Apple takes on Galaxy S4 with new ‘Why iPhone’ page on its website

by: Chris SmithMarch 17, 2013

samsung galaxy s4 vs iPhone 5 4 aa 600

Apple has published an additional page on its iPhone mini-site of its online store a few days after the Galaxy S4 was officially announced. The page, titled “Why iPhone,” highlights iPhone features that make people love the handset.

There are several sections that focus on various iPhone features, including customer satisfaction awards, iPhone design, Retina display, battery life, processor, wireless and LTE, camera, entertainment, iOS 6, Siri, iCloud and “support from real people.”

While listing the features of the iPhone, Apple takes some clear shots at the competition, mainly Android, even though it doesn’t explicitly mention it, or any other competing product.

Apple says that “only iPhone has the Retina display,” although that’s only partly true. Sure, the “Retina display” is a marketing term that Apple came up with, so, only the iPhone has it. But there are plenty of Android handsets, especially this year, that match and even surpass the pixel per inch ratio of the iPhone.

Apple says the iPhone 5 can offer great battery life without having to compromise on size and use a large battery that would take a lot of space inside the device. To drive that point home, Apple says that the A6 processor inside the iPhone 5 and its wireless and LTE technology help with conserving battery life while getting the job done.

samsung galaxy s4 vs iPhone 5 6 aa 600

Furthermore, the iPhone camera is described as “the world’s most popular camera,” with the top three most popular cameras on Flickr being also listed: the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, in that order.

A clear hit at Google is found further down the page in the section that details the iPhone’s access to iTunes, App Store and iBookstore, with Apple targeting malware, and fragmentation:

The more apps, music, movies, and TV shows you download, the more you realize there’s almost no limit to what iPhone can do. With iPhone, all that content comes from one source: Apple. The iTunes Store is the world’s largest and most trusted entertainment store. And the App Store is home to over 800,000 apps — all reviewed by Apple to guard against malware.3 Other mobile platforms have a myriad of fragmented store options, resulting in availability issues, developer frustration, and security risks.

Apple further attacks Android by saying that iOS 6 is “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system,” an OS that enjoys timely updates that are “just a tap away.”

Other iPhone features that are also detailed are Siri, a feature that only iPhone has, and iCloud.

One last hit at Android is delivered right at the end when Apple reminds buyers that “iPhone comes with something unique: support from real people,” something Google isn’t offering to its Android users.

samsung galaxy s4 vs iPhone 5 1 aa 600

Even though the “Why iPhone” page went live after the Galaxy S4 was officially announced, it rather takes hits at Google’s Android than at Samsung’s Galaxy S4. And, not that it matters too much right now, but Samsung didn’t really mention Android all that much during its strange Galaxy S4 event in the first place.

However, considering that the page was published just this week, it’s clear Apple is trying to take a hit at Samsung, and convince potential buyers that are trying to decide between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4 (here’s our comparison of the two handsets) to choose the iOS device.

It’s also worth pointing out that this is not the first Apple marketing move that targeted Samsung’s new flagship device this week. The days before the Galaxy S4 was unveiled, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller gave a couple of interviews to the Wall Street Journal and Reuters in which he voiced his concerns with Android in general and with the upcoming Galaxy S4.

Should we be surprised to see Apple react? Yes and no. The company hasn’t done it so clearly in the past, but now that it responds to a potential threat it’s basically doing what everyone else in the business is doing. Check out HTC’s recent anti-Galaxy S4 campaign. Not to mention that Samsung does it too with its anti-iPhone ads that we keep seeing go viral on YouTube.

Apple is certainly stepping up its game in the marketing department, but we’re surely going to see Samsung hit back with more ads of its own this year, as the battle for supremacy in the smartphone business rages on.

What smartphone are you buying this year?

  • NXT Junkies

    I am waiting for that NXT phone from Motorola to come out then I will make my decision to use my upgrade option.

    • Greg

      There was only one NeXT, and it’s not part of any Motorola phone. ;-)

    • oli72

      same here sir.

    • HeadHunter

      Yeah am also waiting for Moto X to compare it whit s4 to see which one to buy.

    • DetroitTech

      Can someone tell me why Motorola phones only report battery life in increments of 10?… Wha? That ALONE keeps me away from Motorola.

    • Except NXT was Sony’s

  • Rúben Lockheart

    Apple is shaking! Childish attacks like this only make them look worse…
    Apple should really grow the fuck up..

