Android version breakdown

by: James TromansMay 18, 2010
android breakdown 18-5-2010

android breakdown 18-5-2010

Google have recently released the breakdown statistics of how the Android operating system is divided when it comes to version. Based on our previous reports, it is clear that things are improving but this does not mean that they are fixed. We can now see that the Android version distribution is roughly split into thirds, with Android 1.5 and Android 1.6 still occupying a large portion of the version space.

Taken together they account for over 60% of the market which is a very intriguing statistic given that some of the newer applications that are hitting the application store are programming for Android 2.1 devices only. They are not backwards compatible. The saving grace here is that we can only assume that these applications are future proof. Now that Android has found its feet a little. it should be easier for developers to create applications which will work well on future version of Android too. The full breakdown is available after the jump.

  • Android 1.1: 0.1%
  • Android 1.5: 34.1%
  • Android 1.6: 28.0%
  • Android 2.0: 0.2%
  • Android 2.0.1: 0.4%
  • Android 2.1: 37.2%