Apple insider: Steve Jobs would have gone ‘mad’ over Siri’s performance

by: Bams SadewoMay 28, 2012

Poor unloved Siri. The voice assistant software with “an attitude” may have helped Apple garner a lot of attention during the iPhone 4S’ launch and made it the talk of the nation, but it’s now suffering some internal backlash. The problem is apparently more serious than reports that surfaced a month ago that said the late Steve Jobs wasn’t a fan of the name – something that took many efforts of convincing from Siri’s then CEO – until Jobs reluctantly accepted it. Now some reports are coming out saying that the performance of Siri would’ve sent Jobs over the edge.

With Siri not living up to expectations, this is apparently how said Apple insider justifies the belief of how the late Apple CEO “would have lost his mind” over Siri’s inadequate performance.  What’s even worse, the former employee also said that those who currently work in Apple are all “embarrassed” by the performance of the voice recognition software.  My thoughts: “That’s quite a sweeping generalization to make.”

Given that Siri is currently still in beta, it’s to be expected that it would hiccup every now and then when doing its job. The latest bump in the road was when Siri named Nokia’s Lumia 900 as ‘the best phone ever’, a mishap that was quickly rectified by Apple. The voice assistant also had a bumpy ride in the first few months of its life, which include several lawsuits for false advertisement and stage fright in other countries.

Despite the put down, like Apple’s many products, Siri is still considered as the one to beat. Is this a case of perception winning over reality? Whatever the reason, Siri seems to have set a new benchmark for voice recognition feature that other manufacturers and companies are trying to replicate and improve upon.

I say let’s give Siri a break. The feature probably is not even used that often by iPhone users, once the few first days of excitement die down.  We are, however, still excited about what Google is planning to bring to the voice recognition software table, which is expected to come later in the year.

What say you, readers? Does Siri deserve its contempt or has it been outdone by Android counterparts already? Is the hoopla just another ploy by Apple to get free publicity? Shout back below!

  • sn0wbaLL

    as i former i4s user. i used it only in the beginning, but then I stopped. I even forgot it was there.

  • AppleFUD

    My feed says “” but I think I’m at “apple insider”?!?!?!?

    WFT Google?. . . are you mixing up my feeds? Or does *Android* Authority have an obsession with apple lately?

  • Guest

    Steve was alive and saw Siri in action for MONTHS while it was being developed and used.
    Why wasn’t he “mad” then????

  • I say lets NOT give Siri a break. If it’s shit it’s shit.

  • Brad168

    It woudn’t matter except Apple hyped the crap out of it (remember the ads?). Sure it works better than other voice recognition software (or as well as) but Apple made it the next big thing which they failed to deliver on.

  • TomHolmes

    Apple made an uncharacteristic decision in releasing a product that wasn’t ready for prime time. The fact that it was beta isn’t an excuse for it’s spotty performance. They released it because they needed some buzz, and the 4S was a big yawner with no aesthetic changes and moderate internal upgrades. Without Siri, it would have been more of a non-event. Perhaps they accomplished what they wanted to accomplish by adding it, but at the cost of damage to their reputation for polish.

  • Kinda like the other innovation they had that would’ve changed the world…what was it? somekind of video chat. Oh yea, facetime. Jobs was OK with that one too, if I recall.