    • NicholasMicallef

      Actually this is a much more mature approach than HTC, showing why people should choose their device rather than trying to make fun of Samsung. Although it is also filled with more deception, especially that retina display line…

      • deepen03

        agreed.. the Retina argument is OVER.. The S4 and HTC One have 440 and 460 PPI respectively.. Apple can’t even compete lol

    • A-man

      It is funny how when apple does it, it is consider childish attacks, but when samsung started it with the “next big thing” youtube campeign it was all good. It is business what can you do. mud slinging is a big part of it. I am not an applefan boy, i rock the real s3 aka the international one.

      • dro_ID

        But what do you say about I am a Mac and you are a PC advertisement series? Apple has a very unfair way of advertising its products, by poking its competitors.

        • A-man

          Apple did attack Microsoft but that’s not what’s going on now. But it’s business not matter who makes what others attack. Looks at automotive companies they pull this all the time. Technology has way to much politics in it now.

          • mrband

            And the historical Apple’s attack to IBM comparing them to 1984 dictatorship? Of course, that was not childish, was art… Apple is getting its own medicine and deserves it hard.

          • A-man

            You must not understand the point of my second comment. I am trying to say no matter what, companies mud sling. Way to much politics within the world of technology that its annoying. People must learn to appreciate all aspect of technology. The technology game is a non baises world, well should be in my option. People should do their own thing and let the companies attack each other instead of us. We dont make profit it off it. So some people gotta chill. lol

    • seyss

      childish as samsung’s video ads on apple’s long lines?

  • jose Mendoza

    lol so instead of making a better phone they just name call? Apple is hurt dawg! 3….2…1… are we going to let you move on to round two?

  • hassan

    ofcourse galaxy s4 the best smartphone of the year

    • kascollet

      It’s only march dude.

    • Pete

      HTC One is the best smartphone of the year.

  • Imagine if Microsoft had promoted Windows by saying that Office was only available on Windows. By admitting that they have a monopoly on iTunes, App Store and iBookstore they are only making it worse.
    I wish Google would make their products ONLY for Android, but I know they will not do that.

    • That would be a terrible move for Google to make their products only for Android. Google makes money a lot off of Apple and even Microsoft.

      • Nanpon Gambo

        Actually, Apple and Microsoft makes money a lot off Google. Google makes money from ads.

        • If google made all of its services unavailable to apple users, I’m sure ape would go bankrupt. Just think of how many of their services rely on access to google services

          • Jared

            I’m also sure if they did Google would go bankrupt as well. Think of how many ads would go unseen Google’s share price would fall like a rock propelled by rockets

          • Marvin Nakajima

            Actually I think that depends partly on the proportion of ads that are indirectly seen and Google services indirectly used by iOS users. (e.g. Google ads and services used on 3rd party webpages visited via Safari, etc.) I would think Apple would be affected much more dramatically than Google should that ever happen.

          • short term maybe google may be minorly affected, but with the decline of iphone’s people would simply go to android and people would again be seeing the ads that pay google

          • Nanpon Gambo

            See it’s a catch 22. By so doing, Google will lose a lot of money if they do. Google makes more money from iOS ad services more than Android itself.

    • kascollet

      Do you realize that Samsung is walking the exact same path ?

      • Jose Santos

        Yes I definitely agree that Samsung is walking the same path as Apple especially when it comes to their Galaxy S series. Similar looking phone with very little innovation to its design and dropping a few features here and there…sounds like Apple

        • kascollet

          It’s not necessarily a bad thing. When products become mature enough, it’s logical not to frighten consumers and to build incrementally new features and keep the landmarks well identified. No one reinvents the cars every year.
          Until the real next big thing arrives (Google Glass ? Smart watches ? ).

          • Jose Santos

            Yeah I’m not saying it’s a bad thing,when you think about it.. This practice works great once a company reaches a level of success like Apple and Samsung have. It goes to show that most people like this practice. In a way it’s great because let’s say I just bought the new Samsung S4 like most companies Samsung will release a slightly better version in 8 to 18 months and only implement a few new features. As a GalaxyS4 I would feel like I haven’t been left in the dark since it only adds a few new features and like most people I can’t affird to upgrade every time their is a new version of my favorite device wsoecially with carrier contracts. Sorry this was a bit long.

    • Jared

      Google makes money off of advertising not exclusive features…that’s why Android is open…so they can give more people ads :-) Microsoft makes Office for Mac because Apple pays them to. Apple make iTunes for Windows so windows users can still tweak things on their iDevices and make money off of purchases on iTunes. It is all about money.

