number of android and ios users in USA June 2013According to the latest data derived from comScore’s MobiLens service, nearly 142 million people in the U.S. now own smartphones with Android running on 52 percent of them. However when compared to previous months there has been little or no growth in Android’s market share, suggesting that Android usage in the USA could be reaching saturation point.

As with all statistics there are margins of error and different ways to present the same numbers. When looking just a percentages it seems that Android is teetering on edge before a possible decline. During 2013 Android tipped over the 52 percent market share line and has been hovering there every since. At its peak in May Android’s market share was 52.4 percent, but the end of June that has dipped slightly to a flat 52 percent. 0.4 percent is well within a margin of error, however it does show that Android’s market share isn’t growing.

In real numbers this means that 72.02 million people in the U.S. owned Android smartphones in April. In May this had increased to 73.8 million as the total number of smartphone owners increased by some 2.5 million people. By the end of June Android usage remain the same with 73.8 million smartphones using Google’s mobile OS. The actual number of users remained static since the number of smartphone owners increased by 1 million people but Android lost some ground, mainly to Apple.

top smartphone oems june 2013 comScore

Looking at the manufacturers, Apple remains the strongest OEM with a 39.9 percent share of the market in June 2013, a 1 percent increase when compared to February. In real terms this means that there are around 56.65 million iPhone users in the USA. Next is Samsung with a 23.7 percent share of the market (33.64 million handsets) followed by HTC (8.5%), Motorola (7.2%) and LG (6.6%).

Although Apple’s market share has increased during the year, so has Samsung’s. In January it had a 21.4 percent share meaning the company gained 2.3 percentage points during the first six months of the year. That growth equates to an extra 6 million handsets. Unfortunately HTC and Motorola have lost market share during the same period.

Since these numbers are solely for the U.S. market it underlines the need for Android handset makers to concentrate on emerging markets, particularly Apple. If the rumors are true Apple is intending to address the high costs of its devices with the release of a cheaper iPhone. Companies like Samsung and HTC already offer a wide range of handsets with a variety of price points which is way Android market share is often much higher in other countries.

VIA: Asymco

Gary Sims
Gary has been a tech writer for over a decade and specializes in open source systems. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems. He has many years of experience in system design and development as well as system administration, system security and networking protocols. He also knows several programming languages, as he was previously a software engineer for 10 years.
  • Andrew T Roach

    Many second time smartphone owners switch from the janky and inconsistent experience of low cost Androids to the smooth and simple experience of the iPhone. Kind of a no brainer.

    • Dave

      Most iPhone users are “no brainers” lol

      • mobilemann

        Does that make you feel better? I don’t understand why everyone has to have the “best” phone. They all do the same shit; not to mention 90% of smartphone users basically use fb/vine/twitter and play candy crush.

        get over yourself

        • MasterMuffin

          Just a joke man. Just a joke :)

          • mobilemann

            just a flame for a flame; don’t worry, i could talk to him tomorrow and i wouldn’t remember:D

          • MasterMuffin

            So you’re just doing usual interwebz stuff, okay :D

        • HD

          so im that 10%. Im proud to say that I don’t have fb, vine, and tt or candy rush on my S3

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Same here. I quit facebook, I don’t vine, and I don’t tweet. Have yet to try Candy Crush. But I do use 12GB of data per month on my phone……

        • Railwayman

          The iPhone is a device for a “no brainer” demographics or should we be kind and say “a non-knowledge” demographics.;)

          I have not heard any good argument for that device since 2007 and the users I have met has always been clueless and ignorant. They certainly don’t know what competition and proprietary vendor lock-in are either. 99.9% of the arguments for the iPhone are “it is easy to use, other devices requires a BBA in engineering, it is so cute, it is lag free”.

          • abazigal

            You say that like it’s supposed to be a bad thing.

            I buy a smartphone to use and make my life easier. Naturally, I expect it to just work, which in the very least, means that I shouldn’t have to experience annoying issues like random crashes, forced reboots, lag, malware or viruses.

            My reason for going with an iphone is a very simple one. For me, complexity is not a feature which I appreciate, especially when it doesn’t give me more of what I want, but instead saddles me with more issues that I need to contend me.

            For me, both IOS and Android already allow me to do everything I want to do on a mobile device already. Therefore, simplicity is the primary selling point for me, because simplicity means less time and energy wasted on learning the interface, figuring out how things work or troubleshooting problems when they occur, and more time actually spent on doing things (be it on the phone or on another task elsewhere).

          • Railwayman

            Simplicity the Apple way is something negative. The reason is that it is about “idiot proofing” the device meaning that it becomes a “the user is too dumb to use this feature so we remove it” kind of product.

            A better way to go is “logical” meaning that the device should work in a way that thinking people can handle it intuitively. Android and other platforms work that way. They are easy to use for basic things but can also be used in a more sophisticated way for those that are interested. Such a platform is a much better option than a dumbed-down one like the iOS.

            Most of the restrictions Apple offers is otherwise related to proprietary vendor lock-in and tying the customer to their products.

            Another problem with the iOS/Apple way is that it stimulates ignorance and the idea that it is good to lack knowledge about a subject since it isn’t “needed”. Dumbed-down products doesn’t stimulate learning and development.

            Learning the interface? I have used a lot of platforms and don’t see any problems with learning their interfaces. Claiming that iOS is “easier” is very much Apple marketing influenced “thinking”. Android is also very easy to use for basic things.

            It is also important to understand that learning something about a device isn’t “energy wasted”. It is good to learn new things.;)

          • abazigal

            I respectfully disagree.

            I don’t mind putting in the energy to learn something new, so long as it is something useful and relevant to me, and lets me do something I couldn’t previously do before.

            For example, I don’t mind learning how to take better photographs with my iphone’s camera, or even in using the iphoto app to edit my photos, if I feel there is value in knowing how to take better pictures.

            What I do mind spending time and effort learning, however, are pointless things like researching how to fix a stupid firmware bug in the flash storage used in the 2012 Nexus7 tablet just so it won’t lock up upon going below 3gb of space, when it should be the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that such issues don’t crop up to begin with!

            What passes as “logical” is very subjective, and will differ from person to person. For me, I think it’s logical and common-sensical that I should be able to get a bird’s eye view of all my notifications settings and adjust them all at one go from my settings app, and that it’s dumb to have to go into the individual apps themselves to change the notifications settings. Apparently, Android sees things differently. Who’s to say that I am wrong and they are right (or vice versa)?

            Likewise, I don’t see removing bad choices from a device as idiot-proofing or dumbing it down. Choices should be meaningful. If it is a bad or sub-optimal one that has little reason to exist, then what reason is there to keep it as an option in the device? It’s not serving any purpose beyond confusing the user.

            So here, the whole point (for me at least) is not that I am too lazy or ignorant to learn something new. It’s that I shouldn’t have to learn all these things to begin with. What’s wrong with expecting them to just work right the first time round?

          • Railwayman

            I have a very simple principle:

            A good platform is flexible and can be adjusted according to different user needs and preferences.

            A bad platform forces all users to do the same exact things since it is locked down.

            iOS is dumbed down, unfortunately but most of it stems from an Apple that want to make money (all restrictions can be explained with more money into their pockets). There’s no benefits for the user with monopolized app distribution etc.

            Bad features? I haven’t encountered them yet. I prefer to have choices rather than a device that is locked down and where I have to do what the manufacturer wants me to do.

            To me, it is a basic requirement that I can “furnish” my device according to my own preferences and put everything where I want it to be and get the features I want. Apple doesn’t give me that choice and the iPhone is therefore a no go to me.

            It is also important to understand that a flexible platform with a decent feature set isn’t the same thing as technical failures and illogical solutions (I know that it is common that iOS users think that features contradicts easy to use or that they spells trouble).

          • abazigal

            To me, that a platform can be adjusted according to different user needs and preferences doesn’t make it inherently better or worse than a closed platform, it just means it’s flexible.

            I never denied that Apple was in this business for the primary purpose of making money (and the same can be said for every other phone manufacturer out there, regardless of what OS they use). However, I stick with Apple products because they look great and work great and allow me to do things which cannot be done on other platforms (to my knowledge at least). In short, I too am, like any rational consumer, simply opting for the device which I feel best suits my needs. And for the present moment at least, that option is Apple.

            I did my research before transitioning entirely over to Apple’s ecosystem. I certainly didn’t do it to act rich or stylish.

            You have made your choice and gone with Android because you believe it better suits your needs. How is it any different from what I have done?

            As for your last point, for me, the distinction is overly fine. In summary, I go back to my initial point about simply wanting my devices to work for me with minimal fuss, and the device which does this job the best, is the device for me. What I find amusing here (and pretty much everywhere else on the internet), is how everyone seems to be trying to shape this as some perpetual Apple vs Android war which Android is somehow winning, which I feel is silly. They are just gadgets, their purpose is to enrich our lives, not suck us into some proxy battle between 2 companies who likely don’t care a crap.

