Well Apple has announced the new iPhone 5. It pretty much conforms to the rumors that were flying around before the San Francisco event kicked off. It’s certainly an improvement on the iPhone 4S, but is it enough to tempt you away from Android? In a word – no!

So what’s new?

It is lighter and thinner than the old one. We’re talking 7.6mm thick and 112 grams. It has a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, so it’s basically the same 326 ppi Retina display as before, no change to the width – the screen is just taller now. It has support for 4G LTE and dual-band Wi-Fi. The A6 processor is twice as fast as the A5 that was in the iPhone 4S. We’ve got an 8-megapixel camera and 1080p HD video recording. There are three microphones now and improved speakers. There’s also a new, much smaller, dock connector (adaptor for your old accessories sold separately of course).

The new iPhone 5 will run iOS 6 which was revealed back in June. It will be available in black or white and you’re looking at $199 for the 16GB, $299 for the 32GB, and $399 for the 64GB version, all with a two-year contract. It ships on September 21 but pre-orders are go from September 14.

What’s missing?

Apart from any surprises at all, there’s also no support for NFC so you can forget about contactless payments, presumably Apple has another digital wallet plan up its sleeve. There’s also no wireless charging.

The iPhone 5 looks like a straightforward upgrade to the iPhone line – no redesign, no major new feature that the competition lacks, and no obvious reason to rush out and buy one.

It’s quite surprising to find just how thoroughly the details of Apple’s new flagship phone were leaked before the announcement. The 4-inch display, support for LTE, smaller dock connector, the A6 processor, and even shots of the device design have all popped up online in the last few days.

Pre-Apple events

We saw a few exciting devices announced in the run up to the Apple event. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 offers a smoother “phablet “ experience with a huge screen, the Kindle Fire HD is an interesting new Android tablet, the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx offers unbelievable battery life, even the new WP8 Nokia Lumia 920 has wireless charging.

Where is the cutting edge with the iPhone 5? We can expect it to be fast, but aside from that it looks like it will have a good display, a decent camera, and pretty ordinary battery life. All-in-all the Apple event was a dud. The new iOS 6 includes Apple’s new Maps app which looks inferior to Google Maps, there’s the Passbook app, and a couple of minor improvements, but nothing eye-catching. Does anyone care about the Apple stores and a new line of iPods?

How does it line up?

If we take a look at the iPhone 5 next to the leading Android devices on the market right now, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X, it looks like Apple is playing catch up. The next wave of Android releases, devices like the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, the LG Optimus G, and the Sony Xperia T, all have the potential to surpass the iPhone 5 in certain areas, even the WP8 Nokia Lumia 920 has some advantages over the iPhone 5.

You can bet it will impress in benchmark tests and we can expect some straight comparisons with the Android leaders in the not too distant future.

Android already did it

It’s tough to watch an event like that and not think about how many of the “new” features Apple is boasting about that have been around on Android for ages. Everything from panorama mode and the ability to take still images while shooting video, to turn-by-turn directions and a 4-inch screen are already part of the Android line-up.

The iOS 6 platform doesn’t appear to include much in the way of innovation.

Android strikes back

Now that everyone can see what the iPhone 5 brings to the table we can expect a flurry of activity amongst Android manufacturers. Expect to see some aggressive new price cuts and maybe a few new device announcements in the not too distant future.

There’s little doubt the iPhone 5 will fly off the shelves in the lead up to Christmas, fans of Apple and many indifferent mainstream consumers will want it, but a lot of people are inevitably asking “what’s the big attraction?”

It will be interesting to see how the big Android manufacturers react to this and how quickly they look to push out new devices to compete. The iPhone 5 looks like a perfectly decent phone, but it seems unlikely that it will provoke panic in the competition.

What do you think? Did you expect more? Are any of you tempted to buy an iPhone 5?

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Simon Hill
Simon is an experienced tech writer with a background in game development. He writes for various websites and magazines about the world of tech and entertainment. He uses Android every day and is currently permanently attached to his Galaxy Note 5.
  • Your poll should include No, and not ordering on September 14.

    • Yeah, what a weird slanted poll. Put me down for ‘No, and not ordering on September 14’ too.

    • Metalmachine6

      I remember when I was looking to upgrade from my Iphone4 (and still am waiting for the Note2 to drop) I remember saying to myself “if only you would come out with a 4in screen and slightly better features, I would be all over”. Now, after seeing my buddies GS2, I’ve been won over and was waiting for the GS3. But after seeing the differences from GS3 to the Note2, I will patiently wait. I also agree, “no and not ordering”.

      • Sam

        Hahaha that’s the same thing that happened to me

      • furrba11

        I’m holding out for the Note II as well, I’m even prepared to be a month or so without a main handset. Wasn’t expecting an Android killer from crapple so at least they didn’t disappoint (On that score).

    • Dapsy

      What’s an Iphone is actually better….

  • gitoffmenuts_google

    wow, what a bunch of butthurt DroidTards

    • Coming from an iTard on an Android website, thats amusing.