  • Sony

  • markt9002

    Regarding the Geekbench test above; Geekbench should not be used to compare Android and iOS phones. All Geekbench really tells us is how much better the SGS4 is compared to the SGS3. Seriously though, where are the GLBenchmark 2.5 results of the Exynos 5 Octa, and Snapdragon 600 with LPDDR3? The North American SGS4 should benchmark higher than the HTC One and LG Optimus Pro because it has LPDDR3 memory, while the One and Optimus Pro have LPDDR2.

    • kascollet

      And so does the fact that 600nix is twice 300 ? That makes 936,960 more pixels you won’t be able to see outdoors.
      Retina is not just about ppi.
      Sorry but I just hate dim screens.

      • markt9002

        Then buy a 1080p phone with a LCD or IPS panel. I own devices with AMOLED, IPS, and LCD technologies. The black levels on AMOLED displays cannot be beat, and I honestly don’t know what technology I prefer. A calibrated IPS display (Nexus 4) looks amazing, but I do miss the black levels on AMOLED panels. Plus, the panel in the SGS4 is supposed to be different, and more energy efficient than the Note II, and SGS3. This includes a different “diamond” pixel scheme, and it’s made of a new material called green PHOLED. We’ll see the truth when full reviews from sites like Anandtech emerge.

        • kascollet

          That’s right. Both have their advantages and choosing is hard. I have a GS2 (AMOLED Plus) and a Nexus 4 (IPS) and although the latter is brighter, I love the over saturated colors of the AMOLED. Everything is so “more than life”. Seeing my friend’s iPhone 5 screen, I think I would go for such a screen… if only it were bigger !

          • markt9002

            I’d give faux kernel, or Franco kernel a shot with some of the calibrated, and “AMOLED like” color values. I’m using a Nexus 4 with Franco kernel as my daily driver, and I recently compared my N4 using Obsanity’s and visceralpsyche’s gamma settings with a friend’s iPhone 5. Initially, I wasn’t impressed at all with the display on the Nexus 4, but the devs, and other enthusiastic contributors have fixed nearly every flaw this device has.

            Anyway, Obsanity’s settings are AMOLED like, and are punchy and over-saturated. I really like the way they look, and use them daily, but they’re not entirely color accurate. However, visceralpsyche uses calibration equipment to bring the Nexus 4’s screen as close to color accurate as possible. In Display Tester, visceralpsyche’s settings have a 2.2 gamma for red, green, and blue — which is apparently a standard for professionals. When I loaded visceralpsyche’s settings, my friend, who it’s a huge Apple fanboy, even agreed that the Nexus 4’s display is phenomenal, when it’s calibrated correctly. I’d put them very close to each other in terms of quality, and with Obsanity’s settings I’d say the black levels are better on the Nexus 4. This is not surprising because LG does supply Apple for some of the iPhone 5 panels.

            The difference is Apple takes the time to calibrate their displays, and that’s something Google doesn’t do. I hope this changes at some point.

          • kascollet

            Very interesting. If all that knowledge can push boundaries that far, I may cross the threshold and try to experiment a bit !

      • Have you seen the screen of the S3?? It is more bright, and it has better colors than the iPhone!!! I own both of them, so I know this. And the S4 screen will be even better!!! :-)

    • Arrgghhh, this retina bullshit is making me upset!!! 330ppi is better than 440ppi???!!! Come on…….. Apple is full of sh$t. :-/

      • seyss

        are you retarded?

        • No. Why? Do you think that Apple’s retina display has a better resolution/ppi than the Galaxy S4?

    • fvck apple

      crapple has an easy job at marketing due to the fact that fanboys are so iStupid that an iMonkey can run their marketing firm.

  • Filip Justin

    So far I want to see 3 Android devices gain popularity.. Galaxy S4, HTC One and Xperia Z..

    • dro_ID

      Don’t forget about Motorola X…

  • oli72

    very sad for Apple. its obvious Android is top dog and Apple is eating crumbs when comparing features and specs price. then in 8 weeks here comes the Google x phones. wow. i will be waiting for a x phone.

  • diller

    whatever. Look at it this way. Samsung is going on the same trajectory as Apple in terms of success. The S3 had a major problem with the motherboard called “sudden death” that hasn’t been publicized at all. This was for the International version but nonetheless it affected a large number of users. If Samsung encounters another problem like this with the S4 that becomes more public it could turn into something big like Antenna Gate with the Iphone 4 and the Apple Maps for the Iphone 5.

