Android reaches 500 million global device activations

by: Derek RossSeptember 11, 2012

Google’s Senior Vice president of Mobile and Digital Content, Andy Rubin and Android’s Director of Product Management, Hugo Barra took to Google+ and Twitter to announce Android’s latest milestone. Android has officially hit 500 million globally activated devices.

Just last week Eric Schmidt announced at Motorola Mobility’s “Motorola On Display” event that Android was at 480 million total devices activated around the world with 1.3 million devices being activated every day. Nearly a week later, Android is now standing tall at half a billion global devices.

The timing for this announcement couldn’t be better as the iPhone 5 and possibly the iPad Mini are rumored to be launched tomorrow alongside the latest and greatest version of iOS. Keep fighting the good fight, Google.

  • Alex14809

    I think i speak for many people in the smartphone community when I say that I will never support Apple if they’re going to maintain their current business practices, ie sueing anyone who even mentions an apple or black rectangle in ther business model. So cheers to 500 million, an here’s to another 500 million

    • Stian French

      And for world domination!

  • Marvin Nakajima

    Wow.. If they keep up the pace of activations they’ll be at 1 billion in around a year’s time.

  • Dapsy

    CrApple and icrap are so going down….

  • 500M??? Good luck to Apple trying to kill Android. 500M users will crucify them. :-)

  • Peter Cao

    Eric Schmidt

  • Thanks to Samsung! =P
    The Galaxy Note 2 will even boost sales more in October!