It feels like the Android vs iOS debate has been going on for centuries, even though both just arrived on the scene back in 2007. Lot of people fall on both sides of the fence and the “fights” have certainly been numerous and loud, ranging from intellectual debates to random name-calling.

One Youtube user wicked4u2c has taken the time to release a series of videos talking about the advantages the Android OS and devices have over Apple’s iOS and the iPhone. There are 4 videos so far, of a 6-part series, and each is of quite a decent length, so the guy obviously put in a lot of time and effort into making them. The first video can be considered an introductory one with the following videos providing a more in-depth analysis. Let’s take a look.

I agree with most of the points that were made about Android being the better OS. Whatever you say about Apple and iOS though, you cannot deny its success. Of course, Android has also been as successful, if not more so. To be honest, I don’t think any number of videos, or articles, or debates will change an iOS or Android users mind one way or another.

That being said, the videos are a wonderful attempt at getting across why Android is considered by many the superior OS. He makes solid, and more importantly, logical points to support his statements, and I am looking forward to the conclusion of this series. And who knows, if there are any fence-sitters out there, this might just be what they need to make the right (and by right, I mean Android) decision.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with the videos? How many Android vs iOS “discussions” have you been a part of? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ankit Banerjee
My primary profession lies in the Network Design Engineering field. I have always been passionate about the latest trends in mobile communication advances around the world.
  • e34v8

    Hehe, today i just posted the same videos on the Bulgarian Android forum. Nice job from the creator. He deserves credit!

    And nice job from Android Authority for always covering the interesting stuff on Android!

  • Mohdamr1

    I am totally convinced that android is the best os.

  • AppleFUD

    Most Apple users argue from a place of ignorance. Often they are clueless about technology and/or clueless about other platforms and therefore regurgitate many of the “apple faithful” false arguments — apple devices are easier to use, they just work, etc. . .

    I’ve never found any of those arguments to be valid. The only time an apple device is “easier to use” is if you are so clueless that you can’t do anything other than use one app at a time and can’t figure out anything beyond home-screen→app→home-screen→app. . .

    Otherwise I’ve found apple products to be more buggy, less stable, difficult to customize to my way of working, etc. . . In other words, using an apple device is learning to work with an apple device instead of having the device work for me.

    • Superlaser


    • One home button IS easier to use than three on Android.

      • Clayton chu

        but apple doesnt have the button consistency. android back button is always on the bottom. Apple is sometimes on the top, sometimes on the bottom, sometimes you have to swipe left-right. and the android buttons are pretty much shortcuts.

    • CharlesThian

      woah, apple products are more buggy and less stable thn android? you gotta be kidding me!

      • Clayton chu

        you bet it. they always crash.

  • Electronic friend

    I ve used both andriod and ios, but u can not say andriod is better than ios. First of andriod copied ios concepts. Apple is pioneer in finger touch tech and apps concept. Secondly in terms of user experience i find ios more user friendly. It is very easy to operate not like u have to go menu with in menu. I gave my son andriod and ios device, he learned ios more quickly than andriod. This thing i ve seen with people of different ages and different walks of life.

    • Osvaldo

      Funny, I did the same with my 7 year old daughter and with my 50 year old sister , and they seemed easier to use with my ICS SGS2 than with my wife iphone 4s.

      • Jamesy

        Apple did NOT invent multi touch, slide to unlock, or even pinch to zoom.

        They took those ideas from other innovators…mainly Microsoft…and as far as app stores, Linux, palm, and windows mobile all had app repositories before apple did.

        I don’t Jean this as an attack, I’m just saying that your unwilling to entertain the possibility. That’s ignorance. Yet again, ignorance is bliss.

        Apple products are nice, but they’ve fallen behind since 2.1.

        Take the notification center for instance, its been around for eons, since 1.6 that I’m aware of. Apple is aware that its behinds and even blatantly stole that from Android!

        Apple didn’t invent anything…they put it together in a package and convinced you that it was magic. In the same way that people convince you that Starbucks coffee beans are better than the cheaper brand you can buy in stores.

