At Judge’s request, Apple and Samsung CEOs agree to final meeting

by: Andrew GrushAugust 15, 2012

The Samsung versus Apple trial in California has certainly been an interesting ride for both companies involved, and all of us looking in, as well. The time is soon coming for the jury to take the case into deliberation, although it’s really tough to say which side is going to come out on top. As things wrap up, Judge Lucy Koh insisted this morning that the CEOs of both companies meet one last time in attempts to reach a settlement outside of the court.

Koh says that see doesn’t want to waste either company’s time, but feels that both sides are in possible danger. As such, an outside agreement might be the best solution. Apple and Samsung have agreed to the meeting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can come to any type of agreement.

While Apple has hit hard at Samsung during the trial, Samsung equally presented a relatively strong case that Apple itself is guilty of the same kind of “stealing” that it is accusing Samsung of doing. I would both love and hate to be part of the jury if this reaches that point. What do you think, is this going to go all the way or is a settlement imminent?

  • Greg Morgan

    I don’t think they’ll reach a settlement just because it’d be like both sides are admitting fault. I think it will go to jury. Either way the Jury decides will be bad.

  • Nisa

    Final meeting between the two companies might bear something this time after both parties have heard the evidences presented against them. I don’t think Apple feel so invincible anymore and Samsung might feel even more less confident of winning the case. If it does go to the jury I’d say either the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict or it will go against Apple. The company will hold too much power if they let it win.

  • Bobby_Nguyen

    Apple has been stealing others inventions and patented as its own.
    The first tablet was designed by Moses in bilical days. A tablet is a tablet, how can you copy its design?
    Apple should stop inventing frivolous lawsuits and start inventing real technology.

  • Tim

    I hope Samsung wins so they can deal a blow to Apple and their U.S. patent war against almost every other mobile device that exists. Can you imagine what it will be like if Apple gets this victory? Who’s next on their lawsuit agenda? No one will be safe if they can get away with suing on such generalized patents.

    In my opinion as someone who has quite a bit of experience with their devices, Apple’s great innovation was in the initial release of their devices. Since then, nothing has changed and in my opinion, the devices are extremely boring. Their new features are old news on Android. Every iOS release has been playing catch up to what Android got last year or always had. I see so much more innovation from Google and Android and the Android community than I see with iOS. I hate my iPad 2, but absolutely love my Galaxy Nexus (my first Android device). This phone has totally changed my mind about Android and I’m Android from here on out. Apple can stick their ecosystem up some other poor schmuck’s ass.

    Now, if only I could dump my iPad on some sucker and put the money towards an Infinity Prime.