Ever since the first rumors regarding Google’s Nexus 7 tablet emerged online, a multitude of experts began to claim that Apple (the company that jumpstarted the tablet market with the introduction of the original iPad back in 2010) would bring to market a budget tablet of its own  – although the first iPad mini rumors started way back in 2011. Fast forward a few months and both rumors have finally materialized into hardware devices.

Before we start analyzing which one of these devices is the better budget tablet, it might be best to first explain why the battle between the Apple iPad mini and the Google Nexus 7 is of ultimate importance for the future of both Android as well as iOS. As representational tablets for their respective ecosystems (as in Android vs iOS), these two budget tablets will undoubtedly play an important part in the market share battle between Android (and all the Android OEMs out there) and Apple and its proprietary operating system.

So, which one is better: the Google Nexus 7 or the Apple iPad mini ? Lets find out, shall we?


The ASUS / Google Nexus 7 uses a 7-inch display running at a 1280 by 800 resolution (16:10 aspect ratio), thus obtaining a Pixel Per Inch (PPI) density of 216. While it is not the best display currently available on a tablet, the Nexus 7 display is impressively crisp, bright, offers good color reproduction and decent viewing angles. Given that the most expensive component of a tablet is its display (not to mention that the display is also the main feature of a tablet), you’re probably going to be impressed by the quality of the display on the Google Nexus 7 (a budget tablet by definition).

In the other corner, the freshly announced Apple iPad mini features a 7.9-inch IPS display running at a 1024 by 768 pixel resolution (4:3 aspect ratio), thus obtaining a PPI density of just 162. The iPad mini uses the same resolution as the second generation Apple iPad, but has a smaller display, hence the minor improvement in crispness over Apple’s second tablet (the iPad 2 has a 132 PPI ratio).

Although the difference in inches across the diagonal might not seem all that significant, if we’re to add in the difference in aspect ratios, the Apple iPad mini actually has roughly 35% more screen real estate than the Google Nexus 7. On the other hand, if you want enhanced crispness, the Google Nexus 7 is the way to go.

Google Nexus 7

Image Credit: robertnelson/Flickr

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to build quality and design, the Google Nexus 7 is one sleek and sexy piece of hardware. You literally cannot believe that it is a budget tablet (priced at just $199 in its 8GB variant) in any way: a glossy black bezel surrounds the display in such a way that you have something to hold the tablet by when viewing videos or reading an ebook, while the soft rubbery material on the back mimics the sort of tactile feedback you get from a race car steering wheel.

On to exact dimensions, the Google Nexus 7 measures 198.5 x 120 x 10.5 mm (7.81 x 4.72 x 0.41 in) and weighs in at 340 g (11.99 oz). It’s not the lightest or the thinnest Android tablet out there, but the end overall product feels like nothing else in its price range.

When it comes to design lines and principles, the Apple iPad mini is, in many ways, the little brother that the iPad 3 never had. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as Apple’s uni-body aluminum design has received lots of praise from both consumers and critics, but it sure feels like Apple tends to stick too much to what has worked well in the past. I’m probably being way too subjective here, but the Apple iPad mini looks a lot like Foxconn trimmed down on the iPad 2 with a scissor: it’s all the same, but smaller. The Apple iPad mini is just 7.2 mm thick and weighs in at just under 0.7 pounds, or 317.5 grams.


Now that we’ve analyzed the outside of both these tablets, it is now time to discuss the internal hardware, so let’s dive in!

As plenty of rumors have claimed so during the past couple of months, the Apple iPad mini uses the Apple A5 System On a Chip (SoC). Even non-tech savvy readers are probably aware that this is the same CPU / GPU combination that was used by the Apple iPad 2 and the Apple iPhone 4S. This translates into a 1 GHz dual-core Cortex A9 CPU and a PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU.

In the Android corner, the Google Nexus 7 uses a slightly underclocked version of the Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC: a 1.3 GHz quad-core Cortex A9 CPU, and an Nvidia ULP (Ultra Low Power) GPU.

The Google Nexus 7 uses 1GB of RAM memory, while the Apple iPad mini is said to have 512MB of RAM under the hood (Apple usually doesn’t mention RAM for its iOS devices during launch events).

While the Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU is generally faster than the A5 CPU, graphical performance should be a tad better on the Apple iPad mini since its GPU (although similarly powerful as the Nvidia GPU inside the Google Nexus 7) has to power up less pixels (33% less pixels to be accurate). I’m one of those guys that prefers extra detail over a few extra frames per second, so I obviously stand by the Google Nexus 7 in this aspect.

As far as built-in storage is concerned, the Google Nexus 7 comes in 8GB and 16GB variants, while the Apple iPad mini comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants. Neither of these two tablets feature a microSD card reader, meaning you can only turn to cloud storage for expanding the internal storage.

On to the cameras and ports, the Google Nexus 7 uses a 1.2 MP front-facing camera for videocalling, the same resolution used by the sensor on the Apple iPad mini’s front facing camera. Since it is not recommended to use a tablet for taking pictures, I’m not all that into the 5MP primary camera used by the Apple iPad mini, so I’d advise against giving too much attention to this aspect.

Since NFC is still a young technology, you’re probably not going to miss the fact that the iPad mini does not use an NFC chip. If NFC is a thing that you need, go for the Nexus 7, since it does carry an NFC chip.

Battery-wise, the Google Nexus 7 has a 4325 mAh battery, while the Apple iPad mini uses a battery of currently undisclosed capacity. However, we should expect the two tablets to have similar battery life spans: roughly around 10 hours.

Operating System and Ecosystem

Although there are significant hardware differences between the Apple iPad mini and the Google Nexus 7 (and you should already be aware of them by now), a decision ultimately boils down to choosing the OS and ecosystem that is right for you.

The Google Nexus 7 was the first device to run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, an update that is notorious for its Project Butter, as well as the introduction of Google Now. Android is an open, fully customizable mobile OS that allows you to install apps from any source you want to, or even modify the OS itself by installing custom mods. Android is for people that generally know what they are doing and need the ability to do complex tasks without any restrictions from the manufacturer.

In the other corner, the Apple iPad mini uses iOS 6, the newest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, a version that was released for the first time on the Apple iPhone 5. Social media integration is somewhat better than what you get from Jelly Bean, Siri has a lot of personality, while the OS itself is designed around simplicity.

However, with the iPad mini, you can officially download and install apps only from Apple’s App Store, you cannot modify the OS, nor can you customize your device’s OS beyond a point (that’s really not that far off from where you start out of the box). In addition, if the map app is what you’re looking for, stay away from iOS 6 devices and get an Android device (Google Maps is light years ahead of Apple’s Maps app, and chances are that it will stay that way for a long tine from now on).

One popular discussion that has often surfaced when discussing Android tablets vs iPads in the past was the fact that iPad apps are generally better optimized than Android tablet apps. However, since the Nexus 7 came out, Google made major strides in enticing app developers to provide tablet-optimised versions of their apps.

At this point in time, I’m sure that each and every Android app developer with an intention to write apps that work on Android tablets are optimizing their code for the Nexus 7. Sure, there are plenty of Android apps that basically just stretch everything up so that the content takes up the entire real estate without properly arranging and designing it, but the number of non-tablet optimized apps in the Android ecosystem is becoming less significant each day.

Pros and cons

Apple iPad mini Pros

  • 35% more screen real estate than the Google Nexus 7
  • Just 7.2 mm thick

Apple iPad mini Cons

  • Lesser display
  • Lacks NFC
  • Apple Maps in iOS 6 are useless
  • Priced at $329 for the 16GB variant

Google Nexus 7 Pros

  • Better display
  • NFC capable
  • Cool design
  • Tegra Zone

Google Nexus 7 Cons

  • No 32GB variant… yet


While all of us can surely understand the fact that Apple’s iPad mini does not top off the Google Nexus 7 tablet in any conceivable way, some cannot begin to understand why did the Cupertino based manufacturer priced the 16GB version at $329, when the 16GB Google Nexus 7 offers better specs at $249, not to mention that an 8GB version of the Nexus 7 is also available for just $199.

The answer lies in the fact that Google did not aim to make money with the Nexus 7. Instead, the search engine giant copied the business model first introduced to the tablet market by the Amazon Kindle Fire: get the product in consumer hands at no profit so that you can increase your customer base, then make money by selling content (and ads). On the other hand, Apple’s business model wants you to pay extra moolah just so you can buy a device with an Apple logo. While this seems to work very well with high-end devices (such as the iPhone or the non-mini iPads), it remains to be seen how many people are willing to pay premiums on budget devices.

If you ask me, Apple’s premiums contradict the very principle of a budget device. What do you guys think? Are there any Google Nexus 7 owners that would like to switch to the Apple iPad mini? Let us know which way you swing in the comment section below!

Mike Andrici
Growing up in my father's PC store, I was surrounded by and developed a passion for technology ever since I was in kindergarten. However, advancements made in the technology world continue to amaze me on a daily basis! I've been writing about the Android OS since back in October 2008, when Google and HTC launched the first Android smartphone ever, the T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream. Although I'm no company's fanboy, Android is the mobile OS I devoutly support.
  • Andreas Hofer

    no way I’d trade in my nexus 7… good job, guys… people should really know that.

  • nexus 7 is best

    • Abdur Rehman

      you’re right

      • i am very happy with me nexus7, i will not change it..

        • nexus 7 is the best of the 7″ tab’s under £200 for a tegra 3!

  • Doug Scudder

    I can’t even conceive as to why someone would waste money on any Apple product, let alone an over priced hunk of aluminum that is supposed to be “budget”

    • Babi Asu

      Because everyone doesn’t want to buy half-assed tablet that run phone OS and apps.

      • dux

        Half-assed…. that beats the iPad in a way more key areas than it fails (and is $129 less).
        Phone OS…. because iOS6 on an ipad is SO different than iOS6 on an iphone….

        Whatever you say, bro.

        • dux

          No edit? Sorry, I think I read your post wrong Asu, I need more coffee….

        • PeterBlood

          Love the Android Denial Syndrome – ADS. Same ‘ol arguments that don’t hold water except in a delusional mind like yours. iPad Mini is far and away a superior experience than that tiny Nexus 7.

          • Nathan Buth

            I am curious on what you see as better. I am an avid user of a Nexus 7 and a iPad 3. iOS 6 is indeed literally the same just stretched on the iPad as it is on the iPhone/iTouch. With the Nexus 7, the OS is certainly more similar to the phone version than it has in the past, it does still indeed have some differences such as screen real estate for apps and widgets. You look at a jellybean android phone it is 4×4, the Nexus 7 is 6×6. The iPad mini is 4×4 while the iphone is 5×4(hehehe). So you could say it is an even LESS optimized OS for a tablet.

            That being said I would be comfortable buying an iPad Mini for the price announced IF it had an HD screen and the same internals as the iPad 3. But it doesn’t so that is a mute point.

            Now to tackle some arguments that you might use if you reply.

            Tablet optimized apps. Yes iOS has more, but it also is not able to take advantage of phone apps very well while Android can. On an iPad you are forced to view it as a minimized version or a stretched version. The minimized version is a pain to use and the stretched version looks horrible. On Android if in the same situation it will display full screen and not stretched. Seeing that most Android phones are 720p(same resolution as most Android tablets including the Nexus 7) most of the apps don’t even have to worry about stretching. Personally I would rather have ALL apps run well on a device as opposed to just those that are tablet optimized.

            Bigger screen on the mini does display slightly more content at a time than the Nexus 7 because it is BIGGER. It should be taken into account though that you can use the full screen of the Nexus 7 for browsing contrary to what Apple showed and the content shown will be clearer and crisper than what it will be on the iPad mini.

            I want you to realize that I love both OSs and I enjoy both of my tablets equally. But also that there is no way that the iPad mini that was announced today is even on par with let alone better than any of the current day Android tablets. Especially once you throw price into the picture.

          • PeterBlood

            Eventually the iPad Mini will have a Retina Display. Did you see the obvious shortfalls of the Android tablet display over iPad Mini in Apple’s demo? I’m not really interested in using phone apps on my iPad 3 since I have an iPhone 5. On the iPad Mini it might be more interesting but there is also Facetime and there are phone apps – none I’ve used though, don’t need to.

            To avoid that stretching you are talking about you need to use a native iPad app like Talkatone and not an iPhone app on the iPad. Obviously all iPhone apps don’t scale to iPad resolution but usually there are versions for both.

            Despite the fact it’s a little bigger (7.9″ vs 7″) the difference is like 35% in portrait and a whopping 67% bigger in landscape. It’s still the same resolution as the iPad 2 shrunk down so should appear a lot crisper. I have seen it yet so it’s hard to say.

            I disagree with you totally and you should wait until you actually hold an iPad Mini in your hands. The Apple ecosystem to me has always been the overriding factor in this stuff. But as always buy what you like, it’s a free country. If you don’t mind the malware, fragmentation, less well developed apps from developers who prefer iOS and fewer app choices go Android.

          • Okay, the stuff Apple mentioned was because of the operating system differences. If Android was to take that out they would probably be sued on their tablet as well. If you take out Android functions then the screens are pretty much the same. So, not as obvious of a difference.

          • PeterBlood

            Excuses, excuses…

          • AppleFansInDenile

            Nathan, people like you will always get more respect from non-Apple fans, than from dweebs like PeterBlood.

          • I love how you don’t give facts. You call people dillusional. Android has a better Maps application, better voice search, better real-time based search,Google Now. better movie watching experience where you can play your music and media from anywhere without proprietary software, removable battery, Tegra 3 processor for gaming. Believe me it runs smoother. All for less. By the way have fun when Apple releases another one in five months and you have to buy again. You know how much my tablet cost. 200 or 325. I will take that any day.

          • PeterBlood

            Show me your facts. You can’t, you’re shootin’ blanks.

            Android has a marginally better Maps application that Apple will supersede or at least match shortly (remember Google wouldn’t give Apple turn by turn so Apple had to jettison Google Maps and develop their own. Excuse them for living having to build one from scratch and gotten it this good so fast. Google’s been at it a lot longer but Apple learns FAST. Be very afraid.)

            I’ve never heard of any complaints about speed for games on a current Apple device. Never had issues watching movies either. Siri is at least as good as Google Voice and probably better and a lot more fun. Removable battery, yeah when you drop it! iPhone 5 is the current fastest processor not the Tegra 3.
            Read it and weep:

            And you know none of that really matters except to geeks like you who.

            By the way have fun when another Android phone comes out next week and you just shot your wad on the current model. At least we don’t have to worry about it but once a year – you, every other week.

            You know what the resale is on my iPad? Enough to have basically owned the iPad and enjoyed it for the same amount as you paid for your piece of Andreck.

          • we are talking about NOW. not the future. it WILL have retina display at some point. maps WILL be good at some point. when that time comes i may consider their product but until that time comes iPad mini is overpriced and cant keep up with competition. and please stop talking about android fragmentation. you may not get new update on 2 year old device but even 2.3 gingerbread has more features than iOS6. Cool, iphone 4 and 4s got iOS6 but people complain about battery life being a lot shorter(great optimization for older devices). Malware is an urban legend. i use android for long time, i installed tons of apps from store and and some unofficial and never had any problems with malware. you just have to read what resources app uses on install screen. oh, lets get back on topic, can you explain to me why exactly is iPad mini better than nexus 7?

          • PeterBlood

            The display will be very good NOW, Maps for the most part works great NOW and is getting better every day. The “overpriced” argument doesn’t hold water. Apple sells iPads for profit. Google and Amazon do not, in fact Amazon sells at a loss. You can’t expect everything to be subsidized.

            As one reviewer said:
            “Why would you compare a device offering 275,000 apps, finely crafted out of aluminum and glass, not plastic, with a 2mm thin display that offers over 35% larger screen area, 50% larger for surfing the Web in portrait, and 67% larger to surf the Web in landscape versus cheap app-less tiny screen tablets? iPad mini is not “pricey” at all. It’s the least expensive iPad in the world.”