          • mobilemann

            Your principles are not what actually makes a good platform. They are just cherry picked reasons from a fanboy; setup to make the other platform you seem to despise for no reason to look bad. You don’t even have the experience to write what he’s talking about. How many times have you used NFC bump? How many times have you used Miracast?

            “I know that it is common that iOS users think that features contradicts easy to use or that they spells trouble”

            no, this is just you projecting that you think iOS users aren’t as smart as Android users. Grouping people and calling them stupid is really really smart.

          • Railwayman

            Unfortunately, the iOS users I have encountered on the Internet use the following arguments:

            1. Apple invented the touchscreen.
            2. Touchscreen devices are a iClones because of 1.
            3. iPhone introduced the mobile Internet.
            4. iPhone introduced the mobile mail.
            5. iPhone introduced the apps.
            6. iPhone was the first device with usable Internet, mail and apps.
            7. iPhone was the first smartphone.
            8. iPhone has the best UI in the world.
            9. iPhone has the best user experience.
            10. User experience is more important than functionality.
            11. iPhone lacks functionality because Apple know what the users want.
            12. A feature not present in the iPhone is a bad feature.
            13. Feature X is not good because it drains battery.
            14. People can´t use multitasking so Apple is doing everything right when they are restricting it.
            15. iPhone is so good and Apple so lovely that I jailbreak it.
            16. Jailbreak is making the iPhone to the best power user device.
            17. People want easy devices so iPhone is the best device.
            18. Features are bad because people can´t handle them. Restrictions are the right way.
            19. Windows Mobile is sluggish and hard to use. iPhone is much better.
            20. Symbian is bad, iPhone is the best device on the market.
            21. Android is an iClone.
            22. iPhone is the best device on the market because of the iPod Dock.
            23. iPhone is the best device because my local pizzeria has an app for it.
            24. iPhone is the best device because my grocery store is selling cheap Coke through their app.
            25. iPhone is the best device because of Cydia.
            26. iPhone is the best device because of the Retina display (before that display was introduced the users argued against WVGA).
            27. iPhone just works, other devices are troublesome.
            28. iPhone is much easier to use than all other devices.
            29. iPhone is the best device because my local newspaper is available as an app for it.
            30. iPhone is the best device because the mass market wants it and the journalists praise it.
            31. Feature X is unnecessary because I never use it so it doesn’t matter that the iPhone lacks it.
            32. Android is laggy.
            33. Android is hard to use.
            34. Android just crashes/fails all the time.
            35. iPhone has better quality than other devices.

            It is very telling that you in your ignorance claims that it is “cherry picked reasons from a fanboy” when it comes to open source etc. I guess a “good platform” should be one that offers a good “user experience” (which of some reason requires iOS…. how appropriate – other platforms are worse).

            You are so amusing with your constant ranting about “no experience” etc, that is very typical for iOS fans. I use NFC on my devices.

            I have met some smart iOS users too but they aren’t in defense mode all the time, especially not ranting about “a lack of knowledge” etc. They usually agree that there other good or even better platforms out there but that their iDevice fit their needs – and that is perfectly OK and I have nothing to say about that.

            I have more principles than the four I listed and yes, they are important for a good platform even if there are other aspects too. But I know perfectly well that iOS fans denies it since Apple doesn’t offer those features so they mustn’t be important.

            Also very typical for the iOS fans.

            It is also very common that they defend iOS and complains that other people are fanboys when there worshipping isn’t shared.;)

            You just represent the typical iOS fan and you managed to use all classic arguments including the usual “you know nothing” ranting that somehow “strengthens” them – I rather say weakens them. Because there’s one thing I have learnt from debates: immediately when you begin to rant about the knowledge of other users etc, you have just lost the debate and just ran out of good arguments.

            iOS fans or proponents usually pull the “you know nothing” card when they just can’t explain how it can be that their platform is better and how it can be that restrictions and missed features etc are a good thing and a strength actually.

          • mobilemann

            you give me that list and you call yourself an adult.

            “I guess a “good platform” should be one that offers a good “user experience” (which of some reason requires iOS…. how appropriate – other platforms are worse”

            show me where i said this? Oh wait, i didn’t. Honestly, i don’t think iOS is better than android, but importantly, i don’t think Android is better than iOS:D Until i say one or other of those things, remove your words from my mouth. It’s very common for Android fans to do this. (taken right from your post, as 100% of the bullshit you say “iOS people” do, Android people also do.

            i’m also not in defense mode, i’m in in schooling an idiot.

            I say you know nothing; because you don’t know shit about iOS, you don’t know the key apps, you don’t talk about how your ipad 2 multi tasks, you don’t talk about per app permissioning that’s superior to android until 4.3, you have said android has equivalent speed and performance and touch response time. You don’t talk about “active notifications” the moto x takes from iOS etc.

            However, kudo’s for being making this insane post about how i don’t know what i’m talking about because i’m calling you out for not knowing what you’re talking about. Because as you put it, it’s typical of a Cheerleader like yourself to play such forum gymnastics. Have fun looking at my flickr feed (

            you are the worst kind of poster. I might be a prick, but you’re an asshole.

          • flamencoguy

            I concurr that it has been my experience as well with iOS fans/proponents. You forgot one more:
            Steve Jobs is the second messiah.
            To them it is the Apple religion. They have been brainwashed to think they nothing is as good as Apple made products.
            Apple did not invent anything according to Jean Louis Gassee who was VP at Apple a while back. You can Google for his remarks yourselves.

          • Railwayman

            I agree and my list of arguments are a compilation of what has been served for many years, in different forums. Because yes, until now – all arguments for the iOS has managed to follow the same formula.

            One of the most common arguments are “Android is laggy” or “Android provides a worse user experience” followed by different variations of “there’s always an explanation for something Apple did or a strategy they have – never ever criticize them because there’s a reason that you are too dumb to understand”.

            Mobilemann manage to use ALL of the typical arguments INCLUDING the equally typical “von Oben attitude” that is an attempt to take on some kind of “intelligent” look (at least they think so) and that they can “own” someone in the debate by talking about “kids” and “talking shit” etc. I have other lists of typical Apple arguments, the on I posted is an old one.

            It is always very funny to see how iOS proponents or fans react when their beloved platform is subjected to criticism. That doesn’t fly well and results in several attempts to “explain” why drawbacks in fact are strong points, for example why it is good to be restricted by Apple and why there’s no problems at all. I have never encountered an iOS fan that would say that “I agree that those restrictions are a problem and that the platform is worse because of it, the reason I use it is because it fits my needs”. No, it is always an explanation why the restrictions are no problem and that features not provided by iOS is “unnecessary” and that it is wrong to claim its inferiority based on it.

            Then it is time to enter the high horse and start lecturing about how important it is with user experience etc and that Apple is superior in those areas, no one else are even close.

            The picture is completed when the “I am professional [insert occupation of choice]
            card is being pulled as a further attempt to explain that this professionalism means a lot of deep technical knowledge about mobile platforms and devices – obviously resulting that the iOS has been selected because it IS BETTER. It is technically better. Even if there are a lot of restrictions, it is better.

            One thing is for sure: You can’t “win” an argument with iOS fans. It is impossible to reach through that the iOS isn’t the superior OS they think it is. They are too indoctrinated with Apple “it just works” or “it is so simple” and “the user experience is superior” – even better if they have some negative experience of an Android device – that is then a proof that ALL Android/other devices are worse than their beloved iPhone.

            It is also very funny when they pull the “you are a tool” card, that is another classic part of their attempt to explain why iOS is better or fantastic and how stupid it is to think otherwise. If you don’t understand how much better iOS is, then you must be stupid because you don’t understand the fantastic concept of Apple!

            It is a new religion. The Apple Church and I am not surprised when research has demonstrated the iOS fans got the same brain reactions as religious people.

            To this date, I am still waiting for really good argument for why the iOS is such a good OS and platform. The answer has not been given yet and this thread indicates that the waiting is still going on.;)

          • abazigal

            Has it ever occurred to you that the reason for this is precisely because we are that satisfied and happy with our devices? You are so set on trying to elicit a certain response from an Apple user that suits your own warped perspective of how flawed the ecosystem is, that you automatically close yourself to all the other alternatives.

            You lost the moment you set out to “win” an argument of such a nature, because you are fighting an imaginary war which no one else is interested in fighting with you.

            It has never been about a war between IOS and Android that we are interested in getting bogged down with. I can concede this whole debate to you for all I care. It doesn’t change the fact that I am happily using my Apple devices, and that they are working great for me. Today. Tomorrow. Every day of the year.

            I can give you one example of how I am using my Apple devices meaningfully in my everyday life. I am an elementary school teacher. Every morning, I walk into class, connect my macbook air to the projector, plug in my mobile router, mirror my ipad to the my macbook using the airserver app, and begin the day’s lessons.

            With this setup, I can teach while circulating around the classroom, so I can better monitor my pupils’ progress and ensure they are on task. Throughout the day, I will toggle between apps like socrative, educreations, notability, iworks, paper, jasmine, wordpress and safari as desired. This allows me to do things that I previously could not on the windows laptop issued by the school, primarily because admin restrictions limited what I could run on it, and also because their laptops just plained sucked.