    • I had no problem with my S3 so far, except for the poor battery life. I hope the S4 will come with a longer battery life!!!

  • KeyLime

    Apple have a point about up to date OS. The Galaxy S4’s Android 4.2.2 will be out of date within weeks of its launch, assuming Google release Key Lime Pie at Google I/O. Then it will take months for Samsung to add all their TouchWiz stuff (some of it crap). Then individual carriers will have to apply their branding. It will be Halloween before the GS4 runs the latest OS.

    • We’ll have custom ROMs for the S3 and S4 before the official release of Android 5.0….. so don’t worry about OS updates. :-)

      • KeyLime

        Yes, if you are technologically intelligent enough to root your phone and flash a custom ROM. However, the truth is that *most* smartphone users do not understand the concepts of rooting and flashing—they just want their phone to make calls, send texts, Facebook people, and take photos. They just use the standard branded ROM that came wirh the phone and wait for official updates.

        If everyone could do what you are suggesting, Android OS share would not be dominated by Gingerbread.

        • What is the massive thing about updates. You have a software that runs well and already has 1000x the features that can take a little longer to update. Or you could go an iPhone with hardly any features that updates once a year to still have almost no features. And this while thing about fragmentation, I’ve had an s3 for ages and never experienced any

        • If you can’t root your smartphone, you don’t care about software updates either….. :-)

          • John Mortimer

            I have said many times before as all you get with apple updates is bug fixes an so on when you get the new is like os6 you get the new included apps update 1 time per year, that’s not the case with google os phones where apps are always Bering updated for all phones, the os update is when like Samsung updates there core software

        • LoL the average user doesn’t care about software updates, only tech people do. As long as the phone functions well there is no issue…:)

    • Filip Justin

      Doesn’t seem out of date.. It’s the only device, so far, launched with 4.2.2

      • kascollet

        You shall look a bit further in the future I think. As iPhone 3GS runs iOS 6 with a mere 256MB of RAM (it went from 3 to 6, that makes 3 major OS updates), it’s more than likely that even an iPhone 4S will run 2014 or 2015’s Apple OS, when we can only hope Samsung will give KLP to the GS4 as a last version.

        • Marvin Nakajima

          Unfortunately you have to read the fine print to know that you don’t get all the features of the iOS upgrades in older devices. That’s almost like saying I can run win7 on my Pentium but can only use the applications in my “Accessories” folder.

          • kascollet

            Yes, obviously Apple didn’t find a way to grow RAM, MegaPX and ppi with a software upgrade. What a scandal !
            This good old fanboy statement doesn’t hold.
            Apple gives (yes, they “give”, as in “free” and “nothing to do”) all the features possible relatively to the hardware configuration of the device. Not more (!) not less. But features are the secondary benefit.
            Have you ever heard of security patches ? Apps compliance ? Optimizing performances ?

            This is exactly the reason why my Android devices will always be :
            – Nexuses
            – Samsung (may change if another one sells more)

  • iPhone? Never again!!!!! I’ve used it for 3 years. Last year I’ve switched to the S3. I still have an iPhone 4 (I need it for some apps) but I couldn’t use it again as my primary phone. iOS is such a dumb OS… I was using it for half a day recently, but it was a nightmare. Small screen, useless notification area, no led notification, stupid keyboard, no SMS notification, no general “back” and “options” buttons….. it was like a dumb OS from the past. Never again…. ever. :-)

    • Filip Justin

      I agree with you.. I have colleagues at school who have iPhone 4Ses and apart from the apps, the OS is basically an app drawer.. Some might like iOS, some might not.. I don’t..

  • dro_ID

    There is one thing I agree: “only iPhone has the Retina display!”
    Yes, it is true… Because all its competitors with Android have better displays!
    Good point Apple!

    • Simon Gendreau

      … and it is like saying that only Iphone has IOS ! Of course, it is their own os … and display technology. Android cannot have Retina.

  • dro_ID

    iPhone has “the world’s most popular camera”… Yes, and it has violet flares included.

    iOS 6 is “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system,”

    How come? Is that OS for which the Do not disturb feature does not work between 1 and 7 January?
    How are they allowed to say that? Isn’t it false advertisement? Can they prove it?

