Angry Birds Epic for Android launching June 12 around the globe

by: Jonathan FeistJune 12, 2014
Angry Birds Epic 3 2 1 June 12

Rovio’s next big game in the Angry Birds series is an RPG style game called Angry Birds Epic, launching tomorrow, June 12 for Android.

Angry Birds Epic has been floating around for a couple months now, on iOS in a small test group of countries, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The June 12 launch not only brings the game to Android, but expands available to the rest of the globe. We took a closer look at Angry Birds Epic when it first announced and enjoyed a minimal roll out. Feel free to hit our article for more information, or just hit play on the video below to catch the trailer and get in on the excitement.

Rovio has been riding the wave of success with their feathery little egg hunting characters since the web based launch of the original Angry Birds. The game model of that original has become a standard for many other mobile games as well, providing quick experience levels that a player must pass before they can proceed.

If you have somehow not yet heard of Angry Birds, be forewarned, the original game soaked up more time than Flappy Bird, for many players. In no particular order, you can head back to enjoy Angry Birds, Angry Birds in Space and Angry Birds Star Wars – twice. Not to mention controlling the villains of the series in Bad Piggies, driving racing carts in Angry Birds Go and a bunch more, check them all out on the Google Play Store.

We are hitting the refresh button on the Rovia apps page of the Google Play Store, but it is still a short while before June 12 here on the west coast. Have you begun building your own weapons on your Epic adventure yet?

  • Rovio, its time for something new. How much more time will you survive on Angry Birds?

    • AndroidBoss

      100 light years.

  • Sachin

    When will they stop making this shit?
    Tiny Thief was a great game. They should make more games like that.

  • David J

    Trying it our now…
    It’s nice being several hours ahead :)

  • AndroidBoss

    Just downloaded this junk… Won’t even load with ART. Uninstalled.

  • Jayfeather787

    I’m sorry, but this trailer makes this game look awful. I do not know for sure until I have tried it, but that trailer was awful.

  • shivansh

    watch full gameplay of angry birds epic here in HD…

  • gloriarood

    Almost angry bird is mostly played by all user and love by all.. ya i too love to play angry bird that’s my favorite game to play at my free times….

    And this new version is totally excited me to have it…