In the heat of the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit, a judge in one of the international court cases ruled that Samsung’s Android products were not as cool as the Apple iPad, and hence the Korean company could not have succeeded in copying the iPad’s iconic design. Well, we now have data from consumer research, and it seems that Android, as a platform, is now considered the new cool kid on the block.

Is Apple on its way to becoming the old geezer that everyone will forget in a few years?

BIGinsight holds a monthly survey among American consumers. In its latest survey of about 9,000 individuals, there is a trend that Android lovers might find favorable. Respondents think that Android is the hotter brand at this point. And by brand here, we refer to the likability of the platform as a whole.

In its “Hot or Not? Google Android OS versus Apple iOS” survey, 53% has voted Android to be hot while 51.4% of the respondents say iOS is hot.

If we dig in deeper into demographics, there are indications that consumers think Android is on its way to becoming the hottie among mobile users, while iOS might be on its way to being the nottie. In the all-important Millenials demographic — otherwise known as Generation Y — 64% think Android is cool, while 61.9% say iOS is likewise that interesing.

The disparity is greater among Gen-Xers, 58.6% of whom think Android is hot, compared with iOS’ 53.4%. The older generation, though, may not be in agreement to the younger ones, with baby boomers thinking both platforms are almost equally hot — about 46% each. Interestingly enough, Apple is more of a hit among the “silent generation” or those born prior to 1946. Of this demographic, 46.8% say Apple is “hot” while 41.4 say Android is hot.

Is there a trend here?

Yes there is. Here are a few takeaways from the survey and its results.

Android as the future. It appears that the younger generations are banking on Android to be the future of mobile computing. While surveys like these are only a gauge of consumer opinion and behavior, it does help to consider the market and demographics being counted. The younger generations — millennials and folks that fall under the gen-x category — are usually the ones that will have the spending power in the near future. And so if a platform can be marketed to this group well, then this might very well dictate how well that particular platform performs in terms of market and revenue.

iOS fans getting older. Then there’s the other possible cause of the shift towards Android, especially in the younger demographic. Apple’s iOS may be more appealing to the older generations. Perhaps it’s the supposed ease of use attributed to iOS, and the feeling of security in its tighter ecosystem. To illustrate: I’m not sure of more senior users out there are interested at all in rooting their smartphones or installing custom ROMs — something that Android has an advantage due to its more open nature.

It’s a popularity contest. But popularity contests as these surveys are, results might flip-flop depending on the current trends, too, such as the latest marketing events and product launches. Who knows, Apple might be the hotter brand again in a month or two?

How hot is Android for you?

J. Angelo Racoma
J. Angelo Racoma has written extensively about mobile, social media, enterprise apps and startups. Angelo develops business case studies for Microsoft enterprise platforms, and is also co-founder at WorkSmartr, a small outsourcing team that offers digital content and marketing services.
  • MasterMuffin

    Youngsters are getting smarter :)

  • Highly agree’d on and Young Developers are more advanced in Creating there own ROMs,Kernels,MODs,ETC…..What I love about android. I honestly keep it mutual iOS has a great interface for simplicity and Smooth interaction but for the smoothness to be its all cached.

  • I’m 16 and i love Android <3 :)

    • Carolina

      That’s because You Rock! And so does my 80 years old dad, he’s on Android too. And not just for some browsing and music listening. ;)
      Man rooting his Android = HOT
      Man saying “Steve would have been so proud…” = NOT

  • Noah

    One OS to rule them all!

    A smart move, according to the latest Apple statistics, the iOS devices are so inefficient they consume much more Internet bandwidth ;-)

    As for the developers, Objective-C… really? Fleeing from the stone age is an easy step.

  • Abdullah Naji

    It’s because of Samsung, they boosted Android with their Galaxy line of smartphones. Thanks Sammy! :)

  • On a Clear Day

    From a marketing standpoint for a period – that may be ending – Apple had an advantage in that it was well known and people, without having to think or really know what they were buying – could “safely” buy one and not end up looking like a fool for having purchased a dud.

    Today, with its larger market share, multiplicity of options in terms of phones, price points and open system – as opposed to Apple’s one size must fit all – approach, it is a no-brainer that allegiances are shifting.

    It is also not that surprising to hear that older smartphone owners still rate the iOs well; after all, they are the ones least likely to feel comfortable having to deal with “new and exciting” features, which would mean teaching an old dog new tricks. Thus, the appeal of iOs with its staid reputation for being “easy”, even if albeit limited in functionality and features compared to Android.

    My feeling is that the inevitable trend that this article points out is exactly the reason Apple has been fighting tooth and nail to suppress Android. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the very “exclusivity” that made the original iPhone so popular; it’s “cool factor” coupled with its high price that said you must have money to own – so I must be sexy and you should know it – are also its Achilles heel.

    Product popularity based on a hype generated feeding frenzy alas for those who bank on them, can end up turning to product indifference, once a new, better and more affordable alternative that is just as cool, if not more, comes along.

  • Saturnring

    I’m in my late 40s. Reading text on a 3.5″ – 4.0″ display without reading glasses is a challenge to me, so I opted for the Galaxy SIII, so far so good. Apple? Not for me!