Apple Copying Android – Jealous Much?

by: Darcy LaCouveeMay 31, 2011

Alright guys, time to set the record straight! Apple released the origjnal iPhone a long time ago, and it undeniably broke new ground. The iPhone was an amazing piece of hardware, and has since turned into a nice fat cash cow for them, and they definitely have not kept pace with innovation. This is where Android has trumped Apple’s best big time – innovation. Sure, it’s not a fair fight, but who cares?

Well, it looks like Apple is not content sitting idly by, watching all of this incredible Android adoption, which is turning into a global phenomenon. Firstly, they’re probably going to release a cheaper variant of the iPhone to keep their investors happy. Secondly, they’re going to be massively upgrading iOS to include some inherently Android-esque updates.

TUAW has reported this:

“iOS 5 expected to… feature a “completely revamped” notification system and widgets. Apple has long been rumored to be revamping its notifications system in iOS, and many have expected that such a notification system revamp would make its way into iOS 5.

The widgets functionality is somewhat a new concept, however. Besides TechCrunch’s mention that there will be iOS widgets, nothing else is known about what they’ll look like or what function they’ll perform. MacRumors postulates that iOS widgets could “presumably provide quick access to information without the need for launching dedicated apps, much the same as Dashboard widgets in Mac OS X.” They might also function similarly to a pretty cool concept video of how widgets might work in iOS.

Check out this concept video. Does it remind you of anything?


We’ve got a lot of respect for Apple, and they have made some pretty decent products that are good for certain people. Still, the fact that they are taking some big pages out of the book of Android clearly demonstrates that they are falling behind the curve of the rapid pace of innovation of today. We hate to break it to you Apple, but widgets are not a new concept, but rather something you’ve denied your user base for far too long.

I mean seriously, I would not want to try and compete with the legions of incredible Android dual-core superphones. In some ways, I actually feel bad for Apple.


  • Dan

    Android is the future, and we all know it.

    Apple’s content on overcharging their retarded fan base and keeping things nice and stupid for them.

    I can’t help but look down on people whenever I see them whip out an iSheep product. At the same time, I can’t blame them for falling under Apple’s trance, with their marketing. They were one of the first companies to achieve superbrand status, and they did it by making overpriced, dumbed down technology for the “every” person.

    Still, Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread, and Honeycomb 3.1 are ready for primetime. They’re so good in fact that I know the Apple boys are freaking out.

  • Sara

    Yeah, I just ditched my iPhone… it made me feel retarded!

    I couldn’t do any of the stuff I wanted to, and seriously no widgets? After seeing my mates Galaxy S iI I was completely flooored! Now that is one amazing piece of kit that blows everything away!

    Got one today! I am going to customize the @%$%# out of it! SO MUCH FREEDOM COMPARED TO iCRAP!!!

    Good post guys! Love the site! Keep up the awesome work!

  • Michael

    Seriously guys,

    I was on the Android bandwagon with the release of the OG DROID.

    I’ve seen probably half, maybe more, of my friends ditch their iPhones and get an Android.

    Android is going to dominate iPhone from here on in, and the apps and developers that are working on it are producing some seriously awesome stuff!

    Can”t wait to get either the Droid 3, Galaxy S II, or the Nexus 3….. Choice choices!

    Choices are not something you have with Apple….. and don’t forget….. PLEASE CONNECT TO ITUNES, Minion!

  • Steve Marx

    I can’t wait for the legions of Apple zombies to discover this post and come here to spread their hate marketing….. LOL

    God I hate APPLE SO MUCH!!

  • Steve Jobs

    Guys, Steve Jobs here,

    You guys are hitting the nail on the head. But you and I all know that the people that buy are products are too stupid to do any different. I mean, no one was stepping up to the plate, so we had to produce some piece of crap, advertise the shit out of it with subliminal messages, and BAM! Millions of iPhones!

    We’re working on a new touchscreen that works with those fancy expensive nails that all the rich bitches get put on…. it’s going to sell like fucking hot cakes!

    Boo yah!

  • Howie_in_AZ

    I don’t recall any OS implementing widgets prior to OSX in 2005ish. Now, of course, Vista and Windows 7 have them, but I can’t seem to find any record of any OS having them prior to 2005… in which case yes, Apple would have invented them (or at the very least made them popular). Android didn’t come on to the scene until ~3 years later in 2008. I don’t remember if the first release offered widgets or not and I don’t have my G1 handy to boot into that pre-cupcake OS version. I want to say that widgets came along with cupcake but I could be wrong.

    Also one could say that Android copies the iPhone in numerous ways but common sense tells us that every OS copies some other OS to some degree. I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    • 8PAQ

      The site is run by a bunch of insecure Apple hating teenagers with huge iPhone envy. If it wasn’t for Apple, Android would be a rip off of blackberry. You should be all happy iPhone and iOS exists so that google has something good to follow.

