Android Smartphone Concept Features Rotating Twin Displays

by: Darcy LaCouveeOctober 1, 2011

Created by designer Abhi Muktheeswarar, this extremely modern concept, dubbed the “Rotatable Twin Touch Display Mobile Phone”, is an interesting take on an old concept. It’s designed to bring about the best of all worlds, and give the user tons of screen real estate to work with. We all know that using touchscreens is both a curse and a blessing. This rotatable twin touch display design will give the user unprecedented flexibility to do whatever they want – except worry about battery life.

With two capacitive touch screen displays on board, users will be able to use one screen as a keyboard, a gamepad, or whatever they like really — and all without compromising on having a full visual experience. Wow, I feel like a marketer writing like this. Either way, the only way a concept like this could ever come to fruition is if serious strides are made in existing battery technologies, and thankfully, behind the scenes they are. Specialized gel batteries, and other enhancements in areas of kinetic battery charging from motion could work in tandem to keep a power hungry device like this juiced up.

For some, the design of the device will remind them of the T-Mobile’s good ‘ol Sidekick, which featured a rotating screen and keyboard – but not two touchscreens. While the secondary display seems to be portrayed primarily as an input device, we have to question the validity of having it onboard. Actually, it sort of reminds us of this super cool concept from Imerj, but takes to a whole other level.

Video of Imerj 2 in 1 Smartpad

It’s not unlikely that we will be seeing devices like this in the future. Too radical? Notice – that’s not iOS on there folks. Any thoughts?

Via Tuvie

  • David TF

    It looks like a DS and Nintendo is probably controls Imerj from the shadows

    • There’s definitely some design cues but, from the shadows? I think they’re making enough money already. I’m just surprised they don’t want to port their games to Android .

  • sagar100

    Is this a true phone or a fake thing?