We would say too much, too soon. But we’re rather elated that the dedicated AOKP team has unveiled an update to Build 2. Outed just last week, the build brought the famous Jelly Bean goodness to the G-nex, Nexus 7 and others.

Now we have access to Build 3 which aims to improve the clock, with stopwatch and timer functions. A nifty new calculator app with advanced calculating functions also appears. You can thank CyanogenMod for those two items. Lastly, known issues with Build 2 have been appropriately addressed and fixed. For a quick recap, here is the new feature list from Build 2. Build 3 may not bring much in the way of eyecandy, but it does polish up the image and ties some loose ends overlooked in Build 2:

  • General
    • Kill all button in Recents panel
    • Backlight settings
    • Tablet UI on any device
    • DPI switcher
    • Custom Vibrations for Phone Calls
    • ADB over network
    • National Data Roaming option
    • Volume music controls
    • LED Brightness control
    • Charging LED
    • Boot animation preview
    • Allow full theming of Contacts & Mms
    • Allow to set color of Digital Clock Widget
    • Power menu options (airplane, screenshot, navbar toggle)
    • Ability to answer calls with hardware Home button (Winter is coming!)
  • NavBar
    • Custom Ring targets
    • Allow up to 7 Nav buttons on some devices
  • Statusbar
    • IME Toggler
    • Hide ADB icon
    • Allow disabling of volume adjust sound
    • Hide signal bars
    • WeatherPanel
    • WiFi & Cell signal text
  • Lockscreen
    • Allow rotation on any device
    • Added back Info-Lines (Weather, Calendar)
    • Menu unlock
    • Alternative music layout
  • Camera
    • Timer snapshot
    • Volume zoom
    • 720p recording support for grouper (front)
  • MMS
    • Display full date & time

If you’ve never used AOKP before but are curious, do be aware that doing so could cause damage to your phone should the operation fail. Take caution and always backup by booting into recovery and creating a backup. Then and only then you can wipe data and cache and then begin flashing. The Build 3 party is live now and located in the links below. Don’t let us keep you, go get your AOKP fix now!

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