            Also Rocco Pendola writes for The Street:
            “As Apple’s near-comical side-by-side comparison with the Nexus 7 shows, that tablet was thrown together with plastic and scant attention to detail. Google made a lame attempt to compete. And, because Jeff Bezos has a clue, Amazon set foot in the space only to further its e-commerce ecosystem. Nothing less, nothing more. Kindle Fire is little more than an Amazon credit card that just so happens to do a serviceable job playing music, streaming video and running apps.”

            Battery life was great on my iP4 and great on my iP5. But if you use any device all day long it will lose power that much quicker. Android devices anyway are notorious for bad battery life.

            As far as Malware on Android take another look:
            Android Malware and Hacking Rises by Nearly 500%

            The reviewers above pretty much answered the question about Android tablets vs iPads.

          • dro_ID

            Man, I’ve read all your comments, but you write stupid facts…
            – “Battery life was great on my iP4 and great on my iP5.” For how long? 6 hours? is it great if you surf 2 hours on your iphone?
            – “Android devices anyway are notorious for bad battery life.” no, really?? do you read what you write? :))
            All you iSheeps comment about “plastic”, because you have no other “spec” to comment about.
            It is so funny that like yesterday, all iSheeps in the world blamed the larger screens of Android phones, pretending that the 3.5 inch is perfect for web browsing or movie watching.
            Now, all iSheeps asks themselves: “Why would you compare a device […] with a 2mm thin display that offers over 35% larger screen area, 50% larger for surfing the Web in portrait, and 67% larger to surf the Web in landscape […]”

          • PeterBlood

            So let’s be honest here – what are your battery life times with the Android phone you use? Battery life issues are rife everywhere about Android. Do you live in a closet?


            Stop using dismissive terms like iSheep since you by definition you fit that word as well. Makes me think you are just another Fandroid a-hole. Try to be civil and not like the 10 year old you sound like.

            I use the iPad Mini large screen size argument as a mocking thing against the Nexus 7 since Fandroid used it so loudly against the iPhone compared to the Galaxy S3. “Where’s your Moses now, seeee.” So you guys will always come up with other BS to excuse your devices when they fall behind Apple. Hilarious!

          • notes2john

            o peter, peter, peter… google maps only marginally better? google has gone out and digitally mapped all these areas as a company, and now apple is using someone else’s mapping tech, not their own, and you cry foul because google took away turn by turn… to do better than google has done with the map capabilities, apple would (as a company) need to build it from ground up, creating without reference (copying) to google and have it used at the same level the majority of people use google’s.

          • PeterBlood

            Well what’s the point of having an iOS version of Google Maps and then you don’t supply the latest implementation on iOS UNLESS you are now a competitor? That of course is never a tenable situation. It’s a pretty easy concept to follow that Apple wasn’t about to fall behind and so developed their own pretty rapidly to be master of their own destiny. But sure it still needs to fill in at a few places. The program is already much better now and getting better daily. Not a big deal at all and it’s very much a usable program and most never see a problem. There are also numerous GPS map app programs available so REALLY not a problem. Maps does not make or break anything. Not even really worth discussing being a non-issue for people in the know.

            Google BOUGHT what has become Google Maps so did not develop it “from the ground up” either.

            Google Maps first started as a C++ program designed by two Danish brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen at the Sydney-based company Where 2 Technologies. It was first designed to be separately downloaded by users but the company later pitched the idea for a purely Web-based product to Google management, changing the method of distribution.[29] In October 2004 the company was acquired by Google Inc[30] where it transformed into the web application Google Maps.

          • how the hell is it superior? its more expensive, lower performance processor and lower res screen. please explain how it is better

          • PeterBlood

            Oh brother. Explained elsewhere.

          • notes2john

            peter you make these bold statements that everyone sees as someone who can’t fathom the thought of the product they stand behind being just another product. its not the holy grail of every aspect of the world. it’s just an object. don’t sell your soul on it.

          • PeterBlood

            You could bring that up in a conversation about cars as well but it’d be the same non sequitur. No one said anything we’re talking about is the Holy Grail. It’s a conversation about tech. Calm down. It’s easy to make bold statements when you know you are at least 95% right. Aww, let’s just make it an even 100%.

      • brimante

        I’m curious, do you actually have any specific reasons why you think it’s a “half-assed tablet that runs phone OS and apps”? In my experience, Android actually has a better tablet OS than Apple. iOS is literally the same UI as the phone on the iPad. Plus, you have to buy apps that are specific to tablets in order to get the tablet UI in the app. If you want the same app on your phone, you have to buy it twice. On android, you buy one app and it uses a different UI based on your screen size. It’s way better than iOS in this and many other regards. Please give me some specific reasons why it’s “half-assed” other than you just feel like it…

        • Babi Asu

          Because your experience doesn’t include iPad experience, that explains your acceptance of low quality applications.

          Many iOS apps are universal, that means you only bought once, you can run on iPhone and iPad. Some apps separate both system because the UI is quite different and the developer feels like his efforts deserve more reward.

          In Android, the apps are scaled up/down to any resolution, while in iOS separate resources are provided for each resolution. That’s why Android apps seems ugly, and most time when run on tablet, it feels very spacious because it just phone app scale up. Android developers are lazy to design app specifically for tablet, because they have no incentive to do so. That’s the fault of stingy fandroids, including you :D

          • Marvin Nakajima

            “In Android, the apps are scaled up/down to any resolution, while in iOS separate resources are provided for each resolution.”

            Actually this is not completely true. In developing Android apps the developer has the option of providing separate resources for each resolution they wish to support (yes, ALL of them if they really wanted to). The Android API allows smooth scaling of resources so many developers simply rely on the OS scaling for them. This is also why you can have a single Android app that has different UI when used on a phone compared to when used on a tablet. This is something iOS is not able to do simply because iOS was not designed with that flexibility.

          • brimante

            You obviously don’t get it. Android apps DO use different resources for the different resolutions. That’s why they look so great. However Android takes it one stop further and the entire application can look different, not just scaling, or resources, but can have completely different functionality. Maybe iOS can provide that as well, but to say that Android is deficient here is just ignorant. I’m willing to say I don’t know for sure about iOS, but I do know that Android does the things that you are claiming it does not. To say that the Android developers are lazy is also ignorant. Most of the apps are the same developers for both platforms so, if they are lazy when writing on Android, they are lazy when writing on iOS. I recently suggested my friend buy the game “The Bard’s Tale”. He has an iPhone. I was watching him play and the UI is terrible on it compared to Android. Just saying there are examples of UI’s that are better on Android, like the actual operating system (launcher, etc).

    • The bad part is Apple in order to compete with Android will have to come up with another tablet five months from now.

    • PeterBlood

      I know you prefer the plastic junk with near zero resale value. Bully for you.

      • dro_ID

        I know that iPhony 3GS had a tone of cheap cheap plastic, but wait… at that time it was… revolutionary! I prefer a smart phone covered in plastic rather than an i(diot)Phone 5 that needs covers made of rubber, silicone, and other junk materials. More than a roughly 90% of iPhony (no matter the model) have their craps in such covers. What’s the use of an aluminium body then?

        • PeterBlood

          Yes Apple evolves their manufacturing processes whereas unimaginative Android manufacturers stay with cheap plastic.

          Hmm well as far as a cover most of your fellow Fandroid like covers or at least that was their take when they saw this below. Can’t have it both ways:

          Samsung Galaxy S3 drop test – Samsung fans, it’s not looking pretty!

    • RK

      it isn’t a budget tablet. it’s not meant to be a budget tablet.

  • Carlo W

    32GB Nexus 7 is in the wild. Spotted already.


  • Sean M

    :cough: Galaxy note look-a-like :cough:

    • NuMoo

      “Sean M • 5 hours ago −
      :cough: Galaxy note look-a-like :cough:”

      Thanks for confirming Samsucx copied the iPad 2 and made a miniature “note”….cause the iPad Mini is just like the iPad 2 just a few inches smaller!

      Any lawyers in here?

  • big daddy

    i’ve been awaiting the iPad Mini Launch. Disappointed with price given the fact that the technology is not cutting edge. How long has the ipad 2 been out? The put retina in the new ipods, why not the ipad mini? I’m still on the fence. If google would come out with something new before the holidays, I would wait. Google? its up to you!!

    • PeterBlood

      What kind of “cutting edge” do you need does the iPad Mini not satisfy? What does it not do to your satisfaction? Are to just a speccer and that’s all you use to judge with? Sad.

      • Marvin Nakajima

        I must be missing something. Besides being smaller what does the iPad mini offer that is new compared with already available iPads.

        • PeterBlood

          The iPad Mini is for those who want a smaller iPad is all. And that will prove to be millions of people. For kids it’s a boon, for portability also a boon. The largest mini display on the smallest device. Apple maximized the screen from comparable 7″ competition. Pretty cool actually.

          I might wait until they get genuine Retina Display on them though they may look great now, haven’t seen one yet, no one really has accept the press and reviewers. Yep many naysayers will finally get a look at one at an Apple Store, weaken, shake at the knees at it’s coolness and buy one. This is usually the nature of things fruity. :)



    • PeterBlood

      That “joke” will sell millions and millions while your precious Android fail-blets sell in dozens.

      • iamnotasheep

        But why does it matter who sells more tablets, fuck-face ? Isn’t it about the quality… sheep ?

        • anonimuss

          Some people are under the impression that greater sales equals a greater product.

          • PeterBlood

            And some people are under the impression that a crappier Android product is actually better.

          • vikings football

            how is android crappier than apple/iOS, when android has a 3-1 marketshare…apple may outsell samsung, but you forget that samsung is not the only seller of android…samsung is just one out of a dozen android seller…if there were a dozen other sellers selling iOS devices and i can garantee you that apples marketshare wouldnt be where its at.

            dont forget too, that android device makers (samsung, LG, etc…) keep apple alive by supplying them tech componants for their mobile devices…i cant wait to see when these android devices makers stop dealing/supplying apple…as samsung is doing in a recent news report

          • PeterBlood

            Read here and you’ll find all the answers you so desperately need. How much money is Android making for Google and how much money is Apple making with iOS? I rest my case. Apple makes 71% of all smart phone profit. It’s not a market share game but Apple’s market share is actually increasing. 22% of former Android users are switching back. 40% of teens want iPhone.

            Apple is paying for it’s components many of which it develops so Samsung and others aren’t doing them favors as much as you would like to believe that. Now I think I’ve heard everything in the really lame reasoning dept.. You really are a techtard is you haven’t realized for some time now Apple has already been moving away from Samsung as a supplier. Samsung’s announcement has been met with much laughter since everyone know Apple is proactively dumping THEM. They just want to SEEM like their the top dog crapping on Apple when in reality they’re the Crappee.

            Hate to break it to you but Apple CEO Tim Cook has got great control of their supply chain and they have seen for some time now they need to get away from competitors who are suppliers. Also because now Samsung can’t look over their shoulder to steal. Samsung is the Nathan Thurm of the tech world. Look up Martin Short’s character to see what I mean.

            I don’t see the relevance of your market share diatribe. Most Android phones are cheap low end crap, not high end models. Who cares if Apple’s phone isn’t made by lots of other manufacturers. That’s not how Apple rolls. And Apple takes home most of the smart phone profit. heh.

          • dro_ID

            A crappier Android product will not ever be better, that is simple logic. But a premium Android device will always be much better than an iOS device. This is not simple logic, but proved facts.

          • PeterBlood

            One man’s “premium” is another man’s rejected choice. Premium often is in the eye of the beholder. It all depends on what’s important to you.

          • dro_ID

            :) Man, but I know you reply everyone’s comment… Very well, and most important is to do it in a civilized way. About what you’ve replied here, you must admit that some facts are totally objective, like the definition of “premium”, others are totally subjective, like “better experience”. If you compare HTC one X or S3 or Motorola HD Razz with iPhunny, you will see what is premium. An aluminium shell does not mean “premium” for a smartphone, but for some others could mean.

          • PeterBlood

            Mostly I reply pretty civilized except to those who insult and use the same tired, unimaginative, disingenuous, dismissive cliches. These are aka a-holes.

            Android and Apple do have different appeal to different groups but I stand by my statement that the Apple phone and ecosystem are the best overall phone system. And I don’t believe most people are not interested in the same things a very select, small niche group of geeks want.

            If you notice in tech they are two different groups but each should be able to get what they want I agree – I’m happy, you’re happy. You are focused excessively on hardware which is typical for Fandroid geeks, Apple is focused on the whole experience for which Android is still lacking. Apple design is also very appealing and Android phones are NOT particularly appealing in this regard, mostly just adequate. You don’t have to take my word for it, the iPhone is the best selling phone in the world even while there are more Android phones sold, most of which are not the “premium” phones.

          • NuMoo

            So…..the fact that Android sales in smartphone out sell iPhones is not an indicator that Android is a better product?

            Thanks Dumb Ass!!!

        • PeterBlood

          In this case a happy joint issue of most sales and best device.

      • ursostupid

        more sales doesn’t mean better product… just remember windows vista… it sold like crazy… it’s not worth shit… iCrap is just well marketed… nothing more no innovation anywhere near apple these days

        • PeterBlood

          That’s completely and disingenuously false. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about. It takes more than marketing to get people to buy. It takes solid devices and a great ecosystem but you keep talking yourself into your own fantasy world.

          • Marvin Nakajima

            Have to add that it helps to have a place to try out the products (Apple Stores) and that once bought (nice big investment) I would think that person would be reluctant to simply get rid of it quickly.

          • PeterBlood

            Yeah when most people buy into any ecosystem and have a investment in it it’s hard to switch. Apple Stores are great places to buy and way better than Fry’s or Costco where you might buy competing products. Apple suffered through that situation with partners for years and finally realized it didn’t work.

            I don’t know if you recall but one analyst called the Apple Stores when they were first being built “a mistake and a failure.”

            As of 8/2012 Apple has 393 stores worldwide making more by far per sq. ft. than any other store regardless of type of store including Tiffanys.

          • Spanky

            As of 8/2012 Apple has 393 stores worldwide making more by far per sq. ft. than any other store regardless of type of store including Tiffanys.”
            Again, this is what happens when a company sells fashion accessories.

          • PeterBlood

            Bitterness and jealousy make people say all kinds of disingenuously retarded things. I’m sure 93% of the Forbes 500 who are implementing iPads and iPhones would be surprised to learn that Apple goods are only fashion accessories and not devices to actually get work (and play) done. Do us all a favor and climb back into your denial hole.

      • Matt

        The only reason why it will sell more is because everyone else loves apple. The company runs on fans. No one thinks if its better or not. They just buy the phone/tablet that everyone else buys

        • PeterBlood

          Most people love Apple for a reason. They are a device leader making slick devices and have the best ecosystem which seems to be the thing everyone misses here being so focused as they are on the hardware specs. It’s the totality of the experience, not a Tegra 3, 4,5,…10 processor or warp drive mod.

          • Marvin Nakajima

            The totality of the experience is quite correct. That’s part of the reason people also purchase Androids. Some want features that may never come to iOS devices. Others find that Android devices meet their idea of Price/Performance better than iOS devices. The ecosystem is simply one factor. It’s BECAUSE there are so many devices that fit all those users that as a total more Android devices are sold. Fragmentation is really only a problem for developers. Users could really care less.

          • PeterBlood

            Well yeah though no one here really paints any real case for anything all that desirable by going Android that you can’t get with iOS. There should always be alternate choices that cater to a customers particular needs and by no means do I want to give the idea it should be a 100% Apple world. Competition is good and keeps Apple on their toes as well as the competitors. So in that respect I am very happy about Android and Windows phones. But then Apple has always been their own best competitor and they have historically proven that if it’s right they will preempt their own products and jump to something new.

            Users have to care about fragmentation since it limits their choices. If they are happy with what choices they are given that’s cool. I’ll bet many people don’t use much more than what was on the phone when they bought it. Also when fragmentation is a problem for developers it means they develop less for that ecosystem. So not good for Android.

