Android rules supreme in Europe, but Apple manages record performance in US

by: Varun RajDecember 22, 2012


A recent report by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reveals that Apple has been able to capture more than half of the total smartphone marketshare in the US in the 12 weeks ending on November 25. According to the study, Apple held 53.3% of the market in the US, which is the highest the company has ever achieved since it entered the phone business. The company had 37% of the US market share same time last year.

The recent gain is credited to the new iPhone 5, which has helped boost overall iPhone sales. iPhone’s rise in the US has come at the expense of Android. Last year, Android had a US smartphone market share of 53%, which has come down to 42% in one year.

While iPhone is getting stronger in the US, Android is increasingly dominant in Europe. According to Kantar’s sales data, Android has a share of 61% of the market in the top five European markets. Android’s share has risen from 51.8% of last year.

In Europe, Samsung is the number one smartphone manufacturer across the top five biggest countries of the continent. Samsung alone held 44.3% market share in the 12 weeks analyzed. Apple came in second, with 25.3%, share while HTC, Sony and Nokia fought for the third place.

  • MasterMuffin

    Yep :D

    • Michael Lee

      I’m ashamed of my country… :(

      • Donnie Evans

        If that’s what your ashamed of our country for then I envy your naitivity-.

  • The iPhone is the official soccer mom phone now. They get to keep up with the Jones’ and hang on to the sliver of youthful coolness that’s quickly slipping away.

    • I’d also like to see the breakdown of sales by iPhone model. I know a lot of people who bought the 4S instead of the 5 because $100 is a lot of money for many people and the 5 isn’t worth the small upgrade in hardware.

      • kascollet

        100$ may be a decisive difference but you can’t say the iPhone 5 represents a “small upgrade in hardware”. The upgrade in CPU and GPU is just huge between the 4S and the 5. Check Anandtech’s review : the iPhone 5 is now the device to beat, a real compute monster, especially for the graphics. Don’t be fooled by the small gap in overall looks and concept.

        • If you’re not using your iPhone to play the newest games and don’t care about LTE, the 5 is a minor hardware bump.

          • YoMo

            Yeah, if you don’t use your computer for the newest games and don’t care about wireless internet then today’s computers are a minor hardware bump compared to those from 1990…

          • If the 90’s computer can run an OS from this year. Is there something about using iOS6 on an iPhone 4S that’s markedly different from the 5? Thanks for the terrible analogy.

          • That’s why people are buying iphone you don’t get difference in software everything works seemlesly even if your hardware is outdated not like android when your android phone gets 1yr old it becomes outdated and than no software updates

          • Naterz

            And GS4 already rumored for release in April. Lol.
            Sorry, but Android just looks like a Churn ecosystem compared to the others. You don’t even get 4 months of feeling like you have the latest and greatest before the same company releases an updated version – that’s intentionally overstated.
            HTC does the same thing, as does Sony and Motorola.
            It’s just not something I’m willing to put up with any longer.

          • Syazwan Fariz Radzi Mohd Radzi

            I’m all the way with you Cobra. Sad how Apple users can’t see the truth-to-be-told minor upgrade from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5. (N)

      • Naterz

        The 5 is as big an upgrade in Hardware as the GS3 is from something like a GS2 Skyrocket. Same for the One X to the Rezound. I’m not sure why people keep saying it’s a small bump in hardware when incremental upgrades are the standard these days – across all OSes except BB10 and Windows Phone which [will have] had huge hardware improvements this go around.

        One reason why the iPhone is so attractive is because it’s better supported here than Android handsets, and it has a premium feel. Keep in mind in Europe cheap android phones are king, especially in nations where people aren’t as well off. The iPhone is seen as a premium device.

        Want a breakdown for iPhones? I’d like to see a breakdown of Android models to see which high end models are actually topping the chart and how much of the European marketshare they actually hold.

        Additionally, Europe is a continent. USA is a country. That must be kept in perspective.

        • The G3 is an upgrade in screen resolution and size (real size increase, not just extra height). ICS instead of GB. Larger, longer lasting battery. These are larger jumps than spec bump and a longer screen that does nothing to make the graphics, text, or keyboard any bigger.

          • Naterz

            Bigger screen with higher resolution (i.e. 4.5″ WVGA vs. 4.8″ 720p) doesn’t really make anything bigger, BTW. Maybe your way of figuring that out is different than mine (and wrong, obviously), but that’s the way these things work.