    • leoingle

      Why are we droidtards? Because we don’t like 2 year old technology and features to be “improvements” in the phones we buy today?

    • Classy coming from a butthurt Sheeple as yourself. Wrong site Corky, wrong site. Don’t worry son, life goes on and the iPhone will barely change again next year. Maybe the 5s will have something from a year and a half ago when they put it out. You KNOW that is coming. LMAO BAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAH

      • He’s really on here looking at which Android phone to buy seeing as the iPhone5 is so last year or was it the year before?

        • It’s hard to say really but I figure you are right about him. Why even bother coming here unless you aren’t looking to get with current technology? It’s what I did when I started waking up.

  • It IS pretty – many people like pretty, you know! All this technology is amazing; brand loyalty (fanaticism) is amazing, too! I don’t care if my car’s top speed is 250 or 260 – the difference is barely detectable.

  • uelhk1433

    What’s The Purpose of life ?

    Here you will get the answer


  • Given the lack of really new features, it seems inconceivable that Apple would do something as reckless as changing the docking port – that one thing alone with the lack of anything cool will keep people away knowing they would have to purchase new products for charging, docking, etc.

  • MarrowX

    Good poll for finding out how biased the readers are?

    • There’s really only two ways to answer the poll. ‘Yes I’m getting one’ or ‘I am an asshat’

    • What did you expect on an Android site for Android devices? He didn’t slam it, reported the truth on it, it’s an ok phone but only added features Android devices already had and few at that. “Innovation” is only that when you innovate, not imitate. How ironic coming from Apple and they copy the pulldown notification. lol

  • Will never buy an iphone for just a small improvement. Galaxy note 2 is my next phone…

  • jj

    Galaxy Note 2 will eat IPhone 5

  • comment6756

    At Apple, creativity died along with Steve Jobs. No new features except upgrades. I was hoping for NFC, at least.
    Can Samsung now claim that the iPhone 5’s LTE upgrade was copied from Skyrocket?

  • tsknight

    i was, used to be, an apple fanboy. had the original iphone thru the 4S. my son has had iphone since age of 4 and was always happy when new models came out to get daddy hand me downs. i got the 4s rather quickly bcuz i quickly opted for the Galaxy SII Skyrocket and have never looked back. as soon as iphone 5 rumors started i expected i want that, but much to my surprise he was like daddy aren’t you gonna hurry down to store and get you a new Galaxy phone bcuz i’m ready for that big ole Skyrocket!! he’s 10 now and to me that says it all…apple is lackluster to 10 yr old it definitely gonna be to an adult. well i guess there still are folks that don’t know any better

  • Nizo

    I admit it, I was expecting more from Apple with this release. Now I have more research to do of course and we’ll have to wait and see what the benchmarks reveal – but this bodes well for android imo. The gap has been closed at a glance.

  • salim

    iphone5 sucks

  • wlferreira

    After this… anybody can think in the next icrap
    I can tell you!!! It will have the multitasking as the S3 and the Note 2 with the video showing of tim cook passing the icrap 5 thru his butt when he is writing an email saying… What are we doing not copying the S4!

  • dddc

    iphones suk

  • In the end I think the Iphone is going to be a fine smartphone but as followers of technology we can all see that Android is pushing the limits of what tech has to offer. Apple to me had a chance to make something great given all of their resources. To me they over think things and go towards the safe route so as not to damage their image theyve marketed so well. I believe today is the day that many people on the fence truly see that Android is leading the charge in innovation and Apple just slightly improves their product. Long live Android.

  • OxyClean

    Iphone is pretty. About it. Old looking now tho, even new. Put me down for just no. =)

  • Filipe

    I got 3 iPhones and 3 Android phones so far (presently one of each plataform), and I have some things to say: Android (Samsung mostly) really have impressive phones, looking to their specs, and the freedom to do practically anything with it. BUT one thing reallly annoys me: why the hell it just can´t get easy to use like the iOS?

    Sorry, I have both (iPhone 4s and Galaxy Note), but in a hurry I always get the iPhone to get things done…

    • leoingle

      I have to disagree. What is so easy on IOS that isn’t on Android? You can’t say that and not give examples.

    • Easy answer, it’s simplified for not so tech inclined people. Always has been and doesn’t change much. Half an inch sometimes. lol

  • Gikkery

    ah, Apple’s Iphone the next Blackberry… soon to be rotten. Not impressed, no drastic change…as Gordon Ramsay would say, “What a shame.”

  • Nomi

    Iphone 5 is disappointed.Iam looking forward to Galaxy s4

  • the onlt thing i like is that the black now looks mostly blacks, looks cooler, but the phone is still a failure, waiting for gnote2

  • The Galaxy Note 2 rocks and destroys this iphone 5 crap! :)

  • Arif

    No, don’t need 5 . I phone 4 , 4s and 5 all of them are almost same . After long time wait they give us the bullshit same thing . I tought , it will be different new from all the mobile what we dont expect but they show us the same thing what we didnt expect …..