      • dro_ID

        Volkswagen Beetle was sold in 21 million units, being one of the best product ever in auto industry; it was the most successful car at its time. However, nowadays it would be one of the worst car ever. Still, if iOS/iPad/iPhony would be Volkswagen Beetle, and Android/Nexus/etc would be an Audi R8 (19.088 units sold until 2011), you would say “Beetle is way above R8!!”
        Seriously… :)

        • PeterBlood

          I had a ’65 Beetle painted competition orange once. Loved that car, until I rolled it in ’74. :( The new ones are kinda cool.

          Everyone assumes Apple will remain stagnant when in reality there’s stuff in their lab none of us can guess at now. iPhones and iPad’s will evolve like everything does and everyone here can then decide which ecosystem they want which appears to be Apple, Android and Windows 8 & Surface. What a lovely problem to have eh?

  • notbugs

    I’m extremely happy with my Nexus 7 and even though i’d never would buy any Apple products i’m not even impressed with the iPad mini. It seems like Apple has lost its edge. The days when they released products that could arouse my envy seems to be all gone.

    • PeterBlood

      That’s because in those days no one else made an alternative. Now we have choices – you have your inferior Android ecosystem and it’s so-so offerings, I have a superior Apple ecosystem and it’s terrific offerings. Enjoy your tech!

      • Ivan Budiutama

        “you have your inferior Android ecosystem and it’s so-so offerings”
        Learn to write properly even when you’re bashing or ppl will consider you an idiot (or iSheep in this case) and you just showed (or proof) how swallow is your mind

        • PeterBlood

          Thanks for your ridiculous ramblings. I made perfect sense – try and learn English. People who say things like the tired and cliche “iSheep” though are unimaginative dismissive clods without an original thought in their tiny brains.

          • Ivan Budiutama

            You’re hopeless enjoy your “budget” tablet btw.

          • PeterBlood

            Ditto on your cheap assed, inferior & Google subsidized Android tablets. I still think it’s hilarious that you would go to such vitriolic lengths to criticize me on the possessive pronoun & contraction of “it” when you had nothing worthy to say. Typical techtard. There is such a thing as a typo yah know. Auto-correct can have it’s fun with us too. Enjoy your tech!

          • NuMoo

            His typing isn’t any better “…) how swallow is your mind”….I guess one should not throw stones, when one lives in a glass home…HA HA HA

          • PeterBlood

            I’m so embarrassed for you coming off as a complete laughing jackass. Are you “swallowing” minds now? Good you sure as hell need one.

          • Thai Caine

            All you said Peter does not tell anyone why the Nexus 7 is inferior. The IPad does have a better build quality, a rear facing camera, and a wider screen, but I belive that the Nexus’ hardware is much better than the IPad mini. Applications on iOS are more stable, but the apps on Android are becoming more stable. I had an IPad and i loved it, then I jail-broke it and it was much better. Then I got an Android tablet and realized that I could do much more on Android. I could costumize the look, the software, and the hardware very easily.You should use an Android device and go deep into its root, and you’d be amazed by the things you can change. I never changed anything because I did not like the system but to expiriment.

          • PeterBlood

            Besides the much larger readable screen at the same overall size and hundreds of thousands of apps actually written to be used on a iPad/tablet?

            As Rocc Pendola for The Street writes, “As Apple’s near-comical side-by-side comparison with the Nexus 7 shows, that tablet was thrown together with plastic and scant attention to detail. Google made a lame attempt to compete. And, because Jeff Bezos has a clue, Amazon set foot in the space only to further its e-commerce ecosystem. Nothing less, nothing more. Kindle Fire is little more than an Amazon credit card that just so happens to do a serviceable job playing music, streaming video and running apps.”

            And another observation:

            “Why would you compare a device offering 275,000 apps, finely crafted out of aluminum and glass, not plastic, with a 2mm thin display that offers over 35% larger screen area, 50% larger for surfing the Web in portrait, and 67% larger to surf the Web in landscape versus cheap app-less tiny screen Nexus tablets?”

            “Apple’s Phil Schiller told reporters as much today following the iPad mini’s debut, saying he expects consumers to recognize quality and be willing to pay for it. (And those who won’t deserve their fate.)

            “Theirs is made of plastic,” Schiller said, referring to the Android tablet. “The entire Android product is thicker and heavier.” Not to mention that they have no apps beyond upscaled phone apps and random “marketplaces” full of malware.

            I think screen size and actually having apps written for the larger iPad size and not for the phones alone is enough. No need to gild the lily.

          • Thai Caine

            Also, I love the look of the games optimized for the Tegra 3 SoC in the Nexus 7. If I was able to customize things using iOS, and if Apple used Tegra 3’s as their IPad SoC, and their products were cheaper (please don’t call me cheap because I don’t spend allot) I would favor Apple. The excitement is not present in Apple devices.

          • PeterBlood

            Well maybe the “excitement” isn’t in there for you but it certainly is for countless millions of others. All depends on what you need it for and games is the only reason I can see geeks getting hot and bothered about processors since most processors are more than adequate for everything else. Wish I had time to play games but like most have real work to do. Apple’s devices and ecosystem fit my lifestyle (and plenty of others) like a glove.

            You buy what you can afford and there’s no shame in that.

          • how is nexus 7 inferior to ipad mini?

          • PeterBlood

            You are late to the party. That question has been answered numerous times here already. Pay attention.

      • bigmo

        Your such a mug! Blinded by a grany smith……lol at you. Wannabe payroll fan. Dick. Your iPad mini is a outdated iPad2 just smaller! Even your precious iPad3 is being replaced by the iPad4, I which people are felling like they’ve been done! Yeah crack on mate!

        • PeterBlood

          It really hurts supporting the losing tablet system doesn’t it? Go ahead, let your anger out and take your rant meds. Sorry mate, Apple wins again and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it.

          • Losing tablet system? Is this dude joking? Android is slowly taking over the smartphone and tablet wars. Haven’t you noticed? It seems like you haven’t experienced the true power of an android device yet. When you do, you’ll make the switch.

          • Don’t Feed the Trolls!

          • PeterBlood

            Yeah Omega Man, you see any!?

          • PeterBlood

            Show me Android tablet sales vs Apple iPad sales now fool. Put up or shut up. Actually I think Windows Surface will kick Android tablets butt pretty hard.

            Have YOU noticed Apple can’t keep up with iP5 smart phone demand? Have YOU noticed Apple makes like 71% of all smart phone profit? Market share without profit is pointless.
            Who cares about Android market share since the majority of Android phones sold are the cheapest crappiest ones. There are a lot of cheap Android tablets sold too and both phones and tablets are bought by cheapskate consumers who either spend very little on apps or use pirated ones. You know who you are.
            Apple owns 91% of mobile tablet web traffic. So where are all these “voluminous” Android tablets anyway? Apple CEO Tim Cook probably guessed correctly saying they were all probably still in a drawer, unused…

          • Have you also noticed that the only way they make profit is through Mobile. Android is winning or they would not be sueing.

          • PeterBlood

            I already answered this incredibly lame comment for you down below. You had to ask it twice? Apple is not suing over winning or losing. As far as money making in mobile Apple is kicking all comers ass HARD to the curb. Market share does not matter as much as actually making money. (There’s a lot of cheap Android crap sold out there.)

            Apple sells everything it makes as fast as it can. Google makes almost nothing from Android. Just a means to an end for them to sell advertising and those avenues are starting to close down and the search paradigm is shifting away.

            Here’s Why Google Could Disappear in Five Years

          • Shannon Doak

            I read the article and they suggest that someone should change the way you search on Mobile devices and suggest Siri. Google already did it with Google Now. When I want to search all I have to do is say “Google” and then my search terms. Done! Google is smart and they will always find ways to continue.

          • PeterBlood

            May the best man, or company, win then. You know what my money is on. Google doesn’t have a lot of friends though and they are becoming a rapidly diminished services company for millions and million of iOS device users.

          • DPlos11

            Because we all saw what happens when Apple tries to kick a Google service and do it themselves. Maps anyone?

          • PeterBlood

            Shall we look at Google Maps V1.0 as well and compare? Apple Maps is terrific actually and Flyover cool, but then how would you know since you’re so busy hating Apple and using a jail broken Android with pirated apps.

          • *rooted not jailbroken. jailbreaking if for the apple crap phone

          • PeterBlood

            Whatever, you know what I mean. I don’t “root” Android phones since I don’t have one and treasure my time and life too much to jail break my already fine iPhone 5. Rooting and jail breaking are for tinkerers and video game enthusiasts who have no other life.

          • Marvin Nakajima

            If you are talking about iOS6 not having Google Maps as the main ‘diminishment’ you may want to keep an eye on the download numbers for the Google Maps app (when it becomes available). In the meantime I doubt it has changed any of the income Google receives from all the websites visited by iOS users that use Google Maps API on their site.

          • PeterBlood

            Oh yeah why wouldn’t it? Losing 100 million iOS users has no impact? A rather disingenuous statement. It has certainly on future map revenues such as selling locally targeted ads based on a user’s Maps location or search queries. Apple will keep that money now.

            Here’s What Google Will Lose When Apple Wipes Google Maps From The iPhone

          • Marvin Nakajima

            100 million iOS users will have to NOT download the Google Maps App AND not visit sites that use the Google Maps API for that to happen. Of course this is also assuming those 100 million iOS users actually used Google Maps at all when it was available. For all we know most didn’t really use it much so it actually does not have the massive impact the media would have you believe.

          • PeterBlood

            Currently there is no Google App for iOS and Google has not committed to making one. Time will tell how much impact a near Google-less iOS will be as Apple strips out as much Google as it can. All I can say is “good riddance.”

          • well we all know google is the better company don’t we

          • PeterBlood

            No it isn’t, not by a long shot. Google is manned by thieves and ne’er-do-wells. Their primary source of income in Search is being severely challenged (and they know it too hence their desperation) and they ain’t really got another pot to piss in. In another couple of years I fully expect to see a greatly diminished and humiliated Google.

          • Kiko

            Yeah better in lag smartphones and tablets.. Thats why i switched apple where every thing is smooth

          • Ya boiii

            Yes, they do a very good job of selling our personal information.

          • Darktanone

            Add to that, 75% of Google’s mobile profits comes from the iPhone. Hahahaaa…Imagine that, they make less money from their own Android OS and have to depend on Apple’s iOS for the lion’s share. Additionally, Apple has paid their developers over $6 billion. Last I heard, Google has paid less than $500 million to their developers. Need I say more?

          • Carolina

            Half of the world already disappeared according to IOS Maps. Big deal.

          • PeterBlood
          • he is right

          • Shannon Doak

            “Have YOU noticed Apple makes like 71% of all smart phone profit?” That’s because they have a larger profit margin. They price every product ridiculously high. I could get a Chromebook, Nexus 7 and a Galaxy Nexus phone for the price of one MacBook Pro.

          • PeterBlood

            The triumvirate of cheap geek crap. Enjoy your plastic!

          • Spanky

            Enjoy your fashion accessory!

          • PeterBlood

            Bitterness and jealousy (and disingenuous retarded comments) are a real bee-yotch eh? 93% of Fortune 500 companies would be surprised to learn the iPhones & iPads they are implementing are only built for fashion and not real work since companies like that only buy the best and most secure devices. Go climb back into your denial hole.

          • Carolina

            “Go climb back into your denial hole.”

            Yes, P.B. had this dream again….

          • PeterBlood

            You confuse dreams with facts, a common Fandroid malady, so I understand where you are coming from.

          • @PeterBlood:disqus Enjoy your fragile, brittle glass, your underpowered hardware, your underfeatured (and underwhelming) OS, and your shrinking wallet.

          • PeterBlood

            Currently it’s Android phones that are underpowered – iP5 is the current fastest phone. And it doesn’t mean a thing except to disingenuous techtard geeks.

            My wallet is not shrinking, it’s expanding with my Apple stock. A $7,000 investment with the original investment even taken out is now worth over $200,000.00. What has Google and Samsung done for your wallet? I thought so.

            People like you think of Apple as a static company never giving them credit for also thinking waaay ahead. Check the financials, there’s nothing remotely fragile about Apple so your statement is again like many of your clueless Fandroid just more wishful thinking.

            People are clamoring for Apple products. The iPad Mini sold out in 17 minutes online. Brittle glass bah. The only “empire” about to crumble here, if one were to crumble, is Google and therefore Android.

          • Peter you tool

            Hey Peter I just have to say I was a big Apple fan until I got my hands on the galaxy note 1. I have bought every apple to date and I have to say the galaxy note 2 is the best mobile device out there. Apple is so restricted it sucks. As soon as I got used to my Gnote 1 there was no going back. I have the iphone 5 its okay but it’s so small and not the fastest out there. So stop talking shite and buy an android phone a decent one and then come on to this site and give a fair review. ANDROID RULES.

          • PeterBlood

            Great, glad you have something that works for you. And what were the specific things that you couldn’t live without, that your life has been so greatly enhanced by? (Usually the answer falls to dust in the light of day.) Was it worth the tradeoffs?

            Your Fandroid post language says to me you were NEVER an Apple fan but just another fickle feckless Google sheep geek or a geek with allegiance to no one. And you saying factually incorrect things like the iP5 “isn’t the fastest smart phone,” because actually, it is. Nice try Fandroider.

          • Marvin Nakajima

            Keeping up with iP5 demand is a bit different this year when compared to the 4S. There are a few factors limiting production right now that contribute to the current result of Apple not being able to keep up. A couple off the top of my head are 1) Chinese riots that have stopped production of iPhone5 in at least 2 instances to date. 2) Apple ordering a production slowdown so that more care is put into preventing scratches on the devices before they even get to customer’s hands.

          • PeterBlood

            Yes you are right (though the riots have been overblown and not had any real impact) and one of their two screen partners is supposed to be having problems so having only one consistent screen supplier is a little dicey now that Samsung is out of the picture (Any illusion other than it was Apple kicking Samsung out is mere laughable Samsung spin.) But Tim Cook is expert at solving issues like this (Panasonic probably soon to be on board) and in the end Apple will only be in a much stronger position while “suffering” a little short term manufacturing pain.

            Conditions in China factories for Samsung are way worse than any of Apples and the spotlight truly deserves to go there.


          • Ya boiii

            And yet the iPhone 5 is the fastest selling phone of all time.

          • Marvin Nakajima

            Like a Sprinter is not the same as a marathon runner, ‘fastest’ depends on your race. From what I remember if you consider that the iPhone5 was released in a few more countries compared to the 4S, on average it actually sold ‘slower’ than it’s predecessor. With each iteration of the Galaxy S line, Samsung seems to get leaps closer to topping iPhone line sales. 30mil in about 5months is nothing to sneeze at compared to the smartphone market only a few months prior.

          • Ya boiii

            So basically, in fewer words, you’re saying I’m right. Fair enough.

          • Marvin Nakajima

            Yes, the iPhone5, with the stipulation that it was actually slower than the sales for 4S when you consider the number of countries each was open to initially.

            The next target for contention I guess is the number of Apple iPhones vs. Samsung Galaxy devices. May take a while but I suspect the latter will catch up at the rate they seem to be selling.

          • The results came in… iPhone 5 sold WAY faster than 4S did… in fact, Apple sold 10m more than last quarter.

          • Marvin Nakajima

            Good for them.. Let’s hope they keep it up lest the iPhone5 become only the 2nd best selling iPhone.. I believe the 4S is still way ahead due to some iPhone4 users only upgrading to the 4S over the 5 due to price and the new connector. If Apple keeps up their current policy of having a phone in the market for 3 years before retiring it the 4S may still sell well yet.

          • yes there are alot of iPad sales that only proves how many idiots apple attracts

          • PeterBlood

            Yeah because it isn’t remotely possible Apple provides the best overall satisfying experience and gives people exactly what they want and so buy them by the many many MANY millions. The few Android tablets sold shows how many ultra-moron Android fans that buy tablets with completely inadequate ecosystems. Blech. Love your hubris that suggests you are smarter than millions upon millions. Take a closer look, “you may not like what you find” as Dr. Zaius once said.

