Angry Birds Space flies past 100 million downloads, HD version coming to consoles

by: Bams SadewoJune 7, 2012
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It seems only 77 days ago Angry Birds Space was released by Rovio. Wait, it was 77 days (or so) ago. In that short period of time, gamers have been scooping up copies of the intergalactic tales of the temperamental birds like crazy. Now Rovio has gleefully announced on its Twitter account that the game has passed 100 million downloads.

Now that the 100 million download marks have been broken, we dare not wonder how high those birds can soar – because not even space is the limit.

And if playing on your mobile devices isn’t enough, it has been reported that Angry Birds will be making its way to more gaming consoles. Rovio reportedly will be working with Activision in bringing the HD version of the game to several consoles in fall. While there’s no official announcement yet, a cameo appearance of the Birds in Activision’s booth at E3 was the dead giveaway.

It seems those birds will not rest on their laurels until world domination has been achieved. Instead of trying to fight the tide, it’s much easier and more fun to give in. And when your great grandkids are playing the 999th iteration of Angry Birds, you can proudly tell him (or her) the story of how you flung your very first bird.

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