You can read more about how cool Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is in the previous article here. But Samsung decided not to stop here, and has added a few neat features that are unique to the Galaxy Note 2 to buttery sweetness of Jelly Bean.

The first set of features that I would like to mention as being an advantage for the Galaxy Note 2 over the iPhone are called the Smart Actions. Smart Actions are also available for the Galaxy S3, and you can read more about them in the previous article here.

The second set of software features that are unique to the Galaxy Note 2 have everything to do with the unique Galaxy Note Accessory, the S-Pen. Just to call them out by name, the S-Pen enabled Galaxy Note 2 comes with a few very interesting features such as Air View, Quick Commands, PopUp Note, Easy Clip, Enhanced Handwriting, Photo Note, and an improved version of Samsung’s S Note app.

Apple’s iPhone 5 uses iOS version 6, an operating system that was available in beta for some months. While iOS clearly represents an evolutionary step forward, it is still a walled garden, a cage that offers little room for customization. On the other hand, the Apple App Store is a bit more versatile than Google Play when it comes to apps, and a lot more diversified when it comes to movies, songs and books.

Overall, those of you with limited technical knowledge might want to use Apple’s iOS as it’s fairly bulletproof against non-techs. On the other hand, if you want complexity and the ablity to customize the hell out of your smartphone, Android is the only way to go!

Verdict: The website’s called Android Authority, so you should be able to figure this out for yourself!

Prices, Release Dates

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will launch in various markets around the world starting October. A U.S. launch is also scheduled for late 2012. We have no information regarding any actual dates, nor do we have any pricing info at this time, but we’ll update this article whenever such info becomes available.

The Apple iPhone 5 will be available for pre-order in nine countries starting with September 14. In the United States, the Apple iPhone 5 release date is scheduled for Sepember 21 and will be priced at $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for the 32GB model and $399 for the 64GB model. These are all on-contract prices, ones that you can sign with Sprint, Verizon or AT&T.

Other markets such as the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore will also get the iPhone 5 starting September 21, although pricing information for these countries is currently unavailable (yeah, we’ll update this too when the time comes!).

A Conclusion

To me, it’s funny how far Apple fanboys and Apple haters go when discussing the iPhone 5. It is certainly not the best smartphone for everyone, although it will surely prove to be a good smartphone for most users. It’s designed to work well for everybody. If you’re not a power user and all you really want is a compact smartphone that’s fast, sleek and responsive, get the iPhone 5.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is for those of us that want the biggest display they can get on a smartphone. It’s for those of us that want Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (and all its complexity) out of the box. It’s for those of you that draw often, those of you that are not afraid of picking up what looks like a pen (any S-Pen pun would be useless at this point, wouldn’t it?) and actually drawing things on their smartphone.

Personally, I stand by Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. It’s a kick-ass smartphone with more personality than I’ve ever encountered on a device so far. The Galaxy Note 2 is unique. The Apple iPhone 5 isn’t!

But what do you guys make of all this? Who won? Apple’s iPhone 5 or Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2? Drop us a line in the comment section below and share a thought!

  • In the article, you say the Note 2 has 1GB of RAM. It’s actually 2 but otherwise great read. Very unbiased to me.

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    I think Apple’s iPhone displays come from Sharp

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      I have a Samsung 7.7″ Tab as a phone, it will take a few more years for Note to catch up ;) Note is really the size between a phone and a tablet, can’t imagine holding it and talk for 15 mins on a Note.

  • Personality isn’t something I wouldn’t usually attribute to a phone, but I think I agree, the Note 2 has something about it.

  • [email protected]

    Apple says the thinnest “we” have ever made. It means they, not the world thinnest. But, iPhone 5 is disappointing, Apple stops innovation, keeps selling inferior spec for high price to sucks money. If Samsung continues its way of innovation, it will overtake Apple in very near future. Good jobs on SG Note2!!

    • :-)

      iPhone 5 is the world’s thinnest smart phone, if you look at Oppo Finder the camera sticks out. Other companies that claim to have the thinnest smart phone seems to measure the “thinness” and not the “thickness”. Samsung claim GS2 and Moto claim RAZR to be the thinnest without measuring the thickest part of the phone.

      • truth

        Idiot the camera lens doesnt count when referring to thickness nor does the buttons on the sides when referring to width ,anyone that does this is an idiot. Are the keys on a keyboard counted as thickness or the lens on a camera ? The thickness refers to the body or plain of the object in its flatness, raised keys or camera does not count as thickness for the object ,if the camera was sunken inside the phone below the level of the phone ,would u say the phone is thinner because of the camera area thinner than the phone ?Neither is the little bump at the bottom of the S2 counted as the thicknes because 90% of the back is flatter than the bulge.Would u count the keys on a qwerty phone as the thickness of the phone?