          • Kiko

            Idiot? Ipad is such a helpful device…. You’re only saying that because you dont have an ipad…. Fool

          • Carolina

            Driving from a not existing bridge on your amazing IOS Maps, hurts.

            But continue, make Steve proud! lol

          • PeterBlood

            Apple Maps works GREAT for me and in many respects is superior to Google. Any issues with it merely temporary. Google Maps weren’t so good in Version 1 actually. Thanks for your smug, disingenuous and unoriginal post from your Android House of Cards. Too bad you still have to use phone apps for your Android tablets, suffer with increasing malware, suffer with inferior versions of iOS apps, etc. Well maybe, actually you do deserve all things Android after all.

          • Just explain to me how Apple wins? From your tone and argument methods you seem to know less about tech than my grandmother. ANY tech savvy individual with half a brain would choose Android over iOS. The iOS community ITSELF expresses it discontent with iOS by JAILBREAKING. As of 2010 10% of ALL Apple products are jailbroken. Out of every 10 iDevice user you see there is at least 1 traitor. When I discovered the functionality available by jailbreaking I almost had an seizure. I COULD FREAKIN’ DOWNLOAD THINGS WITH THE WEB BROWSER!!! TECH-BONER!!!
            Makes you think, huh?

          • PeterBlood

            You show me how Apple loses when they make billions in profit with devices and an ecosystem people want and not suffer with as with Android (fragmentation over a plethora of devices, malware and app-lack)?

            I don’t deny anyone their choice and that always comes up here. No one said you can buy anything fool thing you want so stop feeling threatened.

            My guess is less than 1% of people jailbreak. You say 10%. Knock yourself out – those are the geeks who have a pathological need to tamper and mod. Those aren’t average users who don’t want to turn their phones into lawnmowers.

            I have no desire to be part of the world you are part of. I have no need to do those things like some sort of challenge that you do simply because I can do all those things with different devices without need to jailbreak. But you go ahead, no one’s stopping you or other’s. My opinion on these matters is not some lordly decree denying commoners like you. Do what makes you happy.

          • Less than 1%? How do you figure? I’d bet there is at least 1 iPhone user in every country in the world. But the iPhone officially works in a handful of them. Everywhere else people have to jailbreak and unlock to use the iPhone as a mere phone.
            And pathological? Jeez, what world do you live in Mary Poppins?

          • PeterBlood

            I believe I said it was “my guess” if you actually read my missive the comment meaning I think fewer people do it than popularly thought. For example I don’t know anyone who has either jailbreaked an iPhone or rooted an Android phone and that’s a lot of people.

            Your just jealous I can say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”!

            Geeks (and I am one too) who spend excessive time on their tech doing this kind of stuff are no doubt the type who whither away their lives also playing video games. The word for these types starts with an “L”.

          • Apple is not winning. Why do you think they are sueing

          • PeterBlood

            Well they are not suing because of any perception (a falsehood) of “losing”. (Show me how profit/loss wise just how they are losing, hmmmm? Show me Google’s profit on Android. Not much yah say?) They are suing because Samsung infringed and copied from Apple, as it any companies right to legitimately do so, like it or not. You don’t like it because you’re no doubt an Android toady so it comes under the category of “wishful thinking”. Just because you like Android doesn’t mean Apple doesn’t have rights or anyone in a similar position. That’s just dumb.

          • Matt

            Apple is during because there is actually a device that can beat it. Android caught up with them now and Apple can’t handle not having the best operating system anymore.

          • PeterBlood

            During what? If you mean dying there is no empirical evidence of that except your silly word and ridiculous analysis. Excuse me if I choose to not to take you seriously by the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

          • vitalicboi

            Apple is suing Samsung for one reason. Samsung is clearly becoming the leader of the cellphone industry and that is going to really hurt Apple. Why else would they just be suing Samsung and not the several other companies out their who have “supposedly” copied the iPhone. There are many other phones out there inspired by the iPhone and made by other companies. Why isn’t apple suing them as well? Because Apple isn’t afraid of companies using their ideas. It’s because Apple wants to take out the competition.

          • PeterBlood

            How is Samsung the leader? It makes a fraction of the money Apple makes (19% vs Apple’s 71%) on smart phones and only has about 26% of the Android market. Nice try. Apple is not worried in the least, how can they since you made this up in your head?

            Apple has only sued the companies that directly copied. Who else has? You give no evidence of this. Eventually they will probably sue Google directly. Inspiration isn’t a problem, COPYING is a problem.

            As far as “taking out the competition” Apple CEO Tim Cook said:

            Tim Cook: (talking about patent cases in court) Well it’s a pain in the [rear]. It’s important that Apple not be the developer for the world. We can’t take all of our energy, and all of our care, and finish the painting and have someone else put their name on it. The worst thing in the world that can happen to you, is if you’re an engineer and you’ve given your life to something, is to have someone rip it off. We just want people to develop their own stuff, and not rip us off.

            Walt Mossberg: But people say you rip them off.

            Tim Cook: If you look at most of those, those are on standards-essential patents. Those carry a responsibility of the owner to license those. Something like, to connect to a 3G network. So the issue with the system relative to this is that this is an economic argument. No one should be able to get an injunction off a standards-essential patent. The owner has to license it. So when someone comes to you and tries to get some obscene amount of money from you, they’re saying they want to go get an injunction, they’re using it.

          • Nazz_Andi

            Just to get into your point about Copying.. This Chinese brand “S Nexian Magic” copied your beloved i(diot)Phone from-head-to-toe.. No news about Apple taking this to the court.. Why?? Because there’ll be very little effect this phone has over iPhone, so why bother suing this “ridiculously” iPhone’s clone?? So, let’s get this Samsung & its partner (Google) to the court.. Why?? Because Tim Cook is such a coward, that afraid to face growing competition..

            By the way, you were mocking & bad-mouthing Google so much.. Just wondering.. Don’t you use Google for web-search on your Desktop?? Or maybe, you hate Google so much that you never visit YouTube?? And finally.. Here you are, in a website named “Android Authority”?? Just wondering, what would such a narrow-minded Fanboy do in this website?? Ohh, I know.. You hate Google so much, you just can’t live your life obssessing Google.. Such an irony.. Btw, please say “hi” to the soon-to-be-30-cm upcoming iPhone10.. :)

          • PeterBlood

            Copying is bad no matter who does it. Are you trying to justify it? Tim Cook has said he doesn’t want Apple to be the world’s R&D department and they have only sued people who infringed as is any comanpies right. It has nothing to do with being “afraid” except in your mind, being very limited to be able to properly analyze anything except as a total joke. Comments like yours make many laugh out loud. Ignorance in it’s purest form.

            No I practice what I preach. I use Bing actually until Apple develops their own search service which they no doubt will. Google I think will soon fade in power and influence. They are a mostly a one trick pony in search. Google btw isn’t the only search service out there but with your limited intellect or being a Google toady you probably don’t realize that. I don’t visit Youtube often but that was acquired by Google, not invented by them. As usual Google buys or steals a lot of their tech, like the patents they got when they bought Motorola and then tried to use, immorally and illegally, those FRAND patents against Apple which were summarily rejected by the courts. If you don’t recognize as many on the Internet do that Google is outright evil then you don’t get out much. Wishful thinking seems to be the Fandroid mantra.

            Dont try to be clever – you’re decidedly not. I’ve seen all the Apple parodys and some of them are very funny. Apple users have a sense of humor, it’s telling Google/Android users do not. Enjoy your hobbled craptastic tech!

          • Nazz_Andi

            Still dude.. Not answering that “S Nexian Magic” clone of your iPhone there. Any news from the HQ about it??

            Don’t get me wrong, I used to have iBook G4 & I was happy with it. But iDevices are getting pricey. To put that way high profit margin is beyond me. Call me stupid if you may, but anyone who actually buys iPhone/iPad should be informed about the exact “fresh-out-of-oven” price of each device. And if you know about it & still go with it, it’s your call. Enjoy that.

            As for me, iPhone & iPad are still a no-no. I’m happy with my Android, that gives me freedom on whatever I wanna do with my own device. In addition to that, almost half of Apps on my LG are paid apps.

            FYI, I’m using both Google & Bing. Use both in my notebook, Use Google on my Android & Bing on my WindowsPhone. So your argument is invalid. And ohh… You’re using Bing then? Isn’t it coming from that company most of iDevice-owners tend to hate? What’s the name?? Ohh, I know.. Microsoft.

            Seen so much on how iDevice-owners commenting Microsoft & (lately) Google. Just to inform you, that Google provides dedicated micro-site to inform & educate people on how to switch to Windows 8 and still maintaining your Google services. Talk about being coexist in harmony to one another.

            Haha, some of your counter-arguments there were only about me being so stupid by mocking your hi-tech-plus-highly-innovative iDevice.. You’re so great there, that you couldn’t satisfy my points about “S Nexian Magic” & you being here inside this Andorid-based community-site.

            Lastly, I’m enjoying my hobbled craptastic tech.. And thanks to you, I’m loving it even more now. I believe you feel the same with your iDevice. Oh, don’t forget to say “hi” as well to the additional app-drawer grid on iPhone5. Finally, who knew that iPhone can now has more icons in 1 app-drawer page. Such an innovation.

            *fyi, call me stupid or moronic if you may. I’m working at digital-based agency that deals with various gadgets daily. so, I know quite well. including your precious iPhone5*

            Cheers.. :D

          • PeterBlood

            Nope not aware of any Apple suits against small companies copying the iPhone but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Obviously companies like Apple go after the big fish first like master copier Samsung.

            As far as prices with phones most of this stuff is subsidized so I take your criticism with a grain of salt. Android like PC’s by it’s nature has to charge less to compete and Google doesn’t cash in on it so there is no “Android tax” in terms of licensing the OS to add to it’s cost like most others do. It’s not right to expect that to be the norm. Google is simply buying market share.

            Let’s face it if you had the money you would buy Apple all the way. People justify Android because they don’t have the money for the good stuff. Also as far as Android tablets go they are actually being sold at a loss. If Amazon & Google sold their devices at normal business mark up they would be very close to Apple. So you can’t blame Apple for not playing the race to the bottom game.

            It’s when Fandroiders spew the same tired cliches, insults and disingenuous tripe and made up opinions treated as fact that I lose patience. Talk to me like an adult and you will be likewise treated.

            Believe it or not I’m very happy you enjoy your hobbled tech as I enjoy my unhobbled Apple stuff. Bigger screen means more icons yes on the iP5 but no one has said that was an Innovation so that’s a pretty disingenuous thing to say. I love the size of my iPhone and hope it gets no larger. I have to laugh at you and others thinking a larger screen phone in general is an innovation. So when I buy a larger screen for my computer I am “innovating?” I have an iPad Mini, full sized iPad, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro’s so I’m pretty well covered for anything, any occasion. I also have Apple stock worth near a quarter of a million so Apple has paid ME for all of the Apple hardware I have ever bought since 1992 and then some. How about you? Hmmm, thought so.

            If you work at a digital-based agency (whatever the hell that is) then you should know better than to put down the iP5 and know the difference between unbridled and incomplete tech on Android with app-lack and Android tablets using mostly phone apps cheating the user out of tablet optimized apps. Be honest man!

            What about the Android picture is all that appealing beyond the geek squad and their obsessional desire to mod it’s appearance? Get a life for cryin’ out loud.

          • Nazz_Andi

            FYI, I don’t use that “iSheep’ naming.. I said “iDevice-owners”, if you really paid attention to what I typed.

            Honestly, man.. I’m not a big fan of tablet. iPad, Androids, or even Surface. it’s just not me. I’m sticking to my dell notebook that I already feel comfortable with.

            That’s just about it. When non iDevice-owners talk about how pricey those devices are, the owners of those justify that we simply can’t afford Apple stuffs. Isn’t that too shallow somehow? Well, whatever makes you happy then.

            I’m using 4″ LG & 3.7″ Lumia, and I’m pretty happy with it. I didn’t mention anything about bigger screen makes everything better. As an Asian, I have my own “palm-size” limitation in which I’m not racing over those phones beyond 4.3″ screens. All I was saying that, after all these time. the latest iPhone offers pretty few; 0.5″ screen-size increase, same ‘ol UI & UX. Although, I have to admit that it has better battery-life for browsing-usage. battery-life for phone-call activity? uhmm, not that great though. You have your words already about Apple Maps, I’m happy with my Google Maps & Nokia Maps (plus Nokia Drive); guess not much there to argue, since now it goes personal. Well, I still remember Tim Cook said something about going for other alternative maps.

            All I’m saying that my Android gives me options. As much as Android is surely left behind in term of total apps; but I have the freedom of choices, freedom of customization. You may call us as people who have no life but modding our devices. I’ll say, i’m personalizing my own phone, so that mine won’t look the same as others. If you’re happy with your phone that looks the same outside & inside with millions of other iPhones, then go with.

            Lastly, I’m just not a big fan of iPhones & iPads. We have our own arguments, nothing is wrong with that. I started commenting you, on the fact that you were asking for evidence about those iPhone-clones (other than from Samsung) & I gave you one. And yes, there’s no news about Apple suing that Chinese brand that copied its iPhone4.

            It’s great to have this “battle” with you. Oh, still one last question left here.. How can someone that’s so Apple-minded are wandering around inside a website named “Android Authority”? You haven’t answered me that, but I’m fine if you prefer not to..

            Cheers, Peter.
            If only there’s a chance of meeting you in person, that I believe will make a lot more interesting “battle”.
            Hehehe.. :D

          • PeterBlood

            I wasn’t really referring to you about the iSheep thing but others who use it as a dismissive inflammatory insult. Guess I didn’t make that clear. You are to be congratulated for not going into the mindless tech-gutter. Using iSheep is akin to political types using the race card having lost the argument.

            Well I really can’t take a notebook to bed and other places with me near as easily as an iPad and others note that too. Depends on your needs I guess. I’ve even had it in the car hanging on the steering wheel while waiting for an order and people thought it was built in to the car! If you don’t use the Internet much I can why why it might not appeal. Personally I like to use my tech in relaxing places rather than the usual table and chair with desktops. Laptops can also be used somewhat casually too of course, just not as casually.

            A bigger screen is also just another usual disingenuous example of so-called superiority by the Fandroid clueless. Glad to see you have a Windows Lumia phone even if not upgradeable thanks to Microsoft screwing their fans again. I’m not a fan but I think Microsoft is more deserving by far than Google of coming to market with a different kind of device. There are more improvements to the iP5 than you give it credit for under the hood and in iOS 6 but really how far can this form factor go? Even laptops and Apple MacBook Pro’s are all pretty much the same as they’ve been for a while. The innovation was the iPhone in 2007. Ever since it’s mostly been steady improvements. Expecting more is not particularly warranted except in features, OS, screen quality and maybe speed. I’d like to see them crash the RAM storage ceiling and get up to 128Gb.

            Options? Great. My iPhone gives me great service and all the options I need or care about. No two iPhones looks exactly the same either because people re-order the icons about, use different wallpaper, home screen pic, etc.

            You’re entitled as a consumer to like and dislike and have choices available to you I agree. Personally I love Apple stuff and I can find millions upon millions of others who agree. I’ve played with Android stuff and really, NOT appealing, to me anyway.

            As far as Apple suing large and small give it time. I believe ultimately they will be suing Google once they sue the infringing device manufacturers. Cut off the arms and legs and then chop off the head as they say.

            Being here on Android Authority is kinda fun getting into it with the Android rabble. I have no issue with the civil guys but the guys who spew the usual fanboy nonsense are the real laugh. All they do is copy the same silliness having no imagination themselves and repeat it onward ad nauseum. Stuff with no basis in fact and just outrageous serving their own crazy biases. And then those who confuse opinion with facts as definitive are hilarious too.

            I have a feeling you don’t live in the U.S.. What you might be surprised to learn is you have probably seen my work in television and feature films. I’m a little bit famous that way. :)

          • Carolina

            Oh,there it comes Peter is FAMOUS… Peter enjoy your stay in your great Imagery world,

            Good Night all my Android friends, you too Pete! ;)

          • PeterBlood

            No, INFAMOUS. :) Nighty nite.

