Android Q&A – Android 4.3 Update on Samsung devices, 64-bit processors, Galaxy Note 3 battery life

by: Joe HindyOctober 16, 2013

Hello and welcome back to Android Q&A! We had a lot of great questions this week about Android 4.3 updates on Galaxy devices, 64-bit processors, battery life, and more. To see it, watch the video above or read below!

Question 1

“Wait for a 64-bit processor from Android or buy a(n) Android phone with 32-bit processor? I plan to have my phone for at least 2 years.” – Balraj


Well here’s the problem with 64-bit. There is still so much that we don’t know about it when it comes to Android. Processor manufacturers are still building 64-bit chips, no devices have been confirmed to have it, and we won’t be certain if Android KitKat will support it until the official announcement. My advice is to pick up a 32-bit phone now because you’ll be waiting nearly a year anyway just to get 64-bit anyway. Then, by the time you upgrade, 64-bit will be everywhere and you can transition comfortably.

Question 2

Hey, my mom just got a Note 3, which is supposed to have a great battery. She was using a Bada phone previously which she charged once every 3-4 days with moderate use. While I was checking out the Note 3, it ate 2-4% battery an hour. Is it a problem or is it supposed to be like that given the screen and the processor? – Aniruddh


That is extremely good for an Android device. Most Android devices get between 8-12 hours with the better ones doing 12-16 hours. At 4% per hour, your mom is looking at a 25 hour charge, which is spectacular for an Android device. I assure you, you can’t really do much better than that on any current smartphone, regardless of the operating system.

Question 3

What is a stable AOSP ROM based on 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100G? Any ideas? For using as a daily driver. – XenoSlug


After doing some searching, I found that CM10.2 is currently available for the Galaxy S2 I9100G. According to their known issues page, there’s nothing wrong and the device is getting official nightlies. If there were ever a stable Android 4.3 based ROM, it would be that one so that’s the one I would recommend you try out. Be sure to make a Nandroid in case there are problems that aren’t on their known issues page and you have to return to your current ROM.

Question 4

Hi Joe, I’m currently using the Xperia Z, should I upgrade to the Xperia Z1 or wait for the next year’s Xperia Z2? – Richie


Hi Richie, that’s a good question. The Z1 is an amazing device and the rumors make the Z2 sound like a god phone. Rumors are that the Z2 will be released sometime next spring. Here’s the question I would ask myself. If I bought the Z1, would I still buy the Z2 when it comes out? If the answer is yes, then I’d just save myself some money and wait for the Z2. If the answer is no, I’d get the Z1 and be content with that until the Z3. Hope that helped!

Question 5

When will the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and Note 2 get the Android 4.3 update? – Lots of people


According to Samsung, the update should be finished and rolling out sometime this month. There are even Android 4.3 firmware leaks going around right now. Of course, each carrier will release in their own time so, at best, you should have it this month or, at worst, sometime in November and potentially December. Given the number of devices and carriers involved, I can’t really give a more exact answer than that.

Don’t forget that this is fueled by your questions. If you don’t ask, we can’t answer!

  • Aniruddh

    Just another question.
    While WiFi/3G don’t affect the battery life much, the browsers, both stock and chrome, eat battery like hell. It goes from the average 1%/hour to 7-10%/hour.
    Now, while that still gives good life, are the apps supposed to eat that much battery?
    Also, I read in a lot of reviews that Note 3 should last north of a day even with heavy use. However, when I was playing Real Racing 3, the battery consumption went up to 21%/hour. A huge battery drain is expected, considering that I had screen brightness set to Auto +5, and the graphics of the game, but I don’t think it’ll last more than 10-12 hours with heavy usage. Battery life is not a problem with any phone as far as my mom is concerned because the phone is on stand by most of the time :P
    I also hope that heat around the camera and on the screen is normal when playing games?

    • patrik

      Everything you mentioned is normal, don’t worry. The Note 3 has one of the best, if not THE best battery life on the market, atleast this high end. So there’s no need to worry about any other phone being better right now.

      • Aniruddh

        I am not worrying about any other phone being better right now, I am a big Samsung follower, and the best Samsung phone is the best phone for me :P.
        I was just worried that my battery may be faulty or something. Overheating also killed my last laptop, so even a little heat is enough to trigger my alarm :P I don’t want the Note 3 to get screwed.

        • patrik

          Well, after a day of usage, make sure to check the battery settings to determine what used up most of the battery. I do this on a daily basis.

          Doesn’t your warranty cover those sort of things?

          • Aniruddh

            My dad bought it in Singapore and sent it to us in India (the Indian version was 3G, but since we are moving to Singapore in a few months, my dad bought the 4G version) and the warranty is applicable only in Singapore/Malaysia.

          • patrik

            I see. Well my best advice is simply to be aware and alert.

            I guess I’m spoiled, here in Sweden, in certain stores you can get a “no questions asked” insurance for $100, so I’ll get replaced with a new phone no matter what.

          • Balraj

            wow..wish we had that policy

  • Balraj

    thanks for clearing out my mind… :-)

  • sluflyer06

    Wait wait…4% an hour idle drain is “extremely good’?

    I don’t mean to be rude by that’s just misinformation your spreading, a phone without a rogue app or some other problem should drain at 1% per hour or less. None of my phones have had a problem achieving 1%/hour. Even my galaxy nexus was capable of sitting on my nightstand overnight (data on, sync on push, etc) and only lose 2-3% over 8 hours.

  • Adarsh Krishnan

    Joe ,
    I have been using HTC Explorer for a year now. It was sufficiently enough for me after a couple of rooting works. However, the one problem which still persists is that of the sleep button. Almost all the time I press it to turn the screen off, it flickers and turns back on. I have tried Googling but you-know, if I had got the answer, I wouldn’t have bothered you.
    Thanks :)