August 23, 2008
Would-be live HTC Dream photo from

Would-be live HTC Dream photo from

The rumor mill is floating around a photo that purports to be the upcoming HTC Dream for T-Mobile. While the device in this un-photo looks like the device we saw in the videos, I just don’t buy that it is real. The shadow around it appears to suggest a smallish, overhead lighting source, and the glare on on the left edge of the phone doesn’t seem to jive with that, best I can tell. On top of that, it’s spotless. Not a spec of dust or a single mark. It’s not the worst ‘shop job I’ve seen, I admit, but it is conveniently very small. The side/closed shot that accompanies it (not shown) at, however, was made by one of the forums members – he says as much.

In a world where even a free cell phone comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera, why we only ever see “real” photos like this one (at a whopping .17 megapixels) is a mystery. Oh, actually it’s not a mystery. It’s because they aren’t real photos. I call shenanigans on this one.

Spaghetti Cat says

Spaghetti Cat says “Not Real”
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