        Steve jobs wasn’t an innovator, he was an aggregate. People like Wozniak and ives are the true innovators. Steve jobs was, however, the best salesmanship the history of the earth, because he convinced you that you were buying things for one reason, when you were really buying them for the sake reason that people.spend thousands of dollars.on Bose spespeakersakers, yes they might sound nice, but you can get something better for 1/8the the cost. Have you ever tried convincing someone who spent thousands of dollars extra on a product that they could’ve bought with superior.features and quality for hundreds of dollars instead? Its not easy.

        I’ve owned iPods MacBook pros iPads and iPhones, and mmyy Android phone and tablet are far superior in every way.


        • Darkangels6sic6

          Beautifully stated

        • zorro

          Dude u r amazing…very well said..its just few stolen concepts in one box which is wat dis world called “iPhone”…very well explained man..truly superb…I just don’t get it y people fall in this trap they r paying so much cash for somethin which they could get it for much cheaper rate..I feel sorry for those people who r bein cheated in a classy way…

    • Dex

      I don’t think you get the point. You talk about how your son learned ios more quickly than Android, didn’t you see how limited ios was compared to android in the video’s?
      That also means there is probably less to learn, he had way more to talk about functions on Android than on ios. It was supposed to be an comparison but in some cases he couldn’t even discuss the same function on ios because it simply wasn’t there.

    • Dex

      Part 2: this isn’t about who is first or who stole what or which fruit owns the most vitamins, its about being the better system when comparing the two. Just compare and don’t bring up the past nor excuses.

    • m3dteam

      You mean just like how Facebook copied MySpace?
      Let me guess, you think MySpace is better for this reason.

      • Darkangels6sic6

        Actually yes. Lol. MySpace is or was better in my opinion because you could do more with it and it was way more customizable. I think some of the changes they made to keep people kinda made it worse, but it was amazing. Then facebook came along and everyone jumped on the next fad. The only difference is that Myspace was first. It still works out because Apple copied their ideas anyway.

    • Mohdamr1

      ios is for people who want a simple closed system that protects them from features and applications they don’t know about. ios is an elaborate version of Symbian and only apple selects for ios users what to use or have. Right now apple is going to improve ios 6 by adding widgets. Widgets are a simple idea now and pretty standard in android.
      Google or others are not going to sue apple for using the widgets concept. Android os has so many countless features and flexibility and that is why it is so easy to accuse android of copying others. Users control android, ios controls users.

      • Applefan

        iOS 6 won’t have widgets and iOS is so much better than android in so many ways. Apple makes no crappy phones, there’s only one. The iPhone. No LG, HTC, Samsung, it’s just Apple. And the apple app store is SOOOOO much better than the androids store. There are more apps and better ones. The touch screen on apples products are also much better than on any android phone out there.

        • djwc

          The apple store is 1/3 the size of the google market place. There is no difference in the quality of the apps on these two markets. And as for the screen, the Droid razr maxx has a screen that I is better not only because it is gorilla glass(which is nearly invincible), but the super amoled screen on the maxx is far superior to the retina display on iPhone. That is all

    • Mohdamr1

      if you bothered to check the you tube videos about android attached here maybe you will appreciate having an android smartphone, otherwise you are just an apple salesperson.

    • Darkangels6sic6

      Not to mention you have this completely backwards. Apple are the pioneers of copying and passing it off as their own new inventions. This is part of what was mentioned earlier on how Apple users just argue from regurgitation. Android is not an IOS copy. Apple did not pioneer anything. Users make 99% of apps. Not Google nor Apple. Not to much just about every idea, patent, design, or piece of hardware in the Iphone is bought and or stolen. The only reason You may say the Iphone is easier to use is because it is limited in it’s function. Straight out of box there is more to be able to do and customize with an Android. It is able to become more you.