          • Spanky

            Speaking of copying…the USPTO has just invalidated Apple’s rubberbanding patent (a major part of their lawsuit against Samsung), due to the fact that prior art existed.

          • PeterBlood

            You win some you lose some but so far Apple is way ahead.

          • Marvin Nakajima

            I guess investors didn’t think much about the potential of the mini. Just before the announcement it seems AAPL dropped about $20. Since it was BEFORE the actual announcement we have till Friday to see if the stock will recover some of that loss with the public’s (and media’s) reactions to the new iPad mini.

          • PeterBlood

            Wall Street isn’t known for any particular briliiance and many analysts are often more wrong than right especially when it comes to Apple. In fact the amateur analysts do a much better/accurate job on Apple. Give it time, like the next and the following Christmas Apple quarterly announcements Then you will see true believers and Apple stock will be flying past $700 again. As one reviewer noted about the iPad Mini and mini-tablets in general:

            “Apple’s iPad mini destroys cheap, tiny screen Android tablets from Amazon, Google, et al.”


          • Marvin Nakajima

            I can give credit for that line of thought. However with the pricing that is currently set for the iPad mini I think the consumer will not be comparing the mini to similar sized 7″ tablets but instead with similar priced ones. In short the real competition for the mini may be the low and mid range 9-10″ Android/Windows tablets.

          • PeterBlood

            Possibly. But then you defeat the purpose of looking for a smaller iPad or tablet to begin with. Ultimately it’s features, design, scale and ecosystem that will drive choice.

          • Guest

            peterblood is an isheep on an android website ??? what that’s not right!!!but you know whats funny apple must have employes that “borrow” the design of android like notification bar, ota, wireless update and much more do you really want me to go on. but samsung “stole” the rounded corners form apple

          • scottxoom

            Considering the stock is trading in the high $500s to low $600s, $20 is not much of a drop. Apple hit $702 w/ iPhone 5 release and was trading at $364 a share at the end of 2011 and $300 the previous year. Not a bad stock to have. I’d venture to say that many diehard android owners would be quite pleased to own some of it.

          • Marvin Nakajima

            Perhaps there were a large enough group of investors (or those holding a large number) that either didn’t see the potential or simply wanted to sell off and buy low during an informationally vulnerable time. As of the time I made the comment AAPL has dropped more than 3x that original drop of $20. I think there is more than just the FUD affecting the price now only real Apple news since the original drop is the iPad mini and iPad4.

          • iPad used to have over 90% market share, it is now at under 60% and falling. So which is the losing ecosystem i ask you?

          • PeterBlood

            For one thing it’s a bigger market now and Apple’s iPad market share is more like 73.4% this year with 91% of all mobile tablet web traffic. (What’s happening to all those Android tablets out there? In a drawer no doubt or their owners too busy playing with their XBoxes. Apple users really use their tech and buy stuff so they get all the attention.)

            Apple sells all the iPads it can make. Apple makes billions upon billions and there’s no sign of a let up. What the heck is losing about that? Sorry Charlie, you don’t get it.
            Apple is expected to keep 50% of the market actually in 2014 but I think it will be higher but that’s 50% of a growing market. You have more to worry about with Windows Surface making Android tablets less desirable.

          • hades21#

            tell me how apple wins =_=
            ipad mini has – 1. crappy processor
            2.crappy screen
            3.fucked up pricing
            4.fucked up os
            5.fucked up maps from a fucked up os
            6.no choice of personalisation
            7.no nfc
            really are you blind @_@ i used be a apple fanboy myself untill ics came out on android…..from then i realised how awesome android world was =_= your just a scum of the earth -.-

          • PeterBlood

            Tell me how Nexus 7 wins:

            1. fucked up much smaller screen size for the same form factor as iPad Mini
            2. fucked up unrealistic pricing at giveaway prices – hardly sustainable with nary a profit unless unit is monetized in other ways but Fandroid are historically cheapskates
            3. fucked up OS susceptible to malware running rampant in the Android system now, up 500% and climbing
            4. fucked up Google wouldn’t give Apple turn by turn so had to do their own. Excuse me at Version 1!! Lets see Google Maps Version 1.0, hmmm?
            5. fucked up cheap plastic heavy casing and poor construction, laughably an embarassment next to iPad Mini
            7. fucked up Fandroid who think all tech should be free being they live with Mom & Dad and haven’t had a job in months
            8. fucked up nfc which is almost already dead
            9. iPad 4 A6X processor kicks Tegra 3 ass, coming to iPad Mini

            It’s doubtful you were ever an Apple guy and you are just another clueless, insulting, low life, insecure Fandroid, a dime a dozen and all flailing in their own passing wind.

          • hades21#

            and if you are so agianst google then you should stop searching for info on google itself… even stop using the map…stop using youtube also lets see how you live after that. scumbags like you use google in their day to day life and et call it crap…. if its so crappy stop using it too

          • PeterBlood

            I HAVE stopped using Google on search, I use Bing on my Macs and other browsers and Safari on the phone and iPads.

            Google BOUGHT Youtube so not a Google invention. Just like when they bought Motorola only to try to unsuccessfully use other company’s FRAND and other patents in order to win but only show what losers they are.

            You see calling me a scumbag really makes YOU the scumbag for doing that and takes you severely down the IQ scale. And no I don’t use Google stuff hardly at all. I practice what I preach. Good luck to you with your Google stuff, you’re going to need it.

          • Kelley Mullen

            Apple fans suffer from mommy syndrome – they need someone to tell them what they are allowed to watch and read and do so that’s why they love Apple products. We have an iPad and a Samsung tablet in our household and the Samsung tablet gets used more. I work with Apple computers all day long and from time to time I have to work with an iPads as well at work and I will never buy another apple product. So you can think what you want but I know Apple is no where near as good as the fanboys like to think. They don’t know because they are too scared to try anything else.

          • PeterBlood

            Perhaps you’ll stop thinking about Mommies when you get out of Mom & Dad’s basement and go get a real job. Anyone who says “they’ll never buy another Apple product” does not have any Apple products. Nice try junior. Good luck with that half-assed Samsung tablet.

            I HAVE looked at competing products – mediocre. You guys also disingenuously pump up what isn’t there to a ridiculous degree like it’s the second coming. Emperor has no clothes and certainly very few apps made for an Android tablet. But have fun changing it’s appearance – yeah that’s what we buy tablets and phones for just to fool around with how they look. Brother.

          • Kelley Mullen

            Apple wins again but you are the one loosing out. No one company makes the best of everything.

          • PeterBlood

            Well except maybe Apple. There’s no alternative to anything they make I would prefer come to think of it. I realize others may think differently, it’s a free country. I acknowledge too competition is good as it keeps everyone on their toes and we all benefit. I will say again OVERALL Apple so far is the best system out there. Android may have a few perks but nothing I would trade my Apple devices in for. Just not worth the aggravation.

          • really makes you feel superior supporting the company that by the hand of a smart man exploited the ignorant like you.

          • PeterBlood

            Love the desperate Fandroid ignoranti calling other people ignorant and assumes Apple users don’t think for themselves. Hah! Really. Such a bourgeois mindset. BTW you might actually check your clumsy grammar before posting Mr. Samsung. Doesn’t help to make your case. And remember everyone makes a choice that’s best for them. Don’t be so insecure, but since you are a Fandroid I can understand your nervousness. (And yeah, Apple users btw have lots to legitimately feel superior about. Enjoy your crackedtastic SIII!)

          • again another apple fanboy

          • PeterBlood

            It was really suck running mostly phone apps on an Android tablet. No wonder you guys are so cranky. (Forgive me a cruel chuckle – BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

      • Peter please for once Lets have a civil conversation. You obviously like apple very much. That’s your opinion. I used an iphone 3gs a 4s and a 5. Honestly i have never been impressed with their “all new” tech. As you said only 1% of people jailbreak their phones. I would like to see where you got that Statistic. My dad at 64 years of age figured out how to jailbreak his phone. It isnt hard at all. Using IOS 4, 5, and 6 i realized that it isnt getting better. Between ios 4-5 they added maybe some more imagazines or icloud. I never use them . In IOS 6 They removed some of the most vital apps. Apple maps is a joke and im sure investors werent happy. If you havent used an android device then i suggest you try it out. My phone came with gingerbread and the update to Ice cream sandwich was so huge you could see it everywhere not just a few new apps. Google now>siri. If steve wozniac can say as a founder of apple that siri is “garbage” you’re doing it wrong. I dont need a person talking to me i just want answers. Hope you reply after you have gathered yourself and are ready to have a normal conversation

        • PeterBlood

          I happen to LOVE civil conversations contrary to appearances. You know what I find is funny is while we might dislike each other as scribes we might like each other as people… maybe.

          Hey I understand totally why some people here dig Android and I have no real problem with that. I just don’t like people who take liberties and play fact and loose with facts to suit their own purposes. Many THINK they have the facts but it’s usually the same spew they pick up from another clueless individual in the choir.

          If I REALLY needed to do something and jailbreaking was the way to do I might. But really I can’t think of a darn thing I would need to do that for that I’m not already covered for in my vast (or half vast you might say – heh) tech arsenal. They make hundreds of small and big changes between iOS versions actually. You may well not fit the type of customer Apple is targeting but you don’t need to minimize Apple to make yourself feel better.

          Apple Maps is not a joke, works quite well and because you say that then I suspect you haven’t really tried it. That’s been completely overblown and it’s already past it’s 15 minutes of “infamy” as an issue. There are plenty of alternative if need be but Apple Maps is well on it’s way to becoming great. In many areas it already is (much easier to read for example) and I have had zero issues in my area. Remember it’s Version 1.0.

          They removed Google apps like Youtube and Google Maps is all. Google Maps has been replaced and Youtube can easily be accessed elsewhere. There is no need for a special Youtube app now that Youtube has most stuff ported to a readable format.

          I HAVE checked out Android devices and they haven’t worked for me. I really don’t understand their appeal at all to be honest.

          Well Siri isn’t “garbage” at all and Wozniak didn’t say that. He was disappointed initially when it was in beta but later revised his feeling about it. In iOS 6 it’s a lot better and out of beta. It’s considered at the very least on par with Google Voice and better than that too. See how you used inflammatory and incorrect facts to paint Siri? Drives me nuts.

          Not sure if you can turn Siri voice off but then I haven’t wanted to.

          Most of my conversations are “normal”. It’s only when I have to deal with hillbilly sling blade Fandroiders I get a little cranky.

          • Marvin Nakajima

            Perhaps I’m paraphrasing but didn’t Steve Wozniak’s disappointment with Siri stem from how it actually gave worse results over time?

          • PeterBlood

            I think that was maybe an initial complaint but doesn’t apply any longer. I myself have tried certain words with Siri that would be very difficult for any voice recognition program to interpret but it’s the rare exception. Like Maps all this stuff gets better with time and the addition of ever increasing data and app upgrades. Not a target standing still.

      • you meant terrific offering or terrible ?? :P

        • PeterBlood

          I’m glad you bring that up. Android isn’t terrible, I would only go as far as awful. Thanks! Ahh the Google Gormless…

      • apple fanboy

        • PeterBlood

          My you’re so original. Android must also suck out brain cells.

      • Carolina

        And you have your wet dreams “(Blow)Jobs from Heaven”…….
        don’t you?

        • PeterBlood

          Say, you’re a classy lady now ain’t yah?

      • I can run google chrome as my web browser can you i can unlock my device by face recognition or swype or pin unlock or code puzzle, with apple its apples way or nothing you have one unlock swype only! And i have only just unlocked the device like everything android theres a multitude of different things a person can do! like i said 5 different ways to unlock or not apple 1 way! LOL Totally free get out of the prison camp and stop haveing someone dictate who you can bluettoth to, i have yet been able to bluetooth to an apple device they always say email it! because apple want allow it! I download free music from android free music sharing apps then i wi fi or bluetooth it to my other devices or friends phones, apple want even let you do any of this, i just dont get the mindless people out there paying for this service!

  • Bill

    Hey, I am consider both at this time and have not made my choice. I appreciate the work up but I wonder if you are being fair. It is not the Apple logo that I am looking at but the much higher choice of apps available from Apple. If this is myth, then I am willing to listen. Right now without touching either, I like the larger display and apps on the apple. Right now I like the larger memory, screen resolution and price for the Nexus 7.

    • vsalmeida

      I can say because I have both nexus 7 and a new (now old) ipad 3rd gen. Until now all the apps I use in my ipad I have an equivalent in my nexus 7. Even the games. Apple ecosystem works very well, but Google have done a great job since Jelly Bean was launched. I recommend you wait until friday to see what Google will bring in response to the new ipad mini. It’s the best move right now.

    • Danny Dodge

      If you are technologically intelligent, like choice and customisation, choose the nexus, if you prefer things to be really simple to use, set out for you in a way that works nicely but you cant change the look to suit you, go for the ipad. both will be good but one is made for people that want to play around with settings for hours and have fun customising, one is made for people who dont care about or understand all that and just want it to work instantly. two different styles of making them. they both have millions of apps so that isnt a real issue.

      • Marvin Nakajima

        It’s not as if you can’t use the Nexus w/o having to customize it first. The OPTION to play with customizing the device is there that’s all. If you compared it to our toys when we were younger it would be similar to the difference between having a toy that you could just play with and a toy where you also had the option to add/remove/change parts. As vsalmeida has mentioned many of the apps that were only available on iOS now have Android counterparts/versions. There is more reason now than ever to seriously consider your device purchasing options.

    • the ipad mini has a lower screen resolution than the N7, and also the N7 has a higher pixel per inch display. just about every android app for ice cream sandwich and above are tablet designed. i’ve been a very pleased N7 user and I gave my ipad2 to my wife, who loves to use it at home. i can take the N7 anywhere, but i would not be so inclined to take the ipad out of the house. i was surprised the ipad mini was still 4:3 aspect ratio, as it will not fit in your pocket like the N7. what exactly is the point of a slightly smaller ipad anyway? its basically the same thing as the ipad 2/3. I would have thought a 16:9 display mini would have been a direct competitor for the N7 and kindle fire, and maybe a price closer to that size segment? at 329 its not even close. for a few dollars more, just get the ipad 2. apple missed the target, and gave the kindle fire and N7 more time to dominate the 7″ tablet market

  • Martin

    I’ll never swap for any Apple product even if it’s free, let me explain myself a bit. I had an iPhone 3G once in my life, I’ve never been an Apple fan but it was new and full of features I was looking for, I gave it a try! But from now on, I can clearly say that i will never buy any Apple product again. I’ve been pretty disapointed by the update program pushed by apple to make your old phone at some point unsuable, just to add copy/paste (back in the days). I pretty much hate everything about iTunes (I can go on for days but I’ll stop here). I’m now using a Galaxy S2 combined with a nexus 7. I always carry both with me. No complaints at all, works like a charm, OTA updates smoothly done, no need to plug to a pc, in fact, I’ve completely stop using my home computer. No need to have any sort of “iTunes lack of time and pisses me off” software (I really hate this program, for all the time it has swipe off every single song of my phone while trying to add just an album and took a hour to make a useless backup). Also I really do appreciate and enjoy Android 4.1 JB. So, to answer the question, no never I’ll never swap my Nexus 7 for an iPad mini with with the same screen ratio that my screen had when I was using my first computer 486 33 with windows 3.1.

    • PeterBlood

      Excellent and we will hold you to it. No Apple for you ever again. (Frankly you aren’t good enough.)

      • Martin

        You’re right I’m not a good sheep

        • PeterBlood

          Oh sure you are since Fandroid DREAM of being electric sheep.

          • Vboom

            Please stop mate.
            I am an Apple fan but your just an embarrassment,

          • PeterBlood

            Excellent well tell your friends here to behave themselves with the cliches and insults and all will be well. The embarrassment is all Fandroid. And I don’t really believe you’re an Apple fan.

