Apple, Google to appear in front of judge in U.S. Apple vs Motorola case

by: Chris SmithJune 20, 2012
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Apple in involved in a rather complex war against Android on multiple fronts. The company is suing prominent Android makers such as Motorola, Samsung and HTC in various worldwide markets alleging that they’re infringing certain patents related to iPhone, iPad and iOS. On their part, those companies are countersuing Apple and bringing their own patent claims to courts, with Google not having been directly involved in any of these lawsuits until now.

As many of you already know, Google has been recently approved to purchase Motorola and the Search giant will now be actively involved in Motorola’s legal battles with the iPhone maker.

Reuters on Wednesday reported that Apple and Motorola will face each other “at a crucial hearing” in Chicago where their legal advisors are scheduled to make their cases in a hearing presided by Federal Judge Richard Posner. That’s the same judge that decided to dismiss Apple’s case against Motorola a few weeks ago, only to quickly change his mind and grant a new hearing to the two companies.

The Apple vs Motorola conflict started in October 2010, when Motorola sued Apple, with the latter quickly bringing its own case against Motorola during the same month. Since then, and until the unexpected dismissal of the case, judge Posner issued a series of rulings in Apple’s favor, eliminating most of Motorola’s patents in its trial against Apple, while maintaining most of Apple’s claims against Motorola.

Today’s hearing is important to both Google and Apple, especially since Motorola and Apple are embroiled in similar patent wars in Europe but also because the outcome of the U.S. trials may influence other legal battles between Apple and other Android device makers.

  • Ryan MORGAN

    Apple needs to give it a rest. They’re trying to impede the sales of other companies, rather than improve their own. Will never by from Apple purely because of this.

    • sn0wbaLL

      ill add even more to that, I even sold all of my i-products; but not only because of BS like all the suing but also because they really are not on the same level as android anymore

      • AppleFUD

        Apple’s has always been poor on the software side of things. Great at packaging products and marketing them but staying on the cutting edge of software features has never been their strong suit and that’s why MS passed them by so easily with Windows — MS should never have been able to catch apple’s OS.

        On the smartphone side they’ve been even easier to catch because iOS is such a basic OS it didn’t really take much.

        The funny thing is, watching their hypocrisy. They haven’t licensed many FRAND patents for their products over the years and have been taken to task for it and found guilty time and time again but then want the courts to step in and to stop companies from suing them over FRAND patents — real patents that are needed to make a device work properly — but then want to ban every competitor over stupid design patents and software patents like the “rubberband effect.” How pathetic — I’ve lost all respect for the company at this point.

        • sn0wbaLL

          thanks for the info, i lost even more respect for apple

          • apple paid $600million last year to nokia. when in 2010 they got brave, and said that they only innovate, and everyone else copies. so nokia put them in their place.