    • Superlaser


    • Yup. I have both too and I can easily say that compared to iOS, Android is a a complete mess and beyond frustrating to use. One example: my Cruz Android tablet would automatically download a script from (of all places) that would crash the stock browser and any third-party browsers right after they were launched. That’s damned funny right there. Google’s website screwed it’s own OS. But here’s where bad design steps in. The fix I got from the tablet manufacturer’s website was to go into the preferences of the browser app and turn off JavaScript. OK fine, except like I said, the browser would crash every time you launched it, so I could never get to the prefs to turn it off. Result: I have a tablet that can no longer surf the web. Yay. Contrast that with iOS which keeps all preferences for the apps on your device in the Settings app. If I ever had that same issue crop up on my iPhone, which I haven’t, I could still access the browser settings from the Settings app to turn off JavaScript, even though the browser itself was inaccessible. Good design vs. bad design. There you have it.

  • Ohjjg_gdhgfh

    blackberry is the best hahha just kidden amdroid is the best

  • ChristopherCLara

    nice job from Android Authority for always covering the interesting stuff on Android!

  • Terrence Greene

    I almost lost it when he said

    “Its a four by five grid, how bad could you screw this up”

  • Steven

    Love it this man knows his stuff

  • Gust958

    Just had the typical conversation with a co-worker. He loves iOS, and that is perfectly fine – as I mentioned to him…I prefer to have my tools conform to the way I work, and not the other way around. So, just waiting a few more weeks for a quadcore Android tablet. Phone is a SPrint Samsung Galaxy SII

    • Josh Alfred

      Good luck finding tablet apps. And have fun playing with your tablet in portrait view with a 16×9 screen.

  • what theme was he using where you can put the titles of the screens like he did, media games, misc, .. I really like that theme and would like to get it from the market.

    • Skyler Crowl

      He posted a video where he explains all of the setup of his phone, just look on his profile

  • Darkangels6sic6

    I do like the way these videos were done. He says he likes IOS devices and that he just prefers Android just for the fact it works so much better for him. I agree. I do not dislike Apple products. I severely do not prefer them either though. I do however dislike Apple for many many reasons because in my opinion they are beyond dirty and shady.

  • Rahil Sharma18

    Simply because I loves iOS…
    It is far more better,it has quality apps,it has more apps than android,everything in iOS is far more polished than the shit android,iOS is malware and virus proof while we all know what android is,apple’s devices recieves upgrades for all the devices on the same time while the shit android takes minimum 5 months,iOS devices responds more faster than Android devices(even iphone 3GS responds faster than shit android devices)…….I have both iOS and Android(Iphone 4,Iphone 4S,Galaxy TAB,Galaxy Note) and can say without any expert’s advice that iOS devices are far better………
    The people are jealous and make meaningless comments are those who dont have enough cash to have an iDevice…….
    Many other reasons that I hate android like Fake apps,shit music player,they stops responding anytime and etc etc etc….So buy an iDevice if you can,but sont make meaningless comments unless you dont use an iDevice yourself…

    • Darkangels6sic6

      You are obviously one of the people he was speaking of. Did you even watch the videos at all? You are saying exactly what everyone else says out of regurgitation and most of what he just proved as complete trash talk garbage in her videos. More smooth, polished, better blah blah blah my butt. If someone really just likes IOS better that is one thing…it’s sad, but oh well….but most are like you. Just speaking garbage lies out of regurgitation. You make it almost impossible to believe you actually own or even use all those devices.
      Always the whole well I paid more so mines better. LMFAO!!!!!!! That just shows you have not thought of you own. Your money speaks for you. “I spent $200 and got this that has the latest and greatest….Oh yeah I spent $1000 for something that is mainly a copy of all that and has have the feature and function, but I paid more so it’s better.

    • Johnsmith

      You are a small dick head…..

    • Abhi Pai

      You’re a fkn idiot… I don’t know what it is about you fobby Indians and worshiping inferior iCrap… and before you call me racist, I’m Indian! That’s what pisses me off most, because you make the rest of us look stupid. There is a general conception that Indians are supposed to be good at IT and technology, but I guess it doesn’t apply to idiotic sheep like you. You didn’t even watch the video, and you’re just sprouting bullshit that may have been true 2 years, but not today. And you’re always gloating about how Android users can’t afford iPhones, but the truth is we can, all of my Android devices have cost more than their iPhone counterparts. We don’t buy iPhones because we’re not brainwashed, idiotic, tech illiterate morons. Android can do 99.99% of what iOS can do, and hundred things more…. it’s literally a computer in the palm of your fkn hand! iOS can do 60% of what Android can, and is just an expensive, overhyped , overrated toy in comparison