          • Vboom

            Go through my past posts if you don’t believe me. I have both Android and Apple products but use my iPad and iPhone over my other items 9 times out of 10. I prefer the simplicity and I do usually defend apple products but not in the ignorant manner you do. It’s people like you who give us this image of iSheep and fuel the fire of the supposed war of the platforms.
            I took the liberty of going through your past posts and found you to take the same approach to every argument you get in (ANDROID IS STUPID! APPLE RULES!)
            Both are great platforms and companies so just stop acting like a petulant little kid and use your head before spouting the crap that you do.

          • PeterBlood

            I never spout crap, I speak the truth. And when people are civil with me I am usually very civil back. It’s not a matter of opinion that Apple’s ecosystem is better, it just is. The devices themselves, well, to some degree that’s up for interpretation and needs of the user but hard core specs alone hardly tell the whole story. And Apple does a better job of design IMHO. That the essence of what I usually say. i don’t suffer fools lightly though who like to change history or have disingenuous views based on fantasy..

          • Vboom

            To quote you, only 2 hours ago you posted this above.”Excellent and we will hold you to it. No Apple for you ever again. (Frankly you aren’t good enough.)”In response to someone saying they won’t return to apple.
            I don’t know what part of that is civil.
            Just below this is another one from you”Love the Android Denial Syndrome – ADS. Same ‘ol arguments that don’t hold water except in a delusional mind like yours. iPad Mini is far and away a superior experience than that tiny Nexus 7.”This was a generally informative article if not a touch biased towards the Nexus 7 but the fact of the matter is generally the Nexus is higher specced, in reality what does the iPad beat it on?I am sure the mini will sell like hot cakes but in reality it is the lesser of both tablets, again as an Apple fan this is upsetting but I am not going to say it is better without any real evidence to back it up.

          • PeterBlood

            Not my first rodeo to hearing someone disingenuously say “I’ll never buy Apple again.” Who cares if you do or don’t. Why do they have to say it as some kind of cheap bravado? It’s just a stupid thing to say.

            The Nexus 7 has a smaller screen which must grate the Fandroid here. What other spec matters? Processors are all good, play games well and do everything one might need to do on an iPad or Nexus.

            All this spec stuff is silly, especially when the difference only matters to true geeks not real world users. I use heavy duty Mac Pro’s and need speed there for graphics applications, etc. but that’s different. All these tablets have more than enough firepower to do what they can do. It’s not even something to brag about since it means exactly nothing. Right now the iPhone 5 has the fastest processor but who cares? Samsung will probably come out with a marginally faster processor soon and again, who cares? The averages user could give a rat’s ass.

            I disagree that the iPad Mini is the lesser at all. Less at what? What is your evidence that there’s anything on a Nexus 7 that would be a world beating difference? The problem for me is no Android can ever hold up because Androids can’t use Apple’s ecosystem. The day they do then we can talk about the better device.

          • Vboom

            It is the lesser on technicalities. You claimed “iPad Mini is far and away a superior experience than that tiny Nexus 7” but you have nothing to back that up, it is user preference. Apple has a closed but reliable ecosystem which I love but many disagree. I never claimed that anything on the Nexus 7 was a world beating difference so I don’t need anything to back it up. All I asked as in my original post was to stop acting like a spoiled little kid, your comments are filled with trolling abuse and rarely if ever do you have facts to back them up. We get that you love iOS as do I but is it worth trolling an android fan site constantly just to get your little thrill of upsetting people?
            Both tablets are great but at the end of the day yes the screen size is more on the mini but why is that so great? It was called a mini for a reason, if you really want screen size get a full blown tablet.

          • PeterBlood

            And all I’m saying is that the iPad is the best OVERALL experience for most users precisely because of something Android can’t and will never have – Apple’s ecosystem. That’s not denying the die hards who must go Android for whatever reason. We all have the freedom of choice thank God. But I sure wouldn’t recommend anything Android to Aunt Matilda any more than I’d recommend a PC instead of a Mac. Life is too short.

            For the technically inclined go for it, dissect your phones and tablets if you must.

            You’re weird about the facts thing. Stop saying that as you yourself have nothing to offer. A disingenuous statement to say the least! If people are so secure in their choice of device why should they be upset? Oh, upset about the truth, OK, I get it. Sure pick an Android but remember – Caveat Emptor.

            See it’s hilarious you say what’s the big deal in screen size when that’s exactly what people are saying about the iP5 & Galaxy SIII. It suddenly doesn’t matter when it’s in your own back yard. Spin City! That’s my point.

          • Marvin Nakajima

            Yes, the Apple ecosystem is great. However I don’t know anyone that spends even half the time (let alone a quarter) IN the ecosystem. Most of their time is usually spent actually using the individual devices to do what they need to do. Apple in my opinion depends too much on data connectivity and as a result has a tendency to be less useful when that connectivity is lost. Android devices though trending that way have HW features that you can fall back on to exchange data whether it be via removable media or using Wi-Fi Direct which allows 2 Android devices to communicate with each other w/o need for any other network.

          • PeterBlood

            The Apple ecosystem also includes some pretty rock solid security. It’s not only just about apps and services. Security on Android is a bit more dicey as has been reported.

            Yeah I agree most people use a few apps and then basic phone services most of the time. Well that data connectivity leads to better services and there’s no turning back now. Reliable data transmission and reception will only get better. I just switched to Verizon from AT&T and in my area it’s been a hell of a lot more reliable system. It’s been great in fact.

            That whole touted feature of slapping Android phones together seems in the real world to be pretty useless even if you can dance to it in commercials. There are iPhone apps that will do that too and I have one but have never used it. Capability doesn’t always translate into practical day to day usefulness.

          • dro_ID

            “Apple’s ecosystem is better, it just is”

            You always spout crap, friend! I begun to hate Apple due to iBoys like you… Respect forever for Vboom! He is right… just reading your comments make me angry.
            Apple’s ecosystem is better? Please take a look here:

            1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMiY1kSTHZw

            2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=Ayx4XsBaJBI&feature=fvwp

            3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&v=fsGQ_xts_Gw&NR=1

            4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&v=jlPKVWv1WxU&NR=1

            How can you say that crap?

          • PeterBlood

            Because it’s true and widely acknowledged. I’m not making this stuff up like you are so desperate to. Fragmentation, malware, app lack and a much more unappealing platform to develop for take their toll. iOS users buy more apps so naturally developers go where the money is. Android users are cheap and buy less or the more unscrupulous among you steal it.

            By the way the OS & the ecosystem (sounds like a band) are different. Let me educate you:

            Sure Android has some nice features as Windows Phone 8 will but I’m talking about the best overall acceptable system. Everyone’s mileage varies which is why we have choice and I’m not denying you yours or anyone here.
            On the video it appears this guy did not appear to know how to best use an iPhone. There are easier ways to do what he was trying to do but as far as browsers there are lots of other browsers available but Safari has aways worked for me.

      • Matt

        It is a choice to choose between Apple and Android. Its not like anybody isn’t good enough for anything. I’m not saying if I’m an android fan or an apple fan (All I have to say is that I hate Apple).

        • PeterBlood

          Yes people should pick their poison wisely. Sorry your an Apple Hater, a terrible affliction which in the end is self-defeating.

          • KyleRay

            Hey F**khead? ….it’s ignutted religious fruit flies, flits and fairies like you and Tim Cook porking each other in the arse for even more obscene profits, that has us Laughing and turning the other way to avoid seeing it. While you two just turn the other cheek to each other! lol….

            Just so you can be all giddy and arrogant over your planned obsolescent device and features (Lightning? has already been hacked/cracked w/ $2 generics = FAILED EXTRA PROFITS). Now that’s the most self-defeating Apple Feature of all Time…. for YOU TWO LOVE BIRDS OF A FEATHER THAT ALWAYS STICK….. ahumm TOGETHER!!! lol…..

          • PeterBlood

            You lost me at F**khead. You are the very worst example of clueless, dismissive, insulting Fandroid and should be ashamed of yourself as a human being, assuming you are one.

          • PeterBlood

            You lost me @ F**khead. Come back when your age isn’t also your shoe size.

      • dro_ID

        Man, I wish I knew you… You are amazing!! “you aren’t good enough” Dooh… good enough for what? and WHY??? This is all you can respond to someone?

        • PeterBlood

          I get annoyed with people making ultimative (just made up that word) and disingenuous statements like that. Oh I respond PLENTY on this forum. You don’t know me very well…

    • bigmo


  • I think the screen is actually too big – 87% larger is also 87% more space in my briefcase. And their ‘perfect’ 9:16 screen size is missing.

    • NicholasMicallef

      yeah, I believe 4:3 ratio is better on a large tablet for browsing and productivity, but on a smaller tablet, 9:16 is much better, especially since it’s aimed at media consumption, where 9:16 shines

  • I wouldn’t give up my Nexus 7 for the world (maybe if they wanted to give me the 32gb version, but not the world) but don’t write off the fact that the iPad Mini has a back camera. My non-techie wife will want a mini over the Nexus for that reason alone!

  • NicholasMicallef

    I would switch to the iPad mini if it were free… then I’d sell the iPad before even unboxing it (so I get full price) then I’d buy the 32GB N7 model when it comes out and keep the change (or spend it on an N4)

    • Babi Asu

      If N7 were free, i’ll use them as digital door stop and digital paperweight. For N10, I can use them for shovelling snow and cutting board.

  • janey

    Gee, a sloppy biased article about an Apple product? And a bunch of Googlesheep bleating about how they dont like iOS?

    At android authority dot com? Well blow me over with a sneeze…. lol

    and after all that whining that the iPad doesn’t have an SD card slot. the Nexus 7 comes out without one, and that isn’t listed as a con? Oh god. You people are killing me. Google is an advertising company. Yes, they’re losing money on these because they want to shove ads in your face, If you’re OK with that, then yeah, buy a Nexus 7. “On the other hand, Apple’s business model wants you to pay extra moolah just so you can buy a device with an Apple logo.”
    That’s just blogger wanking, nothing more.

    When you are a failure on the software side, you have nothing left but to argue about the specs. And really, the overwhelming majority of the market doesn’t care if their phone or tablet has a dual core wizzybang GPU thingy. They see the OS and how it works, and yes, they DO take photos with it.

    What a bunch of (obviously) biased trash. It’s just plain pathetic that the googlesheep now need to resort to bottom barrel trash talk now. The biggest reason I won’t buy an Android device: the f–king Android USERBASE.

    • saurabhaj

      But what about ppi,
      omg,mini looses on the spot,
      remember apple touching skies with retina display and
      ifans flying with above 300ppi speed,
      where it is now,
      and what about crisp,crystal clear clarity,
      what about tablet cant be said if its below 10,
      sorry to screen,
      May be ipadmini 2 coming within 6 months,with HD.

    • AppleFansInDenile

      The Apple Fan base is even worse. Mainly because there’s actual competition,

    • Marvin Nakajima

      I think you may be looking at this wrong. Google has released a device that depends just as much on connectivity now as the iPads making it a ‘closer’ competitor than other tablets (Android or otherwise) with more HW options.

  • jason ritson

    nexus7 with paranoidandroid 2.5 FTW

  • malibu

    Nexus 7.. I bought a 8g.. off a online classifieds site.. $130.. the mirco sd made me mad.. rooted the nexus.. failed a few times.. happily it never broke..on the last attempt it rooted. . I bought a otg cable and 64g hard drive.. this tablet.. is now a machine.. after rooting my first device.. running cookies and cream with this memory add-on.. apple has Nothing.. the nexus 7 is no joke… with a 10in.. that will be insane.. I had a 10in before.. just to big for me.. I’m more then happy with my rooted 7

  • PeterBlood

    iPad Mini is way better especially when you throw in the Apple ecosystem but the iPad Mini screen is significantly BIGGER, something you Fandroiders are always ranting about. Now let’s see how you spin this. You’ll find a disingenuous way. Let’s see how creative you are…

    • DeltaRaven97

      I don’t rant about screen size because one screen size isn’t for everybody. But I have a nexus 7 and I love it. The iPad mini is a smaller iPad 2, and I would know because my family has the iPad 2. I used to be indifferent about apple but after all their lawsuits they just lost my respect. I own an iPod touch and can’t update it at all, maybe that will fix after I get rid of windows vista, but I’m stuck on iOS 4. I really like the way android 4.1 was laid out, and my first smartphone will be an android phone. it just really fits my style, but you seem to be hating on android in every way you can without backing up your argument. The apple ecosystem is falling behind. Do you know how much apple copied from android for iOS 6? Look it up, they took a lot. And you know android controls over 70% of the smartphone market, look it up, its fact. Apple only has somewhere around 18 or 16 percent.

      • PeterBlood

        Well it always seems Fandroid’s look for any reason to tear down an Apple product and certainly screen size has been one of those which is of course silly. Steve Wozniak of all people wants Appkle to make a wider phone but I don’t I think the iP5 is perfection in terms of the best form factor for a particular device. Your mileage may vary

        The lawsuits were totally legit and Samsung really did some harmful copying which was really dumb. If you were one of these businesses you would have a different POV. Businesses don’t have the luxury of consumers who don’t have as much at stake.

        I am not hating on Android when I say the iPhone is the best overall system. I don’t care much for the way Eric Schmidt stole iPhone ideas to use in Android which is a verifiable fact so try to understand that from my POV. Schmidt was able to leapfrog Android development thanks to Apple and there’s no getting around that.

        The Apple echosystem is not falling behind and in fact the Android ecosystem will never keep up, it can’t because of the way it’s structured and scattered hither and yon unless Google makes it proprietary only to themselves. That’s what they SHOULD do. Even Microsoft should do that but they don’t have the experience or sense to pull that off.

        I don’t think Apple sends out for Android phones to sit and copy from. Do you have any idea how much Android stole from the iPhone before the iPhone ever come out? A lot. There’s nothing illegal about taking technology anyway and putting your own stamp on it as long as you don’t infringe. Apple is usually quite careful about being hypocritical and taking other people’s hard work since they don’t want the opposite to happen. Why does it it seem people here work hard to think Samsung and Google can do no wrong when it was Apple who started and made possible this whole wide new world of smart phones? That’s because Fandroid are extremely disingenuous and refuse to give Apple their due. This makes them clueless buttheads in my book.

        Apple takes 71% of all smart phone profit. Apple iPad uses 91% of all mobile web traffic. Apple’s tablet share is 71%. iPhone in U.S. has 35%. Worldwide it’s something different but the point is Apple makes the most profits by far and can’t keep up with demand as it is. Apple could never fulfill 100% of the worlds needs and shouldn’t have to. Yes the world always needs choices. They have a comfortable multi-billion dollar business and are the largest company in the world. I’m sure they’re pretty satisfied.

        • deltaraven 97

          Apples ecosystem and androids ecosystem are two totally different things. People like them both, apple sells well and android sells great too. And before you try to contradict me you should know that the galaxy s3 has sold over 20 million phones in its first 100 days, people are buying both.

          Did you know that rounded corners and a singular home button was used by Samsung a year before the iPhone came out.? Slide to unlock came from windows phone in 2005. Siri is actually pretty good but Google now is superior. I hate how people think apple invented the smartphone when there were phones like it before it even came out. Even so, its out classed by today’s standards, and I’m confused why they didn’t put the a6 chip in the iPad mini. Otherwise it would perform better when we use it.

          • PeterBlood

            Yep caveat emptor and buy what you like is right. It’s glorious to have choices. Just don’t make a bad one.

            20 million isn’t bad over 100 days but pales to Apple sales. They sold 5 million iP5’s in just the first WEEKEND of sales. Apple and Samsung make the most money from smart phone sales with Apple at 71% and Samsung at 19%.

            Let’s not talk about “rounded corners” (a dead horse) as that was the least of Samsung infringements originally when they copied the iPhone. Apple’s take on slide to unlock was different from Windows and that’s key to differentiating your product, a lesson Samsung has finally learned. Apple doesn’t copy verbatim but puts their own spin on it as everyone should. Why wouldn’t you want Samsung to create their own take on a smart phone instead of someone else’s? More to legitimately choose from. You lose when Samsung copied.

