Android users spend 17% more time in app sessions a month than iOS users

by: William Neilson JrMay 27, 2014

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According to mobile marketing automation firm Swrve, Android users spend 17 percent more time in any given app due to a greater number of app sessions in the month. The company released their first App Monetization and Engagement Report, which examines the relative rates of retention across platforms using data collected during the month of April.

The report notes that:

  • Android users typically enjoy 18 percent more sessions a month compared to iOS users.
  • On average iOS users spend 45 percent more on in-app purchases than those on Android.
  • Users who pay at all spend 10 percent more on iOS.
  • iOS users are also 32 percent more likely to make any purchase at all.
  • iOS delivered 45 percent more revenue per user than Android users and 10 percent more revenue per paying user than Android users.

So, what can we conclude with this report? That both Android and iOS are relatively strong platforms.

This report shows that in terms of revenue, iOS continues to stay atop all others. Android apps generated 98% more earning through the freemium model. Android users have 18% more sessions per month, and therefore, spending 17% more time on their apps. Android users also hold on to their apps 2% longer than the iOS users for 24 hours.

  • Mike

    Who will be the first fruit fan to say iOS is better to start with, so needs less apps to spend time on?!

    • AndroidBoss


  • Murzyn

    No one cares anyway.

  • number29

    I wonder why with such a huge share of the market, Android is still behind iOS in terms of developer revenue?

    • filaos

      Very few use their phones, because much more Android phones are crappy low or mid-tier devices. So obvious.

      • mike

        Haha even the low end Androids nowadays are better spec’d than an iPhone!

        • MasterMuffin

          Yea… No :)

        • filaos

          No. Just wake up.

        • Mozaik

          Specs means shit , look at iPhone 5s specs and other flagship phones but still it can perform well.

          • Displayer

            iPhone 5s is laggy. It looks like the flat UI wasn’t meant for the fruit ;)

      • number29

        Is it really as simple as that? Or is there something else at play here? I suppose the most obvious answer is probably the correct one.

        • gommer strike

          It’s a combination of factors.

          For one, the numbers presented in the survey are collected across what regions? US? World stats(tough one, since our friend China won’t ever release their data to us middling foreigners)? Did they include Korea in there(not hard to imagine which brand their consumers gravitate to there in their mother country)?

          When you contemplate a purchase of really anything, what medium would you be most likely to use? Your smartphone, or your computer? So that’s us. Now for the non-techie Joe/Jane consumer who has an iPhone, it’s not a stretch to say that they’d be very trusting of the security around their device. With much of them not having jailbroken their phones, they’d also be subject to any and all ads(unlike Android users who have access to ad-block or ad-away). Sure mobile adblockers wouldn’t really account for THAT much of lost ad revenue, but it’s there – but only really on the Android platform.

          As for actual IAP’s, well – again, it comes down to the audience as well. iOS devices are by and large luxury-priced and premium-marketed as well, and so their audience with that type of mindset are more inclined to buy – especially when, more often than not, iOS apps in turn are generally very well coded and presentable to the users.

          It’s that implicit *trust* that’s there. Whereas for us techies, we would pause before buying anything from the smartphone, because of the inherent insecurity of transferring confidential financial data over cellular or open Wi-Fi for that matter. Better to go home first and buy it from the desktop PC or something.

          With the huge amount of sheer variety of Android phones, you have everything from the Moto E all the way to the LG G3. From inexpensive to luxury. There was a study released, where on a map(US I believe) which graphed the users of iOS vs Android. In this particular chart the iOS users tended to be highly concentrated in the more affluent areas, where the Android users were scattered, but also took much more of the “poor” areas too.

          But it’s easy to draw the wrong conclusions here. When you have Android with a far larger worldwide coverage vs iOS, it’s easy to dismiss Android as the “poor man’s platform”, when you don’t even have the total worldwide numbers at hand. What about the Ukraine? What about Africa? What about Australia?

          • Michael Samsara


        • Lisandro O Oocks

          Quit worrying and enjoy the ride.

      • Cicerone

        It is plenty of iPhone 4 and 4s outside. That you have to compare with mid-end android phones. When you think at ios just think of all phones with ios and which of that have a large number. Think!

        • filaos

          Old iPhones are slow (well, only the 4 to be honest) but still every bit as high end as today’s phones. Good camera, up to date OS and apps… That’s enough.

          • JosephHindy

            Actually the report directly states that Android users use their apps 18% more during the month than iOS users. Add to that the amazing market share that Android enjoys over iOS and the numbers simply don’t add up. People on Android just don’t buy things nearly as often as iOS users and when they do, they spend less money.

          • filaos

            Typical CandyCrush + Facebook syndrome. Nothing surprising here I’m afraid.

          • JosephHindy

            Those two apps are available on both platforms with proportionately equal numbers…

          • Mine

            Yes, what about the developing markets, like India and Africa? The people there won’t buy an iPhone, they buy cheap android phones, if they buy a smartphone at all. They won’t buy apps there, at least not many of them. It would be more interisting to put Android and iOS against each other, just in America, or even better just High end phones.

          • JosephHindy

            iOS reigns supreme in developer revenue in all countries except like 1 or 2…or maybe that was projected 2015 stats or something. iOS wins pretty much everywhere.

    • Michael Samsara

      Because, Apple has a closed, draconian, prison like “ecosystem” specifically, purposefully, deliberately designed to funnel and keep fed its cash cow. The fact developers happen to – for the time being – be reaping rewards from it is a by product of Apple serving its own self interests.

      Android on the other hand is built on an open market concept, which only an idiot – or an Apple accolite – given the multiplicity of options such a structure has produced both hardware and software wise – could not see is inarguably better than allowing Apple to dictate to one how you may use, what you may use. Of course, many people prefer to be told what to do and feel – falsely – safe and secure when firmly clasped to the ample bosoms of a company only too happy to keep them in its steel like embrace.

      • number29

        We already have that ‘open market concept’. Any person can buy any phone they like. It just seems that the type of person who is likely to choose an iPhone is also the type of person who is likely to spend more on content for their device.

        I guess the answer is probably the most obvious one; iPhone buyers will likely have more disposable income so are probably more willing and able to spend money on content.

        • Michael Samsara

          Actually, perhaps where we should be looking is not so much to people in general but to the sex which tends to favor the iPhone and its shopping habits and buying proclivities? Among the many, many impacting factors involved. My comment related to developer proceeds from sales.

          And yes, more disposal income has to be a factor.

          • number29

            It would definitely be interesting to see the split in sexes of iPhone users. I’m sure there was a one done a few years ago and it was male dominated.

          • Michael Samsara

            Actually I think – it may have swung in favor of the iPhone with women. I keep reading articles that say it is most preferred by women – perhaps due to the smaller form factor working better with smaller hands? It would be interesting to know – though I don’t know exactly why. Lol

          • number29

            I’d actually heard the opposite; women were going for massive phones because they tend to carry bags to keep them in.

  • MasterMuffin

    Android has such a big marketshare not only because of all the cool flagships, but because of the various of cheap and dirt cheap phones out there. There’s no surprise here. The guys who make these statistics really don’t have anything else to do? Statistics always make me lose hair :/

    • Anonymousfella

      Just remember Twain’s words on statistics:”There are lies, damned lies, and statistics”

      • MasterMuffin


  • suzane carter

    as compare to apple store android takes lead on every game every apps of smartphones

  • shamatuu

    Since there are phones than iphones so make sense.


    U know why? Android is buggy. Apps don’t work the way it does on ios. They spend the time on loading and crashing.

  • PitStopTyres

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