Apple Got its Feelings Hurt

by: Darcy LaCouveeApril 9, 2011
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Uh oh ~ It looks like the company from Cupertino, famous for its ferociously tyrannical ways, is rumored to have ‘banned’ Best Buy from selling the iPad 2 for the time being. Looks like the rich kid wants to have the party goes his way but things aren’t going as planned.

According to TUAW, “the mammoth electronics retailer has had all stock except demo units pulled. We didn’t put much credence in this rumor until CrunchGear reported the same thing after being tipped by a supposed Best Buy employee; Apple has supposedly banned Best Buy from selling the iPad 2 for the time being.”

Boy Genius also chirped in with some investigative reporting, and has independently confirmed from two Managers at Best Buy stores, that “[their] stores have been asked to temporarily hold non-reserved iPad 2 inventory.”

This manager allegedly went on to claim that until further notice, the Best Buy has had all stock except demo units pulled.

According to the wise sagely folks at CrunchGear, this doesn’t have anything to do with Best Buy dissing the iPad in a recent ad.

Still, while more tempered voices in the blogosphere are saying it has nothing to do with this beautiful ad that so aptly demonstrates the shortcomings of having only one form factor, we would beg to differ. Apple is notorious for ruling with an iron fist, especially when it comes to preservation of its highly polished image.

Just a few days ago, Apple asked Toyota to cease all advertising with an Ad network that catered to devices that were rooted, or “jail broken”, further underpinning the already significant evidence that Apple is a company that loves control in all its forms. After all, Toyota wanted to “maintain their good relationship with Apple.”

We here at Android Authority happen to think differently. We happen to think that Apple is actually not liking all of the negative press it’s receiving lately, and is on the offensive. Of course, Apple is happy to overcharge customers and maintain its position at the top of the elite smartphone food chain, but cannot at all be happy that analysts are projecting that Android is going to completely dominate the Smartphone market going forward.

Either way, it’s still interesting. Plus, with Apple rumored to be launching a lower priced iPhone in the not too distant future, it’s looking like Apple will be doing everything it can to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive market place.



  • I’m pretty sure that a Best Buy spokes person stated just the other day that it was Best Buy who was holding units for a big promotion.

    Is this information coming after that information?

  • Chuck

    This site seems to be an Apple bashing site more than an Android news site now. So many opinions being thrown around without factual evidence. “Apple is happy to overcharge customers…” You would be too if everyone and their mother paid for it. Also, iPad is pretty cheap and well equipped when comparing it to most Android tablets right now, you can’t deny that. I love Android but you have to give credit where it is due, instead of non-stop bashing.

  • Jeremy

    The ipad is alot like the kinect.. Millions of people are buying it on sheer hype alone… Eventually that hype will fade, like all hype does… there are cheaper and more competitively priced alternatives.. But it is hard to see past the hype right now… Like it was less than a year ago with the iphone. the hype fades away and then variety, choice, flexibility all pave the way for an android dominated market.

    • Chuck

      That is true, they are very good at marketing (arguably the best), but while I tend to shy from this I picked up an iPad after comparing it to the galaxy tab, xoom and a few others. The lack of flash sucks bad but the app library and battery life are huge, especially for a tablet.