  • Sam

    Big fat no

  • iphone 5 what a joke

  • Andyfreib

    Galaxy Note 2 for me, even as a previous iPhone 4 user. Two years on, I want to move straight upwards with my tech, and not slither diagonally like Apple has been doing since the 4S. I agree that the Poll options are so skewed as to make the results interesting only for Android fanboys. There certainly COULD have been an iPhone that might have kept me in Apple’s walled garden, but it would have had to fill the big shoes Steve J made for his own company – unfortunately, with this release Apple looks like a 4 year old boy wearing Mommy’s high-heels. Ironically, with the S3 and now the stunning Note 2, Samsung is now taking over as the company that is pushing the boundaries (and the competition) while Apple plays catch-up. Good luck catching up wearing them heels, Apple…. :-)

    • Anirudh Singh

      Exactly the same story for me, had the iphone 4, got the note 1 after iphone 4S was launched, dying to get the note 2 now, apples lost the plot.
      When i first bought the iphone (the 3G) it was cos it had the biggest screen then, with the most advanced features that no nokia could offer then (I had the N93 then, one of the top phones at that time save for the iphone), but now iphones way behind the competition.
      If the iphone was to be at the same level ahead of the completion as it was 4 yrs ago, then the iphone 5 should probably have a 6in screen, 3 days battery life, 5mm think, with probably a bluetooth 4 headset that pops out of the phone to take the call, something that present day manufactures could only dream off. But no, they are just trying to catch up, and not fall too far behind in the game, i can foresee a trend of declining sales in the next 3 yrs for these guys now, they just riding a previous wave of success, but the wave is past its crest now.

  • Jackson

    Best part about the Apple presentation for iphone 5 is they kept repeating the words, when you touch it, when you touch it, when you touch it, followed by you’ll feel the difference. LOL…I don’t see that much difference from the 4s, if anything its kinda of uglier than the 4s, the specs and the camera are all pretty much the same except for the display.

  • Chris Quin

    Girls will love it. I has a very pretty small screen.

  • actually, should also include another option.. yes, pre-ordering so i can sell it off to iphone fanboys for a huge profit.. hahaha

  • beci

    how will iphone5 compared to an samsung galaxy note 2 when note has a proccesor 1.6 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9, Memory: 2 GB RAM, battery 3100 mah.
    Lol its an 2000cm3 Dizel VS an 5000cm3 AMG MOTOR

  • Also add: No, iPhone can’t win over WP either. :)

  • I can openly admit to having suffered from Iphone envy in the past, even had a 4S for a few months, but since my SGS3 and growing up a bit, like most other who voted in the poll, I’m not that impressed with IOS6 or the 5.

    The wind seems to have abandoned their sails, which is a shame because they did bring some big developments to the mobile space, but it was inevitable that having pretty much the rest of the tech world using Android and a lot of money behind Wind-Nok, the new ideas (kind of) would begin to emerge elsewhere.

    Poll should have had more options for Windows phone 7 at least.

  • THB101

    Im getting one for free so I will use the IPhone (and IPwn the S**t out of it) as my temp since my original EVO LTE with s-off hboot 1.12 had a boo boo (faulty headphone jack) and had to be traded in and unfortunately HTC are evil about their bootloaders so the swapped phone ended up having the death hboot 1.19 (yes i know im still crying myself to sleep) and i can’t even go through HTC Dev since they aren’t yet completely compatible (plus I WANT s-off)

    • I’m not a fan of HTC either. I bought a HTC Incredible, and it would not charge, so I took it back to Verizon, and got the Droid X instead.

  • Danny

    This iphone is another unsuccessful attempt from apple to win over android … I mean that there’s nothing extraordinary in that phone

  • Issy

    Is it just me or is the iPhone 5 look terrible, no creativity whatsoever.

  • brian

    apple fell behind years ago did they think iOS could hold out for this long that shit has been boring since the iphone 1st gen the difference between RIM and APPLE is that apple has quality products but they have a reputation with die hard apple fans that are living under rocks there still living in Steve Jobs era grow up apple and focus on design and innovation rather than to sue a grocery store thinking they want your logo :D Android/Linux for LIFE take that CrapplE!!! P.S hell no im not grabbing no iphone i’d grab the GooPhone before that crock of garbage

  • jaysann22

    iPhone 5 – are you impressed?

  • James Garber

    No surprises here. Apple has been playing catch up to android for quite a while. The ijoke 5 is about two years overdue. It’s just another marketing scam by apple.

  • Denise Lee

    Had been looking at the Samsung Galaxy 3. Waited until Iphone5 had been revealed then promptly purchased Samsumg Galaxy 3. I think it is a much better phone.

  • Only One thing impressive in iPhone 5 is the A6 processor. First Cortex A15 based chip. Waiting for Exynos 5250 and 5450

  • Lumia 920 annihilates the over rated iphone 5.

  • applesucks

    Iphone and Apple sucks.