Angry Birds Space update brings 10 new delicious Utopia levels

by: Bams SadewoJune 11, 2012
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Fresh off the heels of announcing that Angry Birds Space has hit the 100 million download mark, Rovio decided to treat the fans with some delectable new levels that are filled with popcorn, cookies, and candy apples. Get ready to enter the 4th episode of Angry Birds Space, the Utopia.

The Utopia marks the first time that there is more than one planet design in a single episode. You’ll get to feast your eyes on planets that resemble a cookie, a doughnut, a key lime pie, a jelly planet, and a caramel apple. Your main nemesis on the Utopia is the Fat Pig. And similar to how the ice meteors can split into several parts in the previous episode, you’ll find the popcorn splits into three parts as well when hit.

As for the gameplay, there’s a lot of bouncy action going down, thanks to the jelly-like surface of the planet, which definitely keeps things from getting too stale for the still-going-strong series.  The hardcore fans probably will have no problem breezing through the 10 levels featured in this addition.

The new Utopia episode is now available on both the freemium and paid version of Angry Birds Space. You can download the 23MB file on Google Play.

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  • angry bird gets more interesting with this update

  • i really love this version of angry bird

  • Nanda

    How to get the Utopia? On mine it’s said “Coming soon.”
    Looking forward for anyone’s reply on this. Thanks.