June 11, 2012
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Let’s call it a double-edged sword. Anyone can start a rumor on the Internet, which can then easily spread like wildfire.

But said rumor can also be easily clarified with a quick tweet. The non-story began when Robert Scobble made a post on his Google+ that one of Google’s top leaders, Andy Rubin, was leaving Google to join a startup company. Here’s what he said:

Today I heard that the head of Android, +Andy Rubin, will soon leave Google and head to a new startup called http://www.cloudcar.com/”

The Godfather of Android took to micro blogging platform Twitter to clarify that he has “no plans to leave Google”. Oh, he also tweeted that “there are 900,000 android devices activated each day :-)”. As for the implicated CloudCar, Rubin clarified further on his Google+ account that it’s a company started by his group of friends that he is giving free office space to in his incubator in Los Altos.

There you go – not only did Rubin extinguish the fire – but he also put in some encouraging statistics about Android. Back in February, Rubin revealed that there were only 850,000 Android devices activation per day. It’s only a matter of time before it hits the magic 1 million number.

Bams Sadewo
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