  • Shinpachi

    Well I’m a huge apple fan boy and I plan on getting the galaxy s3 if it shows to be better than the evo 4g lte to try android for the first time meaning actually owning one instead of playing with other peoples android phone. I do own apples 2 latest mobile devices and do love them for certain reasons like buttery smooth scrolling, pinch to zoom, getting updates on time, ect. The main thing I noticed from using ios for so long and trying a friends android phone was the lag it had compared to ios but I guess that comes from android being the more powerful os an in being able to do more like customizing, running active backgrounds, ect. I’m just worried about getting the newest updates within a good time frame instead of having to wait months to get them. After watching these videos I’m looking forward to getting the best android phone and trying it out for myself :D

    • Darkangels6sic6

      Honestly though Apple has been further behind in updates then they want you to think. I think it’s a two way street though. Not trying to say it’s only Apple or Android. It took Apple 2 years and 3 phones to integrate MMS while it took Android 2 years to get certain touch features integrated. And depending on which phone you get it will take longer to get OS updates from either.

  • Jaiswal Darshan

    in your 4th video you used a software for tracking android mobile i am not getting the name so please tell me

  • darshan jaiswal

    in the 4th video you used an android tracking app . i am not getting the name of app so, please reply me for same

    • Dex

      Cerberus anti theft

  • Jeremyveltre13

    interesting points and he is right there are more things you can do with android than iOS. i feel at times he did give iOS a harder time with certain inconsistencies but Android has it’s issues. I like my iphone because it does what i need it to do as a phone and messaging device, I can expect a quality performing product from apple with the ease of an apple store if it breaks thanks to apple care. With an android device bc u have to pick from the plethora of manufacturers u get stuck with asurion phone insurance mainly if it breaks and some mobile phone makers can make a phone look real pretty but with shabby parts causing the phone to break after 6 months. Androids downside is not the system it’s the phone makers and how they keep android from just being an OS that works. HTC sense, MOTOBlur, Samsung just makes crappy phones any way, if they would just let me have the OS the way it should be with out having to root it and all that crap i would buy an android phone.

    • Dex

      You do have some good points there but not all seem to be valid in my opinion.
      The experience with Apple care varies a lot with it’s costumers, there are a lot of people who are left in the cold by Apple care, sometimes they help you without any problems, and sometimes they leave you in the cold for the exact same problem, it’s more like you’re at the Apple store clerks their mercy for being lucky enough to get your device fixed or replaced. Here there even have been several lawsuits against Apple because people were getting tricked with their warranty because nobody knew exactly when something could be fixed cause of warranty or even how long their warranty was (you can still google that not more than two months ago).

      About the phones with Android, it’s totally not like how you say it is. First off HTC Sense, MotoBlur and Touchwizz are of course from different manufacturers and they all handle the software differently and same goes for hardware, i do agree with samsung being the most crappy ones but they are at the same time almost the fastest phones as well, but the build-quality sucks in my opinion.

      As for rooting that sounds actually kind of ridiculous hearing that from a user that’s glad with a device with ios and happy with the phone functions and messaging capabilities, all those things are of course also possible in Android. and you seem to confuse rooting with unlocking your bootloader. Rooting is just the ability to get write access to parts of your hard-drive where you shouldn’t be able to. Unlocking your bootloader is if you want to put a different operating system on your phone, this can with some manufacturers void your warranty but for example not with HTC they give you the ability to easily unlock your bootloader and run your own operating system on it. their are several different operating system for most devices so everyone can get exactly what they prefer.

      And last but not least, you can not really compare IOS to Android anymore, IOS is a excellent smartphone operating system, however Android isn’t that limited and is more comparable to Windows or Mac osx. i’m capable to run almost everything on my device as on my computer.

      So for me it’s Smartphone vs portable mini-PC= mini-PC wins

      Thank you for reading.

  • Spindr768

    A lot of good points !!!

