Angry Birds Seasons update ‘Piglantis’ now available

by: Shaleen SinhaJune 18, 2012
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angry birds seasons piglantis

Like clockwork, Rovio has rolled out a new Angry Birds Seasons update titled Piglantis, named after an Atlantis-like city inhabited with, you guessed it, pigs. The last update to the Seasons series was Cherry Blossoms, which came out in early March.

The new Angry Birds Seasons (v 2.4.0) adds 30 all-new aquatic levels to the mix that take gamers to the beaches of Piglantis. With a remarkably fresh underwater physics engine, the update offers some new interesting challenges. You can launch your birds into and out of the wide-open ocean, in your quest to destroy those annoying pigs. Piglantis comes with a new soundtrack to suite the maritime scenery. For birds, ice, and wood blocks, you will feel the effects of buoyancy, whereas pigs and stones sink and pop out if they hit the sea floor.

Talking about the gameplay, the angry birds’ special actions can be activated underwater and not only when airborne. The bad piggies are slightly different in appearance, as are the mighty eagle and the interface elements. Other modifications include new special items, all sporting the new aquatic theme.

We hope Angry Birds fans will find the latest addition to the fowls’ saga satisfying. Piglantis is currently available as a free update for Android via Google Play and the Amazon Appstore, as well as iOS and PC.

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  • I have an android tablet (Galaxy 10.1) with Angry Birds Seasons 2011 and 2012. The updates are set for auto but the game shows as updated yet the Piglantis is not downloaded. I tried through Google Play and Amazon. Anyone have an idea of why it will not update or how to get it updated?