Apex Launcher v1.3.1 fixes FC problem, brings more features and improvements

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 25, 2012

When developers release new versions of their software, the last thing that customers expect is for the app to cause more problems than it did before the update instead of bringing improvements. This is exactly what happened to Apex Launcher.

Version 1.3 of Apex Launcher, which was released yesterday, quickly made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Customers reported in droves that the app suffers from a serious FC problem. Luckily, it didn’t take long for the folks behind Apex Launcher, Android Does, to respond.

Admitting that the last version was a faulty release and offering their apologies, a fix for the FC issue was quickly offered in v1.3.1, which you can now download on Google Play. Here’s the complete change log:

  • Rebuilt based on JB launcher (works on ICS too)
    – Desktop items automatically re-arrange to fit
    – Long press and fling to remove items
    – Performance boost for homescreen and drawer
  • New features
    – Option to switch to tablet UI
    – Custom drawer grid settings
    – Activity animation options
  • Other improvements and bug fixes
    – Improved vertical drawers
    – Custom widget picker (requires JB or root)
    – Unlimited drawer tabs (pro)
    – Fixed paid themes under JB
    – Many misc. bug fixes
    – Updated translations

Customers will no doubt appreciate how quickly the developer responded to the faulty release. Hopefully, this won’t discourage new users from trying out the free app.

Any Apex Launcher users want to comment on the debacle that was yesterday’s update of the app? Are you still experiencing FCs on your Android devices?

  • Palm

    best holo launcher :D

  • No more FC on my S2 but it is still very laggy on screen transitions and app drawer. Not recommended to upgrade if your coming from stable version 1.2.5.

  • zev

    nova is still the smoothest launcher, even smoother than holo hd.

  • Bert Landa

    I used it and I think it is awesome…Best launcher I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot of em…SPB…Go…Nova…Trebuchet…and Apex is definitely the best…