    I just bought an HTC Inspire , replaced it after having the iPhone 4s , the guy at AT&T couldn’t
    Believe I was doing it , guess what ?

    It’s awesome !!! Bigger screen , customization , widgets , bigger keyboard , and battery stays good !

    He makes a lot of very good and interesting points ,, While I do like iPhone , I’m SICK of
    Everybody having them !!!

    I wanted something different …

    • adam

      lol I have an inspire 4g as well and mg grandother just bought an iphone 4s and she is in denayal that the inspire is much better the guy at att told me that that do NOT get an iphone cuz it gets shitty battery shitty service and it doesn’t do 4g

  • Plazzy

    I personally feel that both have their boons and banes , android no doubt has a more opened OS , since apple has historically kept their stuff closed , even to the extent of non replaceable batteries . I feel it is an endless argument if its based on personal preferences ,EG user friendliness . But this ‘closed’ OS by apple has its benefits , it is “safer” than the android OS , I remember there was a huge fuss when several users claimed their android phones had been hacked . So it really depends on where you stand . I’m not gonna compare hardware since android and iOS are operating systems .

  • Halo

    the truth is all hard work in iphone was create others company and not apple. Apple just bought them and assemble it into their device and make the users think that it is apple innovation. Here are the facts, apple bought touchscreen, main board from Samsung, audio from Sony, cases from an Asia company. What else is from apple. While other like samsung create its device by their ownself.

    • Nicklau

      Apple DESIGN the products and OUTSOURCE the manufaturing process to third party companies like sony, samsung & foxcon. You sire have no knowledge in business.

  • Both didn’t arrive at the same time. iPhone came out in June 2007 and and the first Android phone was released in November 2008.

  • Android BJ

    He is lying through his teeth I can do everything he just did with my iPhone

  • Android BJ

    @Halo You are a fucking asshole, dickhead, shit tard Android users back me up here Android Inc. was bought by Google I mean talk about stealing and you pull off shit like this

  • arceusg

    You have taken everything I’d love to explain to my Apple-worshipping parents, and made it so much easier to understand! As the youngest and only linux-using member of my family, its hard to sound like you know what you are talking about.

  • Altaykai Yamada

    both operating systems are nice. I am eager to test both. i just did and here is my answer. Android kicks ass. IOS kicks ass. they are both badass.

  • Clayton chu

    android has the max customization you can get even without rooting. with iOS, since it is not opensource, you have to jailbreak it to customize it, even then, it doesnt match android. The reason why Android lets you pick your default apps if some have a similar function (ex. stock browser and opera mini), whereas even if you download another browser on iOS, it will still open up safari as the default. This shows that google is not afraid of competition, and Apple is. They kept suing Samsung and delayed the release of the Galaxy Nexus. That is how afraid they are of their competitors beating them. Also, Apple has to keep adding social network integration manually (ex. facebook integration in iOS 6 beta), whereas android integrates it automatically. (integrated my facebook, twitter, dropbox, textfree) and yes, I do agree with AppleFUD. Most Apple users are noobs that only use Apple’s claims as an argument. iOS, in fact, is not a smart OS. It doesnt multitask. If you open up the multitasking bar, the app freezes. it doesnt run. Android runs everything. this is not a myth. this is a fact. i have done it before. the only things on iOS that multitask are: Youtube audio, music, and pandora basically

    Here is why Android beats Apple (without jailbreak)
    Custom launcher
    Custom roms
    Custom defaults
    ability to control the cpu
    ability to control lcd screen resolution
    custom status bar
    ability to switch between phone, tablet, and phablet modes
    able to access app files easily
    ability to get apps for free without paying (from the internet lol)
    custom icons for everything
    too many things to name

  • jameel

    An Android phone is much more powerful than the apple phone. I have a HTC desire old phone but I can easily overlock, underlock to gain awesome performance on my old phone. I can change ROMS and different OS whenever I want. I can change kernels, Bootloaders and almost everything. On the other hand IOS is ugly piece of shit. I will never buy an Iphone. Nothing has been changed since IOS 1 to 6. They are just making people fool by shiny ad campaigns nothing else.