Android shipments increase 886%

August 3, 2010
Google Android smartphone shipments

Google Android smartphone shipments

The BBC has recently published an article quoting data from Canalys analytic firm regarding the staggering growth of Android. Sure, in the past you may have read blog posts and articles here and elsewhere outlining the speed Android has taken a firm hold of the smartphone market. However, it is rare that the BBC will state facts and figures on these types of thing. You can bet your bottom dollar that there has been a decent amount of due diligence when checking out these numbers.

Comparing Q2 of 2009 with Q2 or 2010, Canalys reveal that Android smartphone shipments have increased 886%. Android has grown from a 2.8% market share to 17.1%, the only grower in the current climate. Indeed, everyone else has shrunk, including RIM and Apple. Windows mobile lost almost 50% of their market share, dropping to 4.9% from 9%. Now, it is important to note that the smartphone sector grew by 64% overall, meaning that although Apple, RIM and others lost market share, they could have still increased sales. Nonetheless, there is clearly one big winner here, and it is no surprise. With HTC, Samsung Sony Ericsson supporting Android, who is surprised? Nokia’s Symbian is still miles ahead of everyone else, and Nokia have no plans to release an Android device. It will be interesting to see how they stand on this point in another year or two.

[Via BBC, Canalys]


  • androidz

    And now chinese phone also have android inside their phone.. its interesting progress…