            This came in particularly useful in the science lab, because the projector was so far away from the teacher’s table. Normally, this would mean I have to continuously shuttle between my table and the side of the lab. With the ipad, it’s a non-issue. I just throw everything to one side and let them run in one corner.

            And the great thing about airplay mirroring is that it is so easy to set up, stable and reliable.

            Can this be replicated on Android? Maybe. Does that change the fact that I am very satisfied with my current setup and that it works great for me? Not one bit.

            My advice to you? Stop obsessing over such a non-issue, open your eyes and learn to live. There’s more to life than simply fighting over whether IOS and Android is better.

          • abazigal

            Nobody ever said that only IOS provides a good user experience.

            What we are saying here, is that for us at least, the OS which gives us that user experience that we want and like, so happens to be IOS.

            Likewise, there are always 2 sides to every coin. I may like a certain feature that you detest. I totally understand and accept that.

            The problem here is that you don’t seem to be the one to grasp that concept.

            In the end, we are all just picking phones that work best for us. I too have my fair share of friends using Android devices. Obviously, we don’t go about engaging in a proxy Apple vs Android war. That would be silly. At the end of the day, it’s just a phone, and I believe we all have better things to do with our lives than obsess.

          • mobilemann

            Please ~ tell me how much worse a work flow is. Give me some examples. I wanna add a book? I can put it in my gdrive, open it up in ibooks. How is your workflow faster, or more intelligent? Total bullshit. It’s more about sandboxing, (so that if a malicious app ever did get to your phone, i couldn’t do anything) Than anything else.

            “Another problem with the iOS/Apple way is that it stimulates ignorance and the idea that it is good to lack knowledge about a subject since it isn’t “needed”. Dumbed-down products doesn’t stimulate learning and development”

            more bullshit. Apple doesn’t want you to be an idiot, they don’t want you to sit there frustrated as a bluetooth file xfer fails because one vendor fucked up on the standard. I have all my SSH apps on iOS, have full control over my companies AD domain, openvpn, etc. The work flows are pretty much identical to my workflows on android.

            this is why people how are mono platform, shouldn’t talk about shit they have no idea’s about.

          • Railwayman

            I want to add a book? I put in in my book folder and open it in MoonReader. I don’t take the route over Gdrive.

            Sandboxing? I am often frustrated over my iPad because of the lack of an accessible file system, especially the fact that I have to transfer files “to app X” because other apps can’t see them. That slows my workflow compared to Android.

            Bluetooth file transfers? I use it often and it works great with my devices. I can’t remember when it failed on me.

            Great that your work flows are similar on both platforms. In my case, I prefer the way Android works where I can have my information available directly on the home screen and through notifications, have a file system I can access and browse, different apps can read the files (no sandboxing) and I can put everything where I want it to be in order to be more effective.

            Yes, iOS is a dumbed down or should we say simplified and restricted platform. Android, MeeGo, Symbian etc aren’t.

            It is very funny when you constantly repeat the phrase “have no idea about” and talk about “shit” and “kid” etc. Very common arguments from users defending their platforms.

            I have an iPad 2 so I know perfectly well what iOS provides, how it works and all I can say is that I just can’t agree that it is “better” than Android or other platforms.

            Your talk about “mono platform” is also funny since I think there are many great platforms beside Android.

            iOS is good for some users, no doubt about it. But claiming that it is a “better” platform in general (than Android, MeeGo, Symbian or Windows Phone) isn’t correct. It can fit a user better than other platforms but that doesn’t means that it is “better” in general (looking with an external view, i.e. not judging from personal needs).

          • mobilemann

            “Yes, iOS is a dumbed down or should we say simplified and restricted platform. Android, MeeGo, Symbian etc aren’t.”

            you say this consistently, i don’t think you know what it means. How is it dumbed down? Sandboxing for security? What can’t I do? because i have no problems sending files to any app. Are you complaining that you don’t have have an appropriate app?

            I’m not saying iOS is better, i’m saying it’s different, and imo equal. Android is better in some ways, iOS in others. Also, note, i’ve never said iOS was better. The app selection is better. etc. If i had to compare OS’s on features, Android would win. But it’s not just about that. It’s the entire package, eco system, airplay, apps and all.

            “I am often frustrated over my iPad because of the lack of an accessible file system, especially the fact that I have to transfer files “to app X” because other apps can’t see them. That slows my workflow compared to Android.”
            me too. I wish there was just a common user space like in android. I do see the good side of this as well however ~ security; this is an extra step i have to take because of iOS

            “I have an iPad 2 so I know perfectly well what iOS provides”

            you keep saying that too, but again, i really don’t think you do. (no). You aren’t invested in the OS, so you don’t know the difference in the software. You haven’t the first clue about using iOS for your daily drive; i have that with android, and have used it primarily and only. I’ve invested in the better than free apps. I know what it has to offer. Do you understand the difference?

            I’m glad you had BT xfer’s work for you, they didn’t work from my gnex to gs3, even though both i would assume use the same vendor for BT chipsets. The difference really just being touchwiz.

          • Railwayman

            The simplification of iOS means that it is a very restricted platform – apps can be obtained from one source only, the file system is locked and sandboxed (no common user space), customization options are severely limited, the policies in App Store forbids apps that enhances system functionality (for example an app that enables unlimited folders – i.e. not 12 apps per folder as per App Store rules) and the home screen is completely static since it is just an icon desktop where other platforms provides active home screens. Android on the other hand can be customized according to user preferences and it can be developed in great ways, for example with the Paranoid Android or PAC et al. It is easy to expand the feature set on a system level.

            iOS is a system you simply use the way Apple intended. For some users, that is what they need and that is perfectly fine.

            What I say is very simple: Open, flexible and customizable platforms available on many devices from different manufacturers are better for the development, competition and the market in general. Android is a better platform than iOS BUT for some users, iOS is exactly what they need and want – it means that it can be “better” for that user even if that doesn’t mean that it is better in general (excluding the user view). I think iOS does what it is supposed to do in a good way (quality, stability etc). The problem is that it is so restricted and tightly controlled by Apple and limited to just Apple hardware.

            I have not been too interested in buying a lot of apps for the iOS since I just dislike the idea of being tied to a single manufacturer but I have bought a couple of apps for the iPad and browsed the App Store without being convinced that it is better than what Google Play or F-Droid et al can provide. I am certainly NOT convinced that iOS is a better platform for Office/PIM when there’s SoftMaker Office for Android together with a couple of very good calendars beside Google Calender (Business Calendar is one example). I am not even convinced that contacts management etc are better on iOS than Android. When it comes to different system related tools, Android wins hands down even if it is possible to partly “emulate” it by jailbreaking the iDevices.

            The only areas where iOS still has an edge over Android is when it comes to tablet optimized apps (that is a benefit for the iPad) and games (I am not too much into mobile games since they are often simplified, I prefer console games etc through emulators). I once encountered a list where X-Com Enemy Unknown where listed as some kind of iOS exclusive and a selling point for it. I just mentioned that I have that game on Android, it is available in the Play store and has been there for a long time.

            Since I have the iPad 2 and I used it as a daily driver for one year (before it took a secondary role after I got the TF700), I know perfectly well how it is to use iOS as a daily driver and I very much prefer Android. You keep repeating (like other iOS proponents) that every one that doesn’t agree that iOS is a better daily driver “has no clue about it because they don’t use it”. I.e. everyone that use the iOS daily must go through salvation and wake up and realize how wonderful it is.

            It is also very amusing that you talk about “better than free apps” – I have bought a lot of Android apps and a couple of iOS apps – in both cases very high quality. So I just can’t agree with the statement that iOS apps are “better”. I have only experienced good quality apps on both platforms so to me, they are equal.

            I have used Android as my daily driver since 2.2 and never encountered any problems that would make me turn iOS. It has always performed well on my devices.

            It is unfortunate that your BT transfers failed. I don’t like the Galaxy S III too much and not the S 4 either, on the other hand, BT has always worked great on my Sony/Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung (Note N7000 and Note II N7100), HTC et al. I have transferred files on all my platforms and devices without experiencing problems. Contacts transfers works great too. I transferred contacts from my Sony Xperia Z to my Sony Ericsson P910i and it worked perfect, everything went well and they show up with picture and everything on that old device.

            I have not encountered a device where BT transfers failed yet.

            What I always think is funny is when iOS proponents always screams about “no clue” etc – it is like everyone is supposed to praise the iOS or at least keep saying that it is “great and equal or even better than other platforms”. Don’t ever criticize the iOS and don’t dare to tell an iOS proponent that their usual arguments (Android is laggy, hard to use, Android devices are plasticky, iOS has more and better apps) are incorrect! That is to cross the limit and is always caused by a “lack of knowledge” about the iOS. You know, I have seen those arguments for many years and they are always amusing.

