Meet the Androids: Series 03 Preview reveals new collectible figure

September 14, 2012
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    Fans of tiny plastic things rejoice! A new collectible figure named “Nexus” was revealed yesterday on the Dyzplastic Production Blog. It’s a┬á2/16 ratio, carries a tiny phone, and is absolutely adorable.

    “Nexus” is part of Series 3 Dyzplastic’s Android themed figures. According the the blog, “Nexus sports a smokey dark┬átranslucent┬ábody and carries the latest generation flagship 4G LTE GSM dual band tri force quadruple card 5GHz 5″ HD*┬ácompletely non-functional miniature Nexus phone accessory.” They make a point of noting that the phone Nexus carries does not actually work.

    A 360 degree view of the Nexus Mini collectible can be found on the Dyzplastic Production Blog.

    Don’t you want one?


    • Jimmy Flete

      ID LIKE ONE =)

    • MasterMuffin

      This is the best figure they’ve made so far! Cool

    • Chalmer Davidson

      How much?

    • webscaped

      Fantastic looks awesome I love these guys, so I pre ordered one from :-)