            Well people do look at Apple as the inventor of the current smart phone because it’s TRUE, did that ever occur to you? Look at before and after Apple. Case closed. Apple DID invent the current smart phone which was a leap ahead from prior so-called smart phones. I remember looking at those prior POS and refusing to buy one they were so bad, like the . Android users owe Apple a debt they can never repay but can’t bring themselves to admit it. That’s a conveniently disingenuous statement to put Apple’s contribution down as insignificant and just makes you look a total fool. You just don’t want to give Apple credit. The truth will set you free.

            Take a look at these smiling clueless faces holding steaming “smart phone” turds in their hands in 2005. Look like anything we have today? Please don’t rewrite history.

            I don’t believe anyone will suffer with the current spec standards on the iPad Mini. Specs can sometimes be a geek fool’s errand.

          • deltaraven97

            Did it ever account to you why apple sells so many I phones? Its because everybody thinks that apple will release an phone that had as much innovation as the first one. You can’t deny that innovation has slowed since the first iPhone, and I really can’t see too much innovation in the iPhone 5 either. I will admit that the old smart phones weren’t as good as today’s standards but here’s what you need o answer me, if Samsung didn’t pose a threat to apple would apple still have sued? I don’t think so because there wouldn’t have been a reason for them to sue. Its good to have choice but you have been bashing android in all of your comments on this page so its like you are saying apple is best and we dont need anything else. And weather you accept it or not apple does owe some credit to android for some things like the notification bar, (which is the exact same as android), so the debts are even if you want to place blame on things like that.

            But let’s get to the reason we are both here for, the nexus 7 vs the iPad mini. I have been typing my comments on a nexus 7 that I got for a reasonable price. The iPad mini is more expensive because only apple can get sales with prices that large. The quad core processor on the nexus 7 handles everything super smooth and it is super fast. I can’t really compare it to the mini in any other way then specs because the iPad mini isn’t out yet. But I will be doing a comparison on the nexus 7 vs the iPad mini on the YouTube channel TechCentralChannel when the ipad mini comes out so you may want to look into that because I’m not biased towards apple or android like the other reviews are. There are pros and cons to both, anything else you want to argue about?

  • Miles Whitford

    Honestly, I think that the Nexus 7 still dominates the tablet world. Better screen, NFC, and GPS (which the iPad mini doesn’t have) make the Nexus 7 the clearly better tablet. I love the customizability of android and think that google now is a lot better than siri. And the iPad is WAY too expensive. Cool it Apple! Android forever.

  • Kookas

    It isn’t a Galaxy Note, looks nothing like it. It DOES look like a white Nexus 7, though. My heart goes out to those poor people who get fooled into buying this rubbish.

  • thhertz

    I think the thing that tilts this is displaying web pages side by side. The difference is startling. It’s pretty evident that the majority of the responders have not seen the demo Apple showed with the Nexus 7. Numbers are one thing but when you are using a product heavily it’s the user experience that Apple brings that is the reason that 91% of web downloads using a tablet come from the iPad family.

    The Nexus is a fine tablet for the price but it isn’t the completely developed package that iPad is. Their constant improvements remind me of the Porsche sports cars. They just continue to evolve and you would never confuse them with anything else.

  • hugrr

    I cannot believe Apple have released a portable product, that does not have GPS. I know thier map software is terrible but there’s no reason to rub salt in the wounds!!!

    • Marvin Nakajima

      Ok, that makes little sense. I would think you would want a GPS on the mini which is a more portable device than the other iPads making it more (not less) likely to be carried around outside the home.

  • No I will stay with my Nexus 7

  • I am absolutely so happy with my N7 the Apple mini is no competition price wise or hardware wise. I agree I feel like Apple lost its edge!

  • Bruce Hahn

    I have been a Apple only user for 15 years. I love my iPod Touch. But I bought a Nexus 7 and I am very happy with it. Even after the iPad Mini has come out I know I made the right choice for me. It has a higher res. screen, GPS, the ability to connect to a flash drive (with an app), the size is easy to hold and carry around.

  • Nexus 7 FTW! Here’s the complete specs comparison.

  • I can see some bias in the article but still aside from the writer’s opinions all he said were facts. Nexus 7 trumps iPad Mini.

  • John_Kovac

    Mini looks like an LG Optimus Vu!

  • disqus_emXPEkTjJ6

    If you don’t like apple products then you are not good enough to have them lol, I’m the only clever guy in this world because I buy apple products and they turn me to Superman lol.

    I pity you Peter blood apple product will not change the fact that you have a deep personal issue where more than technology is needed.

  • Andfan

    “35% more screen”
    This is really not an advantage for watching HD movies… You will not get a bigger screen, the extra space will just be black. 4:3 aspect ratio was used before modern HD screens were created, and I still don’t understand why those idiots at apple do not use something closer to the 16:9 standard.
    As an android user, I agree that google has to put more effort in developing, or help develop more tablet apps. I have 3 android tablets including a xoom, nexus 7, and a galaxy note 10.1, most of the apps I find are phone apps and they don’t really look good on those larger screens.

    • Marvin Nakajima

      Considering the resolution difference when you compare the Nexus 7 and iPad mini displaying the same video the image size will be practically the same but the image will be slightly sharper on the Nexus.

      • KyleRay

        Slightly? hahaha…. that cuts ppi to around 120ppi for iPad mini in movies. With games? …..it’s just ridicules to think using a 4:3 touchscreen would help keep finger touch controls from hiding the view on games. Plus it’s simple on Android to use a $2 MHL adapter to use your Xbox 360 or PS3 controller for far better game play on Android! ……along with this simple little FACT!!! ….iOS Game Ports SUCK, when they are originally designed for Wide screen game play on Consoles and Desktops. You just don’t have the almost required peripheral vision needed to play to win. Either that or you are facing black strips of wasted screen Real Estate top and bottom!

        • Marvin Nakajima

          The ppi shouldn’t change on the iPad mini just the image will be letterboxed on top and bottom. The image will not physically be much different but since the ppi are different the Nexus 7 will be sharper.

  • no0ne

    wanna learn? go with android.. wanna be forever consumer? go with idevices.. nuff said..

  • as an owner of an ipad2, I was reluctant to give it to my wife, but I did. she loves it, and because its so simple to use, it was an easy transition for her. Now, i thought, would the new nexus 7 fill the void for me, without costing an arm and a leg ? you bet, it was a lot cheaper, at 199, and I love it. you can hold it easily in one hand, and I use it every day with my business, running ‘documents to go’ for android. the display is just beautiful, and everything works fast, thanx to the speedy tegra cpu. I also prefer the chrome browser over safari, which nicely handles all bookmarks across my pc, iPhone and nexus 7. i can even view open tabs on my pc while using chrome on the N7. I was initally concerned about the lack of some features, like a camera, and more importantly, an SD card slot. however, with an OTG cable and a 2.99 app, i can stream movies from a usb thumbdrive to the N7 without rooting. I’m glad Google didn’t load up the N7 with stuff i could live without, and having to charge more. and finally, jellybean is great on the N7, and any updates come right away, without dealing with the carrier bottleneck that would otherwise delay them.

  • I see a Horde coming…… Brace yourselves.

  • Olumide Oyetoke

    I’m an android fan but I don’t like this article in which the writer is more subjective than objective.

  • yellowdroid


  • Yeah maybe the nexus 7 is better, but I had to return the device twice because of display issues, and I wasn’t the only one at work doing it, so I’m not going to get a third replacement but instead I’m getting the money back and so buy an iPad mini, I’m sorry google you had two chances and you blew it , at least for some of us.

  • juheee

    The most important part is the fact that the iPad mini is using iOS and is built by Apple. Every Android device seems like a cheap shit compared to a product of Apple.

  • NiceRando33

    Cool thing about Apple people not liking Samaung and Google is that Apple devices are still running Samsung Processors and Google Apps. So if you have a prefrence for mobile devices don’t go to android websites and stir things up just quietly and happily enjoy your devices and preferences. You probably Googled all of your random one sided facts anyway.

  • Apple is selling another expensive toys for iSheeps to buy. It may have a performance boost but all in all it’s just the same old thing.

  • Siddhanathan S.

    The weight! As much as I hate Apple, I love the weight of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. We need thinner and lighter devices.

  • cant mods do something abt these apple trolls … apple fantaics are dumb …. dont wanna be educated otherwise ….@ peterblood go hump somethin else …dont hog aa plz?

  • BFS

    ipad mini isnt exactly a budget tab.
    Nexus 7 32GB for $249, now that is budget!!!

  • olbp

    As Stevie would have said:

    Why is the mini pad to LARGE. I thought it was supposed to be 7″, not 8″?
    May as well buy the new new new maxi pad of the day if you want something
    THAT large. And, such a HUGE price for what you actually GET!

  • Tang

    The iPad mini’s more like a downgrade from the original iPad. The price is way too high for a 7 inch tablet. And the specs don’t look anything special for the iPad. The new n7’s gonna look so much better

  • Wayne

    I have the old “new iPad” and I just purchased the Nexus 7 16GB yesterday. I waited to see the iPad mini more out of curiosity. But.. why would I purchase a smaller iPad. if I want an iPad I want an iPad not a smaller tablet.

    The main reason I purchased the nexus to become familiar with Android devices so I can support them. Overall it is buggy, glitches and not all that impressive.

    But… for 1/3 the price of the iPad I see why its market exists.

    The movies play well and I read a few chapters of a book on it.

    I believe my iPad will sit at home and the Nexus will become my mobile device. I even used the navigator this morning to see how well it worked as a GPS. I believe a car mount is in my near future.

    I have never used my iPad as a mobile a device on a daily basis but it worked great for long trips in hotel rooms and relatives houses.

    Again the smaller cheaper tablet will be less risk for those same trips and I could see it being a daily traveler to work for reading books at lunch and/or GPS use.

  • Ray Ray

    Uh, hello! The question/topic is/was: Apple’s premiums contradict the very principle of a budget device. What do you guys think? Are there any Google Nexus 7 owners that would like to switch to the Apple iPad mini? Let us know which way you swing in the comment section below!

  • Don’t bother guys. Peterblood is having a monologue. Fail claims and incorrect facts. Enjoy your colorful “original” icons on your iDevice and the 200% overpriced metal and glass that will break and shatter when dropped.

  • Secondcarpet

    In my humble opinion… I always wanted an apple product because everyone else had one, but I could fortunately never afford one. I do not disagree that apple make fantastic software to run on their very specific hardware, but again have an issue with the pricing of the apps they sell. In SA, we are being robbed by apple on all their products. My work required that I get a tablet and being stingy they got me the Galaxy P1000.
    The only drawback for me is that the GPS uses a lot of battery power and I would have loved the option to use cell tower triangulation only when possible to save battery power.

    Now, I’ve not previously used a lot of the Apple handhelds, but the android exceeded all my expectations and I would not get myself an apple product ever, considering I have not yet met someone who had an iPhone which did not give them some sort of problem somewhere along the line. Secondly, bandwidth in SA is still relatively expensive and one thing all iPhone users complain about is the fact that they spend a lot of money on data, as the iPhone uses a lot of data. This is their comments, not mine, yet they are of the opinion that it is their own fault and they can normally justify why they use so much data without getting anything in return.I do believe that like myself, people buy (want to buy) Apple products for image and not necessarily function or performance as it is the in thing to have.
    With a world community contributing to Android software, you should find a lot more frequent updates and programs than with iOS, although a lot of them will suffer from poor programming, which is not generally the case with apple software as it is designed for their specific hardware.
    With regards to the comments on build quality and pricing:Being a bit of a geek by nature, the tablet is a tool and I really cannot care much how it looks or feels, as long as it works and doesn’t cost an arm or a legg. Why would you want to buy a quality product at twice the price if it is going to be obsolete in 2 years. This is true of anything using a CPU as per Moore’s Law, which is still true today. With the popularity of tablets increasing and new products becoming available every year or two, only the hard-core fans can justify spending more money than what is necessary. I also think that apple has a great marketing division that knows people believe price = quality and that is why their devices are over priced in my opinion.
    If the tablet comes in pieces and you need to hold it together with duct-tape, I’ll use it as is, since it will only be around for a relative short time and will probably safe me lots of $$. I will pay more for better build quality only on long term usable products and almost anything with a CPU that relies on processing power for its main feature does not qualify as a long term usable product.

    Android Vs iOS:
    In my experience, google has done a lot to make technology and information available to the masses, especially in countries considered to be third world countries. In our country we have had state owned monopolies for decades and both service and performance sucked, due to them having monopolies. Apple due to its history will in my opinion be remembered as good quality products for the image conscious person who does not really know much or care about tech, but just wants the latest and greatest so that his/her friends can be jealous.
    As information becomes more readily available, there is a tendency under younger users to always be in the know, while looking for the best price for the function they require the tool.
    I work for a company that install geysers and our preferred product is double the quality and warranty with not even 1% of the same failure rates being supplied at the same price as the well known brand, yet most people prefer the inferior product since its brand has been around for years and is therefore supposed to be the better product. In the same way I believe that the apple sales are purely because of public perception and image.
    Most/all proper tech geeks that I have spoken to prefer the use of Android based handhelds as they feel it gives them more flexibility at a lower price.

    @PeterBlood:disqus: I think your comments on sales are justified to say that the apple products are much more popular than other brands in the same way that ford is a better car than any other make (maybe not lately) due to them having the biggest market share. Even though company makes relatively cheap products and then inflate the prices so that people will think it is quality.

    I want to pay for what I’m getting which I consider to be components, a bit of development time and a small markup. I do not want to pay anyone for the patent they developed that Noah used to navigate the globe when he could not spot land a couple of centuries ago.
    That being said, let the iFanatics spend their $$ on an overpriced handheld because it makes them feel rich and important. Us mere mortals will in the mean time use our cheap-ass functional handhelds which we believe to be better value for money.
    BTW : How many people do you know switched from Android to Apple products compared to Apple users who switched to Android product at the present?
    Lastly, if there are so many iOS fans out there, why are none of them assisting in your defense? Could it be that they do not read or that they do not agree with you?

  • PeterBlood

    What an a-hole reviewer to say Apple Maps are useless! TOTALLY not true! This guy just lost all credibility. “Cool design” for the Nexus 7? Don’t make me laugh. Other non-biased reviewers have said side by side the Nexus is a total design embarrassment. Since the display is a reduction in size but same resolution as iPad 2 it should look pretty darn good.

  • PeterBlood

    Why Apple’s new tablet will affect some Android device makers more than others:

    “Android-derived brands like the Kindle Fire and the Nook will thrive in an iPad mini world — but devices based on a more pure version of Android will struggle,” Casey Newton writes for CNET.

    Apple’s introduction of the iPad Mini this week generated two lines of thinking about competition in the tablet space.

    The first, articulated by some analysts, holds that lower-cost tablets have nothing to worry about. Reuters collected their comments in an article giving shape to their general lack of concern. The reason? The entry-level Mini’s $329 price, enough to give it distance from cheaper tablets on the market. A note from Nomura Equity Research indicated that “demand for Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire is unlikely to be much affected by the launch of the Mini given the significant price gap,” Reuters reported.

    The second view says that the price difference won’t matter as much as some analysts think. AllThingsD found several analysts who share that view. As J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz told the outlet: “Should Amazon and Google be worried? Yes, they should be worried.” The argument here is that Apple greatly expanded its pool of potential buyers by making its entry-level tablet $329, while shrinking the pool of potential buyers for Android tablets by a corresponding amount. Given that cheap tablets compete primarily on price, the thinking goes, the cheaper iPads get, the more difficulty Apple’s competitors will have.

    But there’s a third way of thinking about the situation, which has gotten less attention. It’s related to the first two lines of thought, and it goes something like this: Android-derived brands like the Kindle Fire and the Nook will thrive in an iPad Mini world — but devices based on a more pure version of Android will struggle.

    (So sorry abut that non-future Nexus tablet kids.)

