September 9, 2010
Android TV from People of Lava

Android TV from People of Lava

So you will have probably heard of Google TV, ‘a software platform for set-top boxes and HDTVs based on the Android operating system and co-developed by Google, Intel, Sony and Logitech.’ Well, in the meantime a Swedish company called ‘People of Lava’ have recently launched its own Internet TV based on Android too.

This technology will come bundled in their new line of TVs called ‘Scandinavia’ available in three sizes: 42″, 47″ and 55″. However, it would appear as though The People of Lava plan to integrate Google TV into their Scandinavia line once it becomes available. By getting their own platform out before Sony they hope to grab a chunk of the market share. In truth, we have never heard of ‘People of Lava’ or their new ‘Scandinavia‘ line, but they were at IFA Berlin recently and it will be very interesting to see how this plays out for them.

[Via: Readwriteweb]

James Tromans
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