Fans of the Apex Launcher will be happy to hear that a new update has arrived, bringing with it several bug fixes and a few new features as well.

Dubbed as version 2.3, the biggest changes here are the added support of Apex Notifier 2.0 and the ability to sort applications in the app drawer. While the latter feature is arguably the most exciting, it’s important to note that this feature only applies to those that with the $3.99 pro version of the app.

Aside from the Notifier support and the ability to sort apps in the app drawer, the update also includes the following changes:

  • Added icon label shadow in drawer
  • Fixed app/shortcut picker style
  • Fixed notification action/gesture on TouchWiz
  • Fixed indicator animation
  • Updated translations

If you’re currently happy with another 3rd party launcher, the changes in v2.3 probably won’t be enough to convert you, but for existing users — this is still a rather welcome update. To download the latest version, or to learn more about the app, you’ll want to head over to Google Play.


Andrew Grush
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