Apple claims Galaxy S4 infinges on Siri patents

by: Nate SwannerMay 23, 2013

Samsung Apple

Apple has filed a litany of patent infringement charges this month against Samsung, and the Galaxy S4. Those claims, which reference unified search, have to do with the Galaxy S4 and its inclusion of Google Now. Apple is litigating against Samsung for using the technology, not Google for designing it, which Apple coyly asserts infringes on their Siri platform.

Apple has included such claims before, and these same arguments are being made in ongoing litigation with Samsung. They’re making the claim that those current arguments against Galaxy devices also apply to the Galaxy S4, and further imply it should be cobbled into the litigation.

Apple continues to confound us. In one instance, they’ve included Google apps and services on their devices, even Google Now (though it’s buried in the Google Search App). Then we have Apple suing Samsung for utilizing the very same technology. The issue seems to be the utility of Google Now, not the use. These issues relate to unified search and the quick search functions, not so much the actual technology.

This same type of claim was made against the Galaxy Nexus (you may remember the temporary sales ban), and overturned. Apple hasn’t yet figured out a gameplan to overcome that hurdle, so it’s reasonable to think the same applies here. We’re not quite sure what Apple’s goal is, either. Samsung has deep pockets, and no intent to submit.



  • Really Apple? Can you please come up with something new? Maybe if they weren’t so focused on getting money out of other companies, they could produce a decent product as quick as samsung can

    • MasterMuffin

      And they don’t really even care, because other manufacturers are using G Now too, but they just sue Samsung because it’s Samsung, their biggest threat…

      • Typical Apple operations: sue the competition out of the market. Once again however much like their wars with Microsoft in the 90s, they bit off more than they can chew.

  • “Apple hasn’t yet figured out a gameplan to overcome that hurdle, so it’s reasonable to think the same applies here. We’re not quite sure what Apple’s goal is”
    I don’t think Apple knows what its goal is…

  • Someone please tell Apple get over themselves. Samsung has a way better product!

  • Phil Nolan

    Let’s not confuse Google Now with Google Voice Search they are two different things.

    • Ruben

      Too late

  • Tungjen García

    I never understood how important Jobs was for Apple until Cook took the wheel and guide the ship straight to the rocks. Their finances are fine, they have enough Apple Zombies to last a couple of generations, they should be focusing on making good products instead of trowing tantrums cause they lost direction and felt behind. iLame.

  • Hugrr

    Apple Lawyers in “We must sue someone for something” shocker.

  • José Olivo

    im not surprised…they are scared with android holding almost 70% of the market and most devices powered by samsung. the funny part is how the google now is on every device that has android 4.0 or higher if im correct. its sad that they have grown to think this world owes them anything. the only thing the world owes them is for the good invention of the ipod…now im trying to figure out if there going to sue LG as well…ohhh i cant wait to see Samsung win this.

    • Ruben

      Actually they didn’t invent the tablet… Compaq invented the first tablet, back in the 80’s, it sucked horribly xD
      Then Microsoft had a go with a tablet running winXp, no one cared, and I mean no one! only then did apple start to work on the iPad… So it’s not original, just their version of something that already existed… And of course it sold, iZoombies will buy anything with the logo of a bitten apple on it..
      But IOS or Android I generally think tablets are a waste of money.. The only one I could eventually see myself using would be the note 10.1…

      • He said iPod and Apple does deserve credit for making the most innovative mp3 player of its time. As for the first touch screen smartphone and tablet, absolutely not. They didn’t even put the ability to install apps until Android had been revealed with that functionality.

        As for Android tablets being a waste of money, I couldn’t disagree more. I haven’t used my laptop since I purchased my first tablet (Xoom FE) and only use my desktop for PC gaming. All productivity and consumption is done on the tablet.

  • mihaits

    Apple has been suing Samsung on patents like lists, pinch to zoom etc. and now Google Now. Why in the world do they lack the most basic logic and understanding? These are all features of an OS made by Google and Samsung has nothing to do with it.

  • TheTruth

    Apple is attacking Samsung to show the other companies that, “if you f**k with us, this is what’s going to happen to you.” and in order for them to send the message the right way,, they have to attack the beast(Samsung) to make their point. They do this to scare other industries…

    • There is a backlash in this – public sympathy. Legal moves made apple rotten.

  • Matt
  • Eddie J Camacho

    Apple can’t help but know that their products suck especially against the evolution of Android, their afraid of going extinct, typical Apple my great grandparents old tech

  • apple doesnt have the guts to sue google!

  • Jimmy Le

    Apple needs to get a fuckin life, and stop being a little fuckin bitch

    • INoScopedObama

      it’s not about being a little bitch, they want to get paid

  • Rooney-

    Apple’s mantra:- Keep suing someone for something:)I guess apple has an R&D team specially for suing purposes! Guess apple will sue me for using the word “SUE” since it belongs to them:-P

    Common,get a life apple!

  • GwapoAko

    May be apple can sue all the apple growers for selling and using apple!!!!

    Can’t wait for 2018 so that I can replace my very expensive iphone 4$ with a new Nokia Lumia!!!