      • Fargon

        Im not an iphone, ipod, ipad, itouch, or iElse, something that really bothered me was that apple put way too many protections to keep a “safe” OS, in the end isolating the device from the rest of the world.

        I bought my Nexus one few weeks before it was pulled from e-store, i felt tired that with my iphone it was:
        -add a song = connect to itunes
        -add a program = connect to itunes
        -add a book = connect to itunes
        -upgrade = connect to itunes

        Finally i growed tired that i needed a mandatory pc or mac for the most simple tasks, even i couldnt share anything on bluetooth or wifi, and the number of itunes pairing were limited…

        When i got my android device, it felt like fresh air coming from the window, i could do anything that apple, in the name of “secure” restricted, i initially bought my iphone thinking i would be more independent from the computer, but enden backfiring and lost faith in smartphones, and with my nexus one i could do so much, share here, share there, i just needed my powercord wherever i were, and francly i havent powered on my pc in MONTHS, my nexus was perfectly independent from pc’s, i was marbeled.

        So for that reason, i became android user, i wont look back to iphone trying to sell me a brand and “category” in exchange of a denigration to the user, telling me im too dumb that i might brake it, and just gave me a simple minded software in a delimited area of usage.

        Iphone shurelly has its market, but i want above all independence and freedom over brand and dumb-easy to use

      • nshaziq89

        yup, maybe this is run by apple hate-ers, some of the points were over exaggerated,but most of it is true.
        btw, now apple should be thankful to android, as there are a lot of things on android that apple should follow.

    • try again, howie

      You should do a little more research. What you recall absolutely doesn’t mean that’s how it was.

      Linux (KDE) had karamba/superkaramba in 2003.
      Konfabulator was released in 2003 (windows port in 2004).
      Linux also had gDesklets in 2003.

      For your reference:!_Widgets

      If you want to say apple had it first, you’re going to have to find references (beyond your memory, which you have demonstrated is faulty) that apple shipped widgets in 2002, three years earlier than your previous assertion.

  • Mike Kulls

    Interesting that apple are copying google yet they are missing the point. Apple are quite simply a dishonest and greedy company. This is why everyone is leaving, not because of widgets.

  • mic

    Why do we go ho schools, tot learn wat others before is discovered. In this wat we build upon he work of all human kind.
    The same goes for technology innovation. For companies tot exist they need ho earn money andere this is where patents andere geedy basterds com in. This is he samen for every company, wther dit is apple or google or ibm.

  • Dear author, moderator, or admin,

    I regret using that word with the symbols, but I cannot see a way to edit it out. Please delete my last comment, and use this one instead. Thank you.

    Feel bad for them? You are trolling here?

    Apple is openly hostile towards their users and developers Uncle Steve lied about Adobe, and their legions of zombies started parroting him. They used dead geniuses to sell their products, because dead geniuses can’t complain, and named the desk at the Apple Stores (cough)the Genius Bar(/cough) as a reminder of this marketing crime.

    Uncle Steve lied about Adobe, and now we get reminded of his lies every time one of his zombie followers starts to type. In my 20 years of IT work I’ve never seen, or heard of, Flash crashing, but this wasn’t about Flash crashing, it was about how Flash games would have allowed programs to run on these computers without Uncle Steve getting his pint of blood.

    The market can stomach 10% of this garbage in PC world, and hopefully Apple’s fall, in less than two years of Android sales indicates that the same will happen here.

    • Darcy Alexander


      As a veteran in the field of IT, what are your thoughts with regard to developing Apps for Honeycomb? Is it a relatively painless process? What are your hopes and thoughts for the platform over the next few years?

      Thanks for the insightful comment. People are starting to wake up, and thankfully, the market has responded with some excellent choices.

  • mic

    I think that the fight for market leadership gives us the ride we are enjoying today. Android is evolving so great that i can hardly wait for every new release. Not because of bugfixes but for all new features. That has not been so in my symbian days. If there was no apple would we have the android system as it is today?

    If you dislike apple look at our benefits.


    • Ravaged1

      I have never had an issue with Apple playing it’s part. It’s the arrogance they project that bothers me.

  • Keegan the Awesome

    I don’t think Apple’s copying Google. Instead, I think that Apple is deciding against certain features (like widgets and the notification system); and then, when Google adds these features to Android and Apple sees how popular they are among Android users, they want to add them to the iPhone.