        • Abc

          You’re dumb

        • Steve K

          Anyone who would buy a Samskund is an idiot.’ This article is so biased it isn’t funny. The article claims that anyone who wants as OS with the complexity to customize your phone… Translated means, you’re in for a lot of frustration as is typical if the Android OS, a copycat OS and a bad one at that. I’ll stick with my iPhone and agree with the other 92% I’d iPhone users that I will continue upgrading with the iPhone. There’s significantly less brand loyalty with Android users. Drawing with my smartphone? Is this an important use of a Smart phone or another gimic for lack of quality?

          • GOML APPLEN3rds

            hey apple fanboy, why the fuck are you even on “android authority” if android is such a copycat os. Just a clear example of the copycat game, the notifications center, no apple device had that as android has. Please stop spewing yourself and your apple fanboy attitude across this website.

      • truth

        The thickness or thinness is in relation to the majority of the surface of the object being discussed, for instance if the phone has 90% of its flat surface being 4 inches and a bulge at one end is 10 % ,the thinness of the phone would be measured by the larger number which is 90% ,so it would be 4 inches flat.

    • Definitely over price for spec, I would rather get Galaxy S3 for the price after consideration.

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      actually, didn’t they say “thinnest phone in the world”? At least on the slides and their initial presentation.

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    Wise current iPhone users would gain a lot by not falling for the “Up-grade your iPhone before you think” ruse.

    With the forced change to the non-standard 9 Pin connector, most will be better served with mapping the current old iPhone and all associated 30 pin connector assessories And Get A Note 2 For the latest technology and user interface.

    There is just no compare.

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    ” Samsung currently enjoys a 32.6% worldwide share of the smartphone market, up from 17% last year, according to research firm IDC. The Galaxy S3 alone has sold 20 million units in under three months. Apple’s smartphone marketshare slipped from 18.8% last year to 16.9%. ” its only gonna get worse from here on after the iphone 5 debacle. But i really hope they come up with something good next year cos i still love the hardware quality of Apple.

    • Feel the same. With Tim Cook being CEO, don’t hope they can release competitive product. Go Samsung.

    • Yep, you are quite right. Apple really does have quality hardware. Frankly, if Iphone could run Jelly Bean without any issue, I would absolutely go for Iphone.

      • There ya go. Totally agree. The Iphone 4 or Iphone 5 hardware running Jelly Bean (if that was possible) would be a beautiful thing. Iphone is beautiful on the outside, now if it was only as beautiful on the inside. Its kind of like a blonde bombshell. Hot but stupid.

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        but i think note 2 is
        more better then iphone

    • I think Samsung can make their high end phones even bullet proof, but that would make the phone price much more expensive than any iphone. That’s why maybe they use plastic cover, as this thing is the most durable cover. But maybe Samsung could make some limited edition with some titanium cover.

      • LiquidxDIAMONDZ

        That would be nice.

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    With no doubt, I prefer note 2 for its features (quad core hardware, latest OS jellybean) and the massive super 5.5″ AMOLED screen.

  • Definitely the Note 2, iPhone 5 is no where near as good! =D

    • I agree with you @facebook-1074343998:disqus and I would say The Galaxy Note II is a huge leap over the previous
      generation and if any one has galaxy note it would be wise to sell your
      oroginal asap for an upgrade. according to movaluate’s fair market
      appraisal , owener could still get $310.00 for his old Samsung Galaxy Note 16GB , which could help pay for the awesome new galaxy note II

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      :) everyone deserves opinion too… it is quad core or so?

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      You say that Samsung has no creativity yet their phones have some of the most advanced mobile technology in the world. You think that Apple is better based on the fact that a judge ruled that Samsung copied some aspects of the iPhone, but if you were to compare those phones(iPhone original/
      3g/3gs vs SGS1, iPhone 4 vs. SGS2, iPhone 4s/5 vs SGS3/Note 2) you would see that Samsung actually created the better phones. Every single spec of the Note 2 and SGS3 are better that the iphone 5, so i dont understand how you come up with the conclusion of Apple and the iphone 5 being the best.

