Android Soars to Number 1, Gets 36% Of Smartphone Sales This Year

by: Alex RiveraMay 21, 2011

Gartner, one of the world’s leading IT Research and Advisory companies, have just published their new market trend findings for the worldwide mobile phone market for this past year Q1 2010 to Q1 2011. Android is clearly on a dominating pattern, and smartphones have gained a larger popularity since the past year. HTC and Samsung are also enjoying most of the newfound Android users as they’re the largest risers in the past 12 months.

Gartner estimates that Android is now 36% of all smartphone sales this past year ending Q1 2011, with Symbian trailing at 27%, iOS at 17% and RIM close behind at 13%. This is a huge change from last year’s Android 10%, Symbian 44%, iOS 15%, and RiM at 20%. Most of the new Android adopters have jumped from Symbian and RiM, as these OSes have been widely known to be already long-in-the-tooth.

Smartphones in general are now a major trend, going up to 23.6% of all mobile phone sales – an 85% increase since last year. Samsung experienced its strongest first quarter ever – no doubt fueled by its various Galaxy variants worldwide. HTC, one of the original Android players is also experiencing high growth, moving onto the world’s number 7 spot – while it reached 2nd place in the US market early this year.

Through strong device adoption and a great range of hardware configurations and innovative features, Android has become, and is clearly enjoying, massive growth and leading the smartphone race into the future. Competitors like the iOS ecosystem still have a legacy lead, but given its horizontal movement, will be overtaken soon. Things are looking up for us, indeed.

Source: Gartner

  • Indian Engineer in Middle East

    Good to see Android winning i love it.
    My request to the manufacturers is to concentrate on a higher capacity for the battery which they are providing with the phone.
    And a proper case like a flip one would be better.Some countries they sell only mobiles not the accessories.We dont mind paying a little extra for that if you include it in the package.

    Suggestion to Google:I am not a software developer i dont know if you are doing this but as a user i would like to upgrade my android os version along with you when you release it i hate waiting for the manufacturers to realease an update.
    Android by default has an UI right give the option for the end user to choose if they want to go with the default Android UI or wait for their device manufacturer to realease an update.
    Example like Windows OS can run on any branded pc/laptop or an assembled desktop and for the drivers people can go to their manufacturers website and download it.
    Also Google please release the minimum hardware requirements corresponding to the version of Android.

    I appreciate google for its continuos effort in fixing/upgrading the android versions we end users also want to enjoy the newer versions.

    Example HTC Desire was released last year and better specs than Nexus 1 and Ginger bread was released in December 2010 i guess till date more than 5 months i am waiting for Gingerbread from HTC or i have to choose a Mod which the XDA developers are working hard in porting it and fixing issues.

    Please Google dont let the end users behind.Google and the android phone manufacturers remember you are nothing without the End buyers.
    You satisfy us we will buy your products.Also manufacturers concentrate on middle east because these are the oil rich countries we have enough money to buy any damn smart phone/Tablet what ever price it is.

    I sold my HTC Desire just because i hated waiting for updates i will buy my next Android phone only if i get a minimum of 2400 mah battery as a default from the manufacturer and a direct android os UI / manufacturer UI option other wise i will not buy it.I have the money to buy any android phone/tablet out there today but i will not buy it.

  • It looks like Android sales actually held rather steady from last quarter. It’s good to see Android out in front however, I really think strong competition is crucial for us end users. I really don’t want to see what we have on the desktop where one OS rules and the company then gets lazy and stops innovating.