Apex Launcher 2.2 KitKat-friendly update available in Google Play

by: Chris SmithDecember 21, 2013

Apex Launcher 2.2

After having ben available as a beta, the Apex Launcher 2.2 update has been released and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store complete with KitKat-friendly features.

The new Apex Launcher version comes with several features that Android device owners will enjoy, including the transparent notification bar, which mimics the official Google Experience Launcher’s bar. Additionally, there are many other features and enhancements – check out the following changelog:

  • Kitkat scroll indicator (homescreen & drawer)
  • Kitkat quick search bar style
  • Kitkat folder style
  • Transparent status bar option (Kitkat)
  • Icon font option (Android 4.1+)
  • More Kitkat visual tweaks
  • Fixed icon/shortcut disappearing
  • Other bugfixes
  • Updated translations

Apex Launcher 2.2 is available as a free download from the Google Play Store and requires 2.9MB of storage and Android 4.0.3 or later. In addition to the free Apex Launcher version, there’s also a Pro alternative that can be downloaded from the store, which retails for $4.

Recently, we have seen various other launchers that take advantage of Google’s KitKat, including KitKat Launcher+Nova Launcher 2.3 and Action Launcher.

What Launcher do you currently use on you Android device?

  • mrjayviper

    on nova prime, the supposedly transparent nav bar is not really transparent. Seems Apex mimics GEL more closely.

  • Jayfeather787

    So far, I am loving nova. I will give this a shot though.

  • Azeem


    • mrjayviper

      I for one don’t like GEL. it’s the default on cm11 and the icons are too big. just not for me. Just personal choices really.

  • i2ollingstone

    I still don’t see the update on my device :(

  • Michael

    I tried it out, but I still prefer Nova

  • MasterMuffin

    “After having ben available as a beta” who’s Ben? :D I just use GEL with lower DPI to make it look better!

  • vosg

    They still haven’t fixed the card stack scrolling. It lags like hell.

  • Lazlo

    Nova is still my favorite. Xperia J isn’t the fastest but with it it better than before

  • patrick

    I just tried Epic Launcher and it seems to mimic the GEL the best. You can swipe left and pull ups Google Now. It doesn’t have the ‘always listening’ feature(on the home screen) as GEL but neither do any of the other launchers, so i’d say this is about as close as you can get. I’d love to use GEL but i can’t get over the big icons on my S4. If there was a way to reduce the size of the icons and group app in the app drawer, id happily use GEL. i see myself using Epic or just stock Touchwiz.

  • Guest
  • chrisokane

    Apex doesnt seem to quite do the Transparent Navigation bar very well on my Nexus 5 Nova top – Apex Bottom http://instagram.com/p/iMGWjCL3nO/

  • chrisokane

    Apex doesn’t seem to do transparent Navigation bar very well on my Nexus 5 – think it something in Apex setting but don’t know what. – Nova top Apex bottom http://instagram.com/p/iMGWjCL3nO/

  • Mohammed Azoz

    my s3 mini says it require root access etc …. lol seems no transparent anything for me till i change to a kitkat device …. or sam kindly update it … in the next millennium >_<

  • Bashar Tappouni

    How can I enable Google now page when I swipe to the left on apex launcher?