    • John

      samsung can’t pay people to praise it’s phone! maybe it’s just his opinion! iphone 5 is just LTE! i know that iphone 5 is just dual-core 1GHZ! but that’s why i know! samsung is just better than apple! Go Note II!

  • Without Steve Jobs the reality distortion field is fading. I didn’t see anything new or unique about the iPhone 5 that its competitors did not have last year, or even 2 years ago. The processor is fast, but it’s supporting a outdated OS. Thanks for a non-biased comparison btw.

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    If only the Note 2 has a 5 inch screen with the footprint of the S3, meaning having thinner bezel. For now, it’s too big for me. I will wait for the S4 then.

  • juseph

    iPhone 5 is possibly first cortex A-15 (if it isn`t Q-core A-9) phone on the planet so i think in performance it will crush anything on market.

    • Adam Koueider

      On the contrary, the Iphone will most likely be a dual core A15 processor on that front you are right but it gives a 40% increase in power based on DUAL CORE A9s. Quad core A9s will more likely bring the gap much closer and since Apple have a history of underclocking their processors (i.e Iphone 4S runs at 1Ghz) the most probable max clock speed Apple will give is 1.2Ghz. So at 1.6Ghz and running the most powerful A9 based processor every seen in the Exynos the likelihood is that the Iphone will not crush the Gnote 2 and it will be really close in fact based on number crunching and educated guesses you can (almost) safely say the Gnote 2 is faster…

    • truth

      Knowing Apple it wouldnt be a A-15 chip ,too expensive most likely A-9 dual core

    • What do you do with your Iphone 5. Build nuclear bombs? Run massive databases? Who gives a rat’s ass at this point if it has a Quad 9 -Nuclear blaster as the core? Get a life people. The Samsung 3 is fast. The HTC One X and S are fast. The Iphone 4 is fast, as so is the 5. What do you really want to do with all that power? The iphone 4 is already silky smooth, apps run beautifully. Same goes to the new HTC & Samsung phones. So who really cares if they keep pumping up the processor power at this point. Its like who the heck needs 42MB internet on a stupid phone. I can do two way video conferencing on my phone connection, stream movies, zap out emails. So who really is that pathetic and desperate to need more more more more more more more.

      • Marcus

        i understand your view and have been confronted with such a view many times, but simply when i go out and want to spend 800 euros on a phone, i would like to make sure that im getting the most phone for my money. if this view is adopted then the iphone 5 is ripping you off when you could have gotten more for a similar price with the Galaxy note 2.
        its a question of getting value for your money really.
        P.S if im going to spend nearly 1000 euros on a phone i would also like it to be the best fricking phone possible… to me actually having to have to research if a phone that costs 1000 euros is the best in the world sounds ridiculous to me, a phone for that money SHOULD be the best phone.

      • Scott

        You obviously don’t care about specs at all so the i5 is PERFECT for you, plus the aluminum on the back is really shiny, you’ll love it!

  • sklau

    Steve Job left a parting note to Tim Cook just before he left. He told Tim to either be more innovative than him or if he can’t, he should just stick to the tired and tested. Tim nodded…and gave us the iPhone 5.

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    Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S 3 are the smartest phone from 2012 to 2013.

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    iphone 5 is better no one can create like apple designs samsung is a copycat it has no ideas no creativity that is samsung who want 5.5 inch screen is it comfortable in ur hand or pocket note 2 is just big that it

    • Sabir

      Your grammar is really bad, but that parts i could understand are false. You say that Samsung has no creativity yet their phones have some of the most advanced mobile technology in the world. You think that Apple is better based on the fact that a judge ruled that Samsung copied some aspects of the iPhone, but if you were to compare those phones(iPhone original/
      3g/3gs vs SGS1, iPhone 4 vs. SGS2, iPhone 4s/5 vs SGS3/Note 2) you would see that Samsung actually created the better phones. Every single spec of the Note 2 and SGS3 are better that the iphone 5, so i dont understand how you come up with the conclusion of Apple and the iphone 5 being the best.

      • Hyperflow

        Yeah! You’re damn right!

    • Carlo

      How can you conclude so fast without any evidence!?

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      Do You have girly hands or are you a girl? You are an apple fanboy and the only things that come out of your iDiotic minds when you here Samsung is copy and steal. Every company is a copycat, including Apple.
      Research before saying Samsung is the only copycat of the world. Apple fanboys are very ignorant

  • Samsung should deliver LTE out of the gate. They just confuse the market otherwise. Apple are making a big deal of LTE (because its the only technical advantage they have) but wont even say how many cores or what speed their CPU is.
    If Samsung has a 1.6Ghz Quad core and LTE and bigger screen they win.