  • PeterBlood

    Hmm, the s**t’s about to hit the fan for Google:

    Antitrust suits threaten Google from both sides of the Atlantic

    • KyleRay

      Apple right now is facing more lawsuits than Google will ever face. They are the most sued company on the planet. Look it up? hahaha…. USPTO right now at the request of Google, is reviewing their patents. Rubberband or Bounce Effect Patent? REJECTED!!! lol…. All those patents from Apple’s supposed win against Samsung? Samsung has already coded around around them, so NO Permanent Bans….. EVERZZZZ! ahaha… Apple bought the Jury Foreman and Judge obviously, but that Win is fast flying South right off the Planet! :DDD

      Notice Google Android was incorporated in August 2003 a whole year before Apple stripped down OS X kernel, so the could incorporate Touchscreen Framework into it when they didn’t hire their 1st Touchscreen Engineer/Designer until November 2004! …..then Google was already negotiating with Andy Rubin to buy Android, after he completed writing Google MMS in early 2004 for Mobiles along with first Mobile Search Engine and Ad business!

      Along this simple tidbit to bite your iCrAppleholic Tim Cook porked arse; Google Nexus 7 has already sold more than it was projected to sell for the whole year!!! :DDD

      • PeterBlood

        Having lawsuits filed against a company like Apple doesn’t mean they are legit. When you are King Of The Hill more people come out of the woodwork (including patent trolls – people who bought patents for the purpose of suing over them) at you or lawyers do trying to make money. Just the price of doing business.

        Apple has won more judgments than they’ve lost. Choke on that.

        The whole idea of the suits against Samsung was for them to redesign the infringing patents so Apple in fact won. Love how you try to spin that in one giant FAIL.

        Oh yeah buying judges and juries is pretty normal here and allowed in the States. You go ahead and believe that and Ive got some swampland in Georgia I’d like to sell you. LOVE how guys like you live in their own extreme fantasy world.

        Apple still has that billion dollar judgment (plus possible billions more in damages) against Samsung standing and other judgments too. Don’t know what the hell you are smoking or why you think you have the upper hand about anything. Dumb.

        Look at this and STFU, before and after CEO Eric Schmidt on Apple’s Board saw the pre-release iPhone. I rest my case. Don’t check your facts much do you?


        Sure Nexus 7 sold a handful (700k to 1 million) in a whole quarter compared to the millions sold out iPad Mini in 3 days. BWAHAHAHA!! Android tablet sales are a rounding error. Also enjoy using your blow up and fuzzy phone apps on that Nexus tablet because that’s all you mostly have. Nice try junior. KyleRay = FAIL

        • Terry Lee

          There is swamp land in Georgia.

          • PeterBlood

            And you bought it all up right junior?

          • PeterBlood

            And you bought it all up. Typical.

  • Donald Hairston III

    There is no way in hell that I will switch from my nexus 7 to any tablet other than an updated Asus Nexus device… I love the size, the screen, the specs, the software, the hardware!! Apple continues 2 brainwash consumers in believing their latest greatest product is steps ahead of their last product b4, but it really doesn’t be.. Thank u Asus & Google 4 putting together a greatly priced and wonderful tablet!!!!

  • Darktanone

    You conveniently forgot to mention the 275,000 custom built iPad apps that run on the iPad Mini. How many custom built app are there for the Nexus 7 and Android tablets? Hmmm?

  • Try this gentlemen, put on your sport coat, slide the Nexus 7 into the left inside pocket. It fits perfectly. Try that with any other? Won’t fit. This is major. Think about it.

  • NMN

    @peterblood u r such a idiot u called android inferior to ios ……….give me a reason to hate android and someone will give u 5 to not to do so………y changing topic to google vs apple

  • —-

    ipad mini is not a budget tablet, that is the difference. google made the nexus to be the most affordable tablet, not taking any profit.

  • IZZY

    @PeterBlood:disqus One thing you seem to mention quite a lot is the amount of profit Apple make.
    This is a boom bust metality , if your product is not of consistant and of affordable quality you are doomed eventualy.
    The average consumer is not interested in how much money an indervidual company makes, unless YOU are a shearholder.
    Are you ?
    People in general in the end will always be attracted to the best bang for their buck.

  • Did Moroz

    Comparing the two ecosystems is same as comparing a personal vehicle to a public transport. The Android OS is different from iOS from the very root of the kernel.

    The iOS is like public bus, it will get you from point A to point B and thats it. You have no customization in between. There are many basic examples like: bluetooth (unability to transfer files between two iOS devices without JBing the heck out of those things), ringtones (not customizable without third party app) the retarded gateway to the device (itunes), fonts, launcher just to name a few. After first two hours owning the device I was determined that it will need to be JBed. While others might say thats all you need, there is some things that you wish you had.

    On the other hand, the Android OS is very much like a personal car. You can tell a lot about the owner just by glancing at their home screen. It so easy to tailore the OS to ones likings that it is almost impossible to find two devices of the same model and OS version to look identical. The sky is the limit of your imagination when it comes to android. Anything I wished for is on my S2, and a lot more that, while owning iOS, I didn’t knew it existed.
    So… iOS users, get in… sit down… shut up, and enjoy the ride with you captain Cook, cuz we, the android guys, have some MODs to put on. We will catch up with you later ( on your market shares)
    Peace :)

  • ray harrison

    I think im going purchase a Ipad 4 in a few months as I would like to have a tablet in the lounge area to replace my laptop / desktop for internet browsing. But im gona buy a nexus 7 32gb next week coz I just love the way it feels and for the price its a steal. So who cares if apple is better or android is better. I think the ipad is a quality piece of kit but im not that keen on the fact ios such a closed system. The nexus has great portability and thats what im gona use it for. Ok so the android apps are not as good at the moment but i think they are getting better all the time. There is always going to be pros and cons with any rival/competing devices. Thats why I had Ps, xbox a pc and a nintendo because every device brings something different to the table thats just the way its is.

  • scottxoom

    Because you’re not a fan of cameras on tablets, you disregard it. Biased reporting of course, the website is Android Authority. Very sad. Please no feedback from children under thirty-five who think their phones are some phallic replacement. I don’t care about your pathetic little “Android vs. Apple” war. Grow up. I can understand if you own stock in any of the provider’s or manufacturer’s companies. Then you have a legitimate reason to be concerned with competitors.

  • Steve Meiers

    If you want “freedom from choice”, go iPad. I’m sticky with my lovely and liberating Nexus 7 though. I don’t need a squashed iPad 2 with a bloated price tag for an Apple logo.

  • herewego

    @Peter blood
    You are such a fuckin fag dude. On your knees slurping apples cock up and taking loads in your leaky asshole. Google gone in five years? Are you kidding me? Bing? Dude you are so fucking naive. http://bgr.com/2012/10/26/android-tablets-take-a-huge-chunk-of-ipads-market-share-in-q3/. Google accounts for 41% of tablets shipped in the third quarter you dunce. There is no one tablet responsible for the surge. Shipments of iPads shrank to 51%. Get your facts right you grade A retard. All the stats confirm that Google is growing like a monster and apple better be scared. Android allows you to customize/personalize to your liking.. unlike iOS when you’re just like every other sheep who has the same boring weak ass layout that has 1 new feature every year. Keep waiting in line to be fed scraps by tim cook. With the android event coming up announcing new nexus phones and tablets + jelly bean 4.2 its only gonna get worse for apple. Who are you trying to fool dude?

  • Top Gear

    The delusion is strong within this site. Heh.

  • Actually, the iPad mini is what Apple always needed, to capture the market share of people who still aren’t willing to spend more for apple devices, yet wanting to own one badly. So now the customers have a great chance, to fulfill their inner self-esteem like they never did before. iOS or android, this doesn’t matter to them.

  • Niklas

    Thi is just stupid; can a product test be more bias?

  • christopher jayawardena

    people dont argue with apple users they r idiots who will bring us down to their level of idiocricy and beat us with experience

  • ronf57

    This article claimed to compare these devices but almost entirely dismissed whether the processor/gpu differences equate to performance differences. “I’ll give up a few frames per second for more pixels” and “while the Tegra 3 SHOULD be better than the A5…graphics performance SHOULD be better on the iPad Mini”
    Maybe you SHOULD have run some tests to see what the facts are.

    • KyleRay

      The fact is more pixels does not equate to better graphics. He’s right…. whether he explained so any iCrAppleholic “Lost in 1984” Proles and iReligious Nuts realize it or not! ;-P …..besides the less frames has to do with BETTER Graphics with more Special FX’s….. than just pumping out a lot of Pixels and Frames!!!

  • KyleRay

    Tegra 3 has 4 CPU Cores, so naturally it has better multi-tasking for that simple reason, being 4 A9 cores to 2 A9 cores in A5. But….. the real difference lies within Android in this case. Because it’s like father like son….. with iOS having retained the use of HFS+ Legacy predominantly single threaded original Mac file system. So it stacks tasks on top of each other and even though you have two cores for better multi-tasking, it still relies on tasks even then to be performed just two at a time, one after the other. It’s why apps must be sandboxed, so the file system sees them as one task. It’s the way Java Apps can be run multi-windowed, but close the parent and the child window closes too. That’s how their fake Multi-tasking works.

    Jail breakers think they got it fixed, but in reality they don’t with just adding more cheats. It’s part of the reason everything is virtual in iOS, including iTunes. Which was the first Apple Application to run on it’s own virtual sub file system. It’s why iOS is so simple in the first place. It’s by necessity and depends on it’s Apps and App Store to maximize any perception of power. It’s all an illusion, full of magician’s tricks. When Linux was designed ground up as a modular enterprise OS, like Unix, on modern file systems!

    Android was designed on the full Linux Kernel w/ Touchscreen UI Framework at it’s base, on a pervasively multi-threaded file system, now with multi-core support built-in. This is the reason OS X will never be native touchscreen enabled. Linux was designed around enterprise use and that’s why it was so easy to add in multiple logins within newest Android Jelly Bean. That will go LIVE on Nexus 7 soon after it’s big brother Nexus 10 hits the market. Coming in an update, along with new photo and camera apps!

    So with the full desktop featured 12core Nvidia GPU (first mobile to do real time dynamic lighting and shaders, etc in it’s 12 pipelines), it wipes the floor with Apple’s PowerVG (USSG semi fixed element only dual pipelines) Pixel Rich….. but shader poor graphics. Powerful graphics are fine w/ a gazillions of pixels…. but gamers demand great Special FX’s Apple’s GPU’s can never deliver, w/ it’s mix of fixed and programmable cores, tile based graphics, on a legacy file system from the Dark Ages of 1984 Macs! Nexus 7 FTW!!! ;-P

    • phreezerburn

      Stellar post.

  • Cody Staub

    Well, the only comment I really have to make about the iPad mini vs Nexus 7 is this: I grew up as an Apple fanboy. I owned an iPad 2 for over a year and spent WAYYY too much money on apps for, and enjoyed them for the most part. What I did not love was the very boring iOS and complete lack of control I had. I dropped the iPad for a Nexus 7, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. It has much better features, is more responsive, and the Android OS doesn’t leave me wanting for so much more. I’ve now completely gotten rid of all my Apple products in favor of Android and Windows counterparts and moved my iTunes library (it was kinda small anyway) over to Google Play. Everything in the Android ecosystem works so seamlessly now…and I love it!!!

  • Not So Bloody

    PeterBlood Hi there i have been reading your comments and felt compelled to add a few comments.

    As Nazz Andi has rightly pointed out, what is an apple fanboy doing in an android community?! Has apple fallen so low that it requires normal day to day netizens like yourself to stand up and pitch for its products? It is true that there are some android fans that are naive or childish and whom can be accused of having the wrong facts and misconceptions. But ain’t that the same for apple fans too? The world does not require you to act as a vigilante and go around correcting and flaming android fans and labeling them as crappy or cheapskate. We came to this website for our android tech news and updates and you can go to your apple camp for yours. Stop assuming you have the moral high ground. Both companies are giants in their own rights and its great that they are always inventing and trying to push new boundaries to add new experiences and improve the lifestyle of us consumers. Apple has made great leaps in today’s tech world and can be credited for bringing sophisticated top end technology to the masses and gift wrapping it so that it is easy for the consumer. It has almost single handedly revived a static and boring phone industry and broadened our minds on how we can integrate technology into our everyday lives. I for one, truly admire apple and am quite a huge fan of their products. That is why i came here looking to compare the ipad mini against the nexus 7.

    But i am too a fan of the android. I am the first android user in a family of iphones and macbooks, and i truly enjoy the flexibility and choice that it gives me in terms of user experience. As you have rightly said, there is now a choice in the market. So why not let them have a choice? Seeing you type things along the lines of “i see no need for me to try out android products because my apple products are superior in every possible way” just paints you in the same light as the people you have been trying to subjugate in your mission to attain world peace. Go do the real work you have been saying you do and kindly leave the android community if you are really not that interested.

    Last point. If it is true that google is making their products for no profit then that too is their choice and we buyers respond in kind to their price. Basic economics. Price mechanism and hence the free market for private goods work when both buyers and sellers are rational and work for their own private interest. If the products can indeed be sold for that kind of price why will we not prefer it? Are u not a rational person? You sound so naive and blinded that it kinda validates what android fans have been calling apple fans. If you have got shares and made a little profit from apple’s rise well good for you. They are just not coming from us so you should instead be investing your time in the apple sites, whereby you can lavish your encyclopedia of facts and statistics to entice people to buy their produts. Apple is well known to be profit driven and charge a perceived premium on their products. That is a fact. If you weigh the pro and cons and decide that its worth it then go ahead. Just don’t blame google or others for not going down that path. Its a huge market out there. Android has reached out to an area that apple hasn’t and they should be credited for doing so. Not everyone can afford (or need) such a high end product for every single electronic device they use. And no if i could afford it i will not be buying apple products all the way. I would prefer to be able to control some aspect of my tech life and inject a little personality that suits my profile. To me, its always computer- windows, phone- android/apple, music player- apple. The tablet is still a toss up between the 3 operating systems. It all depends on what you want. So get off everyones’ backs. Its just a freaking piece of technology. There are bigger issues out there. You can donate your profits from your apple share to the needy or to the red cross or to hurricane sandy relief services. That will raise your stock far more than what you are doing here. Be sure to let everyone know that your donation was made possible due to apple and their profits over the years.

    Good day and hopefully this is the last time we android fans see you here

  • Srikant

    I was going through the idiotic remarks by Peter Blood, the man with the gargantuan ego.

    He makes such silly arguments

    1) “If you had money, you would buy apple products all the way” — I have money and why would i buy a measly 4 inch screen phone when i can enjoy movies and shows on a 4.8 inch screen which costs less and offers far more features. Really man. ha ha aha. Do you actually believe one who can afford s3 and one x cant invest a lil more to buy icrap 5.

    2) “Android touch is inferior. Not as fast” — Come to practical world .u piece of shit. Touch works perfectly and all games i have played are natural and intuitive. If some game doesnt feel right touch wise, its only because of shoddy game programming. Not the fault of the device.

    And you know, why i would never choose IPhone. Because to transfer mp3 library to the device, i have to use the crap software called itunes. Does anything beat simple drag and drop eh?.

    U can post your silly retaliation here after u have finished sucking Steve Jobs’ dead dick, u faggot

  • bdpq

    Ipad mini… it’s just too big…


  • Andrea Rossi

    Well, I guess you can remove that Nexus7 con tomorrow. ;)

  • chiel

    Fanboy alert in the comments

  • brutalpanther

    The nexus 7 is by far the best 7″ tablet made.I have fiddled around with all the pretenders and for overall perfomance,nothing can touch it.Also i don’t know how old this article is or misinformed you are,but there is a 32gb nexus 7.I traded my 16gb for a 32gb.Also 8gb no longer avail.And the best news is the 32gb costs the same as the 16gb used to be($249)and the 16gb is now ($199).I run alot of games that take alot speed to render graphics(realracing 2,gt academy and the new need for speed )without any glitches or lag.I also have a couple magazine subscriptions and text is crisp.Netflix and hbo go run great on it also.Depending on your internet speed, but that will affect any wifi unit you’re using. And not to bust your bubble but a 3g version is also coming.