Asus Transformer Pad TF300T vs. the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T – Hands-on comparison [video]

tf300t vs TF700t
by 1 year ago

Asus has been dominating the Android tablet market in recent months. From the incredible Nexus 7, to the ever-popular line of Transformer Pads, Asus has really opened the door to a new realm of tablet computing. This leads me to ask, which Asus tablet is the all-around best? When asking this question, it’s important to consider price, hardware, software, accessories, and many other options. I’ve narrowed the candidates down to the Transfromer Pad TF300T and the Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T. Both devices have incredibly advantageous traits. From their 10-inch display, to their optional keyboard dock, it only seemed right to pit these powerhouses…

Benchmark: 16GB version of Nexus 7 outperforms competitors in storage speed

Google Nexus 7 tablet being shown off at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, in this June 2012 photo. Recent bechmarks have determined the 16GB variant to have a 43% improvement in storage performance over the 8GB model (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma).
by 1 year ago

Access speed is usually the litmus test for solid-state storage performance. Inexpensive devices usually come with slower Flash-based storage, while more expensive gadgets will feature faster “true” SSDs. Oftentimes, the architecture will dictate how quick read and write access will be. While not always an issue in devices like tablet computers, sometimes the added bit of speed helps in keeping things snappy. AnandTech’s Anand Lal Shimpi has done some benchmark tests on Google’s latest Nexus 7 tablet and found out that the 16GB variant performs better than the 8GB tablet in terms of read and write speed. In fact, this…

Unboxing the $499 Lenovo IdeaPad S2110 and keyboard docking station [video]

by 1 year ago

The Nexus 7 may rule the Android tablet world for now, but we haven’t forgotten about a Lenovo gem that was just released a week ago. Packing better specs than most, the Lenovo IdeaPad S2110 also comes with an optional keyboard dock – making the combo a more than able replacement for a  laptop. And just look at the price that Lenovo is currently selling the tablet for – someone’s clearly want to impress its customers. You have been wowed by the specs and price tag, now let’s top off the excitement with some unboxing video of the IdeaPad S2110,…

Archos G10 tablet with slimmer design to be unveiled in three weeks

by 1 year ago

Archos been manufacturing MIDs/tablets even before Apple announced the iPad. But they’ve always been more about low-end to mid-end devices, than about making gadgets that actually look and feel premium. It looks like that’s about to change with Archos’ Gen 10 tablets, which look like they were made to compete in the high-end market, hopefully for a lower price. A few months back we got a glimpse of the Archos G10 XS, which is meant to be a competitor to the Transformer series from Asus. That seems like a good move, as I think there’s a lot of room on…

Samsung starts sending invites for Berlin Unpacked event, hints at Galaxy Note 2 unveiling

by 1 year ago

CES, MWC, and IFA are the events that usually host the unveilings of some of the most important new Android devices. Almost all of the big names in mobile tech have made a habit of using major trade shows to show off their latest “thinnest phone ever” or “world’s snappiest tablet”. Samsung, on the other hand, seems to have started its own tradition, which consists of holding special “Unpacked” events, outside the established trade shows, to unveil new products. That has been the case with the Galaxy S3, presented at a huge London event back in May, and it seems…

Galaxy Note 10.1 specs and features apparently confirmed, release date not so much

GALAXY Note 10.1
by 1 year ago

Announced back in February at MWC 2012 in Barcelona, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is yet to be available in stores, and at this point we’re wondering when the device will finally ship to consumers. We know that Samsung is tweaking the tablet to offer an even better performance and we now have a new list of specs and features for the device, if Sam Mobile’s latest post is to be believed. According to the publication, which received the manual for the device from an anonymous source, the device will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich on board, and Samsung will…

Lenovo to launch IdeaTab A2105, A2107 and A2109 in September, pricing and spec sheets unknown

by 1 year ago

Usually, when we first hear about an unreleased smartphone or tablet that is “set to come soon”, it happens through leaks that unveil at least part of the gadget’s spec sheet, while leaving its official branding and ETA to mystery. Lenovo has decided to break this “tradition”, however, and has made three of its future gadgets official, way ahead of their public release, without letting much slip about their spec sheets. The IdeaTab A2105, A2107 and A2109 form an intriguing tablet trio that will hit the market sometime in September. Let’s see what we know about each of these gadgets…

Report: Android tablets finally rising, iPad’s reign over?

by 1 year ago

Whether we like it or not (and we don’t), Apple’s iPad has dominated the global tablet market with ease, making Android eat its dust since… well, ever. The much awaited and anticipated iPad killer hasn’t come, and all the latest reports and surveys, be it official or unofficial, have shown Apple selling more of their tablets than all Android manufacturers together. Meanwhile, Samsung has admitted “we’re not doing very well in the tablet market” some six months ago, making even the most optimistic of us lose hope for Android to ever challenge Apple’s iPads for their crown. And when everything…

Apple wants the jury to know that Samsung destroyed evidence

by 1 year ago

The U.S. Apple vs Samsung legal odyssey continues today with new developments in one of the most important patent-based cases in the world right now. It’s not just a fight between titans, between business partners, between closed and open ecosystems, but also a battle that could have decisive consequences on the future of the mobile ecosystem. The trial started on Monday with jury selection, and we saw yesterday the opening arguments from both Apple and Samsung. Each party is accusing the other of violating its patents, with Apple claiming Samsung has copied the look and feel of its iPhone and…

Samsung lead lawyer explains decision to share rejected evidence, anger judge

samsung leaked evidence
by 1 year ago

Earlier today we showed you a few images that came directly from the U.S. Apple vs Samsung trial. Only they’re not allowed in court as evidence for Samsung, and since Samsung’s counsel can’t use them to defend against Apple claims, it decided to leak them to the media. The decision angered Judge Lucy Koh, who is presiding over the case and who wanted to know exactly how this happened. And when a judge asks, you can only answer, which is what John Quinn, Samsung’s lead counsel did. The attorney filled a personal declaration today in which he explained that he…