Android Sweeps Up Competiton – Current & Future King of Apps

by: Will G.October 25, 2011
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Standing out above the rest, Android and iOS have been battling in the application business to create more user friendly applications for an affordable or free based price.

According to ABI Research, Android is now the leading platform over such operating systems such as RIM’s BlackBerry OS and Apple’s iOS, for Quarter two app downloads. Being as large as Android is in comparison, it was definitely possible for the platform to achieve such a goal, due to a variety of manufacturers making cellular devices and tablets on the Android line.

Even though Apple has kept there strict app regulations, which lead to less “dead apps”, Android has a great user base which include third party market companies, and outer market companies.

Overall, Android OS has overtaken Apple with 44% of Worldwide share for application downloads and to add to this large increase, global app downloads for 2011 had jumped 20 billion from the previous year and is expected to continuously climb.

Android maintains a great market full of applications for every desire. However, I think that more regulations should be set to get rid of force closing apps and to further deal with incompatibility. But, developers should not sell themselves short, as the application pool only grows larger every year and knowledge is learned from mistakes.

What do you think about the Android market? Do you think the Android OS deserves having more apps currently downloaded? Who do you think has a better catalogue of apps; Android or iOS? I would love to hear your comments.

Source: Business Insider and Image from Digital Trends

  • AppleFUD

    The Android Market still has many issues to overcome.

    Not the easiest to find stuff.
    Prices are often much higher than on itunes–total BS.
    still lacking in high quality apps that can challenge windows’ programs
    Malware–seriously, Google needs to really get a grip on this.
    spam apps–too many apps that are just crap or ripped off from other developers.

    However, we at least have a couple other markets too choose from :)

  • android

    apple fud shut the cunt up seriously