Update for Angry Birds Rio adds 24 new levels, makes players earn it

by: Joe HindyDecember 19, 2012

angry birds rio

The Angry Birds series is undoubtedly among the most popular of any mobile gaming series. With a popular Star Wars spin off already in circulation and a big movie on the way, Rovio has done good work with the series. Now, an oldie but goodie, Angry Birds Rio, has just gotten an update.

Rovio has outdone itself with this latest update. At first glance, it seems the game is just getting 24 new levels. This is a pretty modest update for Angry Birds Rio. However, there is a catch. Gamers will have to earn these new levels. To help keep things festive, the levels are all Samba themed.

They earn levels by collecting a certain number of stars. So if your first play through was mediocre, you might actually have to go back and play the game again. Rovio likely did this on purpose so players had a reason to go back and play it again.

Where can I get these new Angry Birds Rio levels?

It’s an update to their app in the Google Play Store. So if you have the game downloaded, you should have already gotten a notification for the update. If you don’t have it and want to revisit the game, you can find it in the Google Play Store.

Has anyone given the new levels a try? How are they?

  • I downloaded the update, but see nothing different. I already have 3 stars on all levels and boards, so I’m not sure how to get access to the new levels?

  • J

    They are on the bottom of the levels( smugglers den, jungle escape), there are 4 circular graphics with 3 stars in them. The last graphic has the eagle in it so its darker than the others, not sure why. They’re not too hard but I haven’t completed them all yet, but it’s an addition to the rio version alright.
    I completed all the previous levels. All fruits, all stars, all feathers, and the award trophy levels. When the update came out and downloaded all the new levels were there.