            For six years, it has been a constant mantra from the iOS direction about people having no clue, Apple haters, they don’t understand anything, Apple does everything for the benefit of the user, iOS provides a better experience (simply put), hardware doesn’t matter and then the usual “Android is laggy” etc. For six years, I have never seen different arguments. Sometimes, those iOS proponents try to climb on to a high horse and proudly explains that “I am a software developer/professional” followed by the usual iOS arguments. I have simply seen all variations.

          • mobilemann

            (I am not too much into mobile games since they are often simplified, I prefer console games etc through emulators)

            of course you do:

            31. Feature X is unnecessary because I never use it so it doesn’t matter that the iPhone lacks it.

            Also, if you want to know why i trolled you for so long, it’s bits like this:

            “When it comes to different system related tools, Android wins hands down even if it is possible to partly “emulate” it by jailbreaking the iDevices”

            lol, what system related tools? What?

            lol ~ can you take more sides? Grats, on being the largest hypocrite on this thread. I’m off work now, summer fridays, have fun getting owned by random’s. What a fucking tool

          • mobilemann

            Funny; as this is the most clueless and ignorant post on here (that i’ve read so far) The arguments are with software, user response time, battery life etc. I was an iOS user for years, and it took almost a year to get decent replacement apps (on android still have no idea what a real VNC client should feel like, and i say that using android:/)

            Android, is not harder to use than iOS, but the software experience isn’t as good. As for lock in; what? the $100 i’ve spend in the play store could come with me to windows phone? There’s some really stupid people around here.

          • Railwayman

            iOS users/proponents are always funny with their ignorance. Now some examples of proprietary vendor lock-in iOS vs Android:

            1. App distribution. iOS = All apps has to be sold through AppStore and Apple takes 30% of their price in a kind of “distribution fee”. Competing stores aren’t allowed. If an app is disallowed by Apple, it is pretty much dead in the water (no, jailbreak isn’t a proper solution here).
            Android = Google Play offers most apps but there are alternatives like F-Droid (only FOSS apps) and SlideMe together with sideloading of apk (apps from XDA-Developers for example) meaning that there are competition and different options for getting apps. Unlike iOS.

            Only the ignorant iOS population uses the argument “since apps for platform X doesn’t work on platform Y, then they have equal vendor lock-in and no one should blame Apple”. No, it doesn’t work that way. An Android app just can’t work on Windows Phone or Symbian unless it is rewritten.

            2. The microUSB is the industry standard but Apple use their own, proprietary dock connector. Reason: accessories should work on iDevices ONLY since it is an important sales argument, i.e. “iPhone is better than Android devices since there are more accessories”. With a standard connector, the products would work with competing devices and that isn’t good for the Apple business. Apple could have made their dock connector a standard by providing it to other manufacturers but they aren’t interested in that since it is a selling point. They want their incompatible eco system.

            3. iOS is a closed source OS that isn’t licensed to any other manufacturer. The only option is to get iDevices from Apple. Those iDevices are also very expensive when compared to what the competitors offer.

            Android is an open source platform available on hundreds of devices worldwide in different configurations and prices. The Android buyer can choose freely within the platform and get exact what they want, not what Apple think they should have (4 inch screen etc).

            4. iOS devices doesn’t offer expandable storage options since Apple want to make money from selling an iDevice with a bigger internal disk. $200 extra to their pocket compared to letting SanDisk get $50.

            Android devices offer different configurations with or without expandable storage so the customer can choose.

            5. Content sold by Apple like books and magazines requires an iDevice to be read. I often got offers about “iPad magazines” meaning that in order to read the magazine, I need an iPad. I can’t buy any other tablet since I will lose that content. Apple just want the customer to be locked into their eco system that means that everything is Apple and handled by them.

            On Android, there’s different providers of books and magazines and they usually offer solutions for reading on different products. Amazon Kindle and Zinio are two examples of book and magazine vendors that offer their solution on different platforms. Google Books is a bit more restricted but are still pretty flexible and you still have the choice with the device, it isn’t that you need an Asus tablet in order to read magazines (like when you need an iPad in order to read them).

            6. iMessage is an inferior solution that only works on iDevices while competitors like WhatsApp, Viber et al offers cross platform compatibility. Apple could have made iMessage to an open standard but that would remove a selling point again.

            Those are six prime examples of proprietary vendor lock-in that Apple are using. From a pure business perspective, it is a great solution since it simply increases the revenue and improves customer retention since you create a strong need to stay faithful to the platform.

            Then we have the rest of the iOS. I have used iPhones many times and think it is a horrible, restricted platform. I can’t even agree that the battery life is that good when I have been forced to lend my battery pack frequently because of iPhones that run out of power.;)

            Software experience? Android has always performed very well on my devices, including the apps. I just can’t agree that iOS would have “better” apps (I have an iPad 2 in the collection so I know the platform).

            To me, the best iDevice is the iPad – it is a pretty well rounded tablet overall even if I don’t like the proprietary vendor lock-in with content (I prefer to read Kindle books etc on it instead so I avoid being tied to Apple). I would even say that the iPad offers a better value for the money than the iPhone (the top model iPad with 64 GB is cheaper than the iPhone with a similar configuration when I have compared).

            The iPhone is a different matter though. It is just horrible as a “smartphone” because of all restrictions and the lack of active, configurable home screens etc. Then it is extremely expensive compared to the competition despite worse hardware and software. Kindly note that I just don’t care about US on contract prices, I am always comparing off contract prices.

            One thing is for sure: the typical “it is easier to use than Android, it is lag free, it is so cute, Android devices are plasticky” iPhone arguments are the stupid ones.;)

          • mobilemann

            lol kid ~ you have no idea who you’re talking to;

            “Only the ignorant iOS population uses the argument “since apps for platform X doesn’t work on platform Y, then they have equal vendor lock-in and no one should blame Apple”

            please oh mighty god of idiots, tell me how that changes things for the end user? Will an android app that you buy from any store work anywhere else? That’s lock in. Are apple mp3’s DRM’d? no. are google and apple TV shows DRM’d? Yes. Not to mention, you already go through a scare warning where the platform tells you “don’t install stuff from other sources, or you run the risk of installing malware” in the settings. Yes, i think apple should open that up, but to the end user, it makes no difference.

            2, micro usb, was not the industry standard until years after the iphone came out. They had the chance to change that, but yes they do their own thing there. It allows smaller size, and it allows them to get more money from peripherals. It does suck; but pretty much all OEM’s do it. Like my hp touchpad, which needs it’s touchpad AC to charge, or my galaxy S3, where i needed a brand new MHL adapter, even though i already had a MHL adapter from my gnex, because samsung changed the pin out. Again, you fail.

            3. iOS devices pretty much cost the same to americans as every other flag ship. It’s true they don’t offer low cost off contract devices. This is not really a downside unless you want a $100-200 off contract phone. The only phone near that, that’s decent is the nexus 4; and it’s a great option. We kinda agree on this one.

            4. there’s a million ways to get expendable external storage, through USB / wifi, or by streaming (i’m a plex user myself) Not to mention, none of the big OEMs even make android phones (apart from samsung) that support this. Not to mention that you can’t install apps on the SD card. Everything you say is with massive caveats. It’s cute that you think people like me don’t know about them. Guess what? There are dual platform users; who’ve rooted, used every rom in existence and still prefer iOS. (don’t get me wrong, i love android too. why else would i be here? I just hate stupid fucking kids who think everything but their shit sucks.

            5. I didn’t realize i didn’t have the choice in the matter? I have book stores from Amazon, Google and Apple. I buy them off amazon; and they work fine. Speaking of ebooks. what reader do you use? on android Aldiko is honestly, horrible, and it’s the #1 book reader. It stutters on every page turn, where as my wife’s 4s smoothly renders any PDF, epub etc. The experience is night and day.

            6. I agree that imessage is completely gimped by that it’s singular platform; however, when it does work, it’s 50x more seamless due to actual SMS integration. I use hangouts quite a bit; which is identical on either platform:D

            As for you not hearing the software quality discrepancy, you’re blind to it, but i would honestly understand that such a cheerleader of a platform would be blind to it’s faults. There are some apps that have achieved parity (dropbox is better, plex is as good now) however most non google apps are better made on the iOS side., embark is a joke compared to nextstop, iteleport destroy’s pocketcloud and every other vnc app in the play store; save splashtop which doesn’t work for me, as i don’t want a broker in the middle of my connection.

            As for the iphone, it’s just gotten the sim back from me (i use it in tandom with a gs3, i747, running stock rooted) and it got it back because despite it’s “less powerful hardware” it performs better than my phone does with cm10.1 (or 10.2; but it’s not fair to compare that build as it’s super unofficial for my phone, because no one develops for it anymore:() It’s much, much faster in web browsing, the camera destroy’s all my nexus devices (and pretty much destroys’ all android phones, only nokia can beat it) And it’s touch response time makes it feel 4x faster.

