Apple Dethroned – the New King of Smartphones is Samsung

by: Will G.October 22, 2011

For the masses who believed that the iPhone was the king of sales – check out what Samsung is now so proud of. According to recent reports, Samsung is now the new leader in the Smartphone business, with approximately 20 million smartphones that were sold in Quarter 3 alone, according to the Wall Street Journal. With these statistics, Samsung is now up 500% from last year, in Quarter 2 sales.

It’s not surprising, since Samsung sold a total of 30 million sold smartphones from in their Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 lines since launch, due to their constant upgrade in technology and styling. The Samsung Galaxy S2 currently carries a 1.5GHz processor, leading other manufacturers.

Compared to Apple’s iPhone, which recently revealed that 17.1 million iPhone’s were sold in quarter 3. And, even though the iPhone 4S is likely to be one of the largest device launches in history, I believe that Samsung’s lineup will keep themseleves above water.

But, lets not stop there. Samsung will be releasing a new dual-core beast on the market as we all know, called the Galaxy Nexus. This “should”, without question, boost Samsung’s chance on winning over new and other existing customers.

How large do you think the Galaxy Nexus pre-orders will be? How about sales? I would love to hear your comments on Samsung’s success.

Credits: Image by Fraser Ntukula

Via:  WSJ

  • Anonymous

    Actually sold by Sammy or just shipped to stores? That is amazing!

  • S0rceress0

    I believe in America, reported “sales” are transfers to end users. contract sales to stores can be revoked at any time so they are not technically “sales”.

    • Anonymous

      This is absolutely true…

  • unnamed

    Your articles are poorly written, filled with assumptions and to much focused on bashing the IPhone. also look at the “what phones might get ics“ and “5 ios 5 Features Android already has“ stories.

    • Anonymous

      don’t cry, Samsung will still make and supply the main components for apple

  • There are hige aount of smartphones released by samsung evry month but Apple release one in a year .

  • Anonymous

    great article, thanks for telling it like it is.
    apple is history and we all knew it was matter time.
    actually SAMSUNG has been selling more phones than apple for years but fanboys only looked at one phone sales instead of all phones, oh wait, apple only has one phone LOL.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. It is my second article on here. Means alot…

  • AppleFUD

    Why do so many obvious apple fans read pro-(insert non-apple OS/device/OEM here) sites?

    Is there something mentally wrong with you people? Not enough apple news to read at pro-apple sites?

    Get a frackin’ life you ifan cry babies.

    • Anonymous

      Haha this absolutely made my day, can’t stop laughing.

  • Anonymous

    I would imagine sold in stores… The relationship Samsung has with carriers might make the company just release “sold in stores” statistics.

  • Anonymous

    It says shipped. Wonder how many they sold to customers. Did they give a breakdown? Apple clearly states 17 million sold. I think this will be short lived and the iPhone will take back the lead in Q4.

  • Cozzknows

    Two phones that do two totally different things. Android only hurts itself, splitting its user base up, making their phones obsolete every other week, in this case hours (poor moto razr). I had a galaxy s2 for a week, loved it but sprint sucks as a service and had to return it, I’m back with the 4s now, and I have to say, the media player/podcasting network through iPhones totally destroys what I had to pay to do on the gs2 (doggcatcher, beyond pod, ect ect)

  • Leo

    Haha. I like how the title says Apple dethroned. And then the author goes on to say that the iPhone 4s will likely be the one of the largest device launches of all times Haven’t the last 3 iPhones been the largest launches of all time. Sammy is definitely playing catch up but apple Eco system is way to big for Samsung to hurt their sales.

  • from outer space

    Iphone’s processor and other components are made by samsung isnt, apple only put the logo and the easy breaking glass. Oh and itunes haha

  • Comment Reply

    Samsung is successful in copying business! Let’s wait how many countries that would ban Samsung products…Australia, Germany…next?

    • Aaron_orvyl

      samsung is now selling galaxy phones and tablets in australia and germany..ur outdated lol