  • Frack

    An Android phone a year keeps a PC AWAY


    here i see someone praising i phone…… So plz… Get me a phone that offers more than the upcoming bionic…

  • Phenom

    This is so funny to read. Android copied the iPhone as much as they could when they started out. Without apple android wouldn’t be where its at. You fanboys need a lil educating it seems. I’m not a hater of android by any means but damn I read some garbage on this site. You guys make it seem android is flawless but it’s quite the opposite. I mean, the latest android OS isnt even available on half of the phones they support. Id be pissed if I happened to be dumb enough to get an android only to find out it can’t even get an upgrade smh

    • Tallpaul02

      “I’m not a hater of android by any means…”
      no one believes you
      also i find it incredibly ironic that an apple fanboy said, “damn I read some garbage on this site” and “Id be pissed if I happened to be dumb enough to get [a product] only to find out it can’t even get an upgrade”

    • SubSonicBassMachine

      why do people keep saying android copied iOs, i saw videos about the android os before a smart phone even existed in the market… it was very much a concept video but they had it working, going on about tagging locations into pictures using google maps, or going from a browser to the map program if you have an adress you need to look up, all with a slide (obviously they changed that but you get the picture)

    • SubSonicBassMachine

      why do people keep saying android copied iOs, i saw videos about the android os before a smart phone even existed in the market… it was very much a concept video but they had it working, going on about tagging locations into pictures using google maps, or going from a browser to the map program if you have an adress you need to look up, all with a slide (obviously they changed that but you get the picture)

  • Kaness Kalaichelvan

    Nice post =) Android has evolved so far and so fast it’s the Os to beat. I’m thinking of getting the Nexus 3 when it comes out. I just love the atmosphere here. Competition among manufacturers, competition among the mod-ding community. It creates a space dedicated to innovation. Unlike Apple ==” Don’t get me wrong, my buddy has an iPhone, others have an iPad. But let’s face the fact, Apple’s time has come and gone. Thank you for launching the shuttle, Steve Jobs, thank you Google for powering the ship xD And to Phenom, dude, honestly if you are only going to pound on the fact that Android was copying the iOs when it first came out, look at what Apple is doing now. And as for the perfect Os, it comes down to consumer choice, some prefer being closed-down, as that model provides “stability”. Android people love being able to do stuff with the phone, so yeah man. And straight up, Android has the capability to become the perfect Os. Apple, well they lost that train buddy. CAN’T WAIT FOR ICE CREAM SANDWICH ><

    • Darcy Alexander

      Hey Kaness,

      Thanks for the great comment. I couldn’t have written it better myself. Check out the post just published on the most hotly anticipated Android tablets of 2011 – there’s everything in there from tough tablets, to small tablets, to tablets with slide out keyboards, and more. The point is that competition is a good thing – it lets the best features, the best manufacturers, simply put – the best stuff rise to the top. I have no doubt that Android will continue to improve in every imaginable way. Let’s not forget too, that Android’s greatest growth is occurring in places like China and India where some of the worlds’ best “tinkerers” reside. We can expect to see even more innovation, great apps, and other awesome stuff from there too, so there’s really so much to look forward to. Thanks for visiting Android Authority, and thanks for the fantastic comment!

  • Phenom

    The perfect OS? Ha! Not even the apps worth having are available on all the android phones, let alone the latest OS updates. Lol and u say “perfect OS”. Also, how has apples time come and gone? There’s zero signs apples goin anywhere..actually they are getting better than ever. You guys compare all these brand new androids to an iphone that’s a YEAR OLD (that outsold any android powered phone btw) and when the iphone5 comes out it too will outsell any android phone you compare it to. I’m very confused on why you guys think apples time is over. Try having a phone that can outsell apples first.

    • Tallpaul02

      android devices are vastly outselling iOS devices in the mobile space. that has been the case for a while now. apples not going anywhere anytime soon, but theyre no longer top dog in the mobile market.

      • Leonard Holland

        Not true.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, yes, it is, but let’s hear you take a shot at citing some basis for your response. Your thoughtful rebuttal is based on…?

        • Anonymous

          Nothing to back it up? Thought so. Most fanboys have little to no evidence to support such short, worthless claims.

    • A B

      apple fanboys just sit down and shut up, your IOS5 is a copy of android FROYO, which is already outdated

      Good luck with that better phone thing.

  • igronks

    iphone = telling the poor to fuck off – $ 859 AUD (iphone 4) not to mention ur buying a faulty phone
    android = there is something for everyone starting at – $50AUD

    • Brad

      lol you sure told them! Poor ppl sure are dumb huh?

  • Junkmail

    Of course lets not mention all the excellent information those android users are providing to google so that they can profile you. Google must be so excited to have all this extra information arriving about people. Right down to the sms messages everything its great.

  • A B

    Sit down and shut up apple, you cant touch android. You can copy us but you will always be 1+ steps behind us!!