Android SmartStick now available from Favi

by: Varun RajDecember 13, 2012



If you closely follow the tech industry, you may remember the Roku Streaming Stick, a small dongle a bit bigger than a flash drive that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV and turns it into a SmartTV.

Favi now has a SmartStick to compete with Roku’s gadget. Instead of having a proprietary operating system, the Favi SmartStick comes preloaded with Android 4.1 and apps such as Netflix and Plex Media Server, alongside a full web browser. Also, the SmartStick connects to your TV via the HDMI port and has the capability to be connected wirelessly to your other devices. All of this is at a low price of $50.

And if you want a full keyboard, you can throw that in for $40 as well. What makes the SmartStick even better is that it runs a full version of Android. Think of a tablet like interactive experience on your TV, that’s essentially what you are getting, minus the touch screen.

For those looking for an inexpensive and easy way to get into the growing and exciting world of Internet TV, SmartTV on a stick is the way to go. Also, because these units simply plug straight into any HDMI port, there is almost no clutter at all. You’ll be able to plug it in and completely forget about it.

The SmartStick is already available from all major online retailers, so get it before they run out!

Show Press Release

FAVI Now Shipping SmartStick HDTV to SmartTV Converter

The popular and affordable plug and play device that allows you to browse the internet, watch your favorite movies, music, apps and games on any HDTV is shipping in time for the holidays

DETROIT – December 11, 2012 – FAVI Entertainment, creators of innovative audiovisual products, is now shipping the much anticipated SmartStick HDTV enhancer. This small device which is inserted to the HDMI port allows you to access your favorite movies, music, apps and games all via its Android OS. This new quick-connect solution to upgrading your existing television to a SmartTV is also affordable at under $50 MSRP with an optional wireless keyboard accessory for easy navigation for $39.99 MSRP.

The sky’s the limit with SmartStick offering dozens of Apps ready for play including movie streaming via Netflix, HBO Go or EPIX, music streaming via Pandora or Spotify, video streaming via You Tube, and also popular social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, the SmartStick includes a full Internet browser and 4GB of built-in memory. Included with the SmartStick is the Plex app where you can wirelessly deliver videos, documents, music, images, movies directly to your SmartStick enabled television making your TV a hub of entertainment – no subscription needed.
There are also fun accessories for the SmartStick that are sold separately made to enhance the experience including a fully functional mini wireless keyboard complete with a touch pad for easy web browsing.

“We are thrilled to announce that SmartStick is now shipping. We’ve had overwhelming demand for the device and are eager for our customers to enjoy the easy to use interface and features,” says Jeremy Yakel, founder of FAVI Entertainment “The SmartStick is an ideal stocking stuffer which allows for much more than a streaming video box, because it’s your SmartTV, Home Theater and PC all rolled into one.”

SmartStick Features:
• 100% compatible with any HDTV
• Plug and Play – no subscriptions needed
• Thousands of Apps available via GooglePlay
• Favorite movies, music and games delivered instantly
• Multi-language functionality
• Accessories sold separately
• Mini wireless keyboard with touchpad mouse (39.99 MSRP)

SmartStick by FAVI Entertainment is available online at, Newegg, Amazon,, Tiger Direct and To see the SmartStick in action, please view the video here.

About FAVI Entertainment
Nothing is too big or too small at FAVI Entertainment where attention is in the details. The mission statement behind FAVI Entertainment’s recipe for success has been to provide customers with a world class entertainment experience by offering unique products and industry leading after-sale support. FAVI’s vast offering ensures that the ultimate in design and technology will be within reach.

  • Elias

    Think of all the possibilities (and money you’ll be saving) with this! deffinitly getting one for Christmas c:

  • Got mine in today, it works well and looks beautiful, small lag here and there but for $50, I can’t complain. Though the remote that comes with it is pretty cheap and doesn’t work to well. Waiting on the full keyboard to come in tomorrow, I’m sure it’ll be better.

  • Dee

    Definitely not worth buying.

    • Lots of people would disagree….here’s another take from a well known tech blogger….

    • CmdrTekno

      I would have to agree. So far after a few days with my unit I am finding it does little very well. I really want to like the unit and love the concept but so far nothing quite works reliably enough to hand the remote over to the wife and kids. I have good bandwidth and every other device, old and new stream video better than this unit. I wonder of the units have WiFi driver issues or just poor WiFi chipset.
      I even tried my LTE hotspot just in case it was my router or DSL was to blame. But same results, choppy video (on all apps and flash video).