  • one track mind

    I just read your article and I’ve been an apple fan since its inception. I recently purchased the galaxy note 3 and discovered that I absolutely love it. I’m going to take it back and wait for the 2, I grew sick of the hype of the apple and needed a change. I’m looking to the 2.

  • IB

    Interesting that you are saying that about the Iphone 5 and it hasn’t been released to the public yet. We will see on sept 30th. Giving it a week for the real Iphone 5 owners to give their opinion..

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    Samsung galaxy s3 will be better choose than the Iphone regard with the specs and the price.

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    The iPhone 5 I’s probably a great phone but it’s no different from all the others (a bit taller and quicker) but the note 2, just like other Samsung devices is different and it’s exciting to see what they announce. I want the note, simply because it’s awesome and I don’t want to be a sheep.

  • Note 2 is obviously the winner…iphone 5 is just for people who are boring and dumb so i would recommend the iphone 5 to to all my boooooooring friends and note 2 to all the cool people out there..

    • AppleSucksForLife

      That is so true OMG!!!!!! :-)

  • I’m currently trying to decide between the GS3 and the Note 2. I read a lot on my phone and use the internet extensively. I also like to watch videos during my work breaks. So I may decide on the Note 2. iphone 5 is just too small for my needs And I don’t really want a tablet. So iphone is totally out of the question.

  • michaela

    man this is a Website for androidusers so don’t really ask for a fair opinion….:) u won’t get one. apart of that both phones -or to usr the German word for phone: “handy”- are great andthe best in their way. I really liked that article being fair, because apple does produce good phones
    greets from Germany so sorry for grammar.mistakes
    michAela HTC one x

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    yea yea yea galaxy note II is bigger, but honestly speaking i dont find this review or comparison helpful at all. only thing i can see is a bunch off sell outs because apple is the best hands down. look at how many phones and bull crap samsung have to put into there phones ad half of the crap you dont even use but when i say EVERYTHING that apple has to offer its there in plain eyesight i mean it. apple is simplicit not complicating never freezes its seems like the more ghz and ram you get the more the damn thing freezes. my girlfriend has one and i cant count on my hands how many time she dropped it almost 15 times im glad she have a case.her battery is constantly dying and my iphone 4s seems to never die out on me. Believe me when i say siri whoop a** when it comes to this catagory and she will tell you that herself. #teamiphone5 so all wanna be phone geeks get a life. just the thought of holding that big hot a** brick to ear makes me sweat and my arm hurt ughhh big a** dumbell I LOOOOVVVEEE MY IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hyperflow

    Go Galaxy note II! “World’s thinnest smartphone!?” WTF! Galay S3 is thinner than Iphone 5!



    • Anoop

      probably you might have never noticed few things

      1. There is a button on the keyboard that says “caps lock”. Use it.
      2. iPad 3 has 264 ppi while tab 2 has 149 ppi so I really find it hard to believe that you saw pixelated stuff while comparing them. We do not need Android sheep here.

      3. Also FYI, GN2 will come out in 1st of Oct according to flipkart and it is up for pre-orders right now. You can order it right now.

  • Samsung needs to get its LTE story straight. This is confusing to the market and makes Samsung either appear not to know what it is doing, or worse appear like they are deliberately trying to deceive. Non LTE versions need to be clearly described as such and the release plan for LTE versions in each market should be clarified. I dislike Apple but they dont call different phones the same name.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II, uniquely!

  • Fhernando

    I’m an owner of an iPhone 4s, and I had befor the iPhone 4 and 3GS, but now I’m gonna go for the Note 2. iOS is always the same shit but more faster on new iPhones… so fuucckk it, I wanna be able to customize the phone as Androids does.

  • Anand

    I need only 1 device 4S and switched to Mac. Note and S3 are too bulky to hold expecially when i am driving or cycling. All my apps are common ipad and 4S seemles integration. An update comes on iOS and its simultaneous. Android is like and island. Airplay my favourite I dont know if people used that. Only for that I would use iOS. I have multiroom audio at Home with airport express and AppleTv. Thank God apple didnt make a wider phone like S3. So difficult to hold and type and move thumb around. Even the construction quality Apple rocks. The lighning connector will be a boon , I spent 40min syncing yesterday my 136apps and some Hd movies. Now with lightning it will happen in 3-4 mins. I feel Apple is like BMW and samsung toyota

  • Anand

    Most important for the future will be services not just Hardware. That is why apple is setting up multi billion dollar datacenters world over. This will be a game changer for times to come. I get surprised people see hardware specs when deciding a phone. I guess they have not matured in experiencing the seemless total integration story that apple offers.

