Android TV hands-on demo: what can we expect?

by: Edgar CervantesJune 26, 2014

Android TV may have conquered our hearts, but will they take over the smart TV market? We have yet to see, but the platform has potential and we believe it could succeed where Google TV wasn’t able to. We are at Google IO getting you all the goodies, and you can bet we stopped by to get our eyes and hands all over Android TV.

Current developer devices don’t exactly offer the same experience we will see in consumer versions. We do get an idea of how the UI and navigation will work, which is what you will get to see in our demo. We got to test some of the searching features, apps and games. You can learn more about Android TV in our announcement post.

android tv first look (4 of 10)

Android TV is a bit different than what we have seen before. It was previously rumored the platform would focus on content instead of just apps. This is the case, as we can see with the new search and discovery features, but Android TV seems to go further.

Android TV may be what finally breaks the boundaries between gaming and smart TV, which is a bit of a huge deal. We tested some games towards the end of the video and got a taste of what the future of Android TV could hold. I must say I was pretty impressed, especially for this being an early prototype.

Give our hands-on video a watch and let us know what you think! Are you signing up for Android TV as soon as it becomes available?

  • Jayfeather787


  • Mike – Construction Contractor

    Does this have HDMI pass-through?

  • wat

    Tegra K1 or bust!!

  • was wondering if the games streams from the box or from the mobile but i guess from the box right?

  • zcsprint

    LOL! blame WWE for Valdamir Putin (however you spell it) appearing in the first voice search…

  • Dimitrios Kirkos

    Good to know they will be selling Androd TV boxes and not just Android TV televisions. Because I am not planning throwing away my perfectly good TV anytime soon.
    It’s the same reason I ‘ll won’t have Android Auto for several years. Not planning on buying a new car, and no option to just buy a box.

  • cizzlen

    Yo what’s Chelsea’s full name tho?