Apple attacks the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich

by: AlexanderJanuary 21, 2012

We all know that Apple’s Co-Founder, the late Steve Jobs number one goal was to destroy Android, and it looks like his employees are still working on that now. The latest to come out in the Apple vs. Samsung story, is that Apple is sueing for the “Slide to Unlock” in Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4.0, which is currently only officially available on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (I know some of us have it on our rooted devices). Apple does own the patent for the “Slide-to-unlock” feature that has been in the iPhone for as long as I can remember, so the lawsuit is legit, but I think it’s going a bit to far.

Patent Analyst Florian Mueller spoke with AllThingsD on the matter,  “Judging by the first three weeks of 2012, Apple’s intellectual property assertions against Android continue to escalate. Samsung appears to be no less determined to fight. Apple’s supplemental infringement contentions targeting the Android 4.0 lead device are an unequivocal signal to Google that Apple doesn’t shy away from a frontal assault.”

It’s important to note that the “Slide-to-Unlock” feature which is new in Android 4.0, does differ from Apple’s unlocking gesture. But we don’t know how the court is going to see it. One of the big differences is being able to slide in different directions and unlock to different tasks like the camera – CyanogenMod 9 is rumored to be adding more for sliding up and down.

It’s obvious that Samsung is perhaps an even bigger threat to Apple then Android and Google right now, Samsung recently dethroned Apple as the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world. So it looks like Apple wants that title back.

What’s your take on this matter? Is this worth a lawsuit? Let us know in the comments below.

  • alan

    T-Mobile released an 4.0 update to nexus s on 12-18-11

  • Steve Jobs is burning in hell instead of Android! I hope that one day Samsung and Google kick the F* out of Apple with their products!
    F OFF APPLE!!!

    • Kyungphil29

      i hope you fuck off android hog

      • Anonymous


  • AppleFUD

    Just when you think you can’t dislike apple any more. . . they go and release ibooks-lock-in and another crap software design patent lawsuit.

    sure does seem that apple is intent on ensuring the Orwell’s 1984 vision comes true with them leading the way.

    now who among us doesn’t long for the 90’s when apple was just an alternative?

  • I think Apple should concentrate on designing news devices than wasting time fighting the competitors

  • Zonecaptain

    im with apple , i think samsun is going to farr

    • Honestly I think they are both going a bit to far. I like Apple, and I like Samsung. But it seems everyday samsung or apple is sueing the other over something.

  • Karim

    android had the notification drop down menu first,and now apple had copied that,so samsung should counter sue apple. If it’s a fight apple wants then it’s a fight they will get,and they will get hurt indeed. No more steve jobs,no more apple.

  • Anon

    I hate everything Apple has done since it started this whole patent war but I have to say, slide to unlock is a very distinct Apple thing and they have had it for a very long time. I still hate Apple but I’ll be interested to see how this turns out.

  • Fff

    How pathetic, Apple is dying like Steve Jobs did. They are trying to get some air while drowning by attacking Google and Samsung. Those two are in my opinion the better companies because they offer cheap products at high quality, Apple’s only goal is to enrich itself and keep its technology secret so that they can continue to extort the money out of hard working people. Apple is a virus in our society and has to be eliminated for the good of evolution.
    @Afghaner: they already do kick the F out of Apple with their products.

  • apple u must go 2 hell

  • Channabasavakolsur

    Agreed apple might be deviating from it’s core philosophy of designing great products by channelizing energy n time by engaging in these lawsuits but still I feel most features of android were stolen ideas from iOS.

  • Chhabariasiddharth

    fuck with android the slowest of all time android hores .apple is worlds best technology .android sucks and u dick dare tell any thing to steve jobs .fucker basterd

    • Takodabash67

      What an idiot, Apple Sucks

    • Irish Yort

      You sir are a whiny dick! I say sir in the broadest sense, as more than likely, you are 12 years old and using mommy’s internet to write these replies, learn to speak english & I hope you take an arrow to the knee!

    • Anonymous

      I hope you realize that this is an ANDROID blog…?