  • Simple words.. Dear editor am confused about your knowledge and choice… Samsung Galaxy Note II is undoubtely better than Iphone 5 in specifications in style and size… Iphone 5 no way matches note 2…… ABOVE all big bib differnce is ANDROID JELLY BEAN……….4.1

  • :D

  • KingKing

    Of course this is obviously a one-sided review … What do you expect from an android community… of course they would vote for an android device… This article shouldn’t have seen the light of day… If you want respect, forget your bias towards anything Android and be fair about your writing… I just a got Samsung SIII and I find it boring, too much flimsy plastic, very fragile versus the solid iPhones…

    • AppleSucksForLife

      lastic can actually save your device though it look and feel cheap

  • Shahzaib Fayaz

    IPhone 5 Is Best Of All Mobile Phones..
    Its Touch Is Extra Ordinary Touch Of All Phone. Check It if u don’t Believe

  • Yaşar Güner

    is the best android

  • Jason Ward

    It’s a load of BS. The entire litigation “apparition” is manufactured in order to conceal the fact that THERE IS NO competition in the (genuine) smart phone world. Wake up dummies !!!

  • vova

    вся начинка iPhone 5 чужих производителей !!!!! в сша iPhone 5 наверно только в коробки из мешков расфасовывают !!!!!! телефон венегрет !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raghav bhuwania

    Note II has ruined apple IPHONE 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Docnar

    Samsung galaxy note 2 vs Iphone 5 is like Hulk vs Loki in Avengers..Bang..Bang

  • wasi mughal

    i just prafer to samsung and htc in every compitition and iphone is just waste of money nothing else

  • mohit gawande

    galaxy note 2 anytime !!! apple is goin to fall !!

  • ediay

    i love Note 2! :)

  • Redsock

    Iwill definitely go for the Note 2, as it has NFC and is overall better then the iPhone – at least what my requirements are concerned ;-)

  • Yoge

    Seen N2 yesterday. was amazed!!! Definitely going for it.
    I would love to have an Iphone (but as a standby phone and that too somebody gifts me)
    N2 feels like a best choice for the day today use.
    May be we are comparing the beauty (Iphone) and the beast (N2).

  • rb saud
  • Timeline

    Galaxy note II wins all the way!!! shame to you money grabbing apple!

  • Calvin Phuong

    Excellent, unbiased article. You addressed most of the pertinent points without siding or giving pure opinion. Good job! There are not many articles out there where the author does not argue based on what’s in his pocket.

  • Gagan seth

    How does NFC functions works also please explain the usages of this facility in the phone

  • pretty little liar

    that’s just your own opinion, dude. i personally think apple is better. : | so ya. and technically iPhone IS more popular.

  • jamn4god

    Waiting for the Note 2 to show up at Costco for $50 less than the AT&T store to upgrade from my iPhone 3GS. So excited. Thanks for all the info in the above article.

  • hobbit

    Iphone5 gets shitted on by note 2 anyday anytime anywhere ;)

  • applenerdslol

    oh and just to add who else makes the neatest and slickets tvs. SAMSUNG. And something else I though about, the apple symbol reminds me on adam and eve before they ate the apple. But hey, the “apple” apple is bitten out of. For those of you that know, what happened after they ate the apple? Apple is evil? :D

  • amanzoop

    The camera of oppo finder protudes at the back
    So it’s not thinner than the iPhone 5

  • big J

    haha dafuq…too many samsung kpop fanboy here…lol:D
    for me samsung is not more than just for a college teen to show off to their colleague..thats all..

  • Manav

    Iphone5 way better dan note 2 s3 better dan note 2

  • Ben

    Iphone 5 can’t compare to the Note II. Dual core against Quad no guessing which one wins. The screeen on the iphone is way to small and reminds me of my Htc wildfire. Apple users have more Dollars than sense. No guessing which one wins. Good Job Samsung another great phone

  • aman

    which phn best iphn 5 and note 2

  • I_Love_Samsung_But_Not_Lag!!!

    You can not compare a fully pc (SGN2) with a phone (i-shit) which is NOT EVEN A SMARTPHONE!!!!

  • JahanzebNaeem

    For me I’ll say Note 2 is the Best!!!! especially with its personalizing capabilities.