Rovio soft launches Angry Birds Epic, releases gameplay trailer

by: Shawn IngramMarch 18, 2014

Rovio’s next spin-off game, Angry Birds Epic, is already available for some gamers, but most of us can’t play it yet, and the developer is making up for that fact with a new trailer for the game.

Like Angry Birds Go! before it, Angry Brids Epic brings the upset avians to a new game genre they haven’t tried before. Instead of racing, though, this time the colorful cast of fowl is trying its hand at the turn-based RPG genre.

The game is already available, but only in Canada, New Zaeland, and Australia and only for the iPhone and iPad. The soft launch is just like what Rovio did for Angry Birds Go!, and what a lot of game developers do for their free-to-play games. The studio released the game in a small number of countries so it can test out the in-app purchases in the game. Rovio needs to see how well gamers respond to the current system and make and necessary adjustments accordingly.angry-birds-epic

The soft launch also shows the rest of us what the game will look like before the game’s full release. As shown in the trailer, the game is broken up into stages where players use their team of birds to fight teams of the Bad Piggies. Everyone is dressed in fantasy garb, but the game doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously.

If there’s any downside its that Angry Birds Epic uses an in-game currency that builds up slowly, the only way to speed up the process is to pay real money for coins. The game also uses a lives system that  takes advantage of in-app purchases. Once you run out of the five lives the game gives you, you can either pay to get more lives, or wait.

With any luck Rovio will find a way to make the in-app purchases as unnecessary as possible. All free-to-play games should strive to be like Plants Vs. Zombies 2, where paying for unlocks does help make the game easier, but gamers can beat the game without buying anything.

Are you excited to try to new Angry Birds RPG? Or do the in-app purchase possibilities make you wary to try the game?

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    RPG? yes please we need more of those on android/ios

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    Nice one. Better than the same.

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  • Adeel Amjad

    hello shawn, can you please tell me when this game will be available in USA ? i am a big fan fan of Angry Bird games series. can’t wait to get this one for my Android phone. Thanks

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