  • Chhabariasiddharth

    see were apple stand all u samsung dick suckers.keep you asses burning.

  • Art_uwl2

    Let them do what they’re best at.

  • Apple is just scared of Samsung because Samsung is getting better, popular and their products have much better technology and not forget the Samsung Galaxy series are very strong.

  • Evan081

    Hate reading from people who can differentiate between then and than

    • master99

      Hate reading from people that have nothing better to do “than” point out others spelling and gramer errors.
      Heres a idea, try giving people complements or constructive feedback instead of being such a little bitch.

  • Rob

    First off I dont believe Steve Jobs is burning in hell…as I dont believe in hell. But you shouldnt attack the mans memory. True he was a paranoid egomaniac, with a penchant for thinking he invented everything when in truth he took other peoples ideas and put an apple logo on them, but he did change the smartphone landscape (mostly du to whipping up hype and forcing his competitors to actually innovate in order to overcome his distortion field). But dont speak ill of the dead.
    As for this patent like most of the rest of apples patents which are being overturned despite apples out and out evidence manipulation, this is a temporary inconvenience but apples will use it strategically. they will pick it for a time of year like say the launch of a new apple product, and will get the competition temporarily banned, thus their i device in question will have less competition, and as such people wont notice what a bit of junk it is sales of apple stuff will go up and then the headlines will read ridiculously misleading titles like “apple beating Andoid” or “Iphone 5 outsells flagship Android smartphone” (hard to keep you sales up when you have been temporarily banned by a clueless judge due to a bllsh!t lawsuit by a competitor who cannot with by innovation and so must resort to litigation)

    MArk my words

  • Billa

    WP7 BITCHES !!! :P

  • Robm82

    Apple can slide lock their heads up their arse. Never had an apple product and never will. Steve Jobs was a cool hippy nerd but it’s the apple users that make me detest every apple product.

  • Well moving the lock out of the circle in Galaxy Nexus is completely different from the slide to unlock in iPhone and Galaxy S phones.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, not even worth a law suit

  • Bob, lifetime engineer

    My dislike of apple goes back a long time, when as the proud owner of an Apple II we enthusiasts were cut off by Apple paranoia.
    These lawsuits just ensure that I will NEVER buy another Apple product ( but I probably never would have anyway ) I think my SGS2 android phone is without doubt the best bit of kit I have ever had and I can’t wait to get an AMOLED tablet. hurry up and get it out please.
    Well.. Steve isnt there anymore and maybe in time this unpleasant way of doing business will die with him. Dont forget the ‘other’ Steve, Wozniac though and his fantastic contribution to computing.

  • Ti

    If these type of patent wars didn’t exist, the worlds technology would be far ahead of where it is now. It’s sad and pathetic.

  • Tracie

    I really don’t think the slide-to-unlock features is going to be the sole influence of anyone purchasing a phone whether it be an Apple product or Samsung. There are apps anyone can download to get certain features, for example, my son has an iPod and I have an Android… he downloaded an app for his iPod that gives him the little Android character and I downloaded the slide-to-unlock password protector. I really do not feel lawsuits are the best way to go bit then again, it’s not my idea being used in either case.

  • Sgodsell

    Just face the facts Android has far superior hardware (look at the HTC One X as well as other quad core phones that are already out or coming out). Not to mention that android has better displays compared to apple (phones, not tablets). Also look at how much easier it is to create and install your own apps on android vs apple. It is much easier than apple. Also I love that fact that Android supports flash since its inception, and apple never did and never will (yes I know html 5 will replace flash, but will take a few more years). Also android supports java and j2me, another thing that Apple will never support. Android is open, IOS is not. Yes Apple has more apps right now, but just wait for a little while longer and Android will surpass Apple in the number of apps (There is now 450000 apps on the Google play store). Apple can sue all they want. Android has already won the war in my opinion ;-)

  • siri

    patents are for real machines of innovation. can’t believe patents get awarded for creative coding-aka the purpose of coding. It’s more like a creative work- like a painting- than something substantive that adds value.