Android Tablets will win vs iPads – Adobe CEO

by: glennJune 9, 2011
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“The excitement around the Android tablet I think is incredible. There will be another 20 tablets that will come by the end of the year that will push the industry in different directions.”

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen showed support to Android in an interview at the D9 Conference, saying that Android-powered tablets will soon surpass the Apple iPad, in a similar fashion as Android smartphones ruling over the iPhones. Adobe was in a spat vs Apple about Flash distribution, but during the interview, he downplayed the previous disagreement and seemed to have started a new one.

Steve Jobs earlier commented that Flash is a dead technology, but Narayen defended the software and mentioned that Flash allows app developers to create programs and afterwards distribute it to various devices, which is being done in Android now, and added that “we will have 130 million phone devices that will have Flash on them by the end of the year.”

Most industry experts are not convinced, as there is no concrete success yet for Android tablets, specifically with the Motorola Xoom and the LG G-Slate. One great disappointment is the lack of apps for Android, compared to roughly 65,000 for iPad. In a few weeks, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 running on Honeycomb will be released, and while it is seen as a major competitor, it will definitely suffer with lack of available apps. Experts are looking at Android Ice Cream Sandwich to save the entire Android pack — Ice Cream Sandwich will combine Gingerbread and Honeycomb and will create a single OS, so it is an easier platform for various applications and software for Android.

Narayen, however, is firm with his stand. “What you saw with smartphones hitting an inflection point with Android, you’ll see it again with tablets,” he said.

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  • Nate

    I find it funny how everyone talks about lack of apps for android. Does iOS have more? Yes. Does Andorid have more than most people will ever dream of using? Yes. I am a power user. There is not one app I need or want that iOS has that android does not (or at least a suitable equivalent).

  • The whole app argument is pretty silly at this point. Clearly all the necessary apps are available on both platforms. I think the fact that Apple had to copy androids notification system and is just now getting widgets shows how important brand and marketing are. Android has had superior features for awhile now.

    Chris Sellon – CoolProducts

  • Apple has a huge advantage with pricing. Not only does the iPad 2 have 6 pricing options but now the iPad 1 is cheaper. And that comes with an established ecosystem. Apps, support, upgrades…these are all guaranteed when you purchase an iPad.

    I’m not 100% positive that I’m going to see great support when I purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. That upgrades are going to come timely (if at all). Are they just going to ditch said tablet once their new one comes out in 6 months?

    And what about the apps? I’m expected to shell out $800 for Xoom, that has a meager app selection (still no Netflix! come on!) and wait until they fill up. I don’t have to do that with the iPad. The apps are there now.

    I’m certainly not chained to Apple, and am willing to buy an Android device (I have a G2), but I’m not impressed (overall) by what’s offered. A sharper screen doesn’t mean anything when I can’t even get Netflix on it or use all the apps I love on my iPad.