It looks like change is heading the Android modding community’s way. AOKP’s founder Roman Birg has now officially taken a job at Cyanogen Inc! While it’s not completely clear exactly what role he will be taking at Cyanogen, there have been previous job listings for a software engineer, so we imagine something along those lines.

This is massive news, as AOKP is basically the second most popular custom ROM behind CyanogenMOD — with Paranoid Android arguably following not too far behind it. Considering the great work that Birg has helped accomplish with Android Open Kang Project in the last three years, Birg’s move to Cyanogen can only mean even greater things will be coming our way.

For those that are curious about how the move will affect the future of AOKP, don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere. The AOKP ROM will continue to be actively developed and Birg himself says he will continue working on the project during his spare time.

Whether you’re a fan of CyanogenMOD or AOKP, this change is probably a win-win either way. With Birg working with the Cyanogen team he’s likely to learn a few new tricks that he can potentially bring back to AOKP, and vice versa.

What do you think, are you shocked (and/or excited) to hear that Roman Birg joining CyanogenMOD?

Andrew Grush
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