            Secondly, the GS2 got ICS like a week or two after the GS3 was released and it was tipped for a while so that’s nothing to really upgrade to that phone for. Battery life has been relatively static. My mom’s Verizon GS3 doesn’t last any longer than my Skyrocket. The bigger higher resolution screen and LTE (which both have) really just equalizes the battery advantage. Keep in mind the SR has an 1850 mAh battery. 2100 isn’t all that impressive by comparison…

            It was a modest upgrade. Incremental and totally “predictable” spec jump. No different than the iPhone.

            Additionally some people do appreciate a phone they can use with one hand, which is another reason why I’d probably never buy another Samsung/HTC/Nokia flagship and will run back to Apple.

          • Actually, the international version of the S2 was 4.3″, so 4.8″ is a big bump up in size. And when the 4 was released, it was all “OMG teh Retina!” but when an Android phone jumps from WVGA to 720p it’s merely incremental? And the S3 was upgraded to JB if you want to go that way, in which case, yes, it’s a big jump – – project butter and Google Now are noticeable improvements.

          • Naterz

            I don’t remember saying “Oh retina” so don’t say it to me as if you heard me say it. Retina is a pixel density not a screen resolution. AFAIK the GS3 doesn’t have Retina-level Pixel Density, but I MAY be wrong. Don’t confuse Pixel Density with Resolution. The GS3’s screen is also Pen-Tile which has its own set of disadvantages, and their Super AMOLED screens still suffer from burnin, brightness, and color temperature issues that the iPhone and HTC One X[+] (or even the Sony Mobile Bravia screens on their phones) do not suffer from. JB is an incremental OS update smaller than iOS 4 to 5 or 5 to 6 and Google Now is nothing more than an updated Google Search App. That’s all. It’s just tied to JB as a way to upsell new phones cause Google knows the OEMs have a terrible track record updating slightly older models. Project Butter is meh. My mom’s Verizon GS3 got the update and I didn’t really notice any huge improvements. Maybe it is more noticeable on lower spec devices, though a smooth user interface isn’t anything to rave about on the eve of 2013 seeing as how iOS and WP7 have delivered that since they were introduced on the market. Subject: [androidauthority] Re: Android rules supreme in Europe, but Apple manages record performance in US

        • Donnie Evans

          I’d like to see an honest review of how the knock-offs perform and how they price for the extra features that we pay the name brands so dearly for. I feel like I got jacked, paid big bucks for a sub performing tab with hardly any cool features. Fuck!

          • Naterz

            Most of those “features” are software features in Android that other firms like Microsoft and Apple consciously decided not to support, for their own personal reasons. I’m not sure what Tablet you’re talking about, but most people around here buy devices to get work done not to look cool. And when they compared iOS iPad to Android Galaxy Tab they see certain apps are significantly more buggy on Android (if there’s even a tablet version, mind you) or the Android Tablet simply doesn’t give them the bigger bang for their buck from an ecosystem standpoint. The iPad Mini has made it a lot harder to justify buying an Android Tablet, even the cheaper ones, given Apple’s higher quality ecosystem and better cross-formfactor interoperability. Depending on Web Apps is not what a lot of people can do these days. You cannot edit video in a Web App, and depending on USB MS when you can just plug your device in to your PC or have it Sync to iTunes over WiFi just feels and looks terrible. Subject: [androidauthority] Re: Android rules supreme in Europe, but Apple manages record performance in US

      • Donnie Evans

        It also vibrates, let’s not forget that!

  • Majority of top android phones are released 3 to 6 months in the rest of the world before they hit the shelves in the states. Rarely, you’ll find phones such as droid DNA that are released first or second in the US. And Apple’s products are first released here and than in the rest of the world. That is a big advantage.

  • Ian Flanagan

    Apple won in the third quarter, that was when the iPhone 5 was released, in the other quarters, Android won because no iDevices were launched. In the 4th quarter, Android will be on top again.

  • blarelli

    Got to love how they cherry picked data from when the iphone 5 was released until now. Exactly which huge android phone launches were there during this time? The Note 2 (won’t be a huge seller, more of a niche item) and the Nexus 4 (huge demand, low sales). They’ve had the spotlight to themselves this entire time. If you care to see what the real picture is, look at market share over the entire year.

  • bytewise

    This is sales in the particular quarter. Not market share. Even by end of Oct 31 Apples market share was only 30 odd percent. Unlikely to have gained nearly 20% within a space of few weeks. I am a bit suspicious of this source.