Apple apology to Samsung hits newspapers in the UK, but is it better this time around?

by: Chris SmithNovember 2, 2012

Remember how Apple lost its Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction quest in the UK earlier this year? In short, a UK judge found that the Samsung Android tablet is “not as cool” as the iPad – it’s still a win – and therefore the device was not banned from selling in the region.

Moreover, the court ordered Apple to apologize to Samsung both in print, in local newspapers, but also on its UK website. The iPhone maker has posted an apology on its website just a few days ago, after its appeal on this ruling failed, in its own, out of the box way. Apple didn’t really apologize to Samsung, but instead posted details about this ruling and different rulings in other Apple vs Samsung similar cases that targeted the Galaxy Tab in other countries.

And it looks like the courts didn’t appreciate Apple’s wit, and the company will have to repost that online apology.

Fast forward to today and we find out via Gizmodo UK that Apple has done its job and took ads in local papers to acknowledge the defeat it suffered in its battle with Samsung. But again, the wording of the ad – see image above – is made in such a way to avoid actually saying sorry in any way. Will the courts force Apple to repost the ad?

  • Fredrik Andersson

    Where’s the apology?

    • I would like to see that Apple have to put another add just like on their UK website…

  • Zaeem Shahzad

    So Apple are saying, “The judges have said abc. To see the document, go to xyz. Blah, blah, blah let’s use up space by writing nonsense”. I don’t see an actual apology.

  • That sounds more like a news report! Where is the apology? Is it really that difficult? Also notice how they just stick it in a little advertising corner with no logos or anything that people will be most likely to miss.

  • Nelson

    It’s so disheartening seeing a big corporation not adhering and respecting the outcome of the court decision. If one wants to take someone to court and failed to win, as a good corporate citizen be gentlemanly and manly enough to abide with the rules of law of other courts. You had won a case in your own turf doesn’t mean others were wrong and in return you not only show disrespect but failed miserably as a leading corporation.

  • saurabhaj

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  • Hermanator

    I they don’t really want to comply to court orders, why don’t they just ask to pay a hundred billion bucks instead? -_-

  • i think this is fine

    • leoingle

      And I think your gay.

  • Apple is being a bitch and doesn’t want to play by the rules. Just because your billion company doesn’t make superior, and above the law..

  • sliders7

    Is that an apology? Seriously?

  • Jon

    Meh give Samsung some money and drive on. If samsung wants to post adds then rock on but making a company post ads is rather silly imo.

  • Frank

    is crapple really so shallow that they cannot simply say “Sorry Samsung”!? They are the schoolyard bully of the tech industry. They should have to pay Samsung back the billion dollars if they can’t write a simple apology.

  • No better, apple need to stop being little b*tches!

  • cfishy

    Just throw top Apple UK exec in jail for contempt and be done with it.

  • RaptorOO7

    Its hardly an apology, in order to classify it as one Apple would have to actually apologize and that is something they will NEVER DO. I think sanctions are in order in the UK and it would be nice to see this case used across the EU in order to close this crap down.

    But no apple continues to go to Germany for their suits and gets their courts to side with them. Just goes to show money talks.