Is Apple Copying the Asus Eee Pad Transformer?

by: Christine TorralbaFebruary 12, 2012


After a meeting with Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, a Citigroup analyst fired a few comments with the company. The analyst, named Richard Gardner, asked whether Apple had any plan of losing the Intel silicon and Mac OS X on their MacBook Air line. In addition to this, the company was planning to replace them with ARM-based processor and the iOS. Apparently, Cook answered in a manner to which Gardner ‘walked away from this meeting with the impression that Apple feels iPad satisfies- or will soon satisfy- the needs of those who might have been interested in such a product.’

It turns out, Apple is in plans of creating a physical keyboard dock which they refer as an indispensable accessory to their next iPad; which is of course, the iPad 3. They say that this dock will attach itself to the tablet easily and serve a number of functions. If this is the case, then surely, Apple is somehow copying the Asus Eee Pad Transformer’s design!

A lot of people agree with us on this—just look at the comments from our source:

What do you think?

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  • Dude, Steve Job is no longer in Apple and that means the end of Apple. As an Android fan, im happy they are copying that. Android rules!

  • AppleFUD

    This is what apple does. They’ve been doing it since they started. However, they are usually better about taking ideas from lesser known people & companies. Nonetheless, they have the ego and believe they can get away with anything.

  • JD

    Try googling ‘iPad Keyboard Dock’ and save yourself a lot of unnecessary outrage…

  • KeethStone

    So how would it work if you wanted to use the iPad in Landscape mode? Will there be another port along the side so you can dock it in either mode? One of my issues is when I have my TF101 docked and the app only opens in Portrait. I realize this is due to the app but it would be nice to have a toggle to force apps into Landscape when docked (or if this already exists, would someone please post a link).

  • Vitor Hugo Santos

    Looks more like the Asus Slider