            Let’s not get into chrome scrolling. And honestly? Only kids really freak out about customizing their home screen. (and i’ve done it, like I said i used to write dreamboard launchers for iOS) It doesn’t bother me at all, as staring at a home screen isn’t why i bought a smartphone. I’ve been on android for years kid; and i’ve almost never come across your closing “arguments” I hear other android users more than iphone users complain about the Galaxy line being plastic (I went from a 4s to a gs3, didn’t bother me)

            Again, my recent switch back to iOS, just makes vnc over vpn much smoother, gives me a smaller screen (do not like) and gets me higher quality software. I’m probably getting a note 3 next; iOS 7 is just a lot of fun to play around with.

          • Railwayman

            You sound like the typical iOS proponent. Especially “only kids customize the home screen” says it all.

            It also evident that you try to take an “elitist” stance when you are talking about “kid” etc. Also very typical for iOS users that enters the debate and attempts to defend the platform and the strategies of Apple.

            Lock-in? If you really believe that the fact that different operating systems and their need for native apps (that are incompatible with other systems out of technical reasons) are lock-in in the same way as Apple, you need to think more. It is possible to argue that it is a kind of “lock-in” but not in the same league as Apple where everything is strictly tied to them. It is worth to mention that Qt provides a cross platform environment for apps and that Android apps can be used on MeeGo Sailfish and BB10 through Alien Dalvik.

            Android is less of a lock-in than iOS and it is a fact.

            2. MicroUSB is a standard and that fact remains EVEN if I know that Samsung changed their configuration for MHL (a stupidity). The dock connector by Apple is a severe case of proprietary vendor lock-in since it is offered on iDevices only. On the Android side, accessories usually works across different devices. Fortunately, the trend of using Bluetooth for audio streaming to speakers etc reduces the problem with incompatible sound docks etc.

            I can use all my chargers to all my devices even if I need the dock cable for the iPad. So no problems with the chargers in my case. (I have charged the iPad with my HTC charger and my Asus TF700 with a Sony charger etc).

            So no, I don’t fail at all.

            3. I don’t care about US contract prices at all and always compare full retail on a global level. It is a fact that the iPhone is more expensive than the competitors and it is not even worth to attempt to deny it by trying to hide it behind “but the US contract prices…”. Apple charges $200 for the step from 16 GB to 64 GB and that is pure profit for them.

            I understand why iPhone users want to defend their purchase since they pay a lot for a device with outdated hardware and software but want to tell themselves that they bought the “best device in the market!”. I have met many of them thinking like that. The iPhone is a superior device, no matter what.

            4. Expanding storage on an iPhone? The cloud isn’t an option in the US with the horrible data plans there are here. $500 for 50 GB of data?? Really, AT&T? Even if there would be decent data plans in the US, I just fail to see the benefit of having to use cloud storage just because the device runs out of storage space. I have a 53 GB Dropbox which is nice but it just can’t replace a memory card, especially not in the US.

            On the Android side, memory cards are very common and all my devices have them including the Sony Xperia Z and Z Ultra. I just bought a 64 GB SanDisk Extreme card for it. On my TF700, I have 256 GB of storage since I am using it as an extra computer.

            Moving apps to the memory card isn’t necessary today but data can be moved if needed albeit with root – and the memory card can be used for everything else, leaving the internal memory free for apps etc. On the other hand, trying to disregard memory cards are typical for iOS users.;)

            5. I use Google Books, MoonReader and Kindle for reading e-books and Zinio for magazines. I don’t use Aldiko at all. The fact remains that Apple offers magazines that only works on ONE device: the iPad. Just the iPad and nothing else. This is a severe case of vendor lock-in.

            I certainly prefer to be able to read the same things on my iPad (as I wrote, I have an iPad 2) and Android etc.

            I also use MuPDF for PDF reading. All of those readers works great on my devices, fast and smooth scrolling etc. No problems with stuttering anywhere.

            6. I have heard the “iOS has better app quality” argument over and over and over and when I go and check the AppStore and download apps to my iPad, I just can’t agree since I haven’t experienced it myself. This applies to the iPhone.

            On the iPad, I agree that there’s a bigger selection of tablet optimized apps and that Android tablets still needs improvements in that department.

            Regarding “kids that complains about everything else”. Also a typical phrase from iOS users in forums when their platform is criticized.;)

            I think iOS has a space on the market, especially when it comes to tablets since iPad is a decent tablet in many aspects. What I don’t agree with is that iOS is “better” or “superior” to other platforms.

            iOS isn’t “better” than Android or other platforms but can be a better choice for some users. There’s a difference between “fit the user needs better” and “a better platform” (general term). I have noticed that people can’t distinguish between “the best device” (general term) and “the best device for their own needs”.

            An iDevice can be a perfect fit for a user – which is great – BUT it doesn’t mean that it is a better device in general terms when you look at them with an “external view”.

            Regarding Android devices in general:

            I never buy US devices because they are branded and riddled with bloatware – with one exception: iDevices. Kudos to Apple that they have been able to take control and sell unbranded products. They deserve a lot of credit for that since it is an important principle.

            Branded Android devices can be horrible compared to their unbranded versions. The Xperia Z from T-Mobile is a noticeable laggy device in some cases while the unlocked C6602 (which I have) is very smooth and fast. I have helped people unbrand their Zs and they have been grateful since they got a “new device” (their own wording).

            To me, it is fully understandable that an iPhone can be a better experience than a carrier branded US Android device. No doubt about it and I would also get the iPhone if my only choice was branding (i.e. that it is between a carrier Android or the iPhone – I would buy the latter at an Apple Store).

            Despite this, my experience with Android is different since I alway buy unlocked flagships and they perform great. Both the Xperia Z and Xperia Z Ultra is truly fantastic devices, fast and smooth with a very nice user experience. They also offer a nice build quality, especially the Z Ultra.

            I don’t like the Samsung design (and in fact, not the iPhone design either). To me, examples of nicely designed phones are the Sony Xperia Z/Ultra with omnibalance design, the Lumigon T2, Lenovo K900, Nokia N8 and N9 together with their E-series and more. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is a nicely designed device too with a nice click when the keyboard is slided in. Nokia E90 Communicator is another great example of excellent build quality and exclusive feeling.

            Regarding Chrome: I don’t use it on my devices. I use the AOSP Browser or Opera. Both are very fast and smooth. I have never experienced that the iPhone is faster for browsing than modern Android devices despite me having browsed for a long time on the iOS. My iPad is very smooth for browsing but it is equal to my Xperia Z under AOSP Browser or Z Ultra with Opera. All of them are smooth and renders pages fast.

            If you are using Chrome on Android – replace it. There’s a lot of great browsers to choose from. I am just not a Chrome fan and I don’t know what Google did with it since the AOSP Browser is superior.

            Regarding camera: I have a lot of iPhone 5 pictures and no, they aren’t the best ones I have seen from a phone. There are many adequate smartphone cameras in the market and I am not convinced that Apple managed to outperform them all.

            Kindly notice that I don’t say that the pictures are bad because they aren’t. I just say that there are other cameras that are equal or even better. The iPhone has a good camera but not the best.

            I have used Android since 2.2, before that I used different versions of Symbian and Windows Mobile. I have the iOS in my collection (iPad 2) and it is a nice tablet but I don’t agree that the OS is better than the competition.

            Then we have upcoming MeeGo Sailfish by Jolla with a very nice UI (Swipe) that I think is very interesting.

            I think the iOS 7 is a step in the right direction for Apple but they should implement an active home screen. Having information direct on the home screen(s) is more efficient than having to jump in and out of apps.

            I am used to active home screens since the PocketPC days and Symbian Series 60v2.2 where Nokia implemented it. I have used homescreen plugins (PPC/Windows Mobile) for years before I went Android.

            The icon desktop of the iOS is way too primitive to my taste. It works OK on the iPad but on a smartphone, an active home screen with recent information is more appropriate. There is a reason why every other mobile platform has some kind of active home screen rather than an icon desktop.

          • mobilemann

            “Android is less of a lock-in than iOS and it is a fact.”

            in the corse of 2 insane length comments you haven’t been able to tell me why that’s a “fact”. The DRM is the same for the media; both have native SDK’s for their apps, How exactly? we are talking platform lock in.

            “Fortunately, the trend of using Bluetooth for audio streaming to speakers etc reduces the problem with incompatible sound docks etc.”
            which iOS users can access as well; and i’m glad BT is taking over; you should be able to use everything.

            “I just can’t agree since I haven’t experienced it myself. This applies to the iPhone.”
            I know ~ you are unwilling to invest in another eco system (i’ve bought more than $100 from each store) So how would you know without trying both stores premium apps? This is pretty important when trying things out like iTeleport and PocketCloud (the worst $15 i’ve spent, i prefer the $1 “jump” for android to it)

            “5.The fact remains that Apple offers magazines that only works on ONE device: the iPad. Just the iPad and nothing else. This is a severe case of vendor lock-in.”
            You don’t have to buy them; and if you are thinking of being cross platform, you have many, many options. It’s not vendor lock in if i can easily get around it.