    • Jared

      Actually use the phone before you bash it. I actually own an iPhone 5 and use it constantly. It has THE BEST CAMERA I HAVE EVER SEEN ON A PHONE the pictures I have taken are AWESOME only on one occurrence have I seen a “purple flare” and all I did was refocus and it was gone. Also, the Do Not Disturb deal didn’t affect me at all, but I could say a similar error was made by Google *cough*December*cough* :-)

      • Ralph David Soriano

        The Lumia 920 has the best camera in a phone mate. :-)

  • Kameron Bourgeois

    i like it how they say the iphone has the worlds sharpest display on the page when the s4 and DNA have ppi’s of 440

    • seyss

      anything above ~320 is placebo.
      you pay for something you don’t use

      • deepen03

        but still when it comes to facts.. 441>326.. that’s what matters. even though the human eye can’t decipher past 300PPI. but its marketing

  • yungqb7

    I’m buying the GS4. 16GB in Black Mist. Apple isn’t worried too much since their so called “world’s most advanced OS” has their iSheep living and breathing Apple. When in reality you can name features (“gimmicky” or not) on the gs4 while you need to think a bit harder for the iPhone (I can’t think of anything).

  • Jose Santos

    Iphone has one feature they forgot to mention that no other phone has and that is it comes with the famous iScratch. Phone scratches up so easy:)

  • Funny Apple. Battery life is the biggest complain I constantly hear from iPhone users and the success of additional battery packs for the iPhone just proves that. Service from real people? Yeah, people who try to sell you a second year of warranty and other useless stuff.

    • Jared

      iPhone has the longest battery life. But it is a fact that iPhone users use their phone 4x as much as Android users so…

      • don

        You mean that they need 4 times the time an android user needs to do something? :-)

  • CpuKnight

    Mhmm Advanced?Maybe back in 2007 but not here lol.

  • seyss

    just a little reminder that dog eaters make cheap plastic korean phones while US companies make well-designed and engineered phones.
    S4 (2013 phone) is thicker than a Sep/2012 phone

    • luke

      So thickness is everything…? Does that iPhone included a 2600mah battery? Oh that’s right its a 1440 mah. Personally use of my gs3 has great battery life (I dont use smart stay however). I’d prefer .3 mom thicker for brilliance

      • seyss

        are you ok? iPhone doesnt need a 2600 battery cuz it is not hungry as unoptimized undroid phones. lol at battery life

  • Sounds like Microsoft all over again!!!!

  • JayBrahmbhatt

    Su karo cho bhai o ?

  • Robert Delaney

    Desperate marketing man speaks for desperate corporation.

  • hoggleboggle

    awww, bless their cotton socks. they sound like a spoilt kid who just lost an argument and is now standing there stuttering: “yeah but, but, but we’ve got the made-up word retina display and LTE and,and, and everybody likes us. so there!!!!!”

  • steve blow jobs

    i have never seen crapple so nervous and scared, way to go Samsung !
    what about why people would not choose crapple ? i don’t have the time for a list…

  • Hassan Muhammad

    poor apple :D

  • wm snyder

    no app drawer no open screens for widgets still not listening to customers still giving small useless upgrades still crying like a baby instead of real innovations game changers…..either sink or swim…i think your stinking i mean sinking

  • Apple further attacks Android by saying that iOS 6 is “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system,” HAHAHA yeah right…

    • deepen03

      Android 2.2 has more features than iOS 6.. LMAO. this is why i’m done with Apple after this iPhone 5. it’s HTC One or S4 for me!

  • Beth

    Why I left crapple and stopped buying their 400% mark up products? I hated using iTunes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. to add/delete/sync my music on my iPod (shuffle, nano and touch). What is wrong with drag n’ dropping your music in a simple folder? It’s just using usb’s, they’re simple easy and convenient to use! If you use an iPhone, you need to use iTunes to change your ringtone. WTF??! Crapple = marketing company first and foremost.

  • Sal

    Apple is such a CHILD. It has proven itself that they can’t try to really compete against Samsung by posting some reasons that EVERYONE already knows. ” Only iPhone has the Retina Display” What’s your point Apple? That your marketing name is the only and best display on a phone. Palease! I’ve seen many Android phones that beats you in display. ” The more apps, music, movies and TV shows you download, the more you realize there is no limit to what the iPhone can do” Really? There is plenty of limitions it can do. IOS is a closed, restricted mobile operating system and you can only get what Apple gives you. Plus its iTunes stores sells these things and most of them you have to pay for it. As well it has no expandable storage and removable battery. Please don’t think im ranting casue I’m really not. Sure I can applaud Apple for building devices with excellent quality and offering customer support from real people which is something Google does not offer. But please Apple get a grip. You want to really compete and show people to buy iPhone you have a lot of changes to draw on the table. That is all.