Androidly: the all-in-one smartwatch?

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 18, 2013

androidly watch

Androidly is the latest Android smartwatch to pop up following the success of similar devices. This new watch aims to improve on existing models, like Pebble or Sony’s Smartwatch, by including dedicated hardware to make calls, take pictures and run android apps directly from your wrist.

Devices like Pebble link to your smartphone via Bluetooth and transfer information from phone to wrist, whereas Androidly does everything itself, making it one of the world’s smallest fully featured Android devices. As the designers put it, you “needn’t pick any other device up”.

Sadly, hardware specifications are worryingly hard to come by on the official website. From what I can find out, Androidly contains a 416 MHz Processor, 256MB RAM, 8 GB of internal storage and runs an “optimized” but unspecified version of Android. The watch also features a 2 inch display, an unspecified camera, WiFi connectivity, and Bluetooth to connect to other wireless devices.

It will be able to run apps straight from the Google Play Store, and can read SIM cards directly so that you don’t have reach into your pocket to make a call. It all sounds very promising, but I have a few qualms.

Smartphone or Smartwatch

It strikes me as a bit of an odd product, the developers are attempting to cram in functionality which isn’t particularly sought-after on a wristwatch. Are users really going to find it practical, or desirable to take pictures by angling their wrist at stuff? Holding your phone to your ear or using a headset when making calls is pretty easy, but do you really want to use loudspeaker mode or a Bluetooth headset all the time? I wonder.

Androidly will be priced around $299-$349 when it goes on sale, so it’s not really competitively priced compared with Pebble which only costs $150.

I like the idea of smartwatches, they serve as a perfectly good extension of your smartphone, but I’m not convinced they fit the role of an all in one device. What do you think of Androidly? Or perhaps more importantly, do you ever think that smartwatches will replace smartphones?

  • Ugh. That status bar looks like FroYo.

    • MasterMuffin

      I think it is Froyo, that status bar and decades old Youtube app just confirm it. Big fail if they’ll release it with Froyo >.<

    • Simon Belmont

      Same thing that I was thinking. That YouTube app looks ancient.

      For all we know it could be Android 2.1 or earlier. I wonder if they just used stock Android imagery Photoshopped onto the picture of the prototype.

    • Jim Crebauser

      Form follows functionality. The important word here is, ‘follows’.

  • Jose_Mendoza

    it has potential but the OEM needs go about about this the right way.
    -needs to be able to be upgraded like the rest of the android phones (let be honest the nike smartwatch has not really gotten an update, 18 months of os support, starting with at minimum the last version of android upon it’s release)
    -toys:needs to able to play nice with other smart phones (why the heck not, you need to please the backwards compability crowd) share music, sound, notifications, etc.
    -needs to have some decent specs (I have owned some cheap android tablets and if this only rocks anything less than dual core, no one will buy it)
    -screen size (why not allow people to decide which screen size they like; 2 inches is nice if you are a hawk eyed but what if I want 4 inches? then it might be a smartwrist/watch but hey)
    -battery life… err well try and mimic the pebble battery life. it’s not going to happen but if you can develop all this to work as efficient as the pebble then you are good to go.

  • Somedudes

    Yeah I really want to strap a breeze block to my wrist.

  • This so called “androidily” is a knock off of a chinese smartwatch that’s been selling on ebay and for years. Yes THAT’S RIGHT! A FAKE CHINESE WATCH. Oh the irony. Who are you kidding with this? You can’t pull a product from overseas, change the name and expect people to be oblivious. This is 2013. We have internet now.

    • Ben

      to be honest the madeinchina watch has better spec – 4gb rom, 2gb ram – than that mentioned for this device – 256mb!

      • Ram Kumar

        The watches on don’t have better specs. They are just liars and claim something else. Please read the wikipedia page here for the platform –

        You will see that made-in-china are making stuff up.

    • apurvasrishti

      Dear friend,

      Let me put the differences between the watches in crisp bullet points for you.

      1. The watches available else where on the ‘internet’, which look similar to Androidly, are not running on Android. They do not allow you to connect your Google account and so you can not use your Gmail, Calendar and Contacts at all, and neither can you sync any data.

      2. The China watches do not have Google Play Store, while Androidly Smart Watch does. So with Androidly you have access to over 500,000 apps on the Play store!

      3. The people with made in don’t seem like honest people as they are out rightly lying about the specs, by claiming it to be dual core and 4 gb RAM, We at Androidly are honest folks and claim the specifications as they are actually available in the watch.

      4. The ROM running on Androidly Smart Watch is completely our creation and is the result of over 8 months of work on coding and optimizing, its an entirely different experience.

      Hater’s gonna hate!
      Take care.

  • I can see how some will like this, but as the watch industry focuses a lot on fashion and design, I don’t see these becoming a huge seller.

  • Michael Lee

    Being that it’s Froyo and probably on a really old processor, it’d probably be really slow…

  • hypre

    Is it running froyo!?

    • Ralph Faus

      It’s the first smart watch which runs full version, unrestricted Android Froyo!
      All other smart watches run a restricted version of much older Android.

  • Nooblade
  • Troy Jameson

    Froyo doesnt mean its bad. Ive used froyo for a long time and its not that jellybean can launch rocket ships. Id rather have a technology so amazing on my wrist that everyone looks on it and wonders wtf is that :P And I love this product it seems a definite purchase for me atleast! And Ive been trying to find out a lot about them before making my mind up!

  • Give em a try

  • Froyolover

    Where can I purchase one? Are they selling them yet??

  • I_Hate_Androidly

    Its a scam. You could buy these on amazon a long time ago.

    Heres proof:

    More proof:

    They edit the rom extremely minimally and call it their own creation.

  • George Kalogeris

    Why on earth people are so negative?
    All I need when running or biking is my phone, an mp3 player and a GPS tracker.
    Can you find me a better solution than this ?

    I think FroYo is enough for its uses, all I care is its sweat/splash resistance ??