            “Regarding Chrome: I don’t use it on my devices.”
            Yeah, who needs HTML 5 and standards; menu systems on websites that work, right? Who needs syncing book marks and history etc. Who needs sites to render properly. I’ve used both the aosp browser, samsung browser (urgh) and chrome extensively. Chrome is the only one that comes close to a desktop browser. (and we know it’s not in speed)

            “I think the iOS 7 is a step in the right direction for Apple but they should implement an active home screen. Having information direct on the home screen(s) is more efficient than having to jump in and out of apps.”

            That’s what the NC shade is for. (on android it works better than homescreen widgets too) It works great. On iOS you can also access it in fullscreen games, with a control mech designed not to bother you. (something that always bothered me about fullscreen games on android) I had was in win-mobile 5.5 too, with sbp was it? 3d shell? And tom tom, with an external BT gps receiver. I remember it. It got me to my apps 10x slower than and iphone does. It would be the same on android, but i setup my home screen for quick access to my most used apps.

            Let’s not even get into mobile games, where the disparage is much larger.

            You also place incredible value on the homescreen; where as i use it to launch apps. If i needed a large clock widget right the actual clock, i would go back to my gs3. The only widget i found actually useful was the plex remote widget. Problem with it is it doesn’t connect to the sever half the time. If you can’t tell the difference in quality between the iphone and the flagships it launched against; minus the lumia’s, then your google color’ed glasses must have apple’s new Gaussian blur on them:D

            Overall, i would say the amount of concessions of apple’s progress you have made is kinda making me loose my steam.

          • Railwayman

            Android as a platform is less of a lock-in than iOS because of:

            1. It is an open source OS. iOS is closed source.
            2. It is available for any manufacturer that want to make devices. iOS is only available on iDevices.
            3. Android devices usually provides standard microUSB connectors, microSD card slots and user replaceable batteries. iDevices doesn’t offer this at all.
            4. Many of the services etc are cross platform. Apple make their services only for iOS and to make this even worse, there are content providers that only distributes their content for that platform (iPad only magazines is one example – the customer has no option).
            Google and even Microsoft are more interested in allowing their services to be used on other platforms (Google Maps, search etc). Even if they have exclusive services for their platforms, they are not 100% exclusive like Apple.

            I have bought premium apps for the iOS and still can’t agree that the general selection is “better”.

            Chrome? Are you telling me that no other browser follows standards? So the AOSP Browser isn’t in compliance with standards? That is big news to me, I have used it for a couple of years without experiencing any problem on a site that forced me to go Chrome. There are many browsers that follow web standards well so Chrome isn’t unique. Bookmark sync is a nice feature but my personal preference is still the AOSP Browser or Opera.

            I use my home screen to launch frequent used apps (have them in folders in the dock bar in Nova) but prefer to have information there available at a glance. The notifications are a nice complement but not a replacement.

            Even if you don’t find widgets useful, I find them very useful since I am used to active home screens I can’t think about returning to the icon desktop (which I used back in 2001/2002).

          • flamencoguy

            Most people in the US and elsewhere are not even aware that there are high end Android phones available from China that compete very well with Samsung and Apple. they cost less than 1/2 the price and comes with all the bells and whistles. I just bought a Zopo ZP980 for $320 US equivalent. It has 5inch 1080 IPS display. 2GB RAM, 32 GB rom microSD slot, 2 SIM slots, quadcore@1.5Ghz. Android 4.2.1
            GPS and all other sensors.
            There must be 20 high end phones available. Stiff competition there and in India. Soon to have true octacore processor !

          • abazigal

            I can just as easily offer counterarguments to all your criticisms as to why I prefer the way Apple does things.

            1) Currently, I believe the IOS app store offers the best combination of both security and openness. Because anyone who wants an app must purchase it from the IOS app store the honest way, this means that piracy is of a much lesser concern. Also, since apps have to be vetted first, malware and viruses are practically a non-issue. People can sidestep this by jailbreaking, but they represent only a very small proportion of IOS users.

            As a result, developers can afford to charge a much lower price, because they know they will still end up earning more from a large install base, despite losing 30% of revenue. Consumers benefit as well from lower app prices. Everyone wins.

            Compare this with Android, where it is all too easy to sideload 3rd party apps. Yeah, you can argue that if I buy an app straight from the developer himself, he gets 100% of the revenue, but let’s not kid ourselves. How many people do you think will actually pay full price for it, vs downloading a bootleg copy of said app from somewhere else? The end result is that developers will either jack up prices to recoup their investment from the smaller pool of paying customers (unfair to the end user), or rely on ads (which I find annoying, and result in added battery drain).

            Why do you think the Play Store reports the highest incidence of malware and software piracy?

            2) Micro-USB may be an industry standard, but it sucks (slow charge times being one bugbear). Heck, even Samsung released their own variation of micro-USB which doesn’t work with other devices.

            Also, I find it ironic how Apple receives flak for sticking with 1 connector port for 10 whole years, while the rest of industry flits from one port to the next (Samsung changed 18 cables over 10 years) and no one bats an eyelid.

            I expect lightning to stick around for the next 10 years. What this means for me, is that I can expect all my Apple accessories to be compatible with all subsequent Apple devices for the next 8-9 years. That micro-USB adaptor you just bought? Enjoy it while it lasts; it’s only a matter of time before the industry moves on to the next “standard”.

            3) No one is twisting your arm and forcing you to buy an iphone if you don’t like it. Myself, I happen to feel that it offers me excellent value for my money.

            4) The Nexus and HTC phones don’t allow for expandable storage either. People still buy them. Again, if lack of sd-card slot is a dealbreaker for you, then don’t buy the iPhone.

            5) The kindle app also works on both IOS and Android. It’s not like I can access Google Play content on my ipad either.

            6) I feel that imessage is the perfect example of how a phone manufacturer ought to do things. It just works, in that it is integrated straight into the normal sms app, call app and contacts. I don’t have to first consider which chat app my friend is using. I just send an sms, and it will be sent as an imessage or sms automatically.

            How is having my chat experience being fragmented into half-a-dozen different chat apps any better? So now, I have to consider which of my friends and colleagues favour whatsapp, viber, hangouts, wechat or line, and switch between those apps accordingly? This is supposed to represent the better alternative?

            As a fairly heavy Mac user (I have a 27″ imac, 11″ macbook air, ipad3, iphone4s and Apple Tv), I love imessage, like that it is available on all my devices, and that enough of my friends use imessage that I use it heavily enough.

            I am able to imessage someone on their iphone from my macbook. How’s whatsapp being accessible only on your smartphone working out for you?

            So yeah, maybe you abhor the way Apple does things, but I happen to love it, because it just works for me the way I want things to work. :)

          • Railwayman

            1. I don’t like monopolies and having just the AppStore as a way to the market is a negative thing even if Apple makes more money that way. Getting 30% per app is very nice for them and explains the whole thing.

            I buy my apps but also get some of them from other sources (F-Droid).

            The idea of having “quality controlled” apps sounds nice but I don’t like the way Apple does it since they approve such a rubbish thing like iFart and then reject other apps on completely horrible grounds like the icon or that “this app isn’t according to our policy”. It is their right to do that in their own store but since there’s no competition at all, it eliminates the app more or less completely. Another thing is that AppStore is incompatible with GPL.

            With competing app stores, the developers has a choice and I certainly prefer to be able to get apps from different sources. Before Apple came and monopolized, I used to buy apps from different stores (this was when I used Symbian).

            Sideloading is a good thing but if piracy is a concern, it is possible to implement some kind of signing – i.e. that the apps must be signed by Google in order to be installed. Symbian Signed is an example of that basic concept – i.e. that sideloading is allowed but only with signed apps.

            Malware? I don’t care too much about it since all it takes is common sense when getting apps. Unfortunately, destructive apps exists on all platforms and I don’t really see how it can be a counter argument. In that case, Windows would be dead and buried by now.

            2. Slow charging through microUSB? I don’t know that one since my Xperia Z and Z Ultra charges very quickly through that exact microUSB. In fact, they charge fast v the battery size. That iPhone charges quickly is because it has a small battery (I know that some people talks about it as some kind of fantastic fast charged thing).

            The only times I have experienced slow charging is from the USB port on the computer (500 mA output).

            What Samsung do with their cables doesn’t bother me since I only have devices with standard regular microUSB ports (besides my iPad 2 and TF700, shame on Apple and Asus) and I can use my regular cables etc. My oldest device with microUSB, the HTC HD2 charges happily with my latest Sony chargers etc.

            I certainly prefer to have same connector on all devices from different manufacturers rather than different connectors for each maker. The latter is a mess like in the old days when all phones required different chargers. I don’t want to return to that era.

            3. I have used the iPhone many times (the 3G, 3G S, 4, 4S and 5) and it isn’t my cup of tea. I got a far better value with my Android devices (that I buy off contract). The latest one, the Xperia Z Ultra has offered me a fantastic value for the money.

            4. I can accept a device without a microSD slot provided that it has 64 GB of storage AND allows USB-OTG so I can connect USB flash drives to it but I prefer to have a microSD slot and it must be very compelling benefits in other departments if I am going to part with that feature.

            5. Kindle is a great example of a decent ebook solution. The cross platform compatibility is exactly how it should be so the user can move freely and keep their content. Amazon did everything right here. Google should roll out their Play services across platforms or offer some kind of solution where the existing library can be moved (i.e. that even if they don’t release the store itself, they offer a reader that can be used for already purchased books and movies).

            6. The proper way is an integrated service that is standardized – i.e. works across platforms. iMessage is not a good solution since it only works on iDevices. The integration is nice but it lacks compatibility.

            A standardized protocol for texting between devices must be created and rolled out on all platforms.

            What is better with WhatsApp etc is that they can be used across platforms and that is a key benefit.

            I am also a Mac user and I have used Macs since the 90s but I don’t like the way Apple do things nowadays. The progressive Apple that existed once isn’t there anymore. Now it is a company with monopolistic aspirations, unfortunately.

          • abazigal

            Look at it this way – Whatapp and all the other cross-platform chat apps are also available on IOS as well. It’s not as though Apple banned these apps to promote imessage. Imessage is just another option. Hangouts shows promise, but you face the problem of inertia. All my friends are already so used to whatsapp, it’s an uphill task to convince them to migrate over to another platform. Also, I do have a few colleagues who are still on phones that don’t support whatsapp, so I actually appreciate being able to sms or imessage everyone from one app, rather than toggle between whatsapp and sms.

            All these alternatives exist because people create them for the money. I think it’s grasping at straws to blame Apple as the sole culprit for what is in reality an industry-wide problem.

      • carlisimo

        No, think about he said – low cost Androids. A lot of them are seriously terrible. Some end up getting a better Android the next time around, but I’m not surprised some leave altogether. Especially if they were happy with the smaller size.

    • joedoe47

      yeah only a no brainer would pay twice the amount it cost to make the phone and then turn it in a year later just to get 10% of the newer version.
      10 cents off, what a bargain for a over priced phone with features from the android os. you are too pro for life bro.

      • mobilemann

        i use both, and you’re full of shit. You can generally get a Android device cheaper yes, but they also don’t sell half as well as an iphone does when it comes time to upgrade.

        but i’ll bet you’ll tell me the gs4 is some magical upgrade from the gs3, or samsung is superior because their new phones come in june / sept vs apple’s schedule?

        meanwhile, what do you do on your phone that’s so leet? Because i bet i do 4x more, and could do it on iOS too.

        • joedoe47

          so your the only chump that doesn’t take a dump? lol… I take it that your the dump then, fine by me. Well yeah because people who buy android devices are usually satisfied with their current devices, get the new features from android into their old devices, and even then if you don’t get a new feature from an update you can root it or run cyangenmod and get it.
          Secondly my good gentle turd, I never said android devices did anything different. All I said is “only a no brainer would pay twice the amount it cost to make the phone
          and then turn it in a year later just to get 10% of the newer version.” in summation for your little peanut brain it means that if I want to upgrade my device I only get a few bucks off. As with android once you buy it, there usually no upgrade policy with the manufacture but some phone companies do. if I am going to buy and use it why not let it break rather than force it down someone’s throat to get the latest version? and I can do this much more easily with android than with ios devices. Samsung and Apple are in bed about as intimately as you and your partner(s) get it on.
          Lastly my dear poop, I use my phone fro simple stuff. Music, google 2nd step auth (with about 6 accounts), ssh tunnels to a remote server, portable jabber/ssh/socks5/https proxy, tor, pgp, a wifi hot spot, owncloud, watch some pron on youtube, gmail, ms exchange, notes with the memo pad it has, and as a password keeper. you know the simple basic stuff.

          • mobilemann

            no, i was baiting you; because i knew you would come out with more BS, like this:

            “even then if you don’t get a new feature from an update you can root it or run cyangenmod and get it”

            oh, like my gs3, (i747) where cyanogen mod gives me tops 65% of the battery life i had on stock, and i loose the ability to use MHL to HDMI out, along with the other samsung features (multi view etc) Sounds like a trade off more than an upgrade; but you will continue to use this bullshit reasoning …

            “All I said is “only a no brainer would pay twice the amount it cost to make the phone and then turn it in a year later just to get 10% of the newer version” Which again, is why i brought up apple’s (again) superior resale value; which you ignored, because it’s true, and doesn’t go with your point….

            lastly, lol, you use your phone as a http proxy? (lol you couldn’t be more full of shit) And what kind of server’s are you ssh’ing into? (i ask because i actually do that, and you don’t:D) And why would you need Tor, kiddie porn? or do you live in a China? lol. Your list is too funny, because it’s entirely made up:D

            I use mine for plex / ip cam networks / company backups / active d administration / cisco unity administration / webdav access to my servers / sickbeard / couchpotato / vnc all over openVPN because i’m not some nub kid like you; who would leave 20 ports open. you know, normal stuff for people who aren’t full of shit.

          • joedoe47

            lol. if you want to see BS just look in a mirror dude. battery life is something all mobile devices suck at, suck it off. cyangen mod is not the only thing you can run on your device. you are never going to get everything you want in the world of FOSS, you have to make it yourself. and you can not do that with any ios device you are stuck with IOS and or jailbreaking, thats it. 10% off a new device is not superior. resale value is something that loses value proportionally, I can’t agure that but if I want to return it to say best buy I get more of a return from them on anything then from apple.
            lol oh yeah you got me, lel. p.s. since you are not familiar with serious jobs if you work in certain area of the public sector(gov, military, schools, city, state departments usually have one or both of these) you will find that china is not the only country that does packet inspection and blocks traffic to certain parts of the internet. if you don’t believe me then that’s alright I can’t expect someone who publicly declares that they are fecal matter to know much of anything. xD
            20 ports? did you accidentally nmap man you got one up on me.
            I could give you some ip’s but are you really sure you want to go for
            if you are feeling froggy over the internet then jump. I’ll let you throw the first packet, faggot. C:
            what kind of retarded person does VNC? are you too stupid to do stuff over cli? seriously there are webpages designed to teach you cli(even for windows), use them! company back ups should be automated (cuz I mean if you can cli, you can script can’t you baka?), couchpotato and sickbeard is useless I actually work during work hours not download porn and cath up on my soap operas. why don’t you go watch that type of porn you like so much. I think you are featured on a person’s chest. (if you know what I mean) :D

          • mobilemann

            No roms besides select touchwiz roms (for my phone; and keep in mind, the FOSS community is fashioned off into camps based on the new hot devices; most dev’s have moved on from my year old GS3 already) support MHL, and the situation is the same for most phones. Your knowledge of android’s ROM community seems to be as shitty as the lies about you using your phone for a http proxy. (seriously funny)

            All mobile’s battery life does suck, which is why reducing it an additional 30% sucks even more. How you could respond like that, well actually, i know how you could respond like that. You’re a child.

            I was a jailbreak developer, so i’m quite aware of iOS limitations ~ you simply over exaggerate them, because you’re a child. (i wrote launchers for iOS via dreamboard etc)

            You don’t use your android phone for an HTTP proxy; There’s simply better tools for that job, or you’re an idiot. nor do i believe you use it with Tor, but you’ve already ran away from the more obvious lies. as for mapping the localhost?, that just tells me more of how much you know about networking (lol). Asking me why I would use a VNC client for some things and CLI for others? Are you fucking stupid? There’s a million reasons, but for one, it’s also my HTPC, which has a plex front end, so a remote for that, or to start it. I’m sure you download your “soaps” via CLI, right? Through Tor? lol. Backups aren’t scripted because we use a commercial product for backups, rather than something like rsync; which i use personally for my home setup. using an app to make sure every things alright with 2 LTO tape drives and a library is actually pretty standard in corporate IT. (i know; you wouldn’t know)

            i know that your just some fucking kid, and by responding i’m pushing you back into a corner where you feel like you need to respond because you’re being called out. but dude, you’re in way over your head.

          • joedoe47

            >insults people for no reason
            >does not understand that different people have different needs
            >can not comprehend that people don’t have to tell them everything
            >gets mad and complains about petty things instead of finding their own solution
            >fails to research stuff they don’t know
            >tells everyone they are a kid
            yup, you are a mature adult, if toddlers are considered adults. you mad?
            tl;dr what I said still stand if you feel froggy then jump, stop talking over the interweebs and do something. here is my ip address, have fun. :3

          • mobilemann

            lol, hi pot, it’s kettle. I was responding to a post where you insulted all users of basically every other platform.

            here let me do one for you:

            >insults entire platforms of users
            >is shocked when someone who uses one of those platforms does much, much more than him, on an “inferior” platform
            > knows nothing about what he compares his phone too

            (the difference is mine are true)

            then you come back at me with your leet http proxying; to prove you are a child.

            And what do you want me to do with that IP? it’s commercial IP address, that has like 2 ports open. (it’s not yours) I made you look a fool on the internet, so you want to logically take it to an illegal level. Sure, lemme get right on that, from my job! My god you’re an idiot.

          • joedoe47

            lol srsly noob shit? xD
            who would publicly post their own ip address? even then it’s not too hard to find my ip address but you obviously don’t even know how to Google the right way… BAKA!
            I said if you feel froggy then jump, or are you too mentally incapacitated to understand that I was asking you to act upon all the 733t skills you have? like I said you talk a big talk but I have not seen you trying anything. I am just waiting here for something to happen to my machines, or to get a call, something other than a threat over the internet. shall I stop reading my rss feeds to see how inept you really are? because I have better things to do than talk with a mentally handicapped piece of shit such as yourself.
            Personally if you believe me or not IDAFS, do I need your permission to shit? hell nah, I shit you out and I can shit out another one of you after I had a few tacos, pendejo. I can compare my phone to w.e. I want. This is ‘Meruica, deal with it shit.

          • mobilemann

            reverse DNS works better; though i know google is your only way to look tough in this situation. (LEET) You should have sat down ages ago, but you keep insisting i verbally castrate you. Also ~ i’ve threatened you now? Sorry, i’m just insulting an idiot. Although it’s like pretty much more obvious than the sun that your a little fucking kid; as only a little idiot would try to escalate being called a stupid (what you are) into the real world, or break rule one of any forum. (giving me a fake IP address and asking me to attack is honestly, only something a particularly stupid 15 year old would do)

            And if you had better things to do, you wouldn’t respond. I’m at my job, laughing at an idiot. You got trolled, by someone who know’s more about the tech you claim to love; deal with it. Have fun updating your facebook about the mean man who trolled you! After all, this is merica right? and that’s what you kids do.

            You know what’s the best part? I know this still gets to you, and reading this will piss you off. Today you learned how trolling works.

          • jose

            @joedoe47, that last paragraph has quite interesting list of apps :)
            security apps, surprised you dont have luks manager (kinda truecrypt virtual drive).
            no wifi protect & wifi kill/jammer/sniff tools ? that’s one thing I’ll activate for sure when hanging with iphone-holic friends on cafe :D

          • joedoe47

            actually I do. I have dsploit, wifi manager, and a few other apps but I have to use them at my job. I would use luks but IDK the only thing I really encrypt is done using AGP, I don’t have that many secrets or stuff even worth encrypting. :D

    • viaimages

      not many. very few. the most used response from normal middle class people is that “iphones are too expensive to own.” and “why would i upgrade my (low cost) Android phone? it still works great.”

  • Chris

    Google come up with a sweet as commercial of why people would love android and BAM! There you go…

    • joedoe47

      I think apple tired that for several years for their desktop macs (mac vs pc)… look at apple now, they are a mobile device company, the genius Steve Jobs said they we no longer a computer company.
      lel, post pc era my butt, you still need a pc to sync the music to and from, recover from problems, restore the device, and manage other things on the device.

      • kascollet

        No. Get up to date. iOS devices don’t need a computer anymore. They can be fed from them but every feature you describe is now doable from the device itself. You’re two years late.

        • joedoe47

          lol, I sooner use an old style flip phone before I use an ios device. I actually like using quality products from companies that don’t think I am too stupid to actually use their devices. I am talking about get out of DFU mode or emergency mode with out having to plug it in, not that silly oh format my ipad before I sell it button because I can’t afford to keep this slightly old piece of junk button in the settings. apple got you pegged down right from the start… baka. There are times in where you MUST plug it in to restore any ios device. When pc’s or even macs break down you don’t need to plug it into another computer to fix it, even those old flip phones can work w/o needing to be plugged in to a computer to fix, it either bricks or not, end of story.

          • mobilemann

            There’s plenty of times you can’t fix your android phone without pluggin it in either. Yes, with a custom recovery you can download a rom directly to the device, but you can’t restore to stock on any phone without a computer. Or if you installed a rom that gives you problems, etc. Again, you’re full of it. Speaking of selling your ipad, enjoy the resale value that ipads have over other tablets.

            I wish i never had to use ODIN again, but i know i will. I would love to know what makes you think you’re a power user. kids.

          • viaimages

            i’ve only used ODIN one time in 1.5 years to upgrade my S2 from Gingerbread to OEM Jelly Bean 4.1.2. no other problems here, so i don’t know what you are talking about.

          • kascollet

            Dude, this was fun !
            But wrong again…
            Things USED to be like that. Like “in the past” …

          • abazigal

            Those scenarios represent the exception, rather than the norm. Do you have some reason to have to restore your phone every week? Me, the last time I plugged my iphone in to my macbook was to tether it to the internet, not to restore or backup any data.

      • Piyush

        have you use ios devices lately two years. you dont need it.

        • joedoe47

          oh yeah I need one so bad! I mean I need to get that slightly faster iphone with the same features as the last one but with some new features from android, web os, or windows 8… I swear to steve jobs I might go crazy if Apple does not get my money for tim cook to swim in a pool with just a few extra hundred dollar bills. right? who needs those few extra bucks for anything else? I think I’ll get my college books next semester… Nah, you go for it.

  • Greg Cardall

    These kinds of things are always amusing to me – people wondering “what’s wrong”… I think it’s unrealistic to think Android could ever obtain 100% of the market share. At some point the growth is going to level off, and over the last couple of years Android has boomed pretty big, but I still know people who like Apple and that’s just how it is. 52% of the U.S. running Android is a great number. From here, my guess is that there’ll be some minor fluctuations up and down in the years to come, but no real drastic percentage changes.

    • Xennex1170

      I think it could still fluctuate depending on how wide the tech gap between Android devices and Apple devices get. At present they are achieving parity with iOS gaining features Android has had and vice versa. I think the next growth area is going to be in the standard (e.g. No need to buy extra Apps or equipment) OS-agnostic wired/wireless peripheral support by the competing mobile OSes and devices. Case in point NFC, Chromecast, iOS support for wireless game controllers.

  • josev

    probably because too many choices and phone technology improving too fast. people might choose to wait for next gen phone, cause in declining recently.

    just my opinion.

  • Railwayman

    Since the US has the worst mobile market I have ever encountered, I am not surprised at all. This country is YEARS behind other countries when it comes to quality, pricing, selection and service of mobile handsets. Just one example:

    In India, there are 17 different Sony models in the market together with a lot of other options. In the US, there’s one (1) Sony device in the market: the Xperia Z on T-Mobile.

    The price for smartphones with service is insane: $0-299 + $100 x 24. In many other countries, you can get a decent flagship including device installment and a good data plan (5 GB and more) for $50. In the US, most of the options for $50 is older budget handsets on prepaid carriers since the flagships are reserved for postpaid through different negative measures (exclusivity deals etc).

    To make it even more complicated, people lack knowledge about the mobile industry and smartphones (many people I meet don’t know that Sony make smartphones and that they are using Android because they think that it is Apple or Samsung that is the only options) and that strengthens the position of Apple. The iPhone is suited for a demographics without knowledge and the fact that the carriers push it hard makes this even more evident. All carriers push that device hard with big ads in the windows etc.

    I would even dare to say that the more popular the iPhone is, the less developed the market is and the less knowledge are in place. In more developed countries with proper market conditions, Apple is in a weaker position.

    It is time to get the US market to work properly, which means that the carriers has to be out of the loop and independent retailers sell phones directly from the manufacturers thus creating a bigger selection of devices.

    • BB BB

      Canadian market is screwed up too and even worse has 3 year prison sentences. Outright pricing is $50 over retail or higher! For example a S4 is $749.00 – OUCH!

  • BB BB

    The question is how many phones can one own? I almost have a droid for each finger (working on the toes next) and a BlackBerry for diversity. Whatever I buy it is usually powered by Android in some way. People still buy iPhones apparently but these types of facts should be taken with a grain of salt and I am pretty positive when iSkittles 7 and its bleeding edge overclocked 700Mhz A6X processor and 2009 NFC hits that will bring on more droid activations for the people with an IQ higher than iOS7.

  • Valtheus

    It could be. My feeling is though that in the long run, the way Android and iOS operating systems developement feature looks right now, android will end up earning biggest share in the US.

    If you ask me android would earn even bigger market share right now if they got rid off the needless bloatware software, roll out OS updates faster, and used a more unified UI.

  • mikegonzalez2k

    Perhaps Android growth is declining, but it could be worse. It could have the market share that BB or Windows Phone has ><

  • abazigal

    So may I ask, what exactly has this larger Android market share done for consumers and manufacturers?

    Despite its larger market share, the Android App Store still lags behind IOS App Store in terms of revenue. Many developers still opt to code apps for IOS first.

    Apart from Samsung, other handphone OEMs seem to be barely breaking even, or even making a loss.

    Google still earns way more from IOS than its own Android platform (as was revealed during the Apple vs Samsung case). As a token of its appreciation to Google for withholding turn-by-turn from Google Maps on IOS and releasing Android, Apple is systematically excising all traces of Google’s services from IOS.

    Although many updates to Android were released over the last 2+ years, the reality is that these are simply not being cascaded down to the end user. So the only way to get the latest version of Android (and the security fixes) is to either get a Google phone or root your phone yourself.

    So yeah, while Android may boast a much higher market share, I am having a hard time seeing this as little more than a pyrrhic victory for all relevant parties.