Angry Birds Star Wars teaser image posted by Rovio ahead of content update

by: David GonzalesJanuary 30, 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars teaser
All you Angry Birds Star Wars aficionados out there, get ready for a brand new content update. Rovio has just released the above-posted teaser image labeled #19 via Twitter. Though it hasn’t actually made any official announcements, Rovio has so far indicated that the stuff in the picture is “hashtag coming soon.”

So what exactly will Rovio add to the game as part of the upcoming content update? The teaser image shows us the Millenium Falcon flying through a hole towards what appears to be a cave or a tunnel of some sort, so perhaps there might be an underground level update coming to Angry Birds Star Wars very soon.

If you recall, Rovio also posted a teaser image for a forthcoming Bad Piggies update recently. That update is tentatively called Road Hogs, while this one for Angry Birds Star Wars appears to be called Escape from Hoth, based on a relevant hashtag.

Rovio is usually pretty quick with these updates, so expect not to wait very long for the actual release if you have either of these two games in your Android device app drawer.

  • Brad Ward

    My own speculation on this: Remember in the Star Wars movies where they landed the millennium falcon inside the giant space worm in a effort to hide from empire fighters? Based on the design of the image, this totally reminds me of that.