Is the Apple iPhone 5 the world’s thinnest smartphone? Yes and no.

by: ŠtefanSeptember 14, 2012

Less than 48 hours have passed since Apple announced the iPhone 5, which means we’re barely at the start of all the media coverage we can expect this device to receive from the tech press. One thing people are discussing is Apple’s claim that the iPhone 5 is “the thinnest smartphone in the world“.

Is it? That depends on how you measure devices. At 7.6 mm the new iPhone is pretty anorexic; then again the Motorola Droid RAZR, the first one, the one that was announced in October 2011, is even thinner at 7.1 mm. But, and this is a big but, it has a huge hump at the top of the device that’s 10.6 mm thick according to Engadget.

There’s also some devices in China that we’d like to point out. Take the Oppo Finder for example. It’s a 2012 Android smartphone that’s just 6.65 mm thin. Yes, it has a hump like the RAZR, but even when you take that into account it’s still about as thick as the iPhone 5. That being said, good luck trying to find the Finder in a store. It’s a device that may be China’s thinnest smartphone, but definitely not the world’s.

Other thin Chinese phones include the Huawei Ascend P1 S, which is 6.68 mm thin, but it too includes a hump. That and like the Finder, it’s difficult to buy. The “fatter” version, the one that’s a little easier to purchase, is the P1. That’s 7.69 mm thin, which is less than a tenth of a millimeter thicker than the iPhone. ZTE’s Athena, which hasn’t hit store shelves yet, and as far as we can tell is still being finalized, is 6.2 mm thin, which is a downright amazing technical achievement, but we have to repeat ourselves: Will it ever leave China?

Bottom Line: Is the iPhone 5 the thinnest smartphone on the planet? We can go either way. Clearly the iPhone 5 isn’t exactly the “thinnest” device to ever be announced, but unlike the Finder, the P1 S, and the Athena, the new iPhone will actually sell in the tens of millions of units in over 200 countries by the end of 2012.

That has to count for something, right?

  • Thin=sucky battery life

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Let’s wait until it comes out and numerous sites get a chance to review it. The SGS3 is thin and has great battery life!

      • SGS3 in right pocket…spare battery in left pocket. Oh, you iPhone people don’t have that option.

        • g-unit 95

          Thts becuz iphone people dont need the extra battery.

          • truth

            Because it doesnt have any feature to run that needs extra battery,its just a normal standard phone with a hype

          • Right, because there’s an iPhone charger left hanging in every plug at work.

          • ViTo

            Dont need the extra battery? Really!?

            I just bought the iPhone 5 and I wish it had an extra battery. The thing lasts me maybe half a day and then dies.

            Now I’m returning it and buying the Galaxy Note 2. Might as well join Samsung while they are still taking the lead.

        • Stefan Constantinescu

          To be fair, several Android phones don’t have removable devices. Thankfully, most of Samsung’s devices do, which explains why they’re the #1 Android handset vendor! :-)

  • wikid

    when is the iphone 999998767907790778 coming out?

    • Sondre Krumsvik

      999998767907790773 years

  • hmmm

    Count for Something?
    Only if you think lying is acceptable and validated by sales numbers.
    It is what it is…. let it be judged on its merits.
    Not the constant lies of the media

  • Ginder

    what to do with the thinnest??!!

    • truth

      A phone that is too thin cant have a good battery nor good functionality ,some performance will be sacrificed for the thiness especially a smartphone that needs a powerful battery to power it.

      • ViTo

        I have to charge mine about 2 times a day. It’s the worst battery ever.

  • truth

    Another Apple fanboy writer

  • Read the press release….

    Apple isn’t claiming it’s the thinnest PHONE ever. Verbatim from Apple’s press release in the article above:

    “Apple Introduces iPhone 5

    Thinnest, Lightest iPhone Ever
    Features All-New Aluminum Design, Stunning 4-Inch Retina Display, A6
    Chip & Ultrafast Wireless
    SAN FRANCISCO—September 12, 2012—Apple® today announced iPhone® 5, the
    thinnest and lightest iPhone ever”

    • Rob Little

      Nope, at the event, they had it on screen, saying that it WAS the thinnest Smartphone. Not just their thinnest smartphone, THE thinnest smartphone. They’re clearly trying to ensure that people take away that it’s the thinnest smartphone even if they’re not saying that most of the time.

  • rdl

    The article clearly points out the facts. There’s no ambiguity. The iPhone 5 IS the thinnest smartphone. The bumps count. I doesn’t matter whether the thinnest part of a device is thinner than the iPhone 5. The thickest part of the phone is thicker. Period. End of discussion. Why is that so hard to see or admit? You can’t say “I have the world’s shortest car, except for the bumper.” As far as the ZTE is concerned, until it’s available it’s not the thinnest phone. “I have a phone that’s much thinner than any of those. I just haven’t made it yet.” That makes a lot of sense.

    • Rob Little

      Well the iphone 5 isn’t *available* yet either…

    • ViTo

      So what your saying is that the Macbook Air isn’t actually the thinnest laptop their is. The back is pretty damn thick compared to the front thin part. So maybe they should stop advertising it as the thinnest since it’s not.

  • AmpSkillz

    Only the thickest point counts:

    you obviously would not include unreleased phones that dont even have release dates, so the Oppo Finder is the only thing to come close and it has been shot down

    Oppo Finder vs Iphone 5 photos below

  • Cannon

    Samsung tried to challenge Apple on this claim last year and lost because bumps do count according to advertising laws. These other companies are being misleading